Chapter 04 - Cum Cocktails

"With that little diversion taken care of, let's get on with the show. As I was saying before I was so gloriously interrupted, please give a warm welcome to our next contestant, Miss Jerri. Jerri is a veterinarian who enjoys long walks on the beach and scuba diving. So, she isn't averse to getting wet while having fun."

A gorgeous brunette arrives from off stage flanked by the two blonde assistants from before. She's dressed in a short skirt and tight t-shirt that became the unofficial contestant costume after Mary's debut on Name That Cock! And if she is following the rest of the costume she is bottomless under the skirt, but the audience doesn't know that just yet. She waves to the crowd and stalks up to the main man.

"I'm not sure how I can follow that performance, but I'll sure do my best."

The audience cheers for the possibilities. But they soon quiet down as Larry begins the explanation for the next game.

"We have another amazing test of biological acumen coming right up, but first I'll need a little help."

He swings his arm back to one of the stage walls and it rotates revealing a bar set complete with a barman bursting with muscles cleaning out a beer mug. Larry guides the young woman over to the newly formed bar and pulls up a stool with her. As they walk, the bartender sets the glass down and pulls five martini glasses from behind the bar. Each glass has a similar viscous fluid swirling inside it, but they are each stained a different shade of the rainbow.

"This game is very straight forward. It's a game we like to call Cum Cocktails. The idea is simple. You choose one of these pretty little glasses full of animal sperm and drink it down. Then you have to tell us what animal it belongs to by the taste. We'll even help you out with a multiple choice selection."

At his words, another large door to the side of the bar creaks open. Behind the door are six pedestals. On the first five stands the oddest assortments of animals the audience has ever seen put together on one stage. But the sixth only has a large placard with a giant question mark on it.

"So these are your choices my dear. And we even put up some name tags just in case you need them. But you don't have to worry about the last one. His sperm isn't in any of these glasses. But he might play a crucial role depending on how well you do. But I'll explain that all in good time. Are you ready to play the first ever round of Cum Cocktails?"

For an answer, she simply grabs the glass with the bright red ooze and slugs it back. She holds the mass of delectable liquid between her cheeks stirring it with her tongue. The thick flavor of it tantalizes her taste buds before she swallows the glob whole.

"Larry, I'm going to say that is fresh ostrich sperm."

"Oh, I'm so sorry my dear. That is incorrect."

Jerri's face fell. She didn't want to lose so soon. She was sure of her guess just a moment before.

"But lucky for you, you can have another chance if you pay your tab. You see, this bar relies on the kindness of strangers to obtain its signature drinks. So if you want another shot of what you just drank, you're going to have to provide a cupful of what you guessed incorrectly."

The bartender silently slams the beer mug he was previously washing onto the counter. Jerri's face lights up and she grabs the heavy stein before rushing off to the waiting ostrich. She can see the fleshy penis pointing forward from between his legs. As she approaches, the large avian hops down from its pedestal.

She creeps slowly towards the bird, but she can't help but stare at the long dick curving out towards her. It stands resolutely forward and she makes a decision before she even touches the black feathers of his chest. The sharp angle will make filling the glass more difficult than otherwise necessary. But even though she's already decided to fill her pussy with his long meat, she can't help but want to touch it first.

She crawls underneath the bird's body at lightly tickles his member. The ostrich gives her an appreciative honk and the slender rod quivers in excitement. Not wanting to delay a moment longer, she turns around and collapses on the floor a few feet in front of the horny fowl. Now the audience can see plainly that she is indeed bottomless under the skirt as her naked ass wiggles for the camera and ostrich.

The ostrich takes his cues like an experienced dance partner. He huddles down next to her shaking ass and shifts slowly forward. She can feel the tip twitching playfully along her slit. She purrs softly grateful for the opportunity to be with one of the few birds that has a penis.

But her biological musings are cut short as the happy birdie drives his long schlong into her crevice. His powerful legs act as springs propelling his cock into the young woman. And despite her low center of gravity, she has to brace herself to keep from sliding across the studio floor.

With the added friction of her hands, the avian only takes two lunges to spear her on his pole. But they can both tell he isn't done yet. He still has eight inches of love muscle to give. His powerful thrusts drive his hard length into the spongy surface of her cervix again and again.

Jerri cries out in joy at the rough treatment of her organs. His rapid thrusting acts like a jackhammer chipping away at her tight orifice. Eventually, the tip finds the opening he was searching for and with one strong push the remaining inches disappear into the writhing woman.

Her screams become a bestial rage of lust as the eighteen inches of bird cock pumps in and out of her prone pussy. Her lips splay wide before the onrushing attack. And with the curved nature of the animal's penis, each thrust slams the thick curve at the base into her asshole. The contact also sends a strong vibration down the thrusting member turning it into a perpetual vibrator.

The audience may be unaware of the delightful tingling spiraling out from Jerri's asshole, but they are in for a different type of viewing pleasure. Half of the screens in the studio abruptly change to a new location. It looks dark, and all they can see is a slender stick sliding rapidly past the camera over and over.

Larry chimes in with the details, "That's right ladies and gentlemen; from now on all of our contestants (who sign the release) will be implanted with a brand new Womb with a View 3.4. These handy dandy cameras are brought to you by WombCo., one of our proud sponsors. And it is perfect for keeping an eye on that gestating young one or for recording an intimate moment at home."

The crowd marvels at the internal view of an ostrich dick pumping in and out of the contestant. Some of them are so entranced with the novel entertainment that they don't notice the ostrich flapping its wings like a madman.

Whether he is warding off unseen competition or just courteously cooling down the burning sexpot impaled on his dick is unknown. But Jerri doesn't care. The tantalizing touch of the tufts of plumes adds a wholly original sensations surging through her with every beat against her body. The delicate feathers caressing her back and sides urge her orgasm onward with the driving cock.

Her moans cut short as the vibrations overtake her nervous system. With a final primal scream her whole being coalesces in her crotch and explodes out across her synapses. The massaging walls of her cunt nurse the virile bird to orgasm right along with her. He drives his cock deep into her womb. The force of his penetration rams hard against her anus as if he is trying to force his penile curve in sideways. For a moment he freezes inside the shaking woman and then he fills her with his spurting semen.

The audience rapidly shifts their focus between the quaking couple spread out on the studio floor and the internal view. The camera picks up the cock spewing its load deep into her cavity. The lens receives a constant stream of ostrich juice as it continually sprays Jerri's insides.

With a few last shaking ejaculations, the ostrich finishes and pulls his slick rod from the blissful girl. With the weight off of her ass, she crawls to the mug where it rolled aside during the frantic lovemaking. She stands unsteadily to her feet and her skirt falls unnoticed to the floor.

All eyes are on the beer stein as she clasps it between her thighs. The internal camera shows the collected sperm slowly leaking out of the hole left by the invading meat. The draining fluids eventually drip out of her lips and gradually fill the expecting receptacle.

Even after it's full she still isn't empty. So she captures the excess in her other hand and loudly slurps it down. She briefly sets the glass down on the floor to check her fallen skirt. It turns out the clasp is irrevocably shattered from the ardent ostrich fucking. So with a shrug she picks up her prize and returns to the bar presenting it to the slack-jawed bartender.

The audience gapes at the back of her shirt. After her time with the ostrich it seems to have picked up a multitude of ostrich feathers jammed into the fabric. They wonder if the quills are digging into the young woman's back, but she seems nonplussed. At some point during the escapade the man had replaced her downed drink with a full one and the five happily colored drinks greet her as she sits down next to Larry.

"I see you've earned your second attempt honey. But would you like to change into a new skirt?"

"Nah. Why would I want to ruin another perfectly good set of clothes?"

"In that case, how about we get back to the game? Right after a few words from our sponsors."


Chapter 05 - Make it a Double

"And we are back. Welcome to the second round of cum cocktails. During the break, Jerri correctly identified the red drink we had for her. One down four to go."

Without further ado, Jerri grips the next glass and swirls the lime green tincture. She drops her head back and slurps the whole mess into her mouth. The gamey taste of animal cum fills her senses. And she tries her best to differentiate what the taste could be. Making a decision, she swallows the load filling her belly with the warm happiness of sperm.

"I'm going to go with the rhinoceros, Larry."

"Oooh, I'm sorry honey. That's another incorrect guess. But we are willing to offer the same deal this time. If you collect that rhino sample you can make another guess."

Before Larry finishes his sentence, Jerri is off like a shot making a beeline for the massive animal. Truth be told, she knew that the second drink was ostrich. Especially since she just had some straight from the tap. But during the break Larry had assured her that she can keep trying for as long as she pays her tab. And after seeing the ponderous organ swinging between the rhino's legs she couldn't take the chance that his sperm would be next. If she lost the opportunity to bring that brute to orgasm she would never forgive herself.

Just like the ostrich, the enormous armored beast steps down onto the studio floor as soon as his species is called. The stagehands have already prepped the rhino and the muscles of his groin fight mightily against the gravity pulling his long shaft towards the ground.

Jerri can see the giant organ bouncing under his belly as she approaches and it sends a shiver of anticipation up her spine. With only a customary pat on his hard nose, she dives underneath his chest seeking out her prize.

Face to face with the monster, she hesitates. It looked huge from several yards away at the other side of the stage. From this distance it's obviously big enough to choke a horse. But with one twitch, the angular head bounces up to touch her lips.

With just one brief fluttering touch of her mouth, all hesitation flees from her mind. She grasps the swinging organ and pulls it back to her hungry maw. Her tongue lashes out and tickles the tight skin of his cock. The raw bestial taste of his member fills her with lust.

Without breaking the connection, she shifts her ass forward towards the rhino's hind legs. Her body stretches out along the floor dragging the large cock down with her to the ground. The animal, unused to this novel way of mating, still pulls his cock into the air. Jerri isn't strong enough to fight his powerful groin and the tasty dick pulls from her lips several times.

Frustrated, she wraps her legs around the base of his rod to try and keep it grounded and between her lips. The rhinoceros's musculature is not so easily swayed. This time, when he pumps his two foot dong it lifts Jerri up with it before bumping her ass once more on the ground. But throughout the ride, Jerri maintains her kisses and licks on the brute's cock head so she sees this as a good step forward.

For several minutes, the cycle repeats. Jerri smothers his dick in her amorous kisses. His twitching member is soon covered in her saliva. And she uses her hands to ease it down along his quivering shaft.

But every movement of the immense organ sends electric tingles through her body. After the first few rides, she tightens her grip on the rigid rhino rod. Her clasping legs draw her moist snatch against the thick shaft. So, every time he pulls at her body, the thick meat spreads her lips and grinds against her clitoris.

At first the sensation is simply pleasurable. The sensitive bud sends shockwaves through her skin like the gentle caress of a lover. The cock acts like a human finger, gently pressing against her button. Her shaking hips swirl the flesh against her sex and send shivers across her nerves.

But the repeated stimulation soon intensifies. The electricity arcing through her compounds with every slow press of their flesh together. Her tonguing unconsciously increases and she finds herself squeezing her legs tighter seeking out a continuous connection. But no matter what she does, she cannot match the amazing pleasure of being lifted by his pole.

Eventually she realizes that she must have him inside her. Even if it rips her apart, she will not be satisfied without being filled with rampaging rhino meat.

She regretfully loosens her legs and drops to the ground. Screwing up her courage she crawls forward until her ass slips ahead of the massive member. She bends over and twitches her rump trying to capture the moving spear. She finds it's harder then she imagined getting that heavy prod into position.

Balancing on one hand, she reaches back and grasps the head still slick with her saliva. Using his muscles for the heavy lifting, she guides the missile to its future bunker. The tip finally breaches the spread petals of her labia and lodges itself in her womanhood. Gurgling appreciatively, Jerri braces her hands against the tile floor and slowly pushes herself back impaling her pussy on the humongous pole.

She goes slowly gradually spreading the walls of her vagina before the glorious insertion. Luckily a rhino's member is angular and acts like a drill driving into her body. She has never before felt so full and looking down she can see her tight stomach distend around the invasive organ. Fascinated, she shifts one hand down to stroke the cock through her own skin.

The feeling is exquisite. Every touch of her fingers makes the giant quake inside her. She supports herself on both hands once more and readies herself mentally for plumbing the depths to which the rhino's dick will reach. But she somehow forgot that the toy she is playing with is attached to a real live beast.

The tight confines of her cunt have riled the already horny animal. And her gentle petting of his rod through her taught flesh serve to fan the flames burning in his loins. As soon as she starts easing her body over his mammoth organ, he lunges forward.

His first assault embeds his member up to her cervix. The pointed head spreads the opening of her womb slightly with his powerful thrust. The audience gasps collectively as the huge head makes an appearance on the internal cam.

But before Jerri can even cry out in pain or pleasure, the rhino drives his thick slab of meat once more into her tender frame. The tight orifice of the woman's cervix is no match for the two thousand pounds of rhinoceros forcing his dick into her. Jerri is breathless as her body accepts the foot and a half of muscular meat. And the audience is breathless as it watches the dick fill the camera's view.

Several female spectators instinctively clutch their crotch in sympathetic pain and desire. But Jerri is feeling no pain. The surging pleasure generated by the welcome invasion of cock overrides what little discomfort the abrupt widening caused.

She rides the waves of endorphic delight as the rutting beast flings her body about. The size of the insertion prevents it from retreating, but does nothing to stop the rhino from humping. His frantic movements jostle the blissed out woman as the bucking pole takes her twat on a roller coaster ride.

But, the steady stream of vaginal fluid lubricates the questing rod. And Jerri can feel it shifting slightly in the back of her mind. Fighting through the enjoyment, Jerri manages to find purchase on the floor with all four limbs. With the added friction, the rhino is able to pull his member all the way out of her womb until it disappears off of the internal cam.

It is gone just long enough for the audience to see Jerri's sphincter begin to close before it shoves its way back into her womb. Jerri cries out in joy as the battering pole slams against the top of her uterus. And as soon as he hits bottom, the brute pulls out completely only to slam home once more.

The constant movement in her widening canal creates unending vibrating screams of rapture from the filled woman. Her first orgasm comes in a rush. Her pussy explodes throughout her body. The shaking reaches her limbs and she loses her purchase. SO once again the rutting rhino bounces the shivering woman on the edge of his cock.

Eventually she manages to calm down enough to grasp the floor and receive more full penetrating thrusts. But she barely takes five full gut wrenchingly deep pounds before another orgasm forces her grip to fly free.

Eventually, Jerri fails to keep count of her orgasms as they all blend together into an eternity of bliss punctuated by almost instinctively ferocious moments of finding enough resistance to encourage the next full blown eruption. The audience eats the action up. They stare transfixed at the brutal fucking. The men dream of being that huge and giving it to some beautiful woman. And the women dream of being plowed roughly by such an amazing animal. None of them notice when Larry talks the show off to a commercial break for time concerns.

Without the continuous friction of standard copulation, the rhino's dick lasts longer than he typically would. Even with the shivering vagina milking his member, the frequent instances of airborne pussy allow him to rest and calm his bursting balls before once again beginning the deep thrusts that bring him to orgasm.

So, instead of a typical thirty minutes, Jerri is treated to a full hour long session of being a rhino's mate. But after an endless string of orgasmic delight, the rhinoceros is ready to blow. The perpetual come and go of titillation on his member has built up quite the backlog in his enormous testicles. And with one final push with all his strength, he finds some hidden corner of her womb to fill with his girth. With a few inches more than ever fit before, Jerri is sent into another orgasmic fury and picked up off the floor once more.

The rhino spurts his first splash of cum into her womb. At this point in the cycle, Jerri is too blissed out to consciously react to anything, but the rapid filling of her belly sends her into stronger convulsions on the impaled pole. The audience ogles the internal camera as it quickly becomes swamped with thick cum.

Despite the constant assault on her orifice, the few extra inches of bestial penis shoved into her cervix creates a perfect seal. The spunk has nowhere to flow to except Jerri's uterus. And after the intense lovemaking session, he has a lot to offer her. The internal camera quickly becomes nothing more than a swirl of viscous fluid, so the audience remains riveted on the actual woman before them.

The massive missile keeps twitching with each splash of additional baby batter. The bouncing rod keeps gently slapping Jerri against the floor. But for some reason, Jerri and the cock stop moving. It takes the spectators a few moments to realize what happened.

The quickly filling womb was expanding with every subsequent sperm shot. Without a drain, the copious fluids pushed her belly out creating a cushion and preventing her from sinking any lower. The change was so gradual that no one registers the filling belly until it is large enough to trap her underneath the animal. And he isn't stopping.

She already looks like the octomom going for a fresh litter of fourteen children. And now that the crowd is wise to the change they can see the belly bulging. Without any more room to grow downward, it slowly creeps across the studio floor until it finally stops.

Filled to the brim, Jerri can barely manage to gurgle delightfully while Larry and the bartender approach with armfuls of empty beer mugs. They set the dozen glasses underneath the gaping pussy and Larry grabs Jerri's arms firmly. With a pop heard round the studio, the rhino cock breaks free of the clasping cervix and rides the tide of semen out of her pussy.

The dozen glasses fill up almost instantly as the flood of rhinoceros jizz gushes from her wide hole. It overflows the glasses and seeps across the studio floor as her belly quickly reforms into the flat abs she arrived with. Without missing a beat, the bartender grabs all twelve of the cum coated steins and hauls them off to the bar.

Once Jerri manages to retain enough of her wits to speak in coherent sentences, Larry helps her up. This turns out to be easier said than done. The abundant cum under their feet cause them to keep falling together again and again until they are both completely covered in the thick liquid of love. Once they do manage to reach their feet, Larry turns his bleary-eyed attention to the audience.

"That was an amazing performance wasn't it folks?"

The crowd explodes in merriment. The horny crowd howls as globs of rhino sperm still drip from Jerri's cunt and off her fingers.

"I'm glad you all enjoyed it. And I hope Jerri enjoyed herself too. Because she still hasn't quite earned her third guess yet."

The surge of adrenaline and anticipation snap Jerri back to her senses completely. She didn't even dream that she'd get another chance at one of the amazing creatures on display before even taking another swig of their delicious cum. Just the thought of it forces her dripping fingers to her mouth for a taste of her rhino lover. As she revels in the heady taste of rhinoceros, she wonders what Larry has in store for her.


Chapter 06 - Getting Wet

"I'm afraid that our friend the walrus is feeling a bit neglected. Since he produced the first cocktail you chose, he never even had a chance to experience your expert skills first hand. So why don't you go cheer him up before you belly up to the bar again."

Jerri's face lights up and she turns in time to see the bulky walrus disappear behind his podium. She turns back to Larry with a look of puzzlement.

"He can be shy. You'll just have to chase after him. And you might want this."

He tosses something to the stunned woman, but halfway between them she hears a distinct splash from backstage. She plucks the object out of the air and it all makes sense. Larry has provided her with a rebreather. And judging by that splash, the walrus must have gone to water.

The equipment is top of the line. Even without an air tank it will be capable of keeping her breathing underwater for hours. And with a girlish giggle, she dashes off towards backstage in hopes of testing it to its limit.

The audience soon loses their line of sight with her bare ass as it vaults over the pedestal formerly used by the walrus and rushes off on his trail. But the cameramen easily track her in their sights. She doesn't have far to go before she comes to an immense crystal clear pool. She can see the agile creature swimming around in the water.

His pink penis waggles in the current caused by his movements as if beckoning her to join him. She quickly strips off the tattered remains of her t-shirt and straps the rebreather to her mouth.

As soon as she is set, she dives in to the warm water. It flows around her like a second skin caressing her naked body. The clean water washes away the sticky cum adhering to her skin and leaves her fresh as a daisy. Although she can still feel the distinct widening thanks to the amorous rhino.

Opening her eyes, she swims off towards the large beast playfully swimming in the deep. She makes a beeline for the oddly graceful walrus and intersects his movements just as he's looping around.

Jerri is in no mood for foreplay, so she reaches out and grasps his swollen member. Now that she can see it dead on she is amazed with its size. She happily pumps his thick meat wishing she could lick it without drowning.

She practically drools into her rebreather just touching the hot flesh between her fingers. The resistance of the water as she pulls at the pole makes her hands move in slow motion. The eddying currents suck at her arms forcing her to slow down and enjoy every bump and touch of her fingers on his cock.

She marvels at the well-endowed creature that is all for her. His member is easily as thick at the base as the rutting rhino was, but the tip isn't nearly as angular. In fact it maintains its thickness throughout except for a point shooting off at the very end. Even the point is rather shallow as if it was a minor afterthought to aid in penetration without sacrificing any flesh for girth.

As she stares at the marvelous dick, she sees it floating farther away. Her hands too are straining to maintain contact with the precious flesh. For a moment she thinks that the walrus is floating away from her. But she soon notices the strong flippers hooked underneath her arms

It's strange what one can overlook when they are so occupied by staring at wonderful genitals. The well trained walrus sets the young woman on the tip of his penis. Her gaping pussy, still recovering from the rhino, sucks in the tip like it was born to take in a full-grown walrus.

And the walrus, eager to continue, pulls her bodily down onto his shaft. With a rush of titillating bubbles, the giant cock plows through her box until it hits the back of her womb. Luckily, her thorough workout on the rhinoceros's dick has left her cervix wide open still. Otherwise his punishing member might have torn something as it forced its way in.

Being the same length as the rhino, he also has another six inches incapable of entering her hole. But the foot and a half buried in her tender flesh is more than enough to get her off. But just to be sure, he grips her firmly and twists her back and forth on his bulbous tool seeking out an angle to increase the penetration by an inch or two. In response, she grabs the blubbery mammal and grinds her diamond-hard nipples against his rough skin.

The dual stimulation sets off her first underwater orgasm. And as her snatch twitches stimulating the embedded dick, the walrus takes off swimming. He twirls and spins her underwater. His cock drags her along for the ride as she spasms uncontrollably.

By the time she comes down from the initial burst of pleasure it is replaced by the unrivaled joy of swimming as a walrus. The ducks, dives, and spins are far more graceful than anything she could pull off as a diver. But it all came naturally to the lumbering beast. And the whole dance becomes even more exciting with his two foot cock inside her.

She grips him firmly and lets him do as he wants. Every shift of his flippers is sent through the connecting organ. And every shift of that magnificent rod sends ecstatic vibrations through Jerri's body. Over and over they cavort through the water. Every so often, he will hit a high climb only to dive down sharply. This has the added effect of driving his pole deep into her as he turns. For just a moment it feels like the full length will be sucked inside her and every time it happens she can't wait for it to happen again.

But all good things must come to an end. And sometimes they spawn something even better. After several loops around the pool, Jerri notices they are slowing down. The Walrus has stopped using his flippers and is just using his hind flippers to speed them along. He grabs her chest with his strong arms and Jerri lights up in anticipation of what's coming.

He lifts her up into the coming stream of water only to let the constant water pressure slam her back down onto his cock. Jerri screams sweet pleasure into her rebreather as just that one thrust makes her come again. Momentarily she thanks the studio for thinking of getting the apparatus that straps in tight so she doesn't have to concentrate on keeping it in her mouth. But she is soon lost to the sensations of the buffeting tide and her own hyper-stimulated body.

The walrus, oblivious to her earth-shaking orgasm, continues to pound her onto his shaft again and again. The constant penetration creates a tidal flow washing in to her womb with every thrust and out every time he pulls her up.

Soon, she finds her sense of balance amid the storms of her bodies chemicals and the swirling water. Once she regains her sanity she enjoys the regular reaming of his massive cock pounding into her organs. She enjoys the pressure so much she digs her legs into his skin and uses them to boost the pressure and penetration with every down-stroke.

She has the burning desire to take all of his man-meat into her used sex and get him off like a firework. As if sensing her intentions, he begins to thrust his rod into her body in time with her gripping legs and his own powerful flippers.

Looking betwixt their entwined bodies, Jerri can see one of the outlying inches disappear into her twat. The additional length sends a fresh shiver down her spine. She revels in it for a moment before forcing it out of her thoughts. She can come again once she is done.

They keep trying over and over to no avail beyond their mutual pleasure. It seems that despite her willingness, her body simply cannot fit any more. And the walrus is for too stiff to curl up inside her womb.

Physically and emotionally exhausted, Jerri loses the grip in her legs and succumbs to the tide. Being tied to the walrus by more than a foot and a half of cock is plenty enough to keep her from spinning off into the abyss, but her body shifts back against the pounding waves.

And just like that she feels another inch slide into her body. Her eyes fly open as she feels her snatch gobble up another bit of the horny tusked lover. And looking down she can see his stiff member pressing against the inside of her belly.

When they were meeting head-on, the rest of her organs continually got in the way. But with her back stretched out, the angle changed allowing his stiff prick to force its way against her stomach. The recent expansion of her flesh under the torrent of rhinoceros cum allows her flesh to easily accommodate the lunging walrus.

Heartened once more, she bends back into the oncoming stream of water and wraps her legs around the swimming walrus. She finds the strength in her orgasm ravaged body to pull her pussy onto his quaking shaft in time with his thrusts. The walrus has to shift his grip down to her hips as her breasts disappear from his view. But this constrains him to providing harder, faster, and deeper penetrations without being able to pull out as far.

The thick log of bestial meat is a blur both to Jerri's sensation and to the audience seeing it on the internal camera. And he quickly buries the last few inches into her cave. Jerri grinds her ass on his rough skin and finally permits herself that long overdue orgasm.

When she comes down from the mountaintops, she is amazed that the walrus is still rutting like a demon. She finds it hard to concentrate with the constant piston penetration, but she manages to corral her arms into suiting her needs.

She holds her hands over her belly and every time he thrusts through her she grips his exposed head. She can feel her skin tighten around the pulsing member and knows that it must feel fantastic. In fact, after only a few such thrusts, the giant walrus thrusts hard into her womb and releases his seed.

She locks her ankles behind the walrus impaling herself fully on his cock. She wants his tool to serve as a plug just like the rhino. Only this time she'll be conscious enough to enjoy it. As the bountiful offering of walrus sperm fills her cavity, her flesh distends around the already emerging dick. Instead of having a single shaft poking out from underneath, her belly fills out into a healthy orb.

Unlike her previous mate, the walrus does not have as much liquid gold to offer, but after the last few drops are milked from his convulsing rod, she still looks like she's to term with at least twins. She cradles her stomach just like she is carrying real children and coos sweet nothings around the apparatus in her mouth.

The walrus swims them up to the surface and takes a deep breath. Jerri says good-bye to her full womb and pushes off from the beast. As she glides away along the surface of the pool, the abundant cum flows out of her uterus and joins the crisp clean water.

She eventually reaches the side of the pool and shakily hauls herself out and to her feet. A few helpful stagehands appear to guide the naked woman back to the main stage.

She emerges from the back area to thunderous applause. Everyone is out of their seat cheering, clapping, and adjusting their pants. Larry rushes over to her and puts her arm around his shoulder to support her weight. She's still a little wobbly after the afternoon's exertions, but the smile on her face says it all.

"Well guys and dolls, it looks like we don't have time to finish up our first game with this broadcast. Not to mention this poor woman should probably see a medic to get checked out after that enthusiastic assault. So come on back next week to see the exciting conclusion of Cum Cocktails on Know Your Cock!"

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