Chapter 07 - Intermission

The lights come down for the night and the audience files out towards the exits. They talk animatedly about the amazing new show they just saw. Jerri heads off to be looked over and Larry heads back to his dressing room as the janitors arrive to clean up the various stains and fluids from the days filming.

Larry relaxes on his couch looking over notes from the days taping and the first few episodes of Name That Cock! Absorbed in his work, he is startled by a gentle knock on his door. He stands up just as Sherry lets herself in.

"Hello dear. What can I do for you?"

"I just finished up signing the papers for my little stint on your great new show," she gushes. "And on my way out I saw your name on the door and I thought I'd stop by."

She stalks forward shaking her hips and smiling at the host.

"In fact, I was hoping I could be a regular contestant someday. And I thought maybe you could give me some tips."

She reaches the young man and gently invades his personal space. Her voice slips into a seductive tenor as she whispers in his ear, "I'd do anything to be put up for consideration."

Larry's dick gives an appreciative jump in his pants as her words coil around his ear. But before he can respond, she drops to her knees. A cool breeze of air coincides with the harsh click of his zipper as she pulls his cock out of his pants.

The teeth of the zipper gently scratches his sensitive balls, but he has no time to adjust them before Sherry gulps his hardening member into her mouth. The pair moan in unison as the spongy flesh quickly becomes rigid as it dances along Sherry's tongue.

She smashes her face into his groin as the rod grows down the back of her throat. She nuzzles against the rough texture of his pants as her airway is clogged with his meat. But as soon as the organ reaches its full length she moves her lips along its shaft.

Larry can't help but think he was right about the perky firebrand as she inhales his pole. Without any assistance she gobbles his knob like a pro. But, the fire burning in his belly won't let that stand for long. He wraps his fingers in her long hair and pulls her onto his lunging meat. She gurgles joyfully as his saliva covered member slides down her throat.

Leaving the thrusting to him, she unbuttons his pants and lets them fall down around his ankles. Judging the rhythm carefully, she pulls back hard against his strong hands just long enough to pull his boxers down and over his prick. As soon as it's free she sucks it back into its warm home.

Larry can already feel the gentle tingling in his testicles that trumpets his coming explosion. But unexpected words distract him from his eminent ejaculation.

"Now Larry, I could have sworn we agreed we would both participate in her interview should she be so inclined. I can't believe you started without me."

The smile on her lips belied the fire in her words. But Larry still felt he needed to provide an explanation. Sherry, for her part, apparently didn't care that the two executives were having a mild disagreement over the use of her body. She simply grabbed Larry's bare ass and pulled his hardness into her mouth.

"I would have called you if I was given half a chance. But she just kind of dropped in on me," he explains carefully trying not to let the blowjob affect his voice and failing miserably.

"Well, no use crying over spilt milk. But her being on her knees like that isn't going to help matters. Why don't you drag her over to your couch and have her get on all fours while she blows you? I'll be back in just a moment.

The sound of her high heels disappears down the hallway. Showing that she was listening all along, Sherry pushes against Larry's groin insistently. She pushes him towards the comfy couch, and he is momentarily torn. He knows Mary is right about positioning, but the power behind Sherry's thrusts is almost too exquisite to give up by moving.

In the end he complies with the wishes of his producer and slowly leads the beautiful woman by his dick back to the furniture wide furniture. He plops his bare ass down on the fabric and she matches his movement perfectly sucking his pole in to the root.

Larry leans back against the couch and stretches his arms across its back. He lets Sherry take the lead once more and focuses on maintaining his member at least until Mary returns. He finds it's harder then he thought holding back the rising tides of pleasure under the expert cocksuckers talented tongue.

But he doesn't have long to wait. Mary arrives with a surprise for the other young woman. Sherry only has eyes for Larry and barely registers Mary as she kneels behind the amorous girl. Upon closer inspection, Mary finds the zebra cock still lodged in the woman's twitching pussy. With a smile, she grasps the flat base and hauls it out of her depths.

"Now how did you plan on fulfilling your promise of anything with this toy shoved up your twat?" she accuses the young woman. Sherry is either too engrossed with the real thing to listen or too happily sucking to stop and respond. Either way Mary isn't finished yet.

"What am I going to do with this thing now? It's far too slimy with your nectar to just leave lying around. It'll stain poor Larry's nice carpet. I suppose there's only one place to put it safely."

With one hand, Mary spread the young girl's cheeks exposing the tight starfish of her anus. She wets her finger on the nearby drooling pussy and gently slips it into the woman's opening. The first digit is soon followed by another and another and the last stretching it nice and wide.

With the preliminaries out of the way, she sets the bulbous tip of the foot long dildo at the young girls sphincter and pushes it in as she pulls her fingers free. The abundant vaginal fluid lubricates the monster's passage as it eases its way into her ass.

Sherry encourages the penetration by driving herself back onto her prize. She bounces back and forth between deepthroating the man in front of her and forcing the dong into her ass bit by bit. When the dildo reaches bottom she can hardly bear the electric shocks of bliss coursing through her. And Mary hasn't even started yet.

"With that little obstacle taken care of we can proceed with your interview. You see, as Larry so kindly pointed out before, that zebra dick is on the small side really. We purposefully had it ordered that way for in audience contestants. We didn't want to provide them with a challenge they cannot endure. This on the other hand is the life-sized model."

She slaps Sherry's belly with a huge hunk of silicone. With the dick between her lips, Sherry cannot see the entire length of it stretching back to the reinforced strap securing it to Mary's naked waist. She also cannot tell that it is six inches longer than the dildo in her ass and has a circumference of an inch and a half more than her recent acquisition.

She also has no way of knowing that the companion to the visible foot and a half of sturdy silicone is currently trapped within the walls of Mary's cunt. Her harness was a very special order that allows Mary to hook a dildo to the inside after insertion. So every bone-jarring thrust she gives is mirrored in her own crevice.

But she can tell that it is a phallus worthy of her talents and she drools around the stiff rod in expectation. Mary sets the bulbous tip at her vaginal canal already attempting to close up with the release of the other toy.

"Don't worry honey. It's all downhill after this."

With a sharp lunge she impales the bent over woman on her massive strap-on. The immense tip forges through her tender flesh all the way to her cervix. The power of her thrust forces Sherry deep onto Larry's cock. Larry's unyielding flesh provides the perfect backstop to allow Mary to spread the pussy before her.

Pausing for a moment, Mary nudges the closing orifice with the large head. She can see the unattached toy sliding slowly out of Sherry's grasping anus. Her quivering body doesn't have the strength to keep it in. Now that she is more than half-way there, she can grip the other woman's wide hips in her powerful hands. With the steady grip, she pulls Sherry into her driving hips.

The oversized phallus breaches the woman's womb like it was born to and fills her womb up to the hilt. Mary's flat stomach connects with the escaping zebra dick and shoves it back into the girl's squirming rectum. A muffled scream bursts from her mouth. She releases Larry's dick long enough to cry out, "Dear God that feels remarkable," before entombing her moaning mouth in his crotch.

Taking her at her word, Mary drags the massive insertion back out of the woman's uterus until she reaches the limit of her arm's length. She can feel Sherry's twat fight to keep it inside and the friction vibrates along the harness and into the corresponding horse cock it holds trapped inside Mary's pink taco.

Once extracted, she slams it all the way to the hilt again and again. The continuous collisions force all three dildos into their respective homes and Mary is soon breathing hard with her exertions. Sherry loosens up enough not to fight the retreating dildo as much, but by that time, Mary's burgeoning orgasm replaces the strain of pulling on the dildo as a weakening factor.

Sherry no longer needs to concentrate on anything. The violent strap-on action of the well0-traveled producer forces her lips over Larry's member for her. So she just basks in the flood of heavenly sensations as her body is buffeted by the two lovers.

Larry can no longer hold back after the insane blow-job and seeing Mary plow into Sherry with such a look of exquisite rapture on both their faces. With a few last thrusts of his hips he is the first to explode into Sherry's mouth.

Not long after, Sherry goes off like a firework bursting into a thousand points of brilliant light. And the resulting quakes are sent through their connection to bring Mary off like a rocket. The two women collapse on the floor and shake out their orgasms as Larry's last few shots speckle their sides with cum.

Thoroughly relaxed, Mary curls up around Sherry's ass driving the dildo back in the few inches it slipped out during their orgasms. She pulls the young woman against her chest and grinds her hips into her soft ass.

She gently nips the other woman's earlobe and whispers, "I think you might just have what it takes to be a contestant. Maybe later we can take a trip to the animal pen to see what you've got. But for now, I think I need a little more convincing."

With a devilish smile, she pulls the woman on top of her and bounces her reverse cowgirl on the monstrous organ. After several minutes she spins the girl around and pulls her into a passionate kiss. She licks the remnants of Larry's sperm from the girl's teeth and drives her faux phallus into Sherry's womb. Out of the corner of her eye she sees Larry rise from the couch.

His pole sticks out from its wet patch of pubic hair straight as an I-beam. Sherry collapses on top of her in another earth-shaking orgasm, but the change in positions isn't providing Mary the same kind of satisfaction from her buried dildo.

She flips the quaking woman onto her back and start pumping her missionary style. Larry knows all too well what she's asking for and he bends down behind her humping ass. As Larry's spit soaked shaft slides between her cheeks, Mary muses on what an awesome night the trio has in front of them.


Chapter 08 - Fur and Fowl

"Welcome back to your new favorite Monday night game show. Since you're watching me it looks like we weren't cancelled yet. So we must be doing something right."

The audience laughs along with the jovial host. But the undercurrent of tension burning through the crowd is palpable. After the first broadcast, people started lining up to be in the next show's audience from the moment it ended. The producers had their pick of the litter in deciding who made the cut and they look about ready to burst. The volume of beautiful people filling the stands is only eclipsed by the obvious desire in all of their eyes. Larry can tell it's going to be another good day.

"For those of you that missed last week's show you are in for a treat. But why don't we catch you up in the meantime. Our lovely Miss Jerri rode out the end of the show with a fantastic underwater dance and is now stalled out at her second drink of our first ever game of Cum Cocktails.

"She was presented with five separate drinks and after an initial stumble, correctly identified the walrus sperm as her first concoction. Now after a single incorrect guess, she will try again to determine what her second glass held. But first why don't we show you her choices first."

With a dramatic wave, the rear doors open once more to reveal the five live animals and one question mark spotted placard. The audience oohs and aahs appreciatively as the studio comes alive with animal calls.

"And now that you know what she's in for, how about a warm welcome for Jerri?"

The bar once again swings around into place. But this time Jerri is already sitting on one of the stools and waving to the adoring public. The four remaining glasses are already sitting before her and her fingers twitch as if itching to get the show on the road.

Larry bellies up to the bar and sits down next to the vivacious woman.

"Okay, my dear. Are you ready to give it another go?"

"I sure am Larry."

She quickly turns and grasping the lime green drink swallows it whole. Since she already made the determination in the last week, she doesn't even need to think about it before calling out, "That must be ostrich sperm," to the excited audience.

She barely waits for Larry to confirm her guess before slugging back the dark purple mixture next in line. With a smile, she is encouraged by the heady flavor filling her taste buds. It turns out she made a good choice the prior week in deciding which animal she wanted to have regardless of winning.

"That's funny," she remarks. "I don't remember that rhino cum being purple when it came pouring out of me last week."

The audience laughs so hard that even with his microphone; Larry has to wait before assuring everyone that she is right. But now she is down to her last two drinks. So she has a fifty-fifty shot at going home a winner.

She picks up the orange brew and swirls it lightly within the martini glass. She smiles at the sight of the stuck olive swirling around in the viscous liquid. The bartender is definitely getting into his role. She pulls the sticky garnish out of the glass and bites the olive off into her mouth. She sucks the excess sperm in as well.

She rolls the miniscule amount around her mouth before taking the full drink and filling her cheeks with the ooze. Little by little she permits it to sink down the back of her throat. And finally, she turns to Larry and guesses, "Is that the distinct taste of grizzly I just enjoyed?"

Larry quietly shakes his head. "I'm afraid not. But you aren't out of it yet. In fact, as long as you pay this tab you are automatically a winner since the last two are obvious at this point."

"But I do still get to finish my drinks, right Larry?" she asks to the cheers of the spectators.

"Of course you can. You can drink all you'd like. But first, you need to obtain that bear's sample."

The young woman happily bounces off the stool and heads off to the grizzly now lumbering off its pedestal. The steady click of his nails on the studio tile sounds ominous, but his fore paws have been clipped to prevent an accidental slice and dice. Jerri practically drools in expectancy as the giant mammal plods toward her.

The last week back at her normal life has left her cunt aching for wild animal cock. Sure, the great danes at her veterinary practice are always willing to keep her company, but even taking them two or three at a time cannot compare to the wild times she had last week.

She is so eager, that before he even reaches her she strips naked and bends over in front of his meandering gait. Looking between her legs she can see him speed up at the sight of fresh pussy wiggling in the air.

With no preamble, he pulls up behind her, grabs her hips, and plunges in to the hilt. She is slightly surprised that bear's length is only a foot long after the recent monsters she had in her crevice. But she still burbled delightfully as it skillfully speared into her womb. The stiff penile bone easily spread her orifice and pushed the soft mushroom shaped head deep into her.

But it didn't remain soft for long. The grizzly immediately begins to hump the squealing woman's ass. With every thrust the giant carnivore's member thickened as it engorged within her. As the rod grows it spreads her walls open like a wedge with every thrust.

The pleasant brush of thick fur across her back and legs as the animal thrusts into her sends shivers down her spine to meet with the growing fire the powerful dick is fanning. She calls out constantly, her voice hitching with every slam of his hips against hers. His large paws help to easily impale her onto his thick rod.

His grip becomes rougher and his pumping harder. Again and again he fills her with his meat as her body shakes in pure joy. And soon he shoots his load into her uterus. Amazed and slightly disappointed that it's already over, Jerri waits patiently as his sperm floods her body. She grips the nearby mug and prepares to fill it from her snatch.

Once she no longer feels more spunk filling her womb, she pulls herself off of his prick. But as soon as she tries, she feels a tugging sensation in her belly. For a moment, she is confused, but then the bear happily regains his rhythm pumping into her sperm filled body.

The momentary confusion is burned away as the amorous ursine rebuilds the fire that dimmed with her disappointment. The audience on the other hand is privy to the inner workings of their coupling thanks to the Womb with a View camera. The bear's penile bone had managed to hook her cervix while his bulbous head penetrated her for the final spurts of his cum. And Larry confirms what they saw.

"Indeed folks, some scientists have speculated that the penile bone of the grizzly bear is used to snare the sow for an extended love-making session. It looks like we just confirmed that hypothesis on broadcast television. You're welcome Science."

But the host's flamboyant dialogue is undercut by the screaming orgasm filling the studio from Jerri's mouth. But the enthusiastic utterances are cut short with a sudden muffled moan. Larry turns to see what happened and for a moment cannot find the young woman.

While he was distracted with his explanation, the last unused animal on stage had descended from its platform and walked down to the already involved pair. The openly calling mouth of the young woman was an irresistible lure to the new beast as it hovered just above the tiled floor. And it speared her with its ready cock filling her throat.

So, when Larry turns, all he can see is a bear and a camel enthusiastically rutting on the studio set. When he rounds the pair he can see the flesh of the young woman trapped between the beasts. She is half buried in the mounds of fur hanging from her two lovers, but flashes of pale skin show when the two beasts temporarily separate between thrusts.

Jerri feels like she is swaddled in a comfy blanket. The combined coverings of the bear and camel hair fill her with a warm cozy sensation. And the two cocks plowing into her flesh serve to amplify the warm feeling into a full blown orgasm.

She rides the waves of pleasure between the two beasts as the grizzly fills her cave and the camel's two foot penis seeks out her stomach. Luckily for the camel, he seems to instinctively know how far to shove his pole down her throat without burning it on her stomach acid. But it is by far the deepest deep throat she has ever achieved.

She takes her breaths when she can, but overall she resigns herself to be filled by the horny brutes surrounding her body. The scratching of fur, pounding of penises, and the fullness of her orifices etch an electric ecstasy across her skin. She finds herself grinding her mostly immobile ass against the grizzly's hips while pulling the camel's legs urging him deeper.

The constant thrusting builds the tension throughout her being until orgasm after orgasm crashes through her. She becomes unable to tell one massive endorphin earthquake from the next as each one rips through her soul. But eventually the two beasts stiffen and give her body a few last humps before filling her with their cum.

The fulfilled female purrs softly as the camel's dick is extracted from her throat. It trails a line of semen along her lips as it leaves and the animal returns to his podium. The bear similarly disengages from the quivering mass of flesh and lumbers off to his place on the set.

The bartender brings her a fresh mug since the first was destroyed by the infatuated camel. Slightly dazed, she holds the new beer stein up to her ravaged flesh and pushes out the thick globs of bear cum clinging to her walls. Once full, the bartender takes it off her hands and lets Larry guide the wobbly woman back to one of the stools.

Once she's back to the bar, she recovers enough to slug back both of the remaining drinks. She doesn't even offer the correct answers, and Larry doesn't question her. Instead he has another proposition.

"Well my dear, you've done it. You are now going home in a brand new car. But, as I'm sure the audience and yourself has been curious, we still have the mater of the mystery placard. You see we here at Cum Cocktails are always striving to bring our customers the best in fresh man milk. But the unlisted animal has proven unusual difficult to retrieve regular samples from. So if you could supply the semen, we would gladly offer you an all-expenses paid trip to wherever you choose. How does that sound?"

"Sounds like I need to pack my bags once I get home in my new car."

"Fantastic. I suppose that means we'll have to fill you in on your next assignment. And we will, right after a few words from our sponsors."


Chapter 09 Wet and Wild

"Hello all you happy people out there in TV land and welcome back to Know Your Cock! As you can see, I'm no longer joined by our indomitable Jerri. She is already en route to a secondary location. I'm afraid our facilities here aren't capable of providing for the mystery surprise we prepared for her. So, without further ado, here's Jerri."

The camera cuts to showing Jerri standing at the edge of what looks to be the ocean. Water extends out in front of her nude body for as far as the camera can see, but she's standing on an obviously manmade structure, not some beach. She turns towards the camera and gives a final wave before diving into the water.

Those that weren't distracted by her bouncing bare breasts notice the rebreather once again strapped to the young woman's face. And once she sinks into the water, the camera chases after her. The cameraman bobs to the surface following the expert swimmer as she cuts through the water.

Soon, a vague shape starts to appear on the horizon. The audience wonders if she's swimming off towards an island in the middle of the water. But soon their thinking is dispelled by a plume of water exploding into the air from the out-of-focus mass. As the pair comes closer, the image resolves itself into a massive whale.

The audience barely has a moment to gasp in surprise before Jerri dives under the massive creature. The cameraman follows her underneath the beast. And the attending peoples are greeted with the sight of the largest natural penis on earth.

A monstrous nine foot slab of cock is wiggling in the warm water like an eager python. By the time she is on screen again, Jerri has already reached the enormous member and is lightly playing with its tip. The blue whale, already sensing even the most delicate of caresses is returning the favor by sliding his dick along her extended arm.

Jerri giggles into her rebreather as the penis reacts like an affectionate puppy. It rubs against her appendage causing the water to swirl around her flesh. But the beast isn't content with just her arm. The giant tool snakes down her arm to find her torso.

It presses against her breasts. The agile tip plies her nipples with fascination before nudging along her stomach. It finally reaches the goal for every penis. Her pussy has been steadily leaking her warm fluid ever since she saw the waiting erection that is all for her.

The organ seeks out the warmer fluid like a bloodhound on a scent trail. And as the tip twists around her entrance Jerri lets loose a moan that rattles her teeth. The enormous cock digs into her crevice driving her legs apart. And despite how much she wants it, it just cannot fit.

Instead, the supple tip grinds into her clit driving her crazy. Over and over again the undulating organ rubs her clitoris until she's screaming with joy. Each successive orgasm frees more of her wondrous secretions which add to the beast's ardor. It also slickens her passageway with her copious fluids.

The muscular organ slowly pushes in spreading her pussy wide. The monstrous shaft pushes into her flesh. She screams out a fresh orgasm just from the incredible sensation of being so well filled. She braces her hands against the whale's belly encouraging the probing prick to split her open.

Inch by painstaking inch the tremendous rod slips inside her until it hits bottom. The combination of her tight cervical opening and the sheer size of the remaining shaft prevent any further insertion. However, this tool is not limited to one motion.

The thick pole wriggled like a nest of snakes. It swirled and pulsed and pushed out from within Jerri's tight crevice and quickly brought her to the screaming heights of ecstasy again and again. Her arms soon lose any semblance of strength and her body floats free from the whale's chest. She drifts in the waves impaled on a writhing length of whale bone twitching and moaning in the warm water.

The camera zooms in on the junction of woman and beast providing the far off audience with a terrific view. The cock is visibly shaking and throbbing. The active undulations look as if the cock is attempting to shove even more of its bulk within its tiny human lover with every movement. Each and every woman in the stands could feel their thighs grow moist as their cunts attempted to keep up with the rampant desire burning through their minds. And more than a few slipped fingers into their panties and imagined they were monumental whale cocks as they sliced into their drooling snatches.

After several orgasms, Jerri manages to come to her senses. The infernal flames of passion eating her body alive quickly turn to desire to bring the massive creature to an immense orgasm. And having less than an eighth of his girth inside a willing female probably isn't enough for him. She swims towards his rough belly once more fighting the building orgasms from stealing her control once more. She uses the whale's body to pull herself off the insatiable cock and slides down it like a fireman's pole. The meat spreads her sex wide as her crotch inches down the immense shaft keeping her gaping pussy open slightly longer as it adjusts to the loss.

She can feel the rod twitching between her spread legs all the way to its base. Her hands work along his flesh pumping it as she eases her wet body along its length. She soon feels his rough belly scraping her tender back. And at the same time the base of his penis curls around her supple ass.

The rest of his immense organ stretches out in front of her beyond her reach. But almost like a heat seeking missile, the tip bends toward her head. As she and the camera watch, the entire cock curves around her body circling her waist and curling around her breasts like an eager vine. The foot wide dick wraps around the maiden trapping her in place until the distant tip reaches her face.

She coos into her rebreather and is sorely tempted to remove it and try to fit the enormous head between her lips. But her better sense prevails and she instead uses her free hands to massage the undulating organ while she twists and turns her submerged body within its grasp.

While the monster's prehensile prick is an amazing tool, it can't quite manage the impossible. Despite his desire to return between her legs, the tip can only manage the close contact with her face. Besides the thick meat between her legs is already more than enough to prevent additional invaders. So the wiggling cock head caresses her cheeks and face like a loving pet as Jerri works his rod with every inch of her body.

She can feel the agile flesh pulsing around her body as she works his shaft. The thick organ rubs deliciously against her nipples as he gets more and more excited. She spares a thought for the loss of her fluids carried away with the water and her yearning to try to take in the massive dick even if it splits her apart. But the throbbing pole between her legs and the amorous head is not too shabby of a consolation prize.

She feels the thick cock tighten around her chest. The excitement and the pressure cause her breath to catch in her throat. She renews her strokes with vigor as she awaits the inevitable. The tip peels back from her face. And she can feel a change in the muscle betwixt her thighs. She can sense the hot liquid bubbling up through the cock. It surges down the length of his mighty phallus.

She can feel the movement through the close contact of their bodies. And the rapid flow excites her body as she follows its movement. Finally, the sperm reaches the tip dancing against her face and explodes out of his hole.

Jerri is instantly blinded by the copious warm sticky fluid filling the water around her head. Throwing caution to the wind, she quickly pulls the mask from her face and sucks in a gulp of the warm cum flowing over her body. She drinks in the water around her with a large glob of fresh warm spunk before replacing the rebreather over her mouth.

The strong taste of the whale's semen is barely diluted by the ocean of water around them. The strong salty liquid brings her taste buds to life. The cloud of white nectar blinds the cameraman and continues to explode out of the massive dick. Jerri is desperate for more, but she has a better idea then drinking it in with the surrounding lake water. She slips free of the grasping cock and swims out from the giant animal.

She grips the spurting tip as firmly as she can. And tilting her body against the whale's chest she pulls it towards her cave. She feels like she's fighting a fire hose going full blast. The thick jets of sperm splash against her wet legs. The force of his ejaculations cut through the intervening water like it is not even there. The twitching cock, fights her all the way pulling back and forth against her slippery hands and coating her legs in warm cum.

But, as soon as the tip of the erupting organ graces her nether lips, the whale takes over. Even while cumming, his instincts know exactly what to do when his thick pole enters a female orifice. The cock pushes through her grasping hands and pierces her once more. Between one released bolus and the next, the giant member is embedded up to her cervix in one smooth movement.

Once again the long undulations of the several yards of cock flesh send delightful tremors through Jerri's pussy. The ensuing orgasm causes her body to vibrate around the massive implement. The constant jets of semen shoot into her womb and fill in what little space is afforded between the twisting organ and her vaginal walls. With the added lubrication and Jerri's spasms, the giant mammal cock gives one more muscular ripple before bursting through her orifice and burying itself in the back of her womb.

After the onset of his orgasm and the subsequent repositioning of his lover, a full gallon of seminal fluid had clouded the surrounding water. But with the source buried inside Jerri, the water quickly clears for the grateful cameraman. And the massive whale testicles still have several gallons of liquid to offer the young lady.

The astonished audience barely comprehended what happened. The internal camera captured a steady stream of semen seeping up through her cervix until with the speed of a SWAT team strike; the huge prick erupted up past the camera continuing its joyful expulsions. Very soon, the camera lens is covered in a wash of cum. Presently the internal shot catches nothing but the milky swirl of fresh jets mixing the frothy substance with every ejaculation.

Luckily, the audience has plenty to see from the external angle. In the water, Jerri is thrashing about like a ragdoll. The twitching flesh buried in her womb swings her around in the water. But she is too high on orgasmic bliss to either notice or care. The writhing penis brings a constant stream of orgasms to electrify every inch of her body. And the constant flow of hot liquid love filling her belly only intensifies the sensation.

With the thick meat plugging her pussy, the loads of whale sperm fills and distends her womb. The audience gasps as it visibly bulges out before their gazes. Gallon after gallon pours from one mammal to the other until the spectators think she will burst like a too full water balloon.

Then, as suddenly as the rapid expansion began, it stops. The camera zooms in on the deflating cock as it slips from Jerri's crotch. Her final orgasm still obviously coursing through her shaking twat. But even in her post-orgasmic stupor, Jerri only loses a small amount of the massive load through her clenched muscles. And not long after the whale swims off to find something to eat, she starts swimming back towards shore.

With her diving experience she does not seem at all distressed to swim with a bulging belly full of sperm. She easily makes her way back to the edge of the water and hauls herself out into the sun. As soon as she reaches dry land, she yanks off the mouthpiece and jams her fingers up into her dripping snatch.

A good sized blob of slimy goo drools out into her open hand. She lifts the cum to her lips and sucks it down. A look of rapturous delight brightens her face. As she affectionately strokes her full belly dreaming of what is to come as it slowly empties into her hands, the picture fades to black.

"Thank you all for watching," Larry announces to the stunned crowed yearning for more. "We will be back next week with more Know Your Cock!"

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2011-09-02 12:21:57

Thanks for the feedback. I did pretty much throw realism out the window but who knows what the future holds. Then again I don't remember if I made it clear this story was set in the future either.

I do have a few ideas for another chapter or two of lost and found, but I'm also in the middle of three seperate stories and have ideas for another few unstarted. It'll come eventually just probably not soon.

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