Dale and I, Part VI

This is a true story about friendship and coming of age. The names were changed. These events took place in the early 1970's. I do welcome constructive comments, and thank you to those that have. I would also like to hear from those that are voting negatively and why they are, I also thank everyone for voting and if you really like what I am writing about, tell me so and also VOTE,VOTE,VOTE, preferably positive. This is a true story of a friendship that had evolved over 40 years. This is also a tribute and a memorial to my friend, Dale, who passed away a few months ago. I am not a professional writer. As such I want this story to be three dimensional and not just another suck and fuck story. These events I am writing about are real. Both Dale and I grew up,went to college, eventually married women, had heterosexual sex,families and careers. But I am getting ahead of myself, so let me move onto part VI.
School was about to start in a week, so Dale and I tried to pack as much summer fun into that time as was possible. This included movies with our new girlfriend's, lake visits with our new girlfriend's, museum visits with our new girlfriend's, just to name a few things.
On Friday night, Dale and I were watching TV in my room. My mom was working the late shift at the restaurant and my brother was taking some college courses at the local Junior College. (The girls went to dinner with their parents, we were not invited.) My upper body was laying against the head board and the rest of me was planted firmly on the bed. Dale had his head on my thigh and kind of dozing off, as we had a real busy and fast paced day. He rolled over, placing his head in my lap and looked up at me and asked,” Mike, do you think we are..? “We are what,Dale, go ahead and ask anything, we have a solid and great relationship”, I said. “Well, are we starting to distance ourselves from each other?” Dale asked. “Dale, are you worried that now that we are going to have girlfriend's, we will no longer have time for each other?” I sort of coached his concern out into the open. I knew something had been on his mind all week, he had not been his usual funny, sarcastic and loving self. I let it ride as I thought maybe he was suffering from summer withdrawal early. “ Mike, I do not want to lose you as a friend and also as a lover, I would be truly lost without you.” he said this with tears in his eye's. Now I was deeply concerned. “Dale, where is this coming from, please tell me and we can work through it?”, I cautiously pleaded. “Mike, my Mom says that when guys get girlfriends, they usually stop being close friends, more like distant friends and then one day, they stop being friends. “First,with all do respect to your Mom, she is full of shit.”” Second, You and I are always going to be friends and more, end of discussion.”” Third, We, if you have not noticed, are dating BOTH Karly and Carrey at the same time, that was their idea and I THINK WE ARE THE FIRST IN HISTORY TO SHARE TWO GIRLS AT THE SAME TIME, and have no jealousy issues. “ Dale this relationship you and I have is new to me and it has gotten a whole lot more interesting and fun with the addition of the twins.” “That is not to say I do not like it being just you and me, as that would be OK also.” “Oh, and one other thing”, I leaned down and kissed him. I slunk down to where he was laying and slowly unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off. I kissed his firm chest and nipples, while he was kissing the side of my neck and then he sucked on my ear lobe. He pulled my T-shirt off, caressed and ran his hands up and down my naked torso, I was in heaven. His touch would always send a pleasurable shock through my entire body, whether a pat on the back or a gentle caress. I kissed his stomach and liberally frenched his belly button, just to elicit a hearty laugh from him. He let out a riotous laugh and I knew I was going in the right direction. I unbuttoned his cutoffs and unzipped them. I buried my face and mouth into his pubis, then I applied the” Raspberries or Bronx cheer if you will at maximum vibration, pressure and amplitude” His eye's rolled back into his head and all he could say was, “OH Motherfucker that is out of this world!!” I pulled his cutoffs completely off. His flaccid member greeted me, but this time semi-stiff. I wrapped my hand around it and licked it from asshole to tip of cock head. Then I applied my maximum vibratory technique up and down his ever pinking pecker. “ Ohhhhh AHHHHHH, Fuck, Shit Mike where did you learn this!!?? “ I briefly stopped and said,” My Dad's Playboy.” then returned to giving my best friend the best head he will never forget. “ I'm going to cum Mike, get ready!!” “ Dale,I want you to now fantasize about me and the girls doing this to you!!”, I blurted out. “OHHHHH AHHHHH SHIT HERE IT COMES”, screamed Dale. This time what came out was more like long voluminous twelve inch by three quarter inch wide strands of cum, flying through the air. I continued as he spewed gobs of cum that hit me from every angle. It must have lasted a good two to three minutes. His tank was full and I coaxed every last bit out. I literally enjoyed making and watching him cum. He looked down at me, I was covered in his cum, still stroking his deflating cock. “Well what do you have to say for yourself?” “ Now think if the girls were here and we were doing this to you and each other!!” I retorted. One last burst of cum came out and hit me on my left ear. I feel your approval and whole heartedly agree “ But really Dale, are you feeling better, did I alleviate your fears, my friend and lover??” Dale was laughing so hard at this point he could not get the words out. I got up and went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I stripped the remainder of my clothes off. I wiped the cum off of me with toilet paper and flushed it, otherwise it would clog up the shower drain and there would be hell to pay from my mom and a lot of explaining to do, which I did not want or care to do. I slid the glass door back and stepped into the shower, closed the door and started to clean myself up. The door slid open again and Dale stepped in next to me.” Would you like some company?” He asked.” Sure, why not, we shower together at the “Y” and soon we will be doing it after gym class.” “Hey catch my back OK?” Dale started to wash my back and massage my shoulders. He worked his way down to my butt. He started to massage my butt cheeks, God this felt heavenly, nothing says lovin like a butt massage. This really got me turned on, my cock shot straight up. Dale looked over my left shoulder and noticed my hardon. “ So you really like my massage's as I can see by your reaction.”” I cannot help it,as you have that effect on me.” Here let me help you relieve some of that sexual stress your feeling.” Dale moved to being in front of me. There is a built in shower seat that I sat down on and Dale knelt down.” Its my turn to try something on you, that I learned from you, are you ready?” “I am ready, do your best, as that is what I expect.” With that Dale took my hardon in his right hand and took his left index finger and inserted it into my ass. He started to do the “rasberries vibration technique” up and down my cock and at the same time he started to finger fuck my ass, that bundles of nerves at the opening of the base of my anus, he also massaged at the same time. “OHHH God, Dale, you are a quick study.”” I only learn from the best.” retorted Dale. “AHHHHHHH, FUCK, SHIT THIS IS REALLY GOOD, KEEP DOING IT, GO FASTER DALE.”, I commanded him.
“I think I am going to cum, no I know I am going to cum, AHHHHHHH,SHIIIIT, I can't hold it back, Dale, watch out, OHHHHH, SHIIIIT, AHAHAHAH OH. Dale swallowed my cock and held me close as I dumped load after load of cum down his expectant throat. This orgasm was different than any other I experienced with Dale, I shook and shook, like I was having a seizure. Dale looked up at me and he had the most worried and concerned look.” Mike, are you OK, please say something”!! I was rubbery legged, but I pulled him up to me, sat him on my lap and said, ” Thank you, that is one orgasm will never ever forget and I doubt will ever be duplicated by anyone ever.” I leaned in to him and we kissed passionately until well into the morning hours.

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2014-10-24 04:49:43
Nice love story and the sex is hot. Wish I had been there.

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2013-01-23 11:02:23
I was struck by the honesty of your psoitng

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