Part one; Mckenzie Shares Austins room and finds brotherly love
McKenzie was twelve when her family moved into a different home because her parents lost their previous one in an economic slowdown. She had always had her own room and enjoyed her privacy as she was just finding the joys of masturbation. She had two older brothers, Austin 13 and Ryan 18. Ryan worked two jobs and was starting college so he had to have his own room which only left the one bedroom downstairs for her parents and one next to Ryan’s upstairs. Her parents promised they would fix the attic up and make a room that her or Austin could move into once it was finished. But in the meantime they had to share a room which neither cared much for.

At first they got on each other’s nerves a lot and argued daily about something to do with the room. Austin was also very fond of laying on his bed at night and stroking his young hard dick when he had a room to himself and this fact also led to many sleepless nights for them both as they tried to out wait each other to sleep. Mac as she was called by friends and family had no sexual experience other than kissing a by once and Austin had not even that experience yet. Normally if Mac was awake she was constantly texting friends and Austin was yelling for her to quit and go to sleep. But on one fateful night as she texted people no one replied and she gave up and closed her eyes and lay there bored wishing she could sleep. Their beds were just inches apart in the small room they shared and she happened to be laying on her side facing Austins bed thinking he was asleep. If she was in her own room, she thought to herself, she could play with herself and cum. Her thighs squeezed together thinking of cumming and the way it made her feel.

In the darkness she could barely make out Austin laying in his underwear atop his blankets as he always liked to do. On this night though the moon light shone through a crack in the blinds and the light fell in a stream upon Austin’s bed. It gave the room an eerie bluish glow as she gazed around the room. She looked towards Austin and her eyes blinked and she thought what is that, what is he holding. His eyes were closed and his breathing was steady and she was sure he was sleeping but he must have fell asleep holding something because it was standing straight up in his hand. It was long and skinny and had a roundish top, a baton possibly she thought? Why would he have my baton she wondered and her anger rose as she had one more thing to be angry about with him. The light seemed to shift though and she soon realized what he was grasping…his thing! It protruded out the side of his jockey shorts and was standing stiffly as his hand lightly grasped it as he slept. She had seen his thing lots of times but it was smaller and soft looking.

Seeing it hard it must be almost a foot long but it was thin and that made its thick tip seem almost grotesque. Mac felt a stirring in her a body, a pulsing like when she touched herself and her thighs clenched repeatedly. She tried to sleep but couldn’t. She didn’t want to look but she couldn’t keep her eyes off it as it swayed and jerked. She felt drawn to it, like she should touch it, and as her tongue slid over her lips wetting them she realized she was thinking of putting her mouth on it. That thought made her feel so slutty and bad, after all he was her brother. Her thoughts would not leave his hard dick though and unconsciously her hand slid beneath the waistband of her panties and began pressing her clit as she lay there silently staring at his dick.

Her hips wouldn’t remain still as they hunched and rolled as her thoughts turned to its taste. She knew girls that had sucked boys dicks and even fucked them and hearing them talk always fueled her curiousities. A fog of lust crept over her mind as she lay there and soon she was on her back thinking of straddling his dick as he slept and pressing it into her pussy, or sliding onto his bed and putting her mouth on it and sucking it until it shot its cum into her mouth like the girls said it would. Her breathing was deep now and the waistband of her panties made her wrist sore so she lifted her ass and slid them to her knees as she gazed at her brothers face to assure he was sleeping, then raised her knees and slid them off her ankles and feet.

She felt so slutty lying next to him almost nude and him with a hardon. She lay and gazed at his cock as it jerked and swayed, her thighs opening widely as her fingers played over her clit lightly. The greater her arousement soars the nastier her thoughts become and the faster her hips hunch into her moving fingers. While thinking how it would feel having him press his fat tip into her pussy her fingers enter her and probe the wet swollen flesh there. That thought sends her mind spiraling into a carnal vortex that has her breathing hurried and shallow hips hunching her pussy into her penetrating hand faster and faster until he is forgotten and she lays there enveloped in her pleasure as she furiously works her hand, mashing her clit with her palm as she’s unable to stifle the moans that escape her mouth.

He rolls over on his side facing her as she’s tensing, wavering at the edge of the precipice as every cell of her body is crying for her to let go of her inhibitions and soar. She wills herself to lie motionless as she turns her head and gazes at him and sees his long dick hanging off the edge of the bed pointing at her. Her moans stirred him but didn’t awaken him and now his dick was close enough for her to touch it. She scoots down on the bed till her face is even with it and watches its tip pulse and jerk and she wonders what he’s dreaming about as his pee oozes from its tip. Then she remembers Kathy talking about a guys precum that oozes right before he’s about to cum and she wonders if he is going to cum in his sleep. Her pussy demands attention though and her hand moves on her clit as she feels the wetness covering her pussy. She rolls over on her side and moves her face to within inches of his cock as she examines it in the pale moonlight.

She wants to suck it so badly and her aroused state tells her to do it, he will just think it’s a dream and never wake up but her fear is overwhelming. Without thinking though her hand moves to him and her finger touches him lightly as she wayches his face for any sign of wakening. His cock twitches but his face remains frozen in sleep. Bolder now she places her fingers on it and just lets them lay on him as she feels its heat burning into her fingers. Again no response and her hand closes around him and she squeezes and her pussy lurches and she cums hard, moaning as her thighs squeeze tightly and her hand instinctively pulls at his dick. Her head falls forward as the intensity of her orgasm bends her into a fetal position and her mouth encloses his cock head and her mouth holds it as she trembles. His dick begins moving, pressing into her mouth as he hunches and she thinks he’s awake fucking her mouth. Her excitement explodes and she laves his head as she continues to flood her hand. She tastes his dick, sucks his precum from his tip and his moans drive her to pump him with her hand as her mouth moves deeper onto his stiff dick.

Her fingers dig at her pussy as his taste fills her mouth, she loves the taste of dick and wonders if they all taste the same. She wants it to cum, wants to please him for letting her do this and not stopping her or telling on her. As she’s licking his dick head she realizes they can do this every night as long as they are in the same room. They can even fuck or anything as long as they’re quiet. For the first time she sees his balls swollen below his dick and her hand moves to them and touches them, squeezes them when he doesn’t stop her. Its then as she’s squeezing his balls the first hot eruption spews from those balls to jet hotly into her mouth. She chokes as it floods her throat but recovers and swallows just as the bext hot spewing has his dick jerking in her mouth strongly. Feeling his dick jerk it’s like it’s an animal that is trying to escape her mouth. He hunches into her mouth as she sucks each hot flood down her throat as her own tensing orgasm has her again moaning in hard satisfaction.

She feels his dick softening in her mouth as he sporadically jerks, his body twitching as his dick dribbles the last of his seed onto her tongue to be sucked and swallowed before he moans and rolls over on his other side and begins to snore. She rolls over on her own back and fingers her pussy as she remembers his taste and how his dick felt throbbing against her tongue as he pumped her mouth full. She knows she’s a slut. Only a slut would let her brother cum in her mouth as she wantonly sucks it from his balls as she did, squeezing his juice out into her mouth and then swallowing it. She feels so alive and free though as the sheet lays on her nude body. She wonders why he never said a word to her, just moaned and cum and rolled over and went back to sleep? Her thighs are soaked with her cum now and she remembers the wet spot she left on her bed once in the other house and she had to lie and tell her mom she had spilt water on it. She slides off the end of the bed and stands there nude from the waist down looking at his now soft dick as she rubs her clit again thinking he’s really awake and might want her to suck him hard again and fuck her. Nothing though but more snoring!

Disappointed she walks to the bathroom and wipes herself off and goes back to bed where she rolls onto her stomach and presses her mound into the bed, the feel of the cool sheets against the heat of her mound reminding her that she is still nude from the waist down. Finding her panties she put them back on and remembers her actions as she holds her pussy and drifts off to a peaceful sleep. Austin is not aware of any of it though as he slept through a wonderful dream that had Vicky sucking his stiff dick until he flooded her sweet mouth.

The next day Mac tried to be around Austin as much as possible thinking they shared a deliciously naughty secret. She had always loved him as a brother but now she felt closer and more intimate with him. It hurt her feelings when he treated her no different at all and she realized that he must not feel what she does after their encounter. She feels a trepidation at what will happen that night but also an excitement at what could happen. She can’t help glancing at his crotch every time he’s around her as she remembers the taste of his dick. When he touches her she feels a pulsing in her clit and she wants to grab his hand and place it on her pussy.

When their mother tells her they are trying to save some money to fix the attic so she can have her own room again she replies that there is no hurry, she will be fine where she is for a while. Her mother gives her a funny look and asks, “I thought you were just going to die if you didn’t get out of there, why the sudden change of heart?” I guess I’m just growing up and have to realize that I can’t have everything I want all the time. I know you and dad are trying as hard as you can mom. Her mother smiles and says, well thank you McKenzie I’m so tired of hearing you two btch aout it. Mac is crushed when she hears Austin say, oh yeah well I’m still not happy about it! The twelve year old comes out of her as she says, oh shut up Austin I don’t like being in there with you anymore than you like being with me. She is hurt and mad at his seeming indifference to what she did for him after him not eturning the favor in any way. He acts like he just slept through it she thinks. That thought makes her realize that maybe he did. Maybe he just thought it was a dream and because she had cleaned him with her mouth and tongue so well there was no evidence when he awoke. She doesn’t know whether to be happy or sad at this realization. It would explain his seeming indifference to her feeling closer to him as nothing would have changed in his mind.

How could he have hunched his thing in her mouth and moaned so loudly and cum with her sucking hard on his cock, squeezing his balls and not known it. It seemed incredible to her but it also made her smile knowing she had sucked her brother and his cock had influenced her orgasms and he didn’t even know it. Her mind filled with all sorts of nasty scenarios that involved her using his cock for fun and excitement as he slept, thinking it was Vicky, the girl he had moaned about last night.

She purposely waited until Austin had been in bed for over an hour before going up to bed herself. He was one of those people that went down with the setting Sun. He was always and early to bed and early to rise person while she was a nite owl preferring the night to the daytime. Especially if she could lay in her bed and play with her pussy till the Sun came up…lol…while texting with some boy she found hot.

She opened the door to their room and found him sound asleep on top his covers as usual clad only in his jockey shorts. He lay facing her bed on his side and she could see the tip of his cock protruding at the edge at his thigh. It was hard to believe something so small could grow so large when he became excited. She had to stifle an urge to lay beside him and pull his underwear back and begin licking and sucking at his soft dick. Would he tell on her she wondered or lay there and enjoy it? If only she knew the answer her actions would be easy to decide. She sat on the edge of her bed pondering what to do as her clit began that now familiar pulsing as she remembered his taste once again. She loved his dick in her mouth, feeling his tip as her tongue ran around its edge and she felt it oozing what she knew now was his precum. These thoughts had her needing to touch herself but it was not quite dark yet and the room was still lit up by the Sun’s ebbing rays.
She scooted to the wall and leant back against it as she removed her shorts, and tonight, her blouse, leaving her sitting there in bra and panties. Her breasts were just becoming full and were firm with nipples that stood proudly erect and whenever the boys saw them through a wet T-shirt they all said they’d like to suck and lick them. If she had ever been alone with one of them and they said that she would have taken him up on it where it would just be his word against hers if he told someone. She thought of Austin sucking her nipples as he touched her pussy and instantly became wet. She was nervous and her emotions were agitated at knowing how badly she wanted to suck his cock again. She couldn’t help herself as her hand slid in the leg of her panties and her finger tip began rolling her now taut bud. As she rolled it beneath her fingertips, thoughts and ideas that she moments before dismissed as outlandish dreams, became completely plausible.

Where five minutes ago she had told herself if he awoke to her sucking his cock he’d tell her parents, NOW, he would probably lay there and allow her to make him cum. The more her hips hunched, fingers excitedly agitating her clit the easier it seemed to just take his dick in her mouth and suck it without consequences. Soon she lay back moaning as her fingers entered her pussy, pressing into the wet hole of her sex, eyes closed as she relived the previous nights experiences.

Austin was awakened by something and as he lay there listening he heard a moaning sound. It seemed to come from Mac’s side of the room and when he opened his eyes he saw her. His first instinct was to ask her what she thought she was doing? But something about the look on her face as her hand moved, digging at her pussy kept him quiet. He’d never seen a girl, any girl touching herself and so obviously enjoying it. He lay and wondered what had gotten Mac so excited that she would do that with him right beside her. She was his sister and he knew he shouldn’t be watching her. Knew it was as wrong for him to watch as it was for her to be doing it in front of him. But he couldn’t take his eyes from her as her hips moved, hunching and moaning. She appeared and sounded like she loved what she was doing but there was desperation in her sounds.

He didn’t even know Mac had feelings like those or that she knew anything about sex. He knew it felt good when he beat off and sometimes when she spent the night with friends he would spend some time thinking about doing things to Vicky a girlfriend of Mac’s that always made him hard to think about. He knew she had started having periods and that she had lost the thing that made her a virgin in a bike accident that jammed a narrow seat into her pussy extremely hard a year or so ago. But seeing her like this, doing the things he imagined Vicky doing as he stroked his hard dick was kinda exciting him. He felt his dick stiffening in his underwear and knew she could see it if she opened her eyes he closed his own eyes and tried to will his dick to stay soft.

He wanted to touch his dick, to jack off while he watched her but he hadn’t the courage to even let her know he was awake much less to touch himself as she watched as she was while he lay right here. He knew she thought he was asleep as he had been when she came to bed and her moans had him growing stiffer by the second and he couldn’t prevent it. He felt his dick pressing out of his underwear as it stiffened and suddenly her moans changed and she gasped a low, oh yeah. He barely opened his eyelids and saw her gaze directed at his dick and her hand rubbing hard in her pants. He knew girls had a spot there that they liked to have touched and they touched themselves there when they masturbated but seeing a girl, especially Mac, his sister doing it as she looked at his dick made him grow even stiffer and longer. He felt embarrassment at knowing she was seeing him excited just as he had the time at their old house when he’d left his door open and fell asleep. When he awoke a friend of his mother’s was standing outside his door staring at his hard cock as it stood proudly erect. He had quickly covered himself but she just smiled and leaned on the door and said, you shouldn’t cover up something us girls love to see…then paused and added….and touch… that the bathroom next door, I REALLY need to use it now?

How many times has he played that over in his mind wishing he had said something manly like, well come touch it then, or threw the covers back and said, how’s this then and lay and stroked his dick while she watched. He has beat off a thousand times it seems remembering the look in her eyes as she stared at his dick, the way she kept licking her lips and glancing down the stairs making sure his mother wasn’t seeing her looking at his dick or hearing her talk to him. She was a small woman like Mac, maybe thirty and her body was thin and fit. She always smiled at him after that and once when they were alone she smiled and asked him if he’d like to put on a private show for her at her house but all he could do was blush and never worked up the courage to answer her before his mom walked up. Then his mom quit that job and he never saw her again. And now he sees the same look in his sister’s eyes as she stares at his cock and again he is frozen, afraid to say or do anything, knowing the trouble he would be in if his parents found out he was letting Mac look at his dick. He knew that all the blame would be on him as Mac lied her way out of it as always.

He wants her to touch him, to do everything girls do to boys but its his sister and if anyone found out……..his dick is straining its skin as he watches her, knowing her excitement at thinking of doing things to his dick is caused by seeing his hardon. He wants her to see it and feel like he does as he watches her. His dick jerks hard as he craves to touch it, to stroke it as she rubs her pussy for his pleasure. His mind races as his own arousement begins to cause him to do things to accomplish the same goal as Mac has but neither of them know it or at least can acknowledge it to themselves. He wants her to think he’s sleeping so he can’t be blamed for anything they do together. He rolls over on his back allowing his dick to stand straight up jerking and swaying and hears an immediate moan from Mac’s lips. His hips begin rolling gently, lifting, and he moans in a whisper as if he’s dreaming, suck it Vicky. Put it in your mouth…ohhhh god…doit…you know you want to. He’s talking to Mac but indirectly to her through Vicky the girl in his dreams.
Mac sees his dick growing, lengthening and she’s sure he’s dreaming again. Her mouth is dry as her breathing becomes shallow, fast, hand rapidly rubbing herself hard. She wants to taste his cum in her mouth, to feel his dick jerking as it spews. Knowing its her brothers dick and how much trouble she’d be in if her parents caught her or someone found out just heightens the already intense need she has building inside her. Her pussy is flowing its need as she fingers herself deeply. When he rolls onto his back, his dick erect and swollen, looking even larger than the night before she feels a shudder run through her body, a craving that has her thighs clenching tightly and her pussy feeling empty, yearning. She listens to see if anyone is still up and rises and opens the door and silently listens as she stands at the top of the stairs. She hears nothing so she creeps back and shuts and locks the door. She turns and stands there rubing her pussy knowing her arousement will fuel the courage she needs to crawl to his dick and place it in her mouth as she did previously.

It startles her when she hears a whispered moan and she thinks Austin is talking to her as he watches her. She jerks her hand from her panties and listens intently as he again speaks saying, suck it Vicky….put it in your mouth…ohhhh god…doit…you know you want to. She smiles as she bends and removes her panties and then straightening removes her bra, tossing them onto her bed as she kneels on his and begins crawling between his thighs. Her heart pounds and her breathing is pronounced as she feels all the different cravings that harbor themselves within her mind and body. She has a deep yearning that cries out from her pussy to straddle his cock and sate the curiosity she feels at how it will feel inside her. But the memory of his taste, the feel of his dick hunching into her mouth has her hunger to swallow his cum again forefront in her mind. And after all he wants her friend Vicky to suck him.

Austin sees her leave the room and uses that respite to squeeze his dick and relieve some of the incessant craving he’d had to be touched. Shortly she was back and from beneath lowered eyelids he watched her remove her clothes and lightly begin crawling toward him. He was conscious of his chest lifting and falling heavily as he realized she was going to touch him. Would she suck him as he had pleaded for Vicky to or would she put it in her pussy. He wondered if she had ever fucked before or if he would be her first if she fucked him. Thinking of them both losing their virginity to each other, brother and sister fucking for some reason had his dick jerking wildly and straining, feeling as if it will explode if not touched soon. She seems hesitant, does she know I’m awake, is she teasing me, does she know I want her to touch it, his mind floods with desperation as he begs her in his mind to do it, suck it, fuck it, beat it off but do something NOW.
He moans and his hand grabs his cock and he strokes up then down and moans, please Vicky, do it, do it for me. Then Mac does and the feeling as her mouth slides over his tip causes his body to shudder hard and a loud moan to rush from his lungs as her tongue slides around his taut glans. Ohgod..ohgod Vicky…..damn..suck it….ohhhhhh fuck you’re so good…..oh yeah lick it His head rolls fitfully as his young mind tries to accept that he loves his sister sucking his dick. Oh dang Vicky you’re so nasty…lick my balls…..oh dang…..I didn’t know…didn’t know you could suck so good.

Mac’s moans told of her own excitement at hearing him tell her she was sucking him soo good and that she was nasty. She gripped his dick and pumped it quickly as her head bobbed up and down following it. His hand was on her head holding her as his hips lifted, dick fucking her mouth as she tried to see in the dim light if he was awake. Her thighs straddled one of his and she hunched her pussy against him as she sucked her brothers’ dick and craved to feel his hot cum flood her mouth. She felt so alive and free, naked and sucking a boys dick, she wished her friends could see her they’d be sooo jealous. She knew she could never tell them, tell them she loved sucking her brothers dick as he dreamed of someone else doing it. She pretended he was talking to her as she sucked his dick and it made her hot. She wished he would wake up and find her mouth sucking at his hard cock. She wanted to be fucked so badly, wanted to feel him doing things to her instead of her doing everything. But most of all she wanted him to feel her make him cum so he would feel as close to her as she did him now.

Austin loved the things Mac did to him and never wanted her to stop. She seemed so driven, so hot and excited by sucking his dick. He felt her pussy on his thigh and it felt hot and wet and he wondered if that was her cum that he felt, if she had cum as she rubbed against him and that thought excited him and had his dick throbbing in her hands and mouth. He hated himself for allowing this to happen but she wanted it too he justified in his mind. He tried to convince himself he was doing no wrong that she had stripped and crawled in his bed and sucked his dick. He couldn’t help himself as his seething mind realized she had done everything he asked her too. Would she fuck him, had she ever fucked anybody before, did she know how. He didn’t know how but if all he had to do was lay here pretending he was asleep what did it matter. He moaned, oh god Vicky I want you to fuck me, put it in your pussy please. Show me you like me…I’ve never felt a pussy on my dick…do it please do it!

Mac heard his pleading to fuck her and it filled her with a heat like she’d never known. She knew she wanted to do it, knew her pussy craved to feel his distended head opening her deeply. No, No he’s your brother her good girl cried, but her bad girl reasoned, show him you love him like he asked. She fucked him in her mind, straddled his dick and pressed it into her and she almost cum her clit throbbed so hard and her pussy clenched tightly. God she wanted to do it. She wanted to feel a dick inside her, any dick black white it didn’t matter. But her brothers dick was the only one she could fuck. She had given this considerable thought recently, all day today in fact and it always left her wanting it and flowing wetness so bad she spent half the day in the bathroom relieving herself and wiping cum from her pussy. In her thoughts they were both naked as they fucked and she reached for his waistband and began pulling his underwear over his hips slowly lest she wake him. It was hard bending his stiff dick so his undies would slide down over it and she just knew he was going to wake up but he lay there unmoving as if back in a deep sleep.

He felt her removing his underwear and his dick ached as she pulled it down so she could pull them past his long dick. As she pulled them down his thighs her mouth found his tip and he moaned as her tongue drove him to insanity. He could barely see her in the slight light that came through the curtains but he made out her nude body standing over him, her pussy bare. shaved and he couldn’t believe she did that. Had she also fucked already he wondered feeling embarrassed that his younger sister had maybe been fucked and as yet he hadn’t. She was so beautiful standing there naked, tits round and firm, her nipples reddish brown and they looked hard, standing out from her tits and he wnted to suck them so badly. He strained to see between her thighs, wanting to see her hole but it was hidden. As she stepped forward he could not see her without raising his head and he was supposed to be asleep so he didn’t.

He felt strange as he watched her lower her body and reach down and grab his dick and begin positioning it at her pussy. She was doing it, she’s gonna fuck me his mind cried in an excited exstasy. He felt her pussy flesh on his tip as she lowered to it. She was hot, her pussy felt so warm as its lips spread and she pressed it between them. He felt a wetness at his tip and thrills began racing from his glans as he felt it opening her. She was tight and as she pressed downwards she moaned passionately as if she was feeling an unreachable itch scratched vigorously. Her hips began moving in small circles as she hunched down onto his dick. His breathing was fast, shallow, and the feeling as her pussy flesh relented and he felt himself being engulfed had his mind reeling. He wanted to grab her and ram his dick into her, to fuck her like a madman. But he was supposed to be sleeping so he allowed her to work on his cock as he filled with an intense need to be deep inside her.

Mac could feel her pussy spreading, opening to his bulbous tip. He was so hot and he throbbed against her wet flesh as she moaned at the realization she was really fucking, even if it was her brothers’ dick. She wanted it in her but he was so big he hurt her but the need she had within her couldn’t be denied and she forced her pussy down onto him until he entered her and she felt intense emotions as she realized that she was no longer a virgin but a slut, a girl that took her brothers dick and fucked it into her pussy as he slept and she loves it. Her pussy felt full and his dick throbbed inside her and she felt elated to have him in her. She couldn’t stop ramming her pussy down on his stiff cock, driving him deeper and deeper as his heat radiated into her clenching pussy. She never dreamed a dick in her pussy could bring such intense thrills to her body. She wanted to feel her pussy cum on it, she craved it almost as badly as she craved him to shoot his hot slick cum up his sisters pussy.

Oh god he moaned, your pussy is so hot, so good. Her hotness enveloped his tip completely now and her hips hunched and twirled as she fucked his stiff cock forcibly up into her. Her tight 12 yr old pussy gripped his mind as tightly as his cock and he felt so close to her, He never wanted her to stop! Deeper and deeper he felt her moist walls suck him into her as her moans became full of the same love he felt for what she gave him. He started to cry out how much he loved Vickies pussy but his mind told him how wrong that is and the feelings racing from his cock as she worked feverishly to please him demanded honesty and he whispered loudly, fuck me Mac, fuck your pussy down on my dick, make me cum sis, god I love your tight pussy. Cum Mac, let me feel it on my dick, oh damn your pussy is sooo fuckin good.
Mac couldn’t believe what she heard and as she looked down at his face she saw his eyes open and a spasm of pure pleasure spread like a wave through every cell in her body as she realized he was awake and loved her fucking his big brotherly dick. Oh god Austin I love your big dick, you’re not mad at me are you. I couldn’t help myself when I saw your big hard dick. Tell me you like my pussy, please don’t make me stop. I’ll do anything you want me too but don’t make me stop, it’s so good I want to fuck it in my pussy every night. I won’t tell anybody we did it, but it feels so good, I love fucking you even if you are my brother.
Austin felt his body fill with love for his sister as she pumped her pussy frantically into his dick and filled him with a need so demanding that he flung her to the side and lay between her thin girlish thighs and drove his dick in her pussy hard causing her to scream in pain and he tried to shush her but her excited moans bubbled from her continuously as he fucked deep into her pussy. Yes, yes, do it to me, fuck my pussy, oh god it hurts so good, fuck me forever with your big brother dick….damn it makes me so hot knowing you like fucking my pussy Austin. Fuck it all in my pussy, I want to feel it all, oh fuck I need it all in me. I can’t stop hunching and I..I…oh..oh…yeah…yeah…right…right there…ohhhhhhyou’re making me …..aiiieeeeeaarggHHHH….CUMMIN….DOIT…OH PLEASE FUCK ME…then softer…hurt me..I like it when you fuck me hard….oh god yes, yes…’re, you’re fuck your so big and I’m cummin ag…aga..agin…I love you…I really do I love you…you fuck me so good….do you like fucking me..tell me you do please Austin

He did, he never wanted to stop either but he knew he was about to cum and he said, sis I can’t cum in your pussy and I feel it coming on. Quickly she said, cum in my pussy, I want you to, I don’t care, I love you. He almost did, god knows he wanted to badly enough, he never wanted to take his dick out of her tight sister pussy but he knew their lives were over if he ever made her pregnant. He knew enough to know he could so he told her. I want you to suck it out of me, I never had a girl do that to me before. She knew that wasn’t true but she didn’t have time to tell him so because he suddenly pulled out of her and holding his dick tightly shoved his dick to her face and into her open mouth. Her mouth hadn’t closed fully on his dick when it spewed hotly into her receptive throat and she began sucking him hard. He cum repeatedly, almost in a solid stream of cum it felt as she squeezed his balls and pumped him with her hands while her lips and tongue played havoc with his mind as he flooded for what seemed half an hour but was only minutes.
Damn he said, I’ve only cum like that in my dreams before Mac. Where did you learn to suck a dick like that? You’re really good at that, at least I think so, although I never had anyone else do it to me before. I learned last night when I sucked your dick and made you cum in my mouth sh replied smiling. You didn’t do me last night, were you dreaming? No but I think you were while I did it. He remembered the dream he’d had and remembered it felt so real but he didn’t have any cum on him or anything when he woke up so he figured it was just an intense dream. I cleaned your dick with my mouth she beamed. All the girls say a good cocksucker always leaves their lovers clean by licking and sucking all the cum off them so I wanted you to think I was a good cocksucker. I really thought you were awake but I guess you weren’t.

He told her he was awake tonight and how he saw her playing with her pussy and how hot it made him but because she was his sister he was afraid to let her know it. You’re really a hot little cock slut you know that McKenzie. She lay against him with her head on his shoulder and began pumping his dick as she said, I like being you’re cock slut Austin. Your dick is so big and gets really hard like its doing now and it makes me feel so hot inside just seeing it. WIll you give it to me again tonight, I want you to do anything you want to me, ok? Have you ever done anything like this before Mac?...he asks her. No you’re my first dick, first guy I sucked, first cum I swallowed, fuck dick in my pussy and first time I sucked my pussy juice off a guys dick and I liked it too, all of it. Did you like it Austin, I mean really like it like I did?

Can I touch your pussy Mac, I’ve never felt a girl before? Sure, she says as she places his hand on her pussy and says I like it rubbed right here, feel that bump, that’s my clit and it makes me cum if I rub it long enough…ohhh yeah like that..oh that feels so go down lower and put your fingers in me and feel how wet you made it. It feels so much better when you do it. Will you lick my pussy Austin, everybody says that feels so good. I’ve almost asked my girlfriends if they wanted to do each other but I wasn’t brave enough. I’ve never done it before but I’ll try if you want me to, after all you sucked mine for me.
Mac was so excited as he told her to put her butt on the edge of the bed and he sat on the floor and spread her thin thighs wide apart. It was dark and he felt his way round until he found the bump she had placed his hand on and began rubbing it. She was so thin and the way she hunched as he did it was so visually erotic. He wanted to taste her! He was as curious about this as she was and he leaned forward and placed his face close to her pussy and her scent wafted to his nose and the odor excited him and he felt drawn to its source. Her pussy radiated heat against his face as he tasted her pussy, licked it as her hips lifted into his licking and she sighed loudly, saying oh that feels real good Austin, lick my clit…ohhhhh…yeah…..oh boy I like you eating my pussy…do I taste good…do you like my pussy flavor?

Hmmm was all he could muster as her taste excited him, her movements telling of her pleasure as his tongue slid between her lips and he laved the moisture he found there. Her pussy was alive with need as he found her clit and laved it incessantly as her hips bucked and hunched and her moans were continuous. He could hear her breathing and sensed her excitement by the way she moved. When he finally found the courage to slide his tongue down to her moist hole and taste the swollen soft flesh there her hands reached down and grabbed his head and held him to her pussy and hunched wildly into his flailing tongue. Oh god..oh god….eat me…oh god…that feels so nasty and good…..I feel it in me…ohgod…I..I…ohfuck I’m…you’re making me….ohhhhhhhhyeeEEEESSSS. He felt her warm juices flood his tongue, enveloping it with its slick heat as she ground her pussy into it hard, roughly, unable to care if she smothered him, lost to the craving needs his tonguing inside her young created. Mac loved the way she felt, all these acts were new and presented her with new sensations that she had never experienced and she felt she was going insane as his tongue slid from her cummy pussy and back to her clit to run slickly over it as he coated it with her juices before sucking it hard. He seemed to instinctively know what she needed when she needed it and her mind was constantly subjected to waves of newfound pleasure as she begged him not to stop and pulled him tightly into her pussy each time his tongue entered her there as he fucked her with it.

Her back arched, thighs tensing repeatedly as this new form of pleasure addicted her to his mouthing of her pussy. Her reaction to his wild hunger for her pussy had his dick throbbing, straining its skin as he craved the feel of her pussy on iy again. Rising he placed it at her pussy and thrust hard and was rewarded with her deep moan and a hard hunching of her hips as she cried, oh god thank you, thank you, it feels so good, fuck me hard, make me cum again…oh god I love to feeling your long hot dick inside my tight pussy……aiiieeeEEEEEee…I’m doing it…oh fuck I’m cummin sooo good…don’t stop…don’t…don……Oh Austin I love you so much for eating me and fucking me and letting me suck your dick. I want us to learn everything together, you’re so good. Can we do this every night…tell me you will…please…promise me. He does promise her, he has never experienced anything as wonderful as his sister’s mouth and pussy and he want to fuck her ass too.

That night they couldn’t get enough of each others hot cum. Austins dick was fatter and longer than it ever had been as his excitement soared at the carnality his sister displayed on his dick. They fucked till they were exhausted and they fell asleep with his mouth on her pussy. Luckily he woke up and picked her up and placed her on her bed and covered her up and put his underwear on and had just lay down when their dad opened the door and said get up Austin, its paper time. Should I get Mac up he asked him? Naw let her sleep she was up late I think, because I heard her up here doing something. She’ll have to quit that when school starts he said. Yeah she had me awake a lot too but I tried to pretend I was asleep but she still bothered me. She’s a night person I guess he said as he thought of how she had bothered him all night and smiled to his self.

It dawned on him that his dad had walked right into their room. He had sworn Mac locked it before she had undressed while standing at his bed. Neither of them had noticed when Ryan had come home late and hearing moaning and crying had tried to open the door and finding it locked had put his ear to the door and heard them fucking and Mac begging for his dick. He had gotten a key he kept over his door for when he accidently locked himself out and pressed it into the hole in the center of the handle and quietly opened the door a crack and peered inside. Austin was atop someone fucking them really hard as they moaned and begged him to fuck them harder. He stood there watching the girls thin legs flail the air and then fall over Austins thighs and begin pulling at him, her heels digging in his ass as she pulled her pussy into his dick as she cum intensely. He felt his dick growing but he was about to say something to Austin for doing this in front of his sister when he glanced at Mac’s bed but she wasn’t there. Must be downstairs he reasoned, probably on the couch. That allowed him to stand there watching his brother fuck this girl enegetically. He couldn’t believe how big Austins hard dick was and how it looked as it filled the small girls pussy. It was almost obscene the way her pussy was stretched out by his cock and as he withdrew he saw its huge length and wondered where the girl put it all. She loved every hard inch of it though, cumming almost continuously and begging him to give it to her harder deeper and crying out how she loved his brother dick. He wondered what she meant by brother dick and he found out when she asked Austin, do you like fucking your sisters pussy Austin, do you like it as much as I like knowing it’s you my brother fucking his big dick in my pussy.

Ryan was stunned knowing it was Mac he was pounding that huge dick into and she loved it, begged him for more. His younger brother and sister were fucking and she was taking all long brotherly dick to his balls and cumming on it over and over. His dick was throbbing and he didn’t know why. He didn’t know what to do. He slowly closed the door and went to his room and lay there remembering how Mac had sounded and the way she hunched so enthusiastically up into Austins dick, her brothers dick. She was like a cock crazed slut that couldn’t get enough big dick. He’d heard of such girls but never met one and certainly didn’t think his twelve year old sister was one. He was aroused by what he saw and couldn’t help wonder how long this had been going on. He thought of her under him too with his dick in her pussy and wondered if she’d respond to his fucking her like she did to Austin’s big dick. He’d never had a girl react to his dick like that not even his present girl.

He couldn’t get the picture of Austins big cock stretching his sister’s pussy out of his mind, her moans and cries and her legs flailing the air as he ripped her pussy deeply. Soon his hand was flying up and down his stiff dick as he replayed that scene repeatedly in his mind until it became him fucking her, her cries caused by his dicking of her pussy and his balls tensed and in his mind he was filling Macs young cunt with his cum. He wanted to fuck her now and it disgusted him knowing that fact. He had always been her protector as had been Austin and he couldn’t imagine what had possessed him to take advantage of his younger sister like that . He hated that he was having thoughts of how to fuck her too. He is the responsible one, the level headed kid and now he finds himself lusting after his twelve year old sister. He feels like a pedophile feeling his dick rise thinking of her. If only he could get it out of his mind, her pussy hunching insanely up into her brothers big dick, damn she could fuck!. And where did Austins dick come from, he was twice as long as his and so much younger. He decided to not say anything until he could sort out his own feelings about it all.

The next afternoon Ryan couldn’t help but notice how the two of them were stuck like glue to each other, laughing and giggling about everything they said. A part of him was jealous of the effect Austins dick had on Mac and also he wondered if she had picked Austin or he had picked her. She definitely wasn’t going to their parents about it so she must have wanted it. Today she looked like any other twelve year old girl, but last night she was a true slut for his brothers, her brothers dick, engaging in things only much older girls should be doing. His girlfriend noticed his glum mood and asked him what was wrong and he replied “Nothing, I can’t talk about it” She pestered him, telling him there shouldn’t be anything he couldn’t talk to her about and he knew she was right if it was to work between them. He swore her to secrecy and told her everything, everything except him wanting to fuck Mac and beating off thinking of it.
She seemed agitated as he spoke and asked is his dick really that big, he’s so young to have a dick that big. I think it must have just been dark and you were seeing shadows or something. No I saw her pussy lips stretched to a thim line around his dick and his ass must have lifted a foot before he rammed it back in her to his balls and she just kept moaning and cumming .

If Ryan had noticed he would have seen the wet spot on her shorts and the way her chest rose and fell heavily as he talked. He also didn’t know how her and her own brother had been fucking since they were very young and how much incest turned his new girlfriend on. Her mind was already working to find a way to fuck his brothers big dick while having his sister suck her clit while he did it. Maybe I should have a talk with Mac do you think it would help? I don’t know, they don’t know I know and I’d like to keep it that way for a while until I can come to terms with it. Ryan really appreciated the interest she seemed to take in his family and when she said, I won’t talk to her about Austin, you know just girl things in general to be sure she knows what she’s doing and how to have safe sex and not get in trouble. He hugs her hard and says you know you’re great to do that for me and Mac and if you play your cards right maybe you can have some safe sex tonight too…lol

After he left she lay down remembering how small and tender Mac looked and imagined her with a huge dick rammed up her pussy screaming and cumming and got herself off thinking of watching that up close and personal. She was sure she could have Ryan in Mac’s pussy soon after she told her how left out Ryan felt because she was fucking Austin and didn’t offer any of that sweet young pussy to him. She smiled as she picked up the phone and dialed Macs cell number and when she answered said Hi Mac we need to talk, would you like to go shopping with me, I need to talk to you about something Ryan told me today that you should know. You would, great, I’l be there soon. Will your mother care, ok I’m on my way. She smiles as she thinks of hunching her wet pussy into Macs sweet young face in a few minutes. I bet she’s just like I was at twelve when Johnny fucked my sister pussy the first time……….this is going to be sooo hot, a whole family fucking before I’m through, she thinks, with an evil grin on her face……………

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