I'm Nick, im 17, 5'9" 145lbs. I've always had a been attracted to guys but am closeted, so needless to say when i accidentally sent nude pictures of myself to a guy from school, things got crazy. Long story short i went to email photos of me in say, compromising positions, to a guy i met on the internet to set up my first gay encounter but sent it to the wrong contact, Arif. Arif was always an asshole. His parents, Bengali-Americans, set him up with stocks, so he had a big wallet he liked to brag about and essentially buy himself girlfriends from school. It seemed not a second after i pressed send, and realized my mistake, he called me asking "what are we going to do about this?" he threatened to send the pics to everyone in school unless i went to his house.

As i walked up to his front door Leah, a freshmen and one of Arif's friends-for-hire, was walking out. We said hello, and that was it. I always hated how he could have the company of a girl like her, a petite, tanned, and beautiful brunette. Arif was at the door and had me come in, we had the house to ourselves. He led me to the basement. We sat on the couch and i told him,

"Listen I'll do anything to make this go away,"

"I know you will," he said smiling. Arif is a big guy, around 6'2" 220 at least, so i knew a fight wouldn't solve anything. "That's why your going to go into the bathroom, and put these on." He grabbed a victoria secret bag that was beside the coach and handed it to me. I couldn't really argue, and headed in to change into what he gave me. I shut the door set the bag on the counter and pulled out what was in it, two expensive looking pairs of bra and panties. I couldn't believe what was happening and put on the less reveling of the pairs, black lace. Looking in the mirror I was humiliated, not so much because of what was happening, but because my thin build actually feminine in the outfit.

I left the bathroom and upon opening the door saw Arif sitting on the couch waiting. He told me that I looked so good in the pictures, he wanted to dress me up like a girl too. He eye-balled me up and down quietly until i said "Now what," he instructed me to dance. Mortified I followed orders, shaking my ass, dropping low, anything I thought that would please him to get this over with. After what seemed like forever, he told me to change into the other pair of underwear, an incredibly tight red thong and bra. I came back out and started to dance again until he stopped me.

"No, this time I want a lap dance," I couldn't believe what I was about to do for him. Walking over sheepishly, I first straddled one of his legs, facing him. After grinding for a while i turned around and sat on his lap, moving back and forth I could feel a stiff monster between his legs. Looking across the room I saw it, a camcorder with its red light on, I stopped and Arif and I both new that i was his from here on, permanently.

"Now that you know I own you, the real fun can start. Come here, on your knees, I'm sure you know what you have to do," Unfortunately I went to the couch and got between his legs. He had me pull his pants and briefs down and when I did I met the biggest cock, a 7" hammer complete with huge balls and plenty of pubes. I had never sucked a dick before so put as much of him into my mouth as i could and worked the rest with my hand. I mustn't of been doing good job because he started pushing my head onto him. Gagging i eventually felt him tense up and tried to pull my mouth away but he shot a warm load deep into my throat. Still dripping he pulled out of my mouth and slapped his cock across my face and rubbed it on my lips

"Now swallow and clean up the rest," the salty taste was so foreign but I didn't hate it. Once I had finished he told me to strip, sparing the theatrics I pulled the panties down and unhooked the bra revealing my shaved body. I had recently shaved bare everything but my head to prepare for the pictures I had taken, and was looking forward to my first experience but this humiliation was giving me tunnel vision to end what would be the first of many sessions ASAP.

Arif had also gotten naked at this point. He wasted no time, grabbing me by the hips and bending me over. I had fingered my ass before so his two finger went in easily, but as he started to force his lube-less dick into my rim i felt like I was being torn in two, Arif also put the two finger from my ass in my mouth and my me lick the small amount of shit off I couldn't believe everything that had been in my mouth today. As he pushed in I screamed in pain and bit into one of the pillows from the couch. Eventually he built up a rhythm and as my screams turned into moans he spanked my ass saying

"You like that don't you bitch? That's good cause tomorrow were going to be doing it again"

The pressure on my prostate had gotten my cock hard and it waved back and forth as he plowed away. To this point we had both been standing, me holding onto my ankles, but as we were both tiring we got onto the floor. On my hands and knees Arif was getting better leverage and thrusting harder than ever. He wanted me to shut up so he grabbed the red thong and put it in my mouth like a horses reigns. I hadn't touched my cock, I didn't want to show any interest, but the pressure on my prostate made it so I didn't have to. I came onto the ground below me sighing relief through the panties gagging me.

This must of been what Arif was waiting for because he quickly pulled out and shoved me exhausted onto my stomach, my load between my legs. Arif finished himself off and came on top off my load, stood up and got dressed, leaving me panting on the hardwood floor. He told me to lick up our mess and get dressed, then he walked upstairs with his camera. I did as I was told and he met me at the top of the stairs to show me out.

"Show up same time, tomorrow, or the whole school sees the tape," I agreed and as I left to get into my car he shouted "Be ready cause were having company!" As I drove home my mind was a blur, replaying what happened, trying to figure out why I sort of enjoyed it, and who the 'company' would be, more guys, Leah or another girl maybe? Nothing would surprise me anymore.

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2014-02-23 04:41:15
It took me 3 min to read this!!

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2013-03-11 18:02:17
i ,ove girl close (im s boy)

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2012-02-21 16:08:52
Im not but ive got the weirdest boner right now

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2011-08-22 11:00:27
Meh... the story needs alot of work.
First of all, you didnt proof read at all as theres tons of mistakes throught the story.
Secondly, slow down... your rushing so much, i read this in 5 minuets!!! try to spend more time developing the story, include more depth and detail.
The sex scenes were good but once again, too fast and not enough detail.

Keep it up though.

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2011-08-22 10:13:26
Im too shy to approach anyone about this but I really want to be dressed like a girl and fucked like a little slut.

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