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Peter has a bad day at work, takes out his frustration on his sub Ruiz

Lauren stepped forward and touched Peter's arm lightly. Peter turned and stared at her. His eyes were glazed and sweat was dripping down his face. She gently reached for his wrist with her free hand, their eyes locked. "Peter, I think we should take a short break," she said in a calm, reassuring voice.

Peter turned and looked at Ruiz. She was trembling and blubbering, the backs of her thighs and her small ass -- the only parts of her he could see -- shaking from the enormous effort it took just to hold her position.

"Peter? Why don't you go ahead and fuck her, maybe you'll feel better." Lauren wasn't at all sure it was going to work this time but she was doing her best. She watched his face closely, looking for signs. He was considering it. She let go of his arm but reached to take the crop out of his hand. He released it but he was still breathing heavily, his muscles tensed, his face contorted with anger. She moved quickly to Ruiz, whispered something in her ear, then spit on her hand and moistened her ass. She knew that if Peter fucked Ruiz it would be up the ass, he never used her cunt. She spit again, pushed two fingers deep into a moaning Ruiz, then spread her cheeks open.


He stepped quickly behind her, plunged his cock to the hilt in her ass in a single stroke, then grabbed her hair and started riding her. Ruiz swung like a rag doll underneath him, her body limp and accommodating, any tiny bit of resistance beaten out of her. Her fucked her for ten minutes then abruptly pulled his cock out and growled to Lauren, "Fuck this! Tie her to the beam."

Lauren nodded. She'd failed once again. She was less and less able to calm Peter down when he came home from work frustrated, angry, and ready to tear the world apart. She wondered if maybe it was her own fault. It was her fault that Ruiz was here, her fault Ruiz was naked on the bench, her fault Ruiz was about to undergo yet another round of abuse.

It started about a year ago. Peter and Lauren had always flirted with BDSM, attended some local meetings, played rough sex games themselves, loved it. The thrill of complete domination, the danger of being seen, even the endorphins rushes he got giving and Lauren got from receiving. But things got more and more intense and Lauren finally said she couldn't take it anymore. Hand spankings had turned into paddle spankings. Floggers turned into whips. Belts turned into canes. She came harder and harder every time but didn't think she could take it much longer.

Peter on the other hand had taken his own side to extremes as well. He joined a gym and power lifted, swam, and ran until his body was a powerhouse and his sex drive impossible to control.

Lauren wanted him to be happy. She started asking around the community for slaves. She found one in San Antonio. Ruiz. The woman had been in the lifestyle for years and was a bit of a pariah. She always pushed for harsher and harsher treatment and most of the doms she met had limits well short of what she wanted.

She talked to the man who currently had Ruiz collared and discovered that -- like the others -- he was nervous about working with her, uncertain she wouldn't push him over an edge somewhere that he'd regret. Lauren volunteered to take her off his hands and she was quickly put on a plane and sent to Chicago.

It was perfect. Peter spent the entire three-day weekend after she arrived trying to break her, she took everything he had and asked for more. Balance was restored in the house once again.

But Lauren was worried now. For the last few weeks, things had been getting rougher at work. They were laying people off, budgets were tight, and Peter was worried he might be next to go. His boss was an asshole and his current project was a pointless exercise that would lead nowhere.

He took all of it out on Ruiz.

Ruiz, for her part, was no help. She came and came as he whipped, caned, and shocked her. It seemed her wiring was crossed - pain equalled pleasure and she was hungry for it all the time. She egged him on. No matter what he did to her, she found some reason it was not enough. They were in a downward spiral. Lauren was the self-appointed guardian. She knew enough basic anatomy and enough about first aid and CPR that she could gauge when to step in and when to let them go, but they were getting closer and closer to that line.

"She ready?" Peter barked.

Lauren nodded. "Peter. I think maybe you're..."

He pushed past her and went into the garage. She watched him, six-foot-two of pure muscle, short cut hair, shirtless and wearing only black satin boxing shorts. The sweat made him glisten, his muscles moving underneath his tanned skin made her wet. She'd fuck him when he was finished with Ruiz. No matter how tired he was, he always came through for her.

She followed him into the attached three car garage. Ruiz hung there, her five-foot eight body completely helpless and available for whatever Peter wanted to do to it.

The Beam was a simple device -- a six foot length of four-by-four suspended by a chain from a winch in the rafters. Ruiz was roped to it at the wrists, elbows and shoulders. It was that simple. And that cruel.

"Ankles," Peter barked. Lauren ran to the tool cabinet and took out a heavy, solid iron bar with a manacle at each end. She clamped them around Ruiz's ankles. Her feet were five feet apart now, an extreme stretch for a woman her size.

Peter went to the pegboard on the wall and pressed a button. A winch above whined and an ass hook lowered itself from the ceiling to just about knee level. Peter pushed it roughly into Ruiz, then pressed the UP button. The cable tightened until all the slack was gone. He stopped. He stared at Ruiz. There was a gleam in her eye that told him she knew what he was up to and was ready for it.

He pressed one of the buttons and the Beam started moving up. He held the button until her feet were six inches off the ground. The weight of the bar stretched her tight and Peter could see her biting her lips to resist the pain in her shoulders and back. After a few minutes, he pressed another button and the ass hook tightened. It lifted her another inch and she moaned out loud. Most of her body weight was being held on the hook now including the weight of the bar. She moaned again, deeper this time. She was readjusting her body, taking the weight off of the ass hook by trying to raise herself up using her shoulders and chest muscles. She could only hold it a few seconds before she collapsed forward again, the ass hook pulling her upward. She shuddered and groaned.

Peter adjusted the distance between the Beam and the ass hook two or three times before he got it right. She could hold herself up for nearly a full minute before she had to lean back on the hook, where she could rest for another minute or so before she had to use her arms again to relieve the pain.

Lauren stared wide eyed as Ruiz rocked herself back and forth between the two excruciating centers of pain, moaning all the time, eyes glazing over, head lolling from side to side.

Peter let it go on for ten minutes before he picked up the whip. It was a long, leather bull whip with a short cracker at the tip. He'd worked on his aim for nearly three years and was deadly precise with it.

The first blows ripped at her nipples. She screamed right from the start this time, she had nothing left in reserve. Lauren stepped forward but something about watching the two of them was turning her on and she stopped. Peter stepped forward now and the whip circled Ruiz, bit into her ass and the small of her back. She was moaning now, deeper in the throat. Lauren could see her cunt swelling and smell her juice from across the room. As Peter worked the whip down the backs of her thighs, Ruiz's body started to shudder. Peter paused for a full minute before he stepped to her side and started whipping her across the belly. When the end of the whip began landing across her mons, she came and continued to cum, jerking herself on the ass hook, screaming and moaning each time the leather kissed her crotch. Finally, she passed out and Peter dropped the whip.

Lauren slid the boxers down around his knees and took his stiff cock in her mouth. He came quickly, her hand milking his balls, his fingers in her hair.

Ruiz had come through again.

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