I opened my eyes. I saw a clear, blue sky. I was confused. Where was I? What was I doing? Then I heard waves crashing against a shore. I immediately got up. I was outside on the beach. I looked back at the hotel, then all around. I saw no one else. I stood confused for a few seconds, but the I started walking back to the hotel. I crossed over the bridge and I saw two people. Both of them were tanning on a bench. One was on one side of the path and one on the other. I immediately recognized both of them one of them was the love of my life, Abby Wilson, and the other was a beautiful girl that I saw the night before. I stopped dead when I saw them. They must've heard me, because they both got up at the same time and started walking over to me.

"Which one of us do you pick?" They both said in unison. Then they started chanting, "Pick, pick, pick!" I started waking backwards. They kept walking toward me, still chanting. I didn't think of where the end of the bridge was and I fell down.

I woke up with a sharp gasp, in a cold sweat and panting heavily. When I caught my breath, I got up and sat down on the side of the bed, hunched over. I had a million thoughts rushing thought my head. All about that beautiful girl. I knew that I had only saw her once, and that I might never see her again, but I knew that I had some sort of feeling for her. It wasn't love, but it was more than a friendship feeling, but less than love. It was nothing like I have ever felt before. I got up, put on a shirt and pants, and went to the kitchen. I open the refrigerator and got a bottle of water. Then I walked over to the balcony and opened the door. I rested my elbows on the railing and looked out over the ocean. It was simply beautiful. It made me feel at peace. A cool ocean breeze sweaped over me. I closed my eyes and made all of my problems go away.

The wind blew for a few minutes before it died down. The wind died down and my problems came back into my mind. I finished my water and went back inside. I returned to the room and looked over at the clock. 3:00 am. Then I looked over at the spot where I was sleeping. The depression my body made was covered with sweat, and Abby was right next to it. I didn't want her sleeping on a pool of my sweat. I picked her up and carried her over to the other bed. I set her down gently and pulled the covers over her. She must have felt the draft the covers made.

"Hmm? What?" She murmured. "J-Jake?"

"Don't worry," I responded. "Its me."

"What time is it?" She asked, rubbing her eyes.

"Its about 3."

"Oh ok!" Then she got up.

"Where are you going?" I asked. She went into the bathroom and came out a few minutes later with her bikini on. "What are doing with that on?"

"The pools open twenty-four hours. Get dressed and lets go!" I hesitated for a minute and said,

"But our parents probably wont let us go."

"They don't have to know." She smiled.

"Still though, its 3 am. There could be drunkards, maniacs, and God knows what else."

"But I'll have my big strong boyfriend to protect me." Then she walked over and hugged me. "Don't think I didn't notice your new guns."

"Really? You think their nice?"

"Yes I do." She responded.

"Well I- I- I-..." I trailed off. I hid my face to hide my blush. Abby took me by the chin and brought me to her lips. I broke our kiss early and quickly changed. We snuck past our parents room (my dad snores extremely loudly) and we were in the hall, waiting for the elevator. It soon came and we entered. She went and rested her body in the corner and sighed.

"You still tired?" I asked.

"Yeah," she responded. "Cant wait to get into the jacuzzi."

"Me too! I like the lazy river better though."

"Yeah its nice, but the jacuzzi is-" She couldn't finish because the elevator stopped on floor 15. It opened and a big guy walked in. He was only wearing swim trunks like me. His gut stuck out a good foot from his chest. He smelled like he never used toilet paper before and I was pretty sure he never did. Abby and I looked at each other. Be both held our breath for the rest of the ride down.

When the elevator stopped, we let the guy leave first, we still held our breath until he was out of sight. He released our breaths, loudly, and gasped for air for a full minute.

Once we caught our breaths, we went over to the jacuzzi next to the pool. We laughed the entire way there.

I stepped in the jacuzzi first. I held out my hand as Abby took it. She stepped into the jacuzzi with my aid. Once she was in, we sat down and let the water come up to our necks as the jets massage us.

Then we started talking. We reminisced about good memories, talked about virtually everything and really, just enjoyed being in each others company. I completely forgot about the other girl. I only focused on Abby, the one girl I need in my life. I remembered the first time we fucked a year ago, to the time during the massive snow storm to last night, and then to all the future times we would make love.

At around 5 am, Abby and I decided to get out. I stopped to use the bathroom as Abby waited outside. I was finished when I heard Abby scream for half a second then it got muffled up. I pulled up my trunks and sprinted out the door. It was the fat guy from the elevator, he had his hand over her month and the had her pinned agenst him. I looked in her eyes. She had the most intense fear in them. The guy had his dick out and hard, He already dropped Abby's bottom and he was positioning to rape her.

It took me less than a fraction of a second to know what to do. I ran full sprint toward them holding my fist out. I was careful to miss Abby, and I hit the guy as hard as I could on his cheek. He stumbled over, he still had his grip on Abby, but his attention was completely toward me. He shoved Abby away from him and she she hit her head on the wall and fell on the floor. I wanted to help her, but I had to take care of the guy first. I was looking at Abby for too long and I didn't notice an 800 pound man barreling towards me. He hit me at full force, forcing me down. My head hit the concrete hard and I felt a sharp pain shoot up my leg. I felt dizzy, I couldn't see straight. I knew I was going to go unconscious, but I would not let this man win. I would not, especially because he already hurt Abby. I summoned up all of my strength, and foucesed it on my arms. With all of my strength, I started to lift the guy off of me. It was intecrdibly hard, but I had to do it for Abby. My strength died off. After a few seconds, but I still kept going.

Finally I escaped his grip. My entire body screamed with pain. I knew I had a few broken bones and a concussion that was trying to make me go unconscious, but I had enough energy to lift my arm and make a fist. My breathing was larboard, my body was aching, yet I would do anything for Abby. I summoned every ounce of energy in my body. And shot it to my arm. Then I aimed my fist for the guys nose. It felt like a bullet of energy shot out of my body. My fist hit his nose with amazing force. Making him stumble back and tear up. I was able to summomed up another fist and punch him in the nose again. This time he fell down on the concrete, unconscious.

It was done. He was knocked out. I won. I was getting dizzier and dizzier with every step, but I tried to stay awake. I looked over to Abby. She was unconscious with her head against the wall. She had blood streaming down her mouth and nose. I became alert immidetly. I stumbled over to her and fell on my knees. I looked down at her weak body. I have never been more scared in my entire life. Would I lose the love of my life for ever? I bent over and shook her.

"Abby, Abby! Please wake up! Please!" I begged. I felt so relieved when she tried to open her eyes. They opened half way then fell back.

I knew then what I had to do. I picked her up and walked past the elevators to the exit. I opened the door, and walked out side. I turned toward the street. I walked towards it. My entire body screaming in pain. I had to limp because my leg was fractured. The worst by far was my head. I was stumbling while I was limping. I couldn't think straight, yet I somehow was able to cross the street, walk down a back road, cross a highway and get to the medical clinic. The automatic doors opened to a sitting area and a check in desk with one nurse doing paper work behind it. I passed through both sets doors into the main lobby and I fell on my knees. The last thing I remember was the nurse looking up from the desk and quickly cumming our from behind it to help us. I looked over at Abby. She was lieing on the floor in a pool of her own blood. I summoned every remaining ounce of energy left in my body and moved my arm over to her and held her hand, Then... I fell unconscious.


'Im dead... I'm dead... I'm dead... I'm dead...' Was all that was going through my head. I started trying to open my eyes. I slowly opened them to see my parents sitting next to my bed I looked around. I was in the hospital.

"Jake!!" My mom said. "Your awake!"

"Where am I?" I asked

"Your in the hospital." I heard a voice say. It was a doctor. "You've been ina coma for 15 hours."

"I have?" I asked.

"Yes," He said. "And you saved your friends life. If you hadn't brought her here in the time that you did, she would have been dead."

"Wow I saved Abby... Abby, wait, WHERE IS SHE?!?!" The doctor pulled back the curtain next to me revealing Abby. She was sleeping quietly in her bed.

"Her head trauma was a lot more severe than yours."

"What?" I said quietly.

"She'll be asleep a lot loner than you were." That's when I lost it. I jerked up and out of the bed. I stumbled while I tried to walk towards her. I fell on my knees next to her bed. I looked at her face, her sweet, weak face. My parents and the doctor left the room then.

"Abby?" I whispered. "Abby, please wake up. Please." Then I started praying. I pried for so long. Long and hard with only one thing to ask God, please let Abby wake up. When I finished, I heard some movement on top of the bed. I jerked up quickly with hope that shed be awake, but she was actually just moving in her sleep.


The next day they relesed me. I got over my concussion and I didn't actually have a broken bone in my leg. It was just dislocated. they may have released me but I stayed with Abby at her bed side until she wakes. My parents left to go to a seminar in Asheboro. Abby's parents left too. They trusted me now after what I did for her. God knows what that man could've done to Abby if it wasn't for me.

Abby was in a 1 bed room. The hospital that she was transported to had a beautiful ocean view. When I wasn't looking at Abby I was looking at the ocean. I tried to look only at the ocean. I couldn't look at Abby. She was connected to all of these machines and wires. The girl that I love the most, was completely almost clinging to life at this point. Sometimes during the night I sobbed at the thought of Abby maybe never waking up.


Now Abby was in a coma for 24 hours. I tried to keep my mind off of Abby by doing everything I could. I was reading a magazine when some one walked into the room. I was expecting the usual- Janet, Abby's nurse, but it wasn't her.

I looked up to see who it was. I almost dropped the magazine when I saw that it was her. The girl that I fell for, the girl that haunted my dreams, the girl I wanted. I was looking straight in her deep brown eyes. I was truly speechless. She was so much more beautiful than before.

"Excuse me, are you by any chance Jake Gibson?"

"U- g- h-..." I studded. "Y- Y- Y- Y- Y- Y- Yes." She chuckled. "Ca- Can I help you?"

"Yes, I just came into say... you are the most brave soul that ever walked the earth." She exclaimed.

"Huh?" I responded

"The way you saved your best friend from the rapist."

"How in the world do you know about that?"

"The rapist was caught this morning."


"Yeah, its all over the news. They apparently caught him during a D.U.I. They arrested him and found he confessed to everything. Your a hero!" I just stared at her as she spoke. I didn't care that I was a national hero, I was just so happy that she was talking to me.

"- just great that you would do that just to save your friend." I heard you say. I snapped out of my trance and I did know what to say.

"uh, thanks." I uttered out. "So where are you from?" I asked. 'No! That's stupid.' I thought.

"Oh, its a place called Delaware, Ohio." She responded.

"Delaware?!? No way I'm from Reynoldsburg!"

"Or kidding!"

"No I'm not! Its true!"

"Well how about that!" She said. Then she sat down on the chair next to mine. We talked and talked. My sadness for Abby lifted some. Summer was amazing (her name).

I looked at the time. 10:00 pm.

"Whoa!" I exclaimed. "Its 10! Souldent you be getting back?"

"No. My parents think I'm out at the clubs. I don't have a curfew."

"Really?" I asked surprised. "Wow! Your lucky!"

"I- Its not all that great. I come home at 3 am sometimes and no one asks me why. No one." She started moving closer to me. I could smell her sweet, honeysuckle scent. It was amazing. I was in a completely other world. She continued,

"I feel so unwanted sometimes, like I'm completely invisible." Summer scooted even closer to me and lied her head on my shoulder. I almost fainted form pleasure and ecstacy, just because she lied her head on my shoulder. Then I lost it. I turned my head around and planted a kiss right on her. I was so scared that she would retract and run away, but she did the opposite. She stuck her tongue right back in my mouth. My ecstacy shot through the roof, I had a raging boner in a second. So much that it was throbbing. Summer broke our kiss and looked down. She smiled and started maneuvering her hand down and started rubbing my 10 inch dick through my shorts.

"Ohhh," I whispered. "Yes Summer!" She then fell of the chair and rested on her knees. She pulled off my shorts and my dick shot up and hit my stomach. Summer gasped at the sight of it.

"Its so big!" She exclaimed. I chuckled and I looked back at her. She had the deepest pleasure in her eyes. I smiled back at her. She did too, but Summer didn't hesitate stuffing my entire rod in her mouth. It sent a rush of pleasure through out my entire body like nothing like I ever experienced. It was a cooling sensation that made my skin crawl and goose bumps rise on my arms. I almost fainted from my ecstacy. It was truly something else.

Abby was not like this. Summer did this like a pro. I asked between gasps,

"Summer... how did... how did you get so good." She just shrugged and kept going.

I took my shirt off, revealing my toned abs. Summer looked up and saw me do that. She stopped sucking and got up. I was sitting there completely naked, while the hottest girl in the world was undressing right in front of me. My cock was throbbing at its peak. I felt my skin being stretched as it got bigger.

Summer had a tank top on with short shorts. REALLY short shorts! She took of her tank top off first. Her tits showed immediately. They were utter perfection and simply huge!! A perfect shere of skin. No sagging at all, perfectly pointed, breasts. I couldn't help my self, I lunged toward them at full speed, bringing my face between them. Summer squealed with pleasure. I kept my face there, savoring every aspect of it. The soft feeling of her skin, her sweet honeysuckle scent, the taste of them. I kept my head in there for a few minutes, then I moved down. I passed her pierced naval and went straight to her pussy. It was the deepest, most intense pick I ever saw. He juices were ready for my mouth. I marveled at the hairless pussy. The one I dreamed for, longed for for what felt like an eternity, the one I now had. I waited for nothing. I stuck my entire tongue in side of Summer. She squealed again with pleasure.

"Oh yes! Jake!!" She moaned. I moved my tongue in and out as fast as I could. Up and down too. It was utterly delicious. She stopped quickly.

"Jake I'm sorry, I cant take it. I need your dick now!!" She begged. I just smiled. I bent down to pick her up. I took her to the window sill. It was about 3 feet long extending from the window. I put her down on it and she sat up and spread her legs, revealing the pussy that could have brought me to my knees.

I thought she was a virgin, so I slowly moved my dick in. I reached the point where my entire dick was inside. I was so surprised that I didn't hit a hyman. I looked up and I saw Summer's head was dipped back in pleasure. Her vagina was different. 'What was this?' I thought to myself. I started moving in and out trying to understand what this was. I realised when I reached my peak speed. Her vagina was extremely loose. Was she a slut? I looked and and saw her pleasured face. Her perfect body moving in harmony with mine. It made my ecstacy rise again.

We fucked hard for about an hour. I stopped when i couldn't hold my cum any more. I pulled my dick out and jumped up on the window sill. I put my dick right in her face. She didn't hesitate putting my dick right in her mouth. Summer then started pumping my dick vigorously, wanting my cum. She took in out and started jacking it. I couldn't hold it any more. I came on Summers face, neck, and tits. She licked and swallowed all of the semen that was in her mouth and wiped off the rest.

After she cleaned up the cum, and we caught our breaths, we lied on the window just staring out at the stars over the ocean. I looked down at Summers eyes. I knew the look in them. Very satisfied.

We just lied there, her head on my abs, my arm around her. I looked at the time. 12:00 am. I told Summer the time and she decided to leave. We got out clothes on and kissed. Then she left. I went over the door with her and we said goodbye. As I went back. I stopped dead when I saw Abby's weak body again. Reality took a while to hit me. 'What did I just do?' I toughed to myself 'Why did I do that?! Abby's the only one I would give my self to. Why would I cheat on her with another woman?' I started shaking and walking closer to Abby. I bent down and put my hand on Abby's head. Then I broke down, I started sobbing loudly on the bed. I kept sobbing for a while. When I stopped I went over to the chair and sat down. I ran out of tears,m or I would have kept on sobbing.

I finally fell asleep and I had the dream that I had while back where Abby was walking away onto an airplane, but this time she was just walking away. I screamed after her and that's when I woke up. The sun was in my eyes and I was sweating again. I looked at the clock. 10:00 am. I went to go take a shower.

After I came out I had the idea in my head that Abby was asleep. She wouldn't know. I walked out in a better mood because of it. Then my mood shor thought the roof. Abby was up off of her bed and stretching. I stopped dead in my tracks and my jaw dropped. She looked back at me, the fear was still in her eyes. I ran towards her and I wrapped her in the safety of my arms.

"Jaheheheheheheke!!!!" She sobbed in my arms. "Save me!!!! Help me!" She tought she was still in the clutches of that man.

"Abby, Abby! Don't worry. Your safe." I told her. "I saved you."

"I know." she looked up at me. "You saved my life." Then she brained her face back in my shirt. "It was so scary!"

"Don't worry Abby. I promise I will never let anything happen to you. Promise."

She calmed down and I helped her back in bed. I called our parents, who rushed over from the seminar and by the end of the day, we were back at the hotel and on the beach. Abby held on to me the entire time. I hated looking at her while she was scared of her own shadow. Especially because of what I did with Summer.

She felt so relieved when we came back in the hotel. We avoided the area were "it" happened. Then as soon as we entered the suite, Abby rushed to she bed and buried herself under the covers. I went in after her and lied down next to her. She jumped and gasped.

"No- no Abby its me." I said calming. She did calm down at the sound of my voice.

We lied there for a few minutes. Then our parents came in and told us that they would be at dinner with a client. Abby was OK with it because I was there.

They left at around 7. Then Abby fell asleep at around 8. At Around 9 I heard a knock at the door. I got up and went to the door. I looked thought the peep hole and saw that it was Summer. I hastily opened the door and I said,

"Summer what are you doing here?! Abby's back!"

"I'm sorry Jake but I have to see you." Then she came inside. She started walking toward my room. She went in and lied down on the bed.

"GET OUTTA HERE!!!" I said under my breath. "SHES RIGHT HERE!!"

"I know." she responded. "Just one kiss!" I couldn't say no to a face like hers. I ran over to her and make our lips meet. My tongue was all the way down her thought. I lied down next to her and pulled her on top of me. We kissed in perfect motion. Our lips moving in harmony and our tongues at war.

I started to rub her tits. I took one out from the neck hole and continued rubbing it. Summer took my dick and balls out and wrapped her soft hands around it as she moved up and down.

My ecstacy and pleasure was thought the clouds. I only concentrated on Summer and Summer only. I was so out-of-touch with everything else that I didn't notice Abby gasping and waking up. I op end my eyes because I heard her move under the sheets and face towards us. I broke our kiss and we both turned to look over at her. I looked at the saddest feeling I have ever seen in anyone. Abby's body screamed sadness. While her eyes screamed surprised. A million thoughts came back into my head. The main was screaming-
"WHAT DID I JUST DO!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?"

To be continued?

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