Sorry but four was three over again this is the ending
Black man’s slut and always

When John opened the door for Darrell he was taken aback by his size 6’4” 220 lbs. muscles bulging all over. Darrell did not waste any time, when I came into the room in just my thong panty and high heels, he asked if I was his slut, I said “yes black master”. John mouth fell open with my answer and then he asked John if I was available to him and his friends for their pleasure, he stuttered and then said yes, if that was what my wife wanted.
Then he grabbed my two nipples and told me to put my hands behind my head and he worked my nipples over, hard, and took my nipples in his teeth and I withered and dropped to my knees saying mercy black master. He told me to take his clothes off and lick his balls. When John saw his 12” cock he gulped, and then he saw how enthusiastically I licked and sucked his balls. Darrell smiled and then took his big cock and cock whipped my face and then rammed it down my throat, until I was drooling all over myself. John was just staring; Darrell told him to come over and said that it obvious that you truly love her but as you can see you cannot compete with my black cock, so you need to learn how to get down and suck my cock and get it hard and ready so that your wife can get fucked and then learn how to clean up Darrell’s come from any of her love holes afterward; that could be the basis for your new marital relationship.
John got down on his knees and let Darrell put his hands on the back of his head and then he pulled his cock from my mouth and inserted into John mouth and told him to lick his cock and then John began sucking his cock. Darrell did not gag fuck him but slide his cock into his mouth and he let him get comfortable licking and sucking his cock. He then told John that he had been with a number of white married couples and cuckold many a white husband so he should not feel that you was alone in submitting his wife to a black master. He then pulled me over and told me to suck on his balls, then he told us to switch and he gag fuck me right in John’s face. John just watched as I dripped saliva out of my mouth, tears coming from my eyes and gagging on his big cock. John asked me if I liked it and when Darrell pulled his cock out of my mouth I said “yes I love it”.
Darrell asked John to lead the way to our bedroom and that is where he told him to go over and stand in the corner and asks him if he had a video camera, John reached in the drawer and pulled it out. He told him to video the fucking but do not move unless I tell you too. He told me to lie on the bed and pull me legs apart and then pull my legs back next to my head. This exposed my pussy and asshole for him and he inspected it and he told John what a fine pussy-slave I was becoming and his friend could not stop talking about what a good ass fuck I was and that this was probably the prettiest pussy he ever seen. He stuck his long fingers and tongue in my pussy and asshole and brought me to a climax and then he told me to get on my knees and pull my ass cheeks apart and beg your black master for an ass fucking. I begged my black master to fuck my ass; John had only fucked me in ass twice and did not like it, so he gulped when Darrell started shoving his big cock up my ass. He got it half way in, then started that piston motion while holding my hips and began giving me a serious ass fucking. I moaned and whimpered and grabbed the sheets but to John’s amazement Darrell told me to fuck his cock with my ass and I began fucking my heart out.
He spanked me hard and told me to fuck him harder and I did until the pain began building and he laughed and said that now was the time to show what a black man’s slut I was, and he pulled his cock out and push the lube tube into my ass and filled it up. He then shoved his cock back into my ass and told me to give his cock a real ass fucking. I knew now I had to give my black master the fucking he wanted and I did. Then when I began to slow down, he took over and gave me a wild hard fucking calling me his ass slut, and it hurt but I love it,.
After a time, I do not know how long it was so intense, he pulled his cock out of my ass. He then looked at John and asks him if he wanted give a big black cock ass to mouth and taste a cock that had just fucked his wife’s ass. John came over and looked at my spread out asshole the size of a silver dollar and Darrell told him to lick his cock and balls clean of the lubricant and ass juices, and he did it. Darrell then told me to lie on my back and spread my legs and he put his finger in my pussy and it was wet and hot and then he put his fingers in John mouth and asked John if he had ever gotten my pussy this hot. John lowered his head and said “no”.
Darrell told John to bring his camera over and get behind him and video his wife’s pussy getting destroyed. He then began to rub his cock head on my pussy lips and I was about to go crazy, he made me beg for the fucking and then he smiled at John and said did she ever beg you like this and he lowered his head and said ”no”. He then pushed his cock in my pussy and began slowly fucking me holding my hips with his powerful hands and telling me what a fine piece of ass I was and how this was the beginning of a long pleasurable ride for him and for us as long, as we did what we were told to do.
He picked up the pace and began pounding my pussy with his 12” cock, all the while holding my hips in place and I could feel his cock head at the bottom of my pussy canal. He was so strong that if he was not holding on to me he very well could have driven through the backboard, and I had one climax after another come over me. He turned and looked at John and asked how it looks on video? John said that he never known you could fuck a pussy that hard and his wife must be enjoying it as much as she kept her legs as open and her pussy up and she was coming with abandon. Darrell said that he was about to come and that he wanted me to not stop fucking him until he was through coming. I said “yes black master” and he picked up the motion and when I felt his vibration then came the first load of come in my pussy and I kept fucking him as hard as I could, one wave after another of come came into my pussy.
When the last dibble came out he turned to John and told him to lie on the bed with his head at the end of the bed with a pillow under his head. He told me to straddle his face with my ass then sit-up with my pussy on his month. He then told John he wanted every drop of his come to be sucked from my pussy, he wanted my pussy to be hot and clean. I heard a loud sucking down at my pussy and I could tell when the big load got to his mouth as I head a long hard swallow. Darrell had hold of my nipple and was kissing me with his tongue half down my throat. In between working over my tits and kissing me he was telling me what good fuck I was and how much better I was from the other day.
Darrell told me to lift up off of John mouth and he asked John if my pussy was clean he said yes then he bent me backward and my pussy came up and he opened it up and looked in and put his finger in my pussy and then declared that John had done a good job. He told John to slide forward and clean his cock up and suck it down to the nub and then get it hard again.
Darrell said it was time to show John how I worshiped a black master. I went and got a wash cloth and then got on my knees facing his black ass. While I was cleaning his asshole and crack I was French kissing his cheeks, then with John eyes looking at me I spread his cheeks buried my face between them and stuck my tongue in his asshole. Darrell’s hand came around and grabbed my neck and when my French kiss on his asshole was finished he wiped his ass crack with my face up and down, up and down. John looked at Darrell and did not say anything.
While John was sucking his cock he told me to take a break and piss, douse and lubricate and he would let me fuck him again. The “let” was the key word, I was about to learn what It was to belong to a black master. When I came back he was hard as a rock and was gag fucking John in the mouth. He pulled his cock from John dripping mouth and told him to get the camera and watch to see if his wife qualified to be a pussy-slave.
He went to his back pack and pulled out some rope ties and told me to lie on the bed spread eagle. He then hooked the four rope ties to the bed feet and then he tied down my feet and arms. I knew it was going to be hard but I wanted to take the pain for Darrell. He then went to back pack and pulled out a mouth gag, a hand full of clothes pins and two huge clamps, and then he commenced to put the pins in a circle around my nipples and two huge clamps on my pussy lips and the gag in my mouth. I thought I was going to jump from the bed when he finished. But he began sucking my nipple which were now three times as sensitive as normal and driving me crazy. I was crying and moaning, John was getting nervous but did not say or do anything. He then put a pillow behind my head and stood on the bed and lowered his ass on to my face took the gag from my mouth and told me that I was to give ass sucking of my life and then and only then would he take the pins and clamps off. You could have heard my sucking on his asshole a block away and he moved his ass up and down on my face, all the while he was fingering my pussy and brought me to two climaxes. I sucked and sucked until he said well-done slave and started removing the pins and clamps not without chowing down on my tits one more time.
He told me that I was going to do the fucking and if I did not please his cock, my ass, pussy and tits would pay. He lay on his back in bed and told me put his cock in my asshole on facing him, just like the other day. Then when I had his monster cock all the way in my ass he told me that I was to fuck him until he told me to stop. He smacked my ass cheeks three times each and grabbed hold of my nipples which sent a shock wave through me and twisted them hard. He said that I had better please him or more was to come.
I started going up and down on his cock and it felt good, but he was barking out commands to go faster deeper harder, I came big time. I knew that if I did not respond my cheeks would get smacked and my nipples worked over. I had never fucked a big black cock with this abandon and it hurt more and more, but I came again. He said that I needed to pick my ass off his cock and he put the lube tube in my ass and fill it. Then off to the races I went, I was fucking him as hard as I could then the Darrell started his piston motion and pounded my asshole for a couple of minutes and I came again. Then he knew I was about to reach my limit, and he told me to clean his cock up and then put it in pussy.
When I finished cleaning his cock I remember looking up and there was John with the camera. Darrell told me to put my hot wet pussy on his cock and give him a world class pussy fucking. Darrell told John that my pussy was so hot it almost scolded his cock. I started fucking as fast and I could and as high up and down as I could but I had never fucked a man this big, for this long, and I came twice more but I was tiring. I started to cry and he held me and told me he was ready to come and wanted to come in my mouth, and I had done a great job. I pulled off his cock and told him I did not want to disappoint my black master, he grabbed my face and told me not to worry you are my pussy-slave. He put his cock in my mouth and he told me to show John what a black man’s cocksucker I could be and to stick my tongue out and when his cock was in my throat to lick his balls. I was going up and down licking my tongue off and then he reminded me to hold the come shot in my mouth until he finished and not to swallow.
He started coming and gave me a descent mouth full. He then told John to put the camera down and come over. He told John to lie down on the bed then he told me to French kiss John and the two of them share the come but not to swallow. I kissed John and let the bulk of the come into his mouth he then push some of it back into my mouth and over and over. Then Darrell told us to lie side by side and release the kiss and swallow. John and I both licked our lips and looked at each other and John asked me if I was OK and said never happier and I kissed him.
Darrell lay on the bed and told both of us to clean his cock and balls up. Once we had done this he said that he wanted to take a shower so I could learn how to bath a black master. We got into the shower and he told me to quickly bath myself while he was sucking on my nipples. He then told me to bath every part of his body and when I got to his cock, balls and his ass he told me it was best to get on my knees. I bathed his cock and balls and when I got to his ass I asked if I could make love to his asshole. He said that was the whole purpose of the shower. I cleaned his crack and asshole good and then once I got between his checks and felt his hand on my neck I knew I was home. I serviced him while he used my face as an ass wipe. The he told me to get out and dry off and by quick about it. When I was somewhat dried off he step out and he told John to come in the bathroom and as I dried him off he pull my face between his cheeks and told John this is where a pussy-slave worship her black master, watch and know it.

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2015-12-10 22:57:31
All of you are dome white Liars fact black men are not showers they are growers so when you look at us we do look average but when we get hard most of us are above average. Listen the first man and woman on this planet were black dont be upset that the original still has the best equipment.

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I hate fucking white women who want to fuck black cocks and become their slaves............. these kind of women should be shot along with the niggers then cut his cock off and make her eat it and after that throw her ass out on the street and become a whore.......... that;s all their good for

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All these stories about black guys and big cocks make me nervous. I'm a black guy and have a little cock. Maybe three inches. When I date a white girl and take off my pants and shorts they look at me and laugh. They expect something really big and it makes me sad that I have just a little one. All my black friends just have little ones too....

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Sorry but most blacks are not bigger then white guys . I served in the army and have seen lots of guys before so know that it's just a tail that they are bigger. most of them are not all that good in bed unless they are with a white girl. black girls are better in bed then white girls thats very true

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