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Continuation of "I Met a Young Girl At the Bar"
Part 2: Amber and Her Niece

After that incredible evening with Amber, I wanted to see her again and talk about what would come next. It was like it had been a dream. Never in my right mind would I have thought a woman existed that met every quality I had been fantasizing about for the last 15-20 years. And I could legally be with this woman!
I called her and she wanted to come to my house for dinner. I agreed, telling her I would do the cooking since I love to cook. She happily accepted and it was set for her to come by around 4:30. That gave me 4 hours to prepare the meal. I wasn't sure what to make so I just randomly grabbed things and started going until I found what I wanted. I ended up with sautéd beef tips with asparagus, mushrooms and onions and some great mashed potatoes. I pulled a bottle of some delicious red wine from Cali and got the table set. I had everything ready, food keeping warm in the oven, table set and my condo clean and tidy. It was only 3:45. I had some time so I popped the tv on and sat down in my chair. As usual there was nothing but shit on tv, reality shows, and crappy dramas dominate nowadays. I began thinking about Amber and it hit me that she is exactly what I've always wanted in a girl. Smart, mature and the perfect little body. Holy shit I can't mess things up here!! Thoughts of our first night together passed through my brain and I was getting hard. My hand made it's way down to my crotch and grabbed a hold of my dick through my pants and jiggled and squeezed. I imagined Amber doing it and almost shot my load when the doorbell rang. Only 4:00, who is that? I flipped my boner up under my waist band and went to answer the door. When I opened it there was a lady, maybe in her early 30's and a young girl, maybe 10 standing outside my door holding a tray full of cookies. The woman spoke up and said with a big smile, "Hi I'm Patty and this is my daughter Emily, we live in the next condo over and we wanted to welcome you to the area!" She handed me the tray and put out her hand. I accepted the gift and shook her hand. I put out my hand to Emily and commented that she was a very pretty girl. And she was, pigtailed long blond hair, blue eyes, slightly freckled nose and she stood maybe, 4'9 and couldn't have weighed more than 60-70 pounds. She was wearing a pair of tight shorts that showed off her little butt and her smooth tanned legs. Her top was a semi-tight tank top, white with little flowers over it. It showed me what she was lacking on her chest. I made a comparison to Amber in that this little one had nothing on her chest. She smiled, shook my hand and thanked me for my kind words. Now Patty was very attractive too. She must have been about 5'4 or so, shapely but not overweight, with blond hair and hazel green eyes. Her jeans were tight, showing off her nice ass along with her  white t-shirt which showed her nice sized round and perky titties. Her face was very pretty, she reminded me of Amanda Bynes. I invited them in for a drink, lapsing my memory. Patty commented that something smelled delicious. "Fuck!" I thought to myself. Amber would be here any minute. Even though she was 23, I still felt this might leave a lasting impression on my new neighbor so I said my daughter was coming from her moms for dinner. Oh boy, now I've lied and everyone gets caught lying...

The doorbell rang. It's Amber. I excuse myself and open the door. There was Amber standing with another girl about the same age as Emily. Oh I didn't know you were bringing a friend! As she walked in she said, "I told you last time we..." She stopped and saw Emily and Patty sitting there. "Oh hello, I'm Amber and this is my nie... friend, Ally." She must have felt the same way I did and instinctively played along. It seemed Ally on the other hand had no idea what was going on. She just smiled and said hi to everyone. Let me tell you, Ally, just a wonderful little beauty, topped with shiny strawberry blond hair, flawless tanned complexion, beautiful green eyes, thick pouty lips, pretty legs with a little bubble butt. Although her butt was tiny, it sure looked fantastic! She stood about 4'5 maybe 45-50 pounds. I looked around and just about collapsed with excitement. I had the most beautiful females I've ever seen right there in my condo! Patty looked a bit excited herself, she stood and walked toward me. She motioned for me to talk to her in private. She shared that Emily was an only child and never really made any friends in school. "If this works out, she could be friends with Amber and Ally!" she said. I thought this was very messed up but I went along and said it would be wonderful to see them all get along. She smiled and patted my hand, "Well I'll let you get on with your dinner. Your daughter is lovely by the way. She seems so mature too" I thanked her and just laughed in my head. Her and Emily said their goodbyes and headed home.

Luckily I made enough food for Ally to eat too. I do remember Amber saying she would bring her niece next time and I'm glad she surprised me. We sat down to dinner and talked while we ate about Ally's school and how she loved going because her teacher is nice and the homework is easy. She also mentioned that at recess all the boys chased her around and kiss her. "At first I thought it was yucky until this really cute boy named Jason caught me and brought me under the jungle jim. He French kissed me and it made me feel funny, but I liked it! He put his hand under my shirt and played with my boobies but time was up and we had to go back into school" She explained that he always grabs her butt and hugs her when no one is looking. She was definitely a little interested in the sexy stuff. "Did you ever see his pee pee?" Amber asked. "Yeah he showed it to me under the jungle jim once." she answered. "I thought it was cool. It made me feel the same as when he kissed my tongue" I was listening to all this just about as hard as I could be! We were all done eating and I cleaned up all the dishes and the girls were watching tv as I finished. I returned to my company with a juice for Ally and margaritas for Amber and I. Ally wanted to change into her nightie so she walked off to change. Amber came to me and sat on my lap and we kissed passionately and she rubbed my chest. I caressed her little back and rubbed on her shoulders. She asked if I was ready for some real good sex. Of course I was!! She continued her rubbing and moved toward my cock. She had her tongue in my mouth and grabbed my 7 inch cock that has been waiting for action since before Patty and Emily came over. "what about Ally?" I asked. "I want her to catch us" replied Amber. "Her curiosity will allow for some real fun" "How old is she?" I asked. "She is 9" Amber said with a smile. I questioned if she too felt the same for little girls. She explained that since she has a hard time finding a man, she goes to parks pretending to be young to make friends with girls so they get naked and let her lick their hairless virgin pussies. Everyday, her lust for pre-pubes grows greatly. She actually looks at herself in the mirror and gets off because she looks so young. This just keeps getting better and better. 

I took charge by fiercely kissing her neck and rubbing her inner thighs under that thin sundress. She opened her legs, welcoming my exploring hand. I get so turned on reaching up a dress so I started getting a little aggressive. I pulled her shirt off, no bra. Her tiny little tit nips were hard and ready. I laid her on the couch an pulled her dress down so she was just laying there in her panties. I continued with kissing her little lips and pushing my tongue in her mouth and licked all inside it while tweaking her nipples. She was rotating her pelvis with wicked movements, trying to reach up and touch me. I moved to her neck again, nibbling and sucking it while she quietly moaned. Inching down her abdomen I spread her legs open and rested my chin on her panty covered pussy while I  bit her waist band to remove it. My hands found their way under her butt on both sides and grabbed her waist band and with my teeth on one side and hands on the other, I slid her panties down her legs all the while I was staring at her perfect pink pleasure pit. I reached her feet and tossed the panties aside and licked her toes as I massaged her feet. She was getting louder now. I moved up her calf caressing and kissing everywhere when I got to her knees I put my thumb on her clit, not rubbing it, just let it sit while I finished licking her beautiful legs. I kept my thumb there and licked around the outside of her bald lips, teasing her. I continued this for a minute getting her completely hot and bothered. I slowly began rotating my thumb and she stopped squirming, started breathing heavier and let out a nice moan of relief. I was in heaven, again. I was ready to taste her when I heard Ally say, "What are you doing?" "Ray is making Auntie Amber feel good just I like I do with you!" I looked over and Ally was looking at me smiling with her hand under her nightie. I suggested we move to my bedroom because I had a king sized bed. We all got up, the girls ran in my room and jumped on the bed and I stripped all my clothes in the way to set my caged cock free. I joined them on the bed. "Want to sit next to me and watch Ally?" I asked. She nodded fast with a smile and crawled next to me as Amber lay spread in front of me. "Can I touch you while I do this Ally?" "mmm hmm" she replied. I started licking Amber in her pussy, slowly at first. I picked up the pace and Amber started rubbing her chest and opening her legs, then closing and opening, moaning louder and louder. My hand crept up Ally's leg, rubbing and tickling her hairless skinny legs.  I made it up to her thigh and she pulled her nightie off. No panties!! I got to see her little virgin cunt for the first time! I asked her to lie down on her back with her legs open toward me. With enthusiasm she complied and did so. Now I had my thumb and finger massaging her little baby bud as I ate Amber's. I had two small females in my bed almost at my command. I told them to make out while I pleasured their pink pleasure pits. I moved to Ally's sweet 9 year old crevice and began eating my first forbidden fruit. It was glorious. Her warm bud and the feeling on my tongue gave me goosebumps and I was ready for some release. I licked her harder and Amber began sucking and licking her nipples. Ally was moving all around and moaning loudly and I focused on her little button and pushed and nibbled it rhythmically until she shuddered and vibrated into ectacsy. She pushed me away and I laid down on my back and rubbed my dick. Amber told Ally to watch her and do what she does. Amber grabbed my junk and jerked it slightly slipping it in her mouth for a few strokes. Then she went in to a full on suck attack on my balls and shaft. She was so good. She wasn't quite deep throating but she made it more than halfway, gagging a bit. Ally said she wanted to try. I was just as eager for her to try. She knelt between my knees and grabbed it with two fingers. She studied for a bit while she moved her hand up and down. Amber told her to use all her fingers. Thank you Amber. Now jerking away, she gets closer and licks the top quickly as if she was taste testing. She shrugged and proceeded to put the head in her mouth and sucked gently. She went deeper and played with my balls. Now head was bobbing up and down with her young mouth just slurping away. Amber came up and sat on my face in the 69 position. I started eating like it was Thanksgiving! They both sucked and jerked me for a while when Amber said she wanted me to fuck her and told Ally to sit on my face. Amber moved down and turned to face me. She squatted, lowering her wet, cock deprived pussy on to my dick. Slowly, she dropped until I was all in. Ally stood over me facing my sight and sat on my mouth. Amber starting fucking away while Ally rode my face. I reached up and played with her flat chest and she started moaning. Amber yelled out and screamed that she was gonna cum. She bucked harder. I was on the brink of blowing my batter and grabbed Ally by the hips pulling her hard into my mouth just licking and lapping away. She started shaking and screamed out in orgasmic waves. Amber came. I felt her juices cover my cock and dribble down my hips, which sent me into an epic state of pleasure that which I have never felt ever before and shot my load inside her while she fucked me dry. We all laid down and cuddled, covered in each other juices. Ally said "That was the best thing that's ever happened to me! I can't wait till you put your penis in MY vagina!" "All in good time sweetie, all in good time... What did you say that boy's name from your school was?"

To be continued...


2017-10-08 22:20:32
The story may be erotic but you have pushed the boundaries with two little girls 9 an 10.


2012-05-09 17:11:58
I love this hot story. I would like to read about the three of them losing control and forcing sex on little Emily.

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2011-08-22 00:40:12
i love how u described emily n ally. i dnt know which one is my fave i get hard thinkin abt both of them!!

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2011-08-19 02:06:48
Use some paragraphs, just go back into the story and separate the lines. The shit you learn in english class in high school, is actually usefull for making better stories.

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2011-08-18 23:09:05
good story but don`t bring that boy in... just the 3 of them again! i want him to pop her cherry

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