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"Awww why are you mad at me Jamie?" I said pouting at my older sister as I moved closer to her.

"Oh no...Don’t do that eye stuff with me" Jamie said pushing me roughly towards the refrigerator and kissing me hard on the lips. Her anger soon melted as I pulled her body towards mine and ran my hand through her soft hair. She moaned as I picked her up and she instinctively wrapped her legs around my body. Her breasts were tightly pressed against my shoulders and she ran her soft hands through my hair. I put her on the kitchen table and ran my hands over her back trying to find her bra. She moaned as I slowly pulled her bra down, the fabric rubbing against her sensitive nipples. "Oh Andy...suck my nipples yea oh pull them with your teeth oh god that feeels sooooo gooooddd"

I rolled her nipples with my fingers and tweaked them with my middle-finger and thumb. I slowly started rubbing her pussy through her panties enjoying the expression on her face; she had her eyes closer and bit her lower lip in pure bliss. I moved down and playfully sunk my teeth into her pussy pulling them down with my teeth. She lifted her ass up a little bit so I can pull her panties down to her ankles.

"Baby you want me to eat your pussy?" I asked her and she nodded her head biting her lower lip seductively. I kissed her flat stomach and gently kissed down to her pussy but skipped over her pussy and she groaned. I teased her by kissing the insides of her thighs and gently licked her crotch but avoided her pussy.

"Andy!" She whined and I placed a kiss on the topmost point of her pussy. She immediately brought her legs together crushing my head, she slowly spread them apart and smiled at my shyly "Sorry..."

I spread her legs further apart and licked her vagina up and down before taking her clit into my mouth. She squirmed in delight as I French-kissed her clit flicking it over and over with my clit. I held it with my teeth delicately as I flicked it with the tip of my tongue earning a deep moan from her throat. I licked her outer lips softly and sucked them into my mouth as I softly massaged them. I moved to the other side and did the same before gently spreading them apart. I licked her inner lips and she threw her head back jutting her breasts forward. I continued sucking and licking her inner lips before working my tongue back to her clit.

"Oh oh oh oh oh god that feel so good" She sighed as sucked on her clit while massaging her pussy lips. I hardened my tongue and shoved it as deep as it would go into her pussy savoring the taste of her sweet juices. I curled my tongue and gulped them down trying to coax more. I slowly fucked her with my tongue but quickly intensified my passion. She was breathing hard as I tongue fucked her sweet pussy. "I am cumming! Oh god I am cumming!"

I pushed my two fingers into her cunt and found her G-spot. I softly massaged it with my fingers as I sucked on her clit. I made a "come here" motion with my fingers and she screamed in joy as her juices gushed forward. I quickly replaced my fingers with my tongue and swallowed her juices but a few trickled down my chin. She pulled me up and licked her juices from my chin seductively before kissing me with fervor.

"Now you fuck me" She said cheerfully taking off my shirt and revealing my chiseled chest. I lifted her up and carried her over to the couch in the living room and gently placed her down. She grabbed me roughly and pushed me down next to her. She rubbed my raging erection through my jeans before unbuttoning them. I cupped her pretty face in my hands and kissed her gently as she unbuttoned my jeans.

"Mmm..." I moaned into her mouth as she fished out my cock from my boxers and gently stroked it with her small hands. I began her kissing her harder as she stroked me faster enjoying the pleasure she was giving me with her soft hands. She broke the kiss and straddled me and lined up my cock with her soaking pussy. "You want it?"

"Yes..." She moaned and just as she was about to drop herself on my cock, I stopped her. She looked at me confused and whined "Andy!"

"Beg for it Jamie...beg for it" I said and she smiled at me seductively.

"Andy give me your big fat cock please? Pound my juicy pussy with your fat cock and cum in me!" She begged me running her hand over my chest and playing with my nipples. I let go of my support and she dropped all her weight on my cock with a scream "AHHHHHHHHHHHH-

I silenced her scream with a long kiss and she ran her hands through my hair as she slowly began moving her hips moaning in delight when her clit rubbed against my crotch. She held on to my shoulders for support as I pounded her pussy slowly at first but I quickly picked up the pace. Her cunt was amazingly tight and I loved how she squeezed her muscles as I entered her cunt and her moans were turning me on like crazy. Her breasts were slapping into my chin and she pressed her breasts tightly into my face so all I could see was her smooth white flesh pressing tightly against my face.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Fuck me!" She groaned and I could tell she is close to her orgasm. I picked her up and pushed her back on the couch but threw her feet over my shoulders her knees pressing into my face. She looked at me lustfully and I held her hips as I shoved my cock deep into her sex. She let out a long moan and started fucking me back. "Ohhhh Andy I am cumming!"

"No! Hold it..."I grunted slapping her large breasts and pulled her nipples lightly. She grabbed my throat and squeezed it tightly and for some reason this turned me violently and I was thrusting into her pussy like I was possessed. I felt my balls churning and knew I was going to explode. I rubbed her clit furiously as I edged closer to my orgasm.

"I am going to cum!" She screamed as I pulled her clit and rubbed it. I was getting real close to my own orgasm "Ahhhhhhh!"

I rammed it as hard as I could deep into her pussy and shot load after load of hot cum as she came with me. Her eyes literally rolled back as she came so hard that she pushed my dick back. I collapsed on top of her and she kissed me passionately. "That was amazing Andy...that was fucking amazing"

"Aww thanks Jamie..." I told her and just as I was about to kiss her again my phone went off. I sighed and got my phone from my pants and answered it.

"Hi Andy! Thank god you is me Jennifer!"

"Hi Jennifer… What's up?" I asked a little coldly considering that she is Megan's mom.

"I am doing fine Megan with you? She didn't answer her phone all through last night and I am worried sick..." She sounded worried and I was surprised

"Wait...Megan's not home? She...she wasn't with me last night" I said quickly putting my pants on and then my shirt. Jamie looked at me confused and ran upstairs to put some clothes on.

"Oh my god! So she wasn't with you last night!?!" She said completely panicked

"Don't worry I will get her home in an hour or so...if I don't find can all the police" I told her grabbing my car keys and running outside. Just as I got my car outside from the garage, Jamie stopped me and got in the passenger seat. She was dressed in a black shirt and gray sweatpants. I quickly took off to Kyle's house. Kyle was the only person in the world who I hated, well now it is Kyle and Megan. He was my competition since the day I was born; as a matter of fact it was him who I was boxing tonight. Unlike me, he uses steroids and other shit to build muscle and I am surprised he didn't get caught yet.

"So she was with him the whole night huh?" Jamie asked and I shrugged. Frankly I don't even care about Megan anymore; it is her mom Jennifer who was always so nice to me. She treated me like her own son and she probably loves me more than Megan.

"Alright stay here..." I told her as I got out of the car.

"Absolutely not!" Jamie got out of the car and followed me. I sighed but was glad she is there to back me up if anything goes wrong. I knocked on the door and waited for Kyle to open. After couple of minutes he opened a tiny bit but I tackled the door sending him to the floor.

"What the fuck!?! Andy what the hell are you doing here?" Kyle asked as he got up. His eyes were bloodshot and I could tell he has been doing drugs all night. I glanced at the living room and spotted Megan on the couch completely naked and crawled into a fetal position. " came to get her...take her away"

"Kyle what the fuck did you do to her?" I asked him moving towards Megan.

"Nothing...but damn her pussy is so tight..." I looked back at him to find him ogling my sister. "Hi you wanna go out with me tonight after I kick your brothers ass? I got a whole new supply of weed"

"Kyle get the fuck away from her" He moved away and watched me pick up Megan. She opened her eyes and looked scared but once she found out that it was me, she calmed down. Megan was a beautiful girl with fiery red hair and beautiful C cup breasts. She has an average ass and a fit body which she works out every day.

"Andy..." Megan hugged me tightly as she cried in my arms. I stroked her hair and kissed her forehead hugging her tightly into my body.

"Let’s get you home..." I told her and headed outside. "And Kyle I am going to fuck you up tonight"

He actually looked scared for couple of seconds and regained his composure and grinned at me. Jamie followed me behind and I got in the backseat with Megan giving the keys to Jamie.

"Andy I am so sorry..." Megan cried resting her head on my chest.

"Why? Why did you do it?"

"I don't were always popular and’s like I have to compete for your time...everybody likes you and you are always in the spotlight...and I am always behind...Kyle...Kyle told me he loved me and you hated me....and you were just using me for sex..." Megan cried and I stroked her hair actually feeling bad for her.

"Shut the fuck up you stupid slut!" Jamie screamed

"’s alright...past is past...but we can't continue our relationship any longer are beautiful, smart, and you got it all in you and I am sure you will find your perfect guy..." I told her and she started crying even harder. I gave her my shirt so she could cover up her breasts and walked her to her house. Jennifer was already waiting outside for us and the first thing she did was hug me tightly. Megan shot me a look which said "See!"

"Oh Megan...where the fuck were you! You are fucking grounded for a whole T.V no nothing!" Jennifer screamed and she finally calmed down "Come on in Andy and you too Jamie..."

"I'd rather not..." I told Jennifer and she looked at me surprised

"Why? Everything ok?"

"Everything ok?" Jamie spat out and revealed everything to Jennifer. Jennifer looked like she was about to slap Megan but I stopped her

"Hey Jen...come on...don't give her a hard time she already got raped..." I told her and spontaneously hugged Jennifer who looked shocked "Just cause I broke up with your daughter doesn't mean that I won't come to visit you..."

"Thank you Andy...for everything" Jennifer said as we walked back to the car. Jamie was looking at me strangely until I asked her why.

"Nothing...that was very nice of you..." Jamie said and I laughed. We drove back to our house and Katie waiting for us. She was completely naked and once she saw her eyes lit up. She then saw Jamie and she sighed.

"Where the fuck did you go?" Katie asked

"Nowhere...he just fucked my brains out and took me around" Jamie said proudly emphasizing the "my" part. Katie stood up and pulled me towards her pressing herself against my body.

"Yeah? Then he will fuck my pussy and my ass!"

"Yeah? Then he will fuck me pussy, ass, and my tits...guess what? You don't have tits!" Jamie countered and I was starting to get pissed.

"You are a fucking blonde with no fucking-

"Alright I am tired of both your bullshit...come on I am not a toy you guys to fight over! I am your brother and I think you guys are just using me for sex just like Kyle was using Megan...and if this fight continues then I don't want to be the reason this family is going to torn apart..." I said walking towards the stairs. They both looked at each and ran after me wrapping their arms around mine. They both kissed both my cheeks and laughed.

"We are sorry Andy...let us make it up to you" Katie said running her hands toward my crotch.

"Oh no you don't! I have a boxing match today and I need my fluids..." I told them as I escaped from their grip. They both frowned and ran after me up the stairs.

"Andy? Are you ready?" Joe asked me. He was couple of inches shorter than me but at least 50 pounds heavier than me. I put my gloves on and took a couple of jabs. This is it; this is the moment I have been waiting for. I have to show Kyle who the fuck is a true boxer. We quickly worked over the game plan and I looked at Kyle, he was somewhat bigger than me but slow as fuck. I knew I could take him down and it took was endurance and speed. There were about 500 people in the crown and I finally spotted my two sisters and my mom. She usually never shows up for my matches but my sister must have convinced her. I waved at her and she waved back at me. Kyle saw this and walked up to me

"Hi Andy...your mom is a hot piece of ass you know? By the end of the night I will fucking her every hole and your sisters" He laughed and went back to his corner. I could feel my blood boiling but kept myself under control. After couple of minutes, the fight began. Almost immediately Kyle lunged at me and I dodged his punches but made sure not to be pushed back into a corner. I could feel him getting tired and decided to act. I quickly began my rapid punches and he blocked the first few but then after than I got straight in the jaw. He let his guard down completely and I let mine, attacking him with fury. Round 1 ended.

"Andy that was nice but remember what I told you always keep your guard up" Jim reminded me and I learned it the hard way on the next round where he had the upper hand. His punches were slow but strong. All it took was couple of them but luckily I managed and made it to the next round. Jim handed me a water bottle and I took it gratefully. I looked at Andy who was staring at my mom. He looked at me and winked.

Round three was the last round and I wrecked him. By the end of the round he was on the floor with bruises all over his face and blood spewing out of his mouth. The referee came up to me and raised my hand. I was in the zone and felt unbeatable but I suffered several injuries. Jim took me back to the locker room where I took a cold shower and got dressed.

" match is a month from now and you have to win that one...your opponent is just as fast as you and he is little bit stronger than you....your training will be rigorous..." Jim said and I nodded. I exited the locked room and my mom saw me first. She ran up to me and hugged me tightly.

"Mom? Are you crying?" I asked her stroking her hair pulling her closer to me. I glanced at the twins but they didn't give me any clue. "Mom what is it?"

"Andy you are not boxing anymore...I am not losing you like I lost your father" She sobbed wiping her tears on my shirt. I lifted her chin up and looked into her beautiful blue eyes.

"Mom...what are you talking about?" I asked stroking her hair. She didn't answer immediately but just hugged me tightly.

"You dad didn't leave me Andy...he...he broke his neck during a boxing match...when I saw you out there you looked just like him....the way you move...I can't have you boxing anymore..." My mom said tiredly "I don't care if you are mad at me or hate for what I am making you do but you are not boxing..."

"Ok...I am not boxing anymore" I said smoothly and she looked at me shocked "Mom I won't do anything you don't want me to do...if you don't want me to box I won't...I just don't want to see tears in your eyes...if you promise me you won't cry I will promise you that I won't box alright?"

She gave me smile, the kind of smile which just make my day and hugged me tightly. Honestly, If I have to give up boxing so I can keep my mom happy I will gladly do it. "I promise". I kissed her forehead and hugged her tightly lifting her off the ground. I looked at Jamie and Katie who were smiling at me. I extended my arm to them and they both ran up to me and we all had a family hug. We walked back to the car with my hands around my beautiful mom and sexy sisters.

“Alright guys…I have to go to work early tomorrow so you can guys have to make your own breakfast and goodnight” My mom said swallowing the sleeping pills the doctor subscribed to her couple of months ago.

I headed upstairs to my room and took another warm shower. I was exhausted as fuck and dried my hair thoroughly before wrapping the white towel around my body. Almost as soon as I got out of the bathroom, I felt a pair of hands push me on the bed.

“Katie? What are you doing?”

“Shhhh….” I turned my head to find Jamie slowly pulling my towel away revealing my erection. Katie pushed me back on the bed and pressed her soft lips against mine. I ran my hand over her smooth back and squeezed her ass.

“Now we make it up to you…” Jamie said pushing me back on the bed. They both were naked and looked so damn beautiful that I was ready to shoot my load right then and there. “Ever watched a lesbian show Andy? In person…not in porn”

I grinned and shook my head as Jamie got on top of Katie started kissing her. I watched as my two gorgeous sisters made out in front of my eyes. I slowly started stroking my dick as Jamie started sucking on Katie’s nipple using her tongue to circle her areolas. She looked at me seductively before pulling her nipples with her teeth. She slowly moved towards Katie’s trimmed pussy.

“Oh god that’s so sexy…” I moaned as she ate out her pussy like there was no tomorrow. I grabbed Jamie roughly and kissed her hard on the lips pressing myself against her smooth body. She pushed me back and started kissing my neck pulling my skin with her teeth. She continued moving towards my crotch making a trail of kisses. Katie joined her and then both started making out with cock.

“Ohhh…god” I moaned. One tongue on your cock is amazing but two is beyond amazing. Katie started licking my balls while Jamie twirled her soft tongue around my head. They both eagerly started fighting for my cock with their tongue sending me waves of pleasure throughout my body. Katie took me deep into her throat while Jamie sucked my balls into her mouth. "Oh god...oh gawd I am going to cum!"

Katie started bobbing her head furiously as Jamie tickled my balls with her soft tongue. I could feel my balls churning with my cum and cock swelled. Katie must have sensed this because she took me deep into her mouth as she tried to swallow my cock as I shot load after load of hot cum deep down her throat. I pushed her head away and collapsed on the bed.

"He is still hard!" Jamie gasped and I looked at my slimy cock which was hard as a steel rod. "I get him first!"

She jumped on top of me and kissed me roughly running her hands all over my body. I ran my hands through her soft hair and smacked her plump ass, moaning into her mouth as my cock came in contact with her hot cunt. I rolled over and pushed my cock deep into her pussy without warning silencing her scream with my lips. Katie pushed my head away and straddled Jamie pushing her juicy pussy into Jamie's face. She turned her body so she was facing me and kissed me passionately as I slowly fucked Jamie.

"Argh..." Jamie slurped down Katie's juices as I pumped my cock into her warm, tight vaginal walls. Katie leaned down and started rubbing her tongue around Jamie's pussy occasionally rubbing against my cock. I held on to Jamie's lovely hips as I began to jackhammer her pussy so fast all you could head was the sound of my balls slapping into her soft asscheeks. I could tell she was approaching her orgasm and increased my pace pumping into her so hard, my hips were starting to bruise.

"Ahhhhh!" Jamie screamed into Katie's cunt setting off her orgasm. I didn't stop pumping into her pussy as her walls tried to stop my attack so my shaft rubbed against her G-spot roughly and she came over and over again. Her hot juices tried to squeeze past my thick cock giving me pleasure I never dreamed of experiencing. I slowly stopped pumping into her and removed my cock from her pussy with a pop as her juices gushed out.

"Poor baby..." I cooed as Jamie lay their exhausted. I kissed her softly and lifted Katie up. I pinned her hands down over her head and looked into her hazel-brown eyes. I attacked her mouth with mine as our tongues danced furiously in utter bliss. I slowly entered her warm, tight pussy moaning into her sweet mouth. She tried to pull me closer into her but I had her hands pinned securely. I attacked her neck as I pulled her white flesh with my lips.

"Fuck my ass" She begged me as she fucked me back "But take it's my first time"

I would never even think of causing her pain and told her so kissing her deeply. I pulled my cock out of her tight cunt and got between her knees. I feasted on her sweet pussy and tasting her nectar. I licked her asshole and tried to push my tongue into her tight hole as she squirmed beneath me. I shoved my fingers into her dripping pussy and lubricated them with her juices. I slowly massaged her unused hole and slowly pushed my index-finger into her ass. She groaned at the intrusion but didn't stop me so I rotated my finger and waited for her ass to adjust to my finger.

"Go on..." She encouraged me and I slowly fucked her ass with my finger. Pretty soon, she was fucking me back moaning softly.

"Think you can handle another one?" I asked her and she nodded her head as I pushed my middle finger into her ass. She was so tight and looked so hot laying there with her brown hair spread over her head with sweat dripping down her pretty face. I continued fucking her ass with my two fingers and decided it was time to take her anal virginity. "Wanna taste them?"

"No..." She shook her head making a disgusted face and I shrugged licking my fingers. I pushed my cock into her warm pussy and fucked her for a while before pushing the head into her tight ass. "Oh...oh its too big"

"Katie look at me...shh baby..." I coxed her kissing her softly. I moved a fraction of inch at a time and soon my head was buried in her ass. I waited for a couple of minutes before slowly fucking her ass pushing fraction of an inch. "I love you so much...almost there..."

"Oh my feels so weird...oh..." She gasped as I completely buried my cock into her tight ass. I kissed her softly and played with her nipples so she would relax before slowly moving my cock in and out of her tight ass. She groaned in pain but soon her groans turned to moans and she was screaming to fuck her ass. Before long, I was pounding into her ass and slapping her small breasts. She was so tight that the friction was sending waves of pleasure through my crotch. I looked over at Jamie who went to her room and came back with a strap on dildo. I almost shot my load right there as I looked at Jamie with a 6in cock hanging from her crotch.

"Oh shit!" Katie screamed as Jamie pushed her fake cock into her pussy. We slowed down and gave Katie some time to rest before picking up the pace. Jamie and I moved in rhythm as we fucked her as a team. Katie closed her eyes and threw her head back almost hitting my face as she screamed at the top of her lung "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Jamie silenced her screams with a kiss and she came over and over again. I could feel my own orgasm approaching and fucked her harder.

"I am cumming!" I managed to get out as I shot endless ropes of cum deep into her ass. We all lay there completely exhausted and I took gasped.

"We are done yet!" Jamie said rolling over Katie so she was on my other side. I hugged both of them tightly and closed my eyes. I opened them as I felt a warm mouth enveloping my cock, I looked down to see Jamie sucking my limp cock. I closed my eyes enjoying the pleasure convinced that I won't have an erection for a week.

"Ohhhh Oh fuck...what are you doing Jamie?" I asked her as she licked my ass and was trying to push a finger into my ass. Katie giggled next to me and kissed me. I got up to see that I had an erection. "How?"

"Jamie's magic" Jamie said proudly. She straddled me and slowly began to lower her ass towards my cock. Unlike Katie she wasn't that tight but was tight compared to other asses I fucked. I didn't even bother to fuck Jamie as she rode me like a cowgirl her blonde hair flying around and her breasts jumping up and down. She fucked me for a good 5 minutes before she collapsed on top of me with cum oozing from her pussy.

The next day we fucked like crazy and I never came so much. I fucked both the twins in every room of the house and every hole possible. I lost so much liquid the next morning that drinking a gallon of Gatorade wasn't enough. We washed the blankets so our mom would be suspicious and all sat on the couch like angels when my mom came back.

"Hi guys...what's for dinner...Pizza! Excellent" My mom said shoving a piece down her throat. She ate one more before grabbing a beer from the fridge and gulping it down. I saw her sexy ass bounce lightly as she walked around the kitchen and knew I had to to fuck her. No! She is you mom! Yeah so what? It's one thing to fuck your sister and another to fuck your mom! How? It's more risky! My min argues for several minutes before my cock made the decision.

"Mom you look tired...want me to give you a massage?"

"Huh? Oh that's so nice of you honey...let me take a shower..." My mom said running up the stairs. I grinned and followed my mom leaving my sister behind in confusion. Katie winked at me and it took Jamie a while to figure it out. I waited patiently as my mom took a long shower and got out of the bathroom. Her damp blonde hair was hanging a way which should be illegal and I looked at her bodacious body. "Alright do you want to do this?"

"Ummm...why don't you lay down naked and I will get some baby oil" I offered and she hesitated

"Umm Why don't I have a bra and panties and you can give me a massage" She said and I agreed though cursing myself for being so eager. I grabbed some baby oil and went back into her room to find her on her stomach. I took couple of minutes to drink her beauty, her slender legs and her magnificent ass. Her hips were perfect and she had some baby fat on her stomach which I found attractive. Her breasts weren't large but they were perfect for her body. I straddled her ass and placed my hand on her warm back.

"Mom have you ever considered modeling?" I asked her and she laughed

'No honey...your dad asked the exact same question on our first night together"

"He has a good taste" I said as I poured some oil on my shoulder and slowly began to work her neck. She let out a soft moan as I massaged her neck rubbing my thumb in circles. Her skin was flawless and tanned perfectly. I moved down to her shoulder blades and massaged her shoulders with soft and fluid strokes with the palm of my hand. I placed my hands on her hips with my fingers facing her head and slid upwards applying pressure. She moaned as I moved up and out towards her shoulders in a curve. I slowly moved back down to her ribcage, I found her bra irritating so I took it off without asking her and smiled when she didn't say anything. I placed my hands on the side of her breasts and ran my hands over her hard nipples

"That feels so good Brian..." She moaned. Brian was my dad's name and I am assuming that she thought I was my dad. I arched my hard and massaged her back with my fingertips occasionally squeezing her breasts. I moved down towards her perfect asscheeks and ached to squeeze her juicy asscheeks. I placed my hand on her asscheeks and head a slight gasp as I squeezed her ass slightly. I began massaging her ass and knew that she was enjoying it from the expression on her face.

"Ah...ohh" She moaned softly as I ran my hands over her pussy gently applying pressure. My dick was hard as fuck and I just wanted to kiss her so badly. I teased her pussy with my thumb and felt heat seep through her panties. I moved down to her toned thighs and milked her muscles alternating with my hands. She enjoyed the foot massage I gave her

"All done mom" I said and she snapped back.

"Huh? Oh thanks a lot Andy" She said flushed. I moved towards her and kissed her on her lips. It lasted longer than a quick peck and had it's effect. I slapped her ass as I went out of the room earning a yelp. I rushed into Katie’s room and pulled my pants down.

"I need your pussy now!" I growled

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