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A continuation of Training Sarah PArt ten
Sometime during the night, Sarah figured out exactly how she would start dominating Gail. When Sarah woke up the next morning, she was still aroused from her dream about dominating Gail, and let her fingers slide down her stomach and into her waiting pussy. She closed her eyes and gently rubbed her now throbbing clit, before slipping her index finger into her soaked cunt. She could feel herself building towards an orgasm rather fast, and quickly added two more fingers in her cunt. She flashed back a few times to her domination by her younger sister in this very room a few years ago, but quickly flashed forward to her pending domination of Gail as she climaxed in muffled silence into her pillow. Looking around the room, she noticed everyone else still asleep, but beginning to stir.

She could smell bacon and eggs cooking in the kitchen, figuring that Aunt Judy was up, Sarah threw some clothes on and wandered out to the kitchen, making enough noise that everyone else in the room began to open their eyes. Gail, knowing her cunt was cleanly shaven, and not wanting anyone else to know, quickly slipped her skirt up over her hips and under then night shirt. Ginny and Mary fumbled around finding something to put on and shortly after, all three wandered down the hallway making their way to the kitchen. Ginny said her head was a little clouded from a mild hangover and took 2 aspirin to ease her way into the morning. Judy in a snickering kind of voice exclaimed that we all had fun last night, some more than others, looking over at Gail. Of course Judy had no idea what had happened in the bedroom last night, and meant that Gail and her were in control of the others, but Gail thought she knew and turned beet red. At the same time, Gail’s nipples stiffened from recalling last night’s humiliation catching Judy’s notice. Ginny piped up that we should play the same game next weekend and give her and Mary an opportunity to win back their lost pride. Judy smirked and said, "some things can never be put back in the bottle," but she was up for “playing” next weekend and looked over to Gail to concur. Gail looked over to Sarah, seemingly seeking approval which was noticed by Judy, who saw Sarah nod in agreement quickly followed by Gail saying, “yes, let’s do that.” Sarah jumped in to the conversation and suggested that she join the game as a fifth, and not a servant. A quick survey of the room led to total agreement, and plans were set for next Saturday night.

Everybody finished their coffees, and Ginny, Mary and Gail packed up their things and headed for their cars to go home, leaving Sarah and Judy to clean up in time for Judy’s daughters to come in later that morning. Upon arriving home, Gail made some small talk with her husband in the kitchen, and headed up the stairs to take a shower staying that she and the girls had been up all night playing cards, and she smelled like an ashtray. She entered the bathroom, dropped her skirt and pulled the night shirt up over her head, and stretched her arms out over her head with a giant exhale, then opened her eyes to view her shaven pussy in the bathroom mirror, and nearly passed out from shock with what she saw. Standing right there is front of her was a mirror reflection of a naked woman with a shaved cunt and words written above her nipples and where her pubic hair was. Puzzled, it took her a few more seconds to realize that it said “cunt eater” on her tits and “Sarah’s cunt” between her legs. “Holy Shit”, Gail said at the top of her lungs. Her husband hearing her yelled up the stairs, “Everything all right?” Fumbling for words, she mumbled loudly, “I just spilled the shampoo on the floor, I’ll be down shortly.” She was thinking, “What the fuck am I going to do now.” She got out a washcloth and tried scrubbing the words off, but all she did was make her skin red with irritation. In a word, she was fucked. The sight of herself in the mirror was humiliating, but she noticed that her nipples were rock hard, and her pussy was creaming something fierce, and her clit was starting its own heart beat. While she was looking in the mirror, her hand slid down to her pussy, she parted her pussy lips and began massaging her clit in a circular motion. Slowly at first, then more quickly, she lowered her other hand to her now sopping cunt, and used one hand to continue massaging her clit and the other the gently spread her cunt lips and begin finger fucking herself. All the while she was staring at the sight in the mirror, wondering what she had turned in to, but enjoying the sight and the feeling between her legs. As she began to approach orgasm, her knees began to buckle, and she propped herself up against the wall with a thud, spreading her legs further apart to give her better access to her wanting cunt. She was quickly approaching the point of no return, breathing heavily and sweating profusely when the bathroom door swung open and her husband said, “are you ok, I thought I heard you….” Stopping in mid sentence, and staring at the spectacle in front of him. “What the fuck….," seeing not only his wife satisfying herself, but zeroing in on what was written on her its, " what kind of party were you at last night." Gail, was just at the beginning of her orgasm, and was past the point of no return, as she buckled into a self induced orgasm against the wall of her bathroom, in front of her husband. She lowered her head and slid down the wall, ending up sitting, naked, in front of her husband, with both her hands covered in cunt juice, still between her parted legs, still breathing heavily and with beads of sweat running down her body.

The sight of his wife in this position was enough to get his cock’s attention, and he could feel it growing inside his pants. Looking down at his wife in this state made him think more about getting his rocks off than about why she had the words “cunt eater” written on her tits. Looking down at her, he said, "As long as I get to watch you eating cunt, I'm ok, I assume you still eat cock." With that, he lowered his zipper, pulled out his stiffening cock and pressed its head up against Gail's lips. Without hesitation, Gail's opened her mouth to take her husbands cock in. Gail normally gave good head, and he never had to forcefully do anything as Gail would bob her head up and down, sucking and licking her way to a mouth full of cum. This time, he was too turned on, and she was too worn out, so he began fucking her mouth, and with her head against the wall his cock slammed into the back of her throat with each thrust. This forced Gail to control her breathing so that she could take to pounding her mouth was taking. Once her breathing was under control, to her surprise, her husbands cock slipped past its normal stopping point at the back of her throat and down her throat. This was instantly noticed by her husband who ground his pubic hair into Gail lips with each thrust. Gail was having trouble controlling her breathing, as her wandering fingers had found her cunt again and she was approaching another orgasm at the same time her husband would pause with his cock buried deep in her throat. She could feel his cock pulsing, knowing that a flood of cum would fill her mouth soon. Gail came first, with her fingers deep inside her cunt, gasping for more air, the her husband came with his engorged cock unleashing a flood of cum that between her struggle for oxygen and his need to keep his cock buried in her throat spurted out of Gail's mouth, down her chin and o to her tits. After a few more shots of cum shot out of his cock, he stepped back to admire the sight.

He looked down as his sweaty, cum drenched wife that had "cunt eater" written on her tits, with complete satisfaction, sensing that his world had changed for the good in the last 24 hours. As Gail moved her glistening hands from between her legs, out of the corner of his eye he noticed something written on Gail's pussy. Looking closer as Gail was getting up he saw plain as day the words "Sarah's Cunt" written clear as day on his wife pussy. "Who's Sarah," he asked. Gail turned beet red, lowered her head a bit, before raising it and looking into her husband's eyes, "It's a long story, I got in a little over my head last night." In perverted way, he couldn't wait for the explanation....


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Oh yes. Perfect. I have seen this on a friend, and she was so embarassed

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