McKenzie finds a partner in crime in her brothers GF Sylvia!
Sylvia knocked on the door and when McKenzie opened it she asked, You ready? What do you need to talk to me about Syl, where’s Ryan. He’s working and he’s very upset and we need to talk so come on. She follows Mac out the door and they get in her dads truck and leave. What’s wrong with Ryan she asks, what’s he upset about. She tells her what Ryan saw and says, He’s really upset because he thinks Austin forced you to fuck him but he didn’t did he? No she answers, her face turning beet red as she realizes other people know what they did. You were just curious about sex weren’t you Mac? Yeah I guess, she says. I told Ryan that and I could tell he was upset that you didn’t come to him because he’s older and could show you more than Austin, him being a virgin and all; well I guess he isn’t now is he, nor you.
He said it looked like Austin was hurting you with his dick because you were moaning and screaming as he fucked you, is that true? I find it hard to believe a boy his age is that big that he’d hurt a girl. Mac was embarrassed to talk about any of this but knowing that she knew she was afraid not to. He did hurt me, he’s really big and long and when he gets real excited he just beats it in my pussy and hurts me but it still felt really good. Now Sylvia is intrigued and asks, its probably because you were a virgin and your pussy is so small he just seemed big. But Mac held her hands up about a foot apart and said, No he really is about this long. Sylvia felt her pussy pulsing and moisture forming inside of her as she said, really, you saw it that good? Mac said yeah, I even sucked it and made it cum and I had both hands on it and my mouth and it was even longer. Sylvia almost moaned out loud hearing that, her breathing was getting faster as this conversation excited her.
She wanted to cum and she knew how she wanted to cum. Pulling into a mall parking lot she found a parking spot in a desolate part of the lot and parked between two empty trucks. Listen Mac, I have a plan that will make Ryan happy again and he won’t be mad at you or Austin but you have to promise me you won’t tell Ryan I suggested it or helped you do it. I don’t want to lose Ryan just because I helped you two. I’m afraid Ryan is going to tell your parents he’s so upset and we don’t want that do we Mac. Gosh no, that would be so horrible, god I’d be grounded for life and dad would beat Austin to death. Why are you helping us Syl if you know it might make Ryan mad? I told him I’d talk to you, girl to girl but I wouldn’t say that he had saw you, just try to find out if Austin had forced you or hurt you but not mentioning any names. But I know how exciting it is to fuck your brother and how naughty you feel as you make him cum knowing its so taboo. You mean when you fuck Ryan?...she asked No I mean when I fuck my brother.
Mac couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She had so many questions she wanted Syl to answer but Sylvia told her, listen Mac I have to know I can trust you not to tell anyone anything I’ve told you so I want you to do something for me. What, she asked? I want you to eat my pussy right now so I know you can’t tell anyone anything. She turned in the seat and lifted her right leg and placed her foot up on the seat exposing her bare shaved pussy. It was a bench seat and Mac just stared at her pussy and stammered, I…I..I haven’t ever…I..I..mean how do…I..don’t know. Syl cut her off and said just get down on the floor and lick me as she scooted her ass towards Mac. Mac was excited but she didn’t know if she wanted Syl to know it. She already knew she fucked her brother and that thought made her realize she had no choice and she slid off the seat and lowered her face near Syl’s pussy and Syl placed her hand on her head and pulled her to it saying you’re gonna love this Mac.
Mac smelled her excitement and saw the moisture gleaming at her pussy and she knew Syl was hot too and wanted Mac to eat her. Her pussy was hot and she could feel it as her face got close enough to lick her. Syl moaned loudly as Mac’s tongue found her clit and rolled it under it flatly. Yeah, like that baby, lick it good and you’ll make me cum. Take your panties off and play with your pussy while you suck me. Mac wanted that and she slid her panties off and dropped them as her fingers found her own clit and rubbed it. She was afraid someone was going to see them but Syl didn’t seem to care as she hunched and moaned as Mac slid her fingers into Syl’s pussy causing her to moan oh yeah you know what I like don’t you Mac. Soon Syl was holding her head and hunching fiercely into her mouth screaming suck it, eat my pussy you little cunt, make me cum…ohhhhhhh godddd.
It was then Syl got a smile on her face and hit the window switch and rolled the window next to Mac down and said, you like that? Mac turned and saw this young black guy standing at the window smiling and he said, yeah ats sum hot shit girls, ya makin my nigga dick hard as hell. Then Syl asks him, then why don’t you open the door and put that nigga dick in that pussy you’re staring at. He looks all around and seeing no-one opens the door and undoes his pants and pulls this monster black cock out and stands there behind the door stroking it. Mac had fantasized many times about fucking black guys and as she gazed at his cock she felt herself seething knowing he was going to fuck her pussy with it. He grabbed her by her ass and pulled her till she was laying with her upper body on the seat with her ass hanging over the side of the seat and began pressing his cock into her pussy.
Oh god its too big, its hurting me she said as he opened her pussy even more than Austin did. Yeah I hear dat a lot he says as he keeps hunching his dick into her pussy. Soon his fat tip is buried in her pussy and she’s laying on the seat moaning her love for his cock as he fucks her roughly. Syl has her camera out taking a vid of Mac moaning and lifting her pussy into his black cock as he pummels it deep inside her young twat. Its such a hot sight, his massive cock stretching her young white pussy and her moaning, begging for more, saying how much better his dick feels than Austins, how much fatter and more filling he is. Who is Austin the guy asks, her boyfriend? No her brother, Syl replies. Damn girl you a real fuckin freak slut, ya like dat brother dick in ya pussy? Yes, yes Mac moans..but not as good as yours..fuck me more please…don’t stop…oh I’m cummin again….oh god it hurts…so fuckin huge…fuckit!
Mac is lost to the sensations of fullness his fat dick gives her. She feels every hard inch as it throbs inside her tight young pussy. Her hips begin pressing back into him excitedly, thrusting into his hardest thrusts as he fucks her like he would an older woman, pounding his dick into her. Its easy to tell he likes to hurt white women with his black dick and he does but Mac loves it and seems to be crazed as she works her pussy on his dick until he grabs her by her hips and thrusts deep, forcefully, impaling her to his balls as she screams loudly, eyes agape, then her mouth opening but no sound escaping until she moans, oh fuck its so hot, I feel it, fuck, fuck he’s cumming in me, arrrrgghhHHHHH YES, YES, fuckit hard, pound your cum in me deep, oh god you’re making a baby in me. Fuck me, don’t stop.
Sylvia looks at him and smiles and says, she likes that black baby seed in her twelve year old pussy don’t she. His hips are thrusting into her as deep as possible as he groans damn dats good pussy. Then as it sinks in what Syl said his eyes open widely and he pulls his dick out and pulls his pants together and hurriedly gets in his truck and leaves. You liked his black cock didn’t you Mac. Mac couldn’t move as she lay there with his seed dripping from her gaped pussy and Syl made a movie of it oozing from her and sliding down to drip off her clit. Get back in here and finish eating me Mac. Mac groans and shuts the door and resumes eating Syl’s pussy as she continues making movies of her. She loved the way she cum and cum with her pussy stretched around his black dick as it made her feel like her pussy was ripping open. It was an even better hurt than Austin. Sylvia was hunching into her tongue now as she pressed it in deep amidst the slick fluids that filled her from the excitement of watching the black guy fuck her overwhelmed pussy.
Mac was beginning to suspect that Sylvia was a slut like she was and trying to hide it from Ryan but it didn’t matter because her brother had confided what he saw to her. She was glad she had caused the black guy to fuck her though as that was thrilling even if she probably was pregnant from the many spurts of hot cum she felt burning her pussy so deeply. She knew she would cum many times with that experience in her mind as well as on many more black dicks now that she knew she loved them. She liked how he just used her, fucked her hard and fast and more importantly deep and allowed her to feel his cum shooting into her and then just left and she didn’t have to talk to him or anything. She liked being used she realized and didn’t even need to like the guy fucking her or in his case even know him.
Sylvia liked making Mac eat her pussy, liked the feel of her young tongue sliding in her liquid filled pussy and having to drink her cum to keep from choking. She got a feeling of power controlling her and almost cum as she had that guy pound her sweet twat full of his nigger cum. She knew that movie made Mac her slave to suck her pussy or do any other vile thing she wanted her to from today on. Now she had to decide how to get Austin’s dick in her pussy and Ryan’s in Macs. Sylvia enjoyed having her pussy ate while watching people walking near-by.
When an SUV pulled into the parking spot the truck had vacated with a middle aged woman driving it, she stared at the woman, hoping she would see them. She loved the reaction on people’s faces when they saw her having any form of sex, even masturbating. The woman was beautiful and had long hair down over her shoulders and appeared to be looking in her purse for something when Mac suddenly began sucking her clit in earnest eliciting a loud moan from her lips at the sudden voltage like thrill. The woman glanced over at them at the sound of her pleasure and turned her head back before she realized what she had seen. She heard kids yelling and saw the woman glance behind her and say something before again glancing at them, this time staring as she watched Mac slurping her pussy juices eagerly. Sylvia had her hands on Mac’s head and was hunching her pussy up to her licking and sucking as she became more aroused each second the woman watched them. Soon the woman‘s gaze rose and their eyes met and the heat syl saw in those eyes had her cumming strongly as the woman communicated her desires to her through her gaze and the way her tongue slid wetly repeatedly over her full lips. She sees the woman lift in her seat and bend as if she’s removing her panties and then settle down as she continued to stare intently. Sylvia was kept cumming as much by watching the various stages of arousement the woman registered on her face as she was obviously manipulating her clit or pussy or both! Soon the womans eyes closed, her head lay back and her body jerked and trembled for long minutes before she again glanced at Mac who was diligently fingering Syl’s pussy as she sucked her clit and Syl’s head was flailing with the excitement of her orgasm as the woman watched with a searing need registering in her eyes.
The woman had obviously cum and she rolled her window down and stuck a business card into the window as a teen girl opened the passenger door and got in and the woman hurriedly pulled away. When syl relaxed from her latest orgasm she told Mac, I know you love eating my cum you little slut but you can stop now. She was right Mac acknowledged to herself, she did love eating her cum and sucking at her pussy and a part of her was disappointed she told her to stop. I’m taking you to my house and let you clean that black baby out of your pussy Mac. You’re in enough trouble without getting knocked up. Then we’re going to figure out how to get your brother Ryan to fuck you and Austin to fuck me tonight. Will you like that Mac, having Ryan fuck your pussy? I like having anybody fuck my pussy Sylvia don’t you. Yes I do she admitted now that she had no reason to fear Mac telling anyone anything, especially those big black dicks like the one you fucked today. My brother is half black, he’s the reason my dad left my mom, she used to fuck black men behind my dad’s back and she got pregnant by one. You’d love my brothers dick Mac, he’s even bigger then the guy you fucked today. Maybe some time he can fuck us both, he’d like that, and maybe we’ll include Austin with us. Austin? Why not Ryan she asked? Because Ryan doesn’t have a big dick she replied matter–of-factly and I like big dicks!
Mac couldn’t believe her good luck the last few days. Mac was aroused from eating Syl’s pussy and she sat with her thighs widely spread feeling her pussy, fingers sliding in the huge amount of cum inside her as her breathing became fast and shallow and she gripped her pussy tightly. Syl was riding alongside a semi and she saw Mac fingering her pussy and decided to give the trucker a treat and began riding alongside him where he could look down and see Mac playing with her pussy. They rode together for a mile or so and Mac was hunching strongly and close to cumming, her fingers deep inside her raking her slick walls when finally Syl said, lay your head back while you lift your legs and finger yourself deep Mac it really turns me on watching you. Mac did as she asked and when she lay her head back and glanced up she saw the trucker watching her with a serious look on her face. She knew she should stop but she couldn’t, it even pressed her closer to cumming knowing he was there. The truck guy is watching me Syl, I think I’m gonna cum. Is he smiling she asked. She glanced back up at him and their gazes locked and she could see how bad he wanted to fuck her in his eyes. She said no he isn’t. He’s probably got his dick in his hand jacking off then, he wants to put his dick in your pussy. Knowing that Mac began cumming hard, hips grinding in tight circles as her fingers drove deep inside her pussy as she tensed, her eyes gazing into his as his truck veered and his head jerked up and down and his mouth opened like he was moaning and he even closed his eyes for a second and Mac just cum even harder as she realized he had cum watching her.
Mission accomplished Syl said to her as she moaned her pleasure. God you’re such a slut mac, you remind me of myself when I was twelve. I bet if he’d of stopped you’d have fucked him wouldn’t you? Mac’s body was still jerking and spasming as she said, mmmmm yeah I’d like to have sucked his cum from his balls. I like sucking strangers dicks too Syl replied as she pulled up her driveway. Ryan has no idea you’re such a slut dos he Syl? No and you’re not going to tell him are you sweetie? Hmmm, No I’m not Syl, I think we’ll have a lot of fun together if I don’t! Syl showed her how to douche and gave her a few condoms of various sizes and said here keep these with you, you need to start carrying a purse to hide them and hope you can find someone that can fill the magnums tightly. Any guy that uses magnums is worth fucking even if he’s a real asshole she said grinning, like the guy today, he’d be a magnum size.
Now about tonight here’s what I want you to do……..and she explained her plan to her. Then she took her home all fresh and nice with the bags of things she had bought earlier before she picked Mac up. Just some things from the shopping trip we were supposed to be going on remember? You plan everything don’t you Syl, I pity Ryan you’re two steps ahead of him all the time. Look, listen, and learn little one! With the slut pussy you have you’ll have to learn to scheme like me or forever be known to be a slut instead of a victim.
Mac went in and after dinner Austin said he was going to go lay down and study, with his gaze on Mac trying to communicate to her that he was horny. She pretended not to notice and began helping her mom clean up the dinner dishes telling her the things Syl had bought her and how she had tried to tell her about boys and warning her how they lied to get what they wanted and everything. Her mom was so glad she was talking to Syl about these things because she felt awkward doing it and Mac didn’t listen to her anyway. Ryan was lucky to have Syl her mom said and Mac almost laughed in her face. She wondered what she’d say if she saw the video Syl had made of her cumming on that black dick. That memory caused her to pulse with need and she glanced at the clock trying to will it to nine P.M. when her mother would be asleep and a half hour before Ryan would be home and two hours before her dad got home.
At 8 P.M. her mom said good-night and kissed her and told her not to stay up too late. She watched as her mom took a sleeping pill and thought Satan must be on our side tonight. Her mom was dead for four hours when she took one of those, a bomb couldn’t wake her much less her moans and screams. She smiled knowing soon she would be impaled on Austins dick! She waited till 8:45 and went upstairs and opened the bedroom door and saw Austin laying there with his eyes closed and stroking his cock. She left the door cracked knowing that it always drifted open a few inches when it wasn’t closed all the way. She undressed and climbed astraddle his dick as she said, mom took a sleeping pill an hour ago, he didn’t reply as she placed his dick at her entrance and began pushing down. Moans filled the room as she felt his dick opening her and she thought god I love to fuck, love feeling a hot dick inside my pussy. She took it slow, she didn’t want to be so excited she missed Ryan as he looks in the open door.
I love your pussy Mac, Austin said to her and she said I know, your dick feels so hot and good I wish I could keep it in me all the time. I just want to fuck it real slow tonight and enjoy it while we don’t have to worry about mom. Yeah but what about Ryan he asked, you know he’d freak out and tell on us probably. I think Syl said they were doing something tonight so we don’t have to worry. Besides don’t you think he might want some sister pussy too?.....probably not he has Sylvia remember and you know how he is he won’t cheat on her. She doesn’t reply but she thinks, well we’ll see cause I have nothing to lose he knows anyway!
She’s grinding her pussy into his dick and rubbing her clit on his balls when she thinks she hears something on the stairs. Right on time she thinks as she looks at the floor so he doesn’t see her looking as Syl told her to do. And just as she said he stops outside the door and stares inside the room as her heart beats faster knowing he’s watching them. Its just then the door decides to drift open and she looks up and their gazes lock and she goes motionless. He knows I’ve seen him, come on Ryan, just once in your life act human your mind screams. He does, he opens the door and stands there as she pulls the blanket up as if she’s trying to hide herself. His eyes are glazed and there’s a lump in his pants. She just sits there on Austins dick and he hasn’t seen Ryan yet because her body blocks his view. What’s wrong he asks her, don’t stop, fuck me. Ryan closes the door and takes his zipper down and pulls his dick out and says, yeah sis don’t stop. Just suck this while you fuck your brother’s dick. Damn, she thinks, she was right, he does want to fuck me. Austin sees him now and doesn’t say a word as his cock jerks in her pussy. She slowly lowers the blanket so he can see all of her and says, no big brother, it’s your turn to fuck me while I suck Austin’s dick. She lifts off Austin’s cock and gets on her hands and knees with her ass towards Ryan and begins sucking her brothers big cock good and hard for syl’s pussy.
She was right again, she had said no guy can resist a blowjob or a piece of ass even if it is his sister. She was right about Ryan’s cock sadly, it wasn’t near the size of his younger brother but it was a tad thicker so she felt it against her love tunnel better as she clenched down on him. He was stroking in her pussy at a nice steady pace when he said we better hurry in case mom gets up. Austin pipes up, she took a sleeping pill so we’re good till dad gets home. Ryan had just said words that would haunt him for a long time as he said, damn sis your pussy is tighter than Sylvia’s, hotter too. I think we’re gonna fuck a lot from now on.
Is that right you low life sister fuckin bastard? God look at you, its bad enough you’re cheating on me but its your sister you have your dick in up to your balls. Ryan begins stammering quickly, why……you’re supposed to be home. Oh so that gives you the right to stick your dick up your twelve year old sister’s pussy you fuckin pervert. You two are really fuckin pussies taking advantage of her with your older dicks. Did they make you do this Mac, did they threaten you or something? N..N..No I wanted to do it Syl. Why would a young girl like you want these two asses to take advantage of you. Because of this Mac says as she shakes Austin’s dick at her. Sylvia becomes quiet and stands there staring at Austins cock. His tip is swollen huge and it’s every bit as long as Mac said it was. She had planned on pretending to be awed by his dick and it was very easy acting. Syl’s pussy was filling as she thought of fucking it, anticipating it even.
Well I can see how you might be influenced by something so big, but it’s your brother’s Mac. Ryan is smart enough to see her infatuation with Austin’s cock but when she says she should go wake their mom up and tell her what’s going on they all, begin stammering. Syl sits down close to Austin’s cock and licks her lips making sure they all see her mesmerized by the cock in front of her. Or, Syl, you could just fuck Austin, and that would make you even with Ryan for fucking me. Mac feels Ryan’s dick pulse within her at that suggestion. I don’t know, Syl murmurs as she takes Austin’s dick in her hand and squeezes it. He’s so young, don’t you feel like a pervert fucking someone as young as your sister is Ryan. it’s just fucking Syl, I mean it isn’t like we plan on getting married or anything. Yeah but what if someone finds out? I mean it would make me feel less of a fool for being with someone that’s doing what you’ve done behind my back, but maybe I should find someone older to get even with you with.
Tell her it’s alright Ryan can’t you see she wants to fuck Austin’s big dick but she’s afraid she’ll lose you if she fucks your brother. And then Mac adds or should she just tell mom. Is that true Syl, would you like to fuck Austin? Well I’ve never had anything that big( Damn she’s sooo fucking good, Mac thinks) and I am curious what it would feel like but wouldn’t you be mad. Mac squeezes his dick hard with her pussy and he says reluctantly, no it would just be fair and after all if we do it with each other it might be fun and none of us are going to ever tell anyone, how could we. Syl leans forward and opens her mouth like she’s going to suck Austin’s cock but quickly pulls back and says, oh I just know you’re gonna hate me if you watch me do this.
Mac thinks, fuck this girl is good. Ryan is almost beggin her to fuck his brothers’ dick as he says no I won’t, hell it might turn me on watching you take his big dick, like it did when Mac took it. Mac pretended surprise and said, you saw me and Austin last night? He blushed and said yeah but I didn’t say anything though. Instead he just came back tonight and got some of your pussy too Mac, Syl said pretending annoyance. Her mouth closed over Austin’s tip while she seemed to glare at Ryan in anger and his hips rose quickly and he moaned as her tongue began running around his crown. Ryan’s dick stiffened as he watched his girlfriend expertly suck his brothers’ big dick. Soon Syl was hunching her pussy down into Austin’s dick and cumming repeatedly as she told Ryan how much bigger his brothers dick was than his, how much better she cum on it and how she wanted to fuck him every day. It seemed the more she said the hotter Ryan became until he was pounding his dick into Macs pussy and making her cum hard too.
Syl looked at Mac as they both cum hard and winked as her way of saying, Look, Listen, and Learn. Then she bent and kissed her heatedly and whispered to her, next time they will watch us take black dick up our asses. They both laughed and there was no doubt in Mac’s mind Sylvia would see that it happened and these two would be begging them to do it! But Sylvia was thinking ahead to the day when their parents would be here with them fucking and sucking. Her determination was boundless and she bet their dad had a huge cock with Ryan’s thickness and Austin’s length and she wanted it! McKenzie was learning from Syl though and she smiled thinking of the camcorder running across the room. She had some plans of her own and she knew just the dog to fuck Sylvia. She knew Syl would be up for it because it turned her on too! Look, Listen and Learn…Mac was a star pupil!

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