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Yesterday was the best babysitting session I ever had...
So we have had babysitting posters up for a while now advertising me.
I like babysitting kids anywhere from 6 - 12 years old. Never did I think
about having sex with any of the kids. (Keep in mind i'm 15)
So yesterday I got a call from a couple saying they need their 10 year old
boy to be watched overnight while they go to a party. I never babysat
overnight before so I thought it might be cool to just hang around and play
some video games with him and order a pizza. And the best part, I get
payed for it!

So they offer me $150 for the night and I do it. When I get there they
introduce me to him. His name is Steven. He was a very outgoing kid
and was not shy at all. The parents leave almost right away at 7:30 pm.
So I ask him what he wants to do and he says he suggests we play
black ops. So I play a zombie game with him for a while. After about 2
hours we get bored and he says he's hungry. So I order a pizza at an
odd hour. I had 1 slice and he had 3. After we were done eating it was
10 pm. I asked him when he goes to bed and he told me 1 am.

Me: What? But you're only 10
Steven: All my friends go to bed at 3 am.
Me: Your friends are obviously lying
Steven: I swear to god
Me: Wow. When I was 10 I had to go to bed at 10...

So things after that got pretty boring. He started watching tv in his room
and I went on their computer. I was on facebook and I saw a sexy picture
of one of my friends and then I got really horny. I checked to make sure the
upstairs door was shut. I opened a new tab for a quik escape incase Steven
came down. I started watching some porn. My dick got hard so I pulled down
my pants and started rubbing it. I was so horny that I completely took off my
pants, but then decided that was too risky, so I pulled them back up so that
just my dick was showing. I was watching a sexy video when something
popped up causing the computer to freeze with the video STILL RUNNING!
I start tapping the computer hoping Steve wouldn't come down. And to my
luck, the door opens and he runs downstairs.

I quickly turn off the computer screen but I panic he saw what was on.
He asks what that was and I say facebook. Then I hear a moan from
the speakers and realize the speakers are still on. I quickly turn them off.
He starts laughing.
Steven: What was that?
Me: A stupid pop up.
Steven: Are you watching sex?
Me: What?
I start to fake laugh.
He tries to turn on the screen but it shove his arm away. Then he starts
choking me. I escape his attack and start play wrestling him. He was having
fun because he was laughing very hard. So I let him tackle me to the ground
and I end up at the bottom. (Keep in mind I still have a boner) Then I flip him over
so that his ass was on my crotch. Then I notice that I feel really comfortable
in this position. It actually feels really good... My boner is poking his young
perfect ass. I fealt so good that I tried to stay in that position for a long time.
He didn't move either. Maybe he fealt good too? But then he started to try
to break free and I let him go. But then he got up and hit the computer screen
button. He saw the porn video playing.
Steven: I knew it.
Me: Dude this is something kids do at my age you'll understand soon..
Steven: I know. I watch sex too.
Me: Really? But you're only 10
Steven: I masturbate too dude
Me: Wow.. I didn't start that until I was 13..
Steven: Do you do it too?
Me: Of course. All kids my age do.
Steven: Have you had sex yet?
Me: Nope
Steven: How big is your dick
I was very shocked to hear that from a 10 year old. Then (you won't believe this)
to my suprise, he pulls down his pants and shows me his penis. There was no hair
at all.
Steven: Mine is big right?
I didn't know what to say as I was very shocked and was actually shaking..
Me: Yea it's big...
Steven: Can I see yours?
I start to nervously laugh.
Me: What?
Steven: Let me see your dick dude.
Me: Come on kid this is weird..
Steven: How is it weird dude
Me: I'm 15... You're 10.. I can't do this I can get in trouble...
Steven: I won't tell anyone dude
My dick has become so hard that he can see it through my pants.
He was staring at it and began to laugh.
Steven: You have a boner?
Me: Well yea i'm watching porn
(I actually had the huge boner from seeing his young dick)
Then to my suprise he tries to pull down my pants. I move away because I didn't
like where this was going. I didn't need to get in trouble for having sex with a 10
year old boy.
Then he started takling me again and he pushed me onto the couch. His dick was
as hard as it could get probably and it was swinging around as he attacked me.
I was so horny and he was all over me too.. Next thing I knew he pulled my pants
down. I didn't know where he was going with this.
Me: Ok that's my dick kid
Steven: It's huge dude!
Me: Yea i'm 5 years older than you...

And of course, he started touching my dick.
Me: what are you doing?

-Check my next story.

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2011-08-19 10:07:05
Next time label your fag story as such.

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2011-08-19 01:41:23
omfg i wish i was you.
i want to be a babysitter now

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