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Read part 1 first
So Steven started touching my dick...
I was really nervous and couldn't believe this was happening.
I've always thought about having sex at a young age, but
not with a 10 year old. And not with a boy!

Steven: Will mine get that big dude?
Me: probably. lets go play video games
But he continued to touch my penis.

Steven: feel mine dude its hard

I couldn't believe what was happening. 10 year olds
know about all of this stuff now? What has happened?
But since we got this far, I thought "why not?"
So I reached over and started touching his decent sized
dick. Then, I started rubbing it for him. He started making
moaning like noises.
Then he started rubbing mine too. It fealt so good.

Steven: how long does it take you to cum?
Me: not long I guess
He starts rubbing me harder.
So I start rubbing him harder.
I start to squeeze his ass.
When I feel like i'm about to cum, I think
"maybe I can cum in his ass"
Me: turn around for a sec kid
Steven: Why
Me: I want to see your butt
Steven: Why would you want to see my butt?
Me: Because when you get older, you start to like butts
I turn him around and look at his perfect ass. A flawless
ass. These young asses are not meant to be touched in this
world. I am one of the lucky few who got to.
I start to feel around his ass. Then, I stick my tongue out
and lick his butt cheek. He starts to laugh.
Steven: what are you doing?
Me: Licking your ass
Steven: thats gross dude
Me: Does it feel good?
He doesn't answer. So I make the next move. I stick my tongue
into his tight asshole. He jumps.
Steven: why would you lick my butt?
Me: because you have a perfect ass kid
I give him an amazing rim job, one I will never forget. I don't
know if all asses feel this good, but this was fucking amazing.
I spread open his legs and then stretch his but thole open.
Perfect butt and perfect but thole. I stick my tongue in as far as
it could go. I buried my face in his smooth ass. Then he farted
in my face and he started to laugh like crazy. I jump out of his ass
and tell him what the fuck? He was still laughing.
But then I realized, even though the fart smells bad, it fealt good
when he farted. I told him to do it again. He thought I was very
weird. I buried my face in his ass and he farted again. He was
still laughing. I told him to keep doing it because it fealt so good.
I would never lick farts out of an older man/woman, but coming
from a 10 year old boy, it's just... different.. So for about 5
minutes I was eating his farts and he started to like it.

Me: you want my dick up your smelly ass?
Steven: its too big dude that will hurt
Me: if you don't do it now you'll never get to see what it feels like.
After a while I convinced him to do it.
I stuck my gigantic dick into his tight smelly but thole.
He started moaning and it sounded like he was in pain.
I pushed in a little further and then he screamed.
I took it out and said I won't do it.
But to my surprise, he told me to keep going.
I stuck my dick back in and went further. I went very
slowly until I was all the way in. He was in pain
I could tell, but maybe he was also enjoying it?
I pull back then push in again and then repeat.
After about 10 seconds he starts moaning in
pleasure and tells me to go harder. I start pushing
much harder. It felt amazing. I wanted to cum in his
ass. I could feel it coming up. He told me it felt good.
After about 10 more seconds I cumed in his ass.
He tells me that feels really good. I pull out and let
him lick the rest of the cum off my dick. I was surprised
he knew to do that. Then after that, I started to make
out with him. I stuck my tongue in his mouth and started
squeezing his ass again. He didn't know how to french
kiss but I didn't care. I threw him on the couch and jumped
on top of him. Even though I ejaculated, I still wanted more.
About half an hour of kissing, ass licking, and blowjobs,
we finally fell asleep.
It was very awkward the next morning as to what to say
when we woke up. His parents weren't to get home until
1 pm. I told him last night was fun and he said yea.
Me: Want to do this again some time kid?
Steven: Maybe
Me: If you ever tell anyone we will both be in big trouble
Steven: I know
For breakfast I had a slice of pizza (odd breakfast)
Steven wanted to have sex right now but I said
his parents could get home early. It was already 11 am.
Steven: We have time dude.
He started grabbing my dick.
Me: You're one horny 10 year old
He grabbed my dick and started rubbing it.
I just sat there and let him do it.
I really wanted to do it again, but
I couldn't take a chance. He tried to take
my pants off but I told him we can do this
again some other time.
He told me that he would tell his parents to hire me
next week too.
I thought that sounded good.
I was so happy I found such a young
"friend with benefits"

I don't plan on having sex with boys my whole life. A little kid's
body really resembles a woman's body.
And I really like smooth skin,
But this was one of the best experiences of my life..

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2012-02-11 21:04:20
AqWPUM The material is on the five plus. But there is a minus! My internet speed 56kb/sek. The page was loading for about 40 seconds!...

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2011-08-22 00:17:57
wtf is wrong with you dude your 15 and hes 10 and a boy!

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2011-08-20 13:00:20
To the homophobic ass holes that are brave enough to comment anonymously... I'll be just as brave as you. Since you objected so strongly the theme, you must recognize yourself in the story.

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2011-08-19 15:17:49
Dude, label this shit as Gay, I'm thinking this had a hot babe in it!

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Again, label your fag storys so decent people can avoid them

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