The continuation of my first submission. I *still* don't condone any of this stuff, but I get off reading stories about 'em. If you don't like reading about incest, underage, violence or rape, go elsewhere. Otherwise, enjoy!
That night he woke around one a.m. with a painful hard-on. He's been dreaming, about his ex this time. In his dream he cut off her clothes, item by item, hitting her when she tried to stop him. He struck her over and over, knocking her down when she tried to escape. He pulled her to her knees and grabbed her by the hair, yanking her face to his groin and forcing his swollen cock into her throat. He jerked her head back and forth on his prick, cruelly fucking her throat.

She choked and gagged on it, constricting her throat around it. He was humiliating her and it felt so good, but he knew how to take it even further. "Denise, you stupid cunt, can you taste the pussy on my cock? I've got a hot little bitch even better than you and you're sucking her off my dick. I shot into her pussy twice- maybe I'll knock her up and she can disappear just like your sorry ass." He was pretty much jerking off with her face by now, pulling her head back and forth. "You want to know who it is?" Her wide eyes begged him to stop, which just spurred him on. "It's Karen. Our daughter. Your little girl is my little cunt now. She'll take care of Daddy's cock whenever I want her to. Bet you wish you'd stayed, you slut." He backhanded her off his penis, shiny with her saliva. "You're not even worth my cum."

And now he lay awake, horny as hell. And shrugged. He may as well follow through. He got up and went to Karen's room.

He pushed the door open and saw her asleep, curled up on one side, next to the wall. He walked softly to the bed and gently took the blanket down. Glancing under her nightgown, he noticed she had forgone panties. She probably didn't want to chafe. Not that he cared.

He carefully rolled her onto her back and pulled her nightie to her waist, spreading her legs as he went along. He touched her pussy lightly to make sure she was still wet. She was- she probably still had plenty of his incestuous sperm in her.

He climbed onto the bed and between her legs, pinning her wrists with both hands just as her eyes popped open. "Not a word, Karen," he growled in her ear. "You take what your daddy gives you, like a good girl." His hips guided his erection to her slippery vagina and he plunged into her. He meant to enjoy his daughter for longer than the last time. He fucked her with deep, hard thrusts, her sixteen-year-old cunt clasping him tightly as he slid in and out of her. "That's a good girl," he moaned. He'd never known that young pussy could feel this good.

She winced and whimpered beneath him as he pounded into her hot teenage slit. "Doesn't it feel good, sweetheart?" he grunted. "If not, then I guess we'll just have to practice till we get it right!" Her tight, slick hole was just as incredible as it had been the previous day, and he was just as inflamed by the tears slipping from the corners of her eyes.

He pulled out sharply, making her gasp. "Roll over," he said tersely. She looked bewildered, unsure what he wanted. It gave him an excuse and he struck her across the face, her shriek of pain and surprise sounding so very sweet. "Turn over, bitch! On your hands and knees!" She complied and he took her by the hips, using them to pull her ass up a little, and rammed back into her from behind, fucking her even harder than before. She felt even tighter around his prick that way. "Is this better, baby? Does it feel good yet? Daddy likes it." He used his grasp on her hips to pull her back against him with every stroke. Her ass slapped rhythmically against his stomach as he neared orgasm.

"Daddy's gonna fuck you every day, Karen. Daddy's gonna cream inside your pretty little pussy until you make a baby for him." He didn't know why that thought made him so hot, but it didn't really matter. "Daddy's gonna fuck his little girl until she likes it... cum inside his baby to plant another baby..." His movements were frenzied now, and she cried out in pain every time his lengthy penis hit her cervix. "Daddy's gonna teach you to love his cock... love his cum... shit, Karen! Daddy's cumming-"

His full weight came down on her back as he exploded inside her, pumping her full of his incestuous seed, trying his best to impregnate his little girl. She collapsed beneath him, feeling the throbbing of his orgasm and the warmth of his semen, deep inside her young, fertile womb.

She was having trouble breathing under her father's weight, but he didn't give a damn. She started gasping as he raised himself up and pulled out of her, but she didn't have long to enjoy the relief.. He came to the head of the bed and grabbed her by the hair. "Clean it, Karen," he said. She hesitated a second too long and he yanked it, hard. "Open your mouth and clean my cock, bitch!"

She took his dick in her mouth, crying silently. She licked the cum and cunt juice off his balls and sucked it off his cock. "Awww, fuck yeah," he sighed aloud, beginning to gently fuck his daughter's face, thrusting his cock between her lips over and over. Karen tried pulling back a bit but he grabbed her head and pushed himself deeper into her throat, his cock at full erection.

She gagged and choked, flailing her arms, as he pulled her head onto his rock-hard penis with every thrust. He loved her frantic expression. "Daddy's little slut likes sucking cock, doesn't she?" he groaned. "You love Daddy's big cock in your mouth, don't you." It was not a question. She was beginning to suck in earnest, using her tongue, probably trying to get him off quickly. How cute. He yanked his prick out of her mouth with an audible pop. "I think my little whore wants my cum!" he announced. She stared at him, wide-eyed and trembling. He sat next to her on the bed and softly caressed her cheek. In a near-whisper he said, "I wouldn't be so selfish as to keep it from you, baby. You can have Daddy's cum all you like."

With that he pushed her down and used one knee to spread her, exposing her tight teen pussy still drooling with her father's semen. His cock slid into her slippery twat easily. It was, amazingly, still tight. As he worked himself in and out of his daughter, he noticed that she seemed to have resigned herself to being fucked repeatedly by her own father. It was time to get a little something out of her, he thought.

"Karen," he said, driving hard into his little girl, "Karen, tell Daddy you like this." She wasn't even looking at him, her head turned limply to one side, so he took her chin and pointed her face toward him. "I want to hear you say, 'Fuck me, Daddy'." She remained silent, except for the little grunts as he slammed into her hot cunt. He grabbed her left nipple and twisted it, hard. She yelped in pain. "Say it, slut! Say 'Fuck me, Daddy, I need your cock!' Tell me you want me to cum in your cunt, Karen. Tell Daddy you want it."

"F-f-fuck me, Daddy," she said miserably.

He twisted the other nipple. "You can do better than that, bitch." He was banging the little whore good and hard now, but he still wanted to hear the magic words.

She took a shuddering breath and said, "Fuck me, Daddy! I want you to cum inside me!" Oooh, that was good.

"Now that's more like it, Karen. Keep talking."

She was crying again, but still managed to sound sincere, even beneath the pounding thrusts of his thick cock. "I need your cock, Daddy! Cum in my pussy. Put a baby in me, Daddy! Give it to me!"

"Oh GOD, Karen, that's it baby! That's it... uhh, oh, FUCK your little cunt feels good around my cock! Tell me how much you want it, baby!"

Was she moving her hips a little, or was it his imagination? "I want it, Daddy! Cum in me! Fuck me with your big cock till you cum in my pussy!"

He was fucking her so hard he had to be hurting her, but he didn't care. "Yeah, princess, Daddy's gonna cum! Daddy's gonna fill up your sweet tight cunt, baby. Daddy's gonna knock you up real good... He felt his balls drawing up tight as his cock started to throb. "Cumming, bitch!"

With a shuddering thrust he came inside his teenaged daughter, spurting his hot incestuous seed deep inside her body for the fourth time. He groaned and clasped her rigid body tightly as he emptied himself into his little girl.

"Mmm," he sighed, kissing her neck gently. "Daddy likes it when you're a good girl for him like this." He continued kissing her neck, her face, her shoulders. She actually relaxed a little beneath him. He pulled out of her, gently this time, and tucked her back into bed, lovingly kissing her forehead. He went to the door. "I love you, baby," he said, and closed the door behind him.

More to come!

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