Part 1
It started out as an idea
If the brain creates brainwaves, isnt it possible to alter them like a sound wave?
This was how mind reprogramming was born
Once you translated the brain waves into lines of data, you could edit the mind to do anything
Smokers could stop their habits, ex-cons could never commit another crime, and phycopaths could be calm once more. The year is 2016 and mind reprograming is one of the richest buisnesses in the world. This is the story of two programmers getting what they want


Jill had always been concerned with her looks. She was one of those girls who were told be everyone that she was beautiful, yet she herself had doubted this. In reality, this girl was hot. Red hair, green eyes, and a smoking rack. She walked into the clinic and put on her lab coat. Sitting down at her desk, she began to review her clients for the day. She was reading about a cocaine addict when hannah walked in.
" hey jill. Hows the list going?"
Jill looked up breifly at hannah. Hannah wasnt such a looker compared to jill, but she had her line of guys after her. Beside, legand has it her sex life was wild. Her preverted mind showed that.

"the usual addicts. We have a cocaine addict coming in 20 minutes. You better get ready" replied jill.

"any hotties?" hannah asked as she went into the locker room.

"Ill let you know!" Jill said, smiling slightly

Her smiled disappeared however when she say who was after her first client.

"Hannah, did you know dave was on this list?"

Hannah almost flew next to her shoulders

"What? Why?"

Jill flipped though some papers

"looks like he's got phobias of heights. He must be using his employee discount for such a small thing."

" whos got a small thing?" said a voice from the doorway

"speak of the devil, dave your ten minutes late." hannah said without even looking up from the sheet

"i got stuck in traffic." he said as he walked in the computer room

"looks like im not the only one whos late. Wheres that druggie?" dave stated from behind a desk of monitors

Right then the paitent walked though the door. Hannah greeted him and walked him into the reprogramming room. She put his head under a half sphere and he went out cold. The monitors infront of dave began to light up and started to produce lines of computer code. He began to scroll down them , looking for that one line of data that had the addiction. Suddenly he stopped scrolling down and smiled. He highlighted a bit and deleted it. He then began to relay the code back into the patients mind and he woke up. He slowly sat up and hannah walked over to him and began to question him. After that was done he was free to go.

"we're done earily." proclaimed Hannah.

"That was tiring" complained a yawning dave

Jill smiled slowly
"that was tiring? You really need to spend more energy at work and less energy banging your girlfriend."

The trio laughed, since everyone knew about how daves sex life was. Lets just say he's not allowed to wear any pants when home with his gf.

"i guess we should start on you dave" said Jill

"dont browse through my head, okay hannah!" he said with a smile

Hannah, barely looking up, replied " just lie down before i reprogram you to think your a dog."

After they set everything up the put the half sphere over his head and he blacked out

Jill and Hannah both crowded around the monitors and began to look at the steady flow of data on the monitors. Soon they found the peice of data the were looking for and deleted it. Before Jill tapped the enter key Hannah grabbed her hand

"wait, you want to look around abit?" she said with a slight smile.

" i thought youd never ask. Shall we start with his memories or his motor controls?"

Hannah laughed and said "lets see how many times hes banged his girl friend."

Jill began to scroll down to his memory banks. When they saw the number they were both looking for they gasped.

"8,821 times! Thats... Thats close to seven times a day!" exclaimed Jill

Hannah began to scroll farther down

"Hey look at this. The Rules of Sex. They have a rulebook about how to do it?"

Jill seemed to recover from the shock and looked at the screen.
" Rules of Sex? What are they?"

Hannah began to scroll down.

" rule no.1 no pants in the apartment
Rule no.2 they have to have sex atleast 7 times a day
Rule no.3 they only can seperate while doing it once both of them have cummed
Rule no.4 if any one of the rules are broken the she dumps him"

Both of the girls looked at the screen for a moment, pondering about what life must be like for dave

"you know, we could program him to do just about anything, right?" hannah said

" hannah, you know its illegal. We could go to jail for it." Jill replied, although she didnt seemed interested in that fact at the moment.

"come on, whats the worst that could happen. We're programmers, not crooks. Here, let me show you how its done."

Hannah grabbed the keyboard and mouse and scrolled to the part labeled motor controls. She began to type furiously. Jill soon leaned over and look at what she was typing. After afew seconds she stoped and smiled.

"guess what dave no longer has control over." she said as she leaned back

" you didnt! He'll lose his girlfriend!" Jill said with a smile

" dont worry, i added a keyword so that he can still do it. The only difference is the we control when he cant and can do it."she said, almost smiling

Jill bit her lip, smiled and grabbed the keyboard. Ten seconds later she sat back as well

" you think your so good. Guess what he cant do without asking me first!"

Hannah thought for a second, turned to Jill, and exclaimed" but he needs that for one of the rules!"

Jill replied " Well i guess daves going to be single pretty soon."

Hannah looked at the monitor and said " we should come up with a list of things we should program him for."

Ten minutes later they have a list on a peice of paper with the following listed:

When he can get a boner
When he can cum
How aroused is he
Not be able to tell anyone if he found out
To do as hannah and jill tell him to do

After they typed this all out they smiled and clicked the enter button. Dave slowly sat up and shook his head
Hannah walked in and asked him the basic questions before returning to the computer desk. Silently she and Jill agreed not to try anything today.


It was the end of the day and the trio was packing up to go home. Before they left hannah pulled dave aside and wispered a few things into his ear before walking back to Jill.

"What was that about?" asked Jill

"i just gave him the ability to keep his girlfriend for one more day." Hannah said with a wink

Jill turned her head and watched dave walk to his car with his suitcase over his pants. She could however make out a huge tent in his pants before he entered his car and sped away.

"he said it was 9 inches" hannah said, noticing where Jill was looking.

Jill just said " Woof"

Tell me if you like it so far. If enough people like it i might make a part 2!!!


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Nothing I could say would give you undue cedrit for this story.

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