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Ruiz is used hard, gangbanged, whipped, and shocked.

** AUtHOR'S NOTE: based on the ratings, part 2 was a little disappointing. It was a transitional chapter, not a lot happened. I hope that this one more than makes up for it. **

Dinner and two glasses of wine did little to calm Peter down. The steak was overcooked and the dessert skimpy. The waitress was a bitch and on top of it all, there was a ticket underneath his wiper when he got back to the car.

Lauren said little during or after the meal. She'd watched him change gradually over the last two hours from bored but calm to agitated and angry. She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a kiss before they got into the car. His hands traveled up and down her body, she felt his cock stiffen against her leg, his tongue moving fast and deep insider her mouth. She pulled him into the back seat and fucked him in the parking lot. He unloaded quickly and she came. But, she could see from his face that the fuck was more instinct than interest. His mind was already back at home, back at work on Ruiz.

Lauren didn't mind -- hell, she was the one who brought Ruiz into the equation -- but it didn't thrill her either. Every time she let the two of them go at it, Peter descended another few steps toward becoming a complete animal. He'd already done everything he'd ever wanted to with Lauren but Ruiz kept pushing him to come up with more. More extreme ways to use her body. More ways to make her prove she was his slave. Peter never shrank from the challenge and Lauren always stood by to make sure he didn't lose it completely.

"Call Sam," Peter said as he drove along the freeway toward home.

"Peter, you know the shape she's in. She could barely walk when we left."

"Call Sam," he repeated, flicking on the radio.

Lauren's fingers trembled as she scrolled through the Contacts list for Sam's number. Sam owned a string of houses, offices, and warehouses and was plugged into everyone in town on both sides of the track and on both sides of the law. He would have scared her except that -- for some reason -- Peter scared Sam. She didn't know their history but she knew that Sam was always deferential to Peter no matter what they were talking about.

"Tell him i want the warehouse by the river. And a dozen grunts. Nobody he's trying to impress." He punched the buttons until he found an old Ted Nugent rock and roll tune. He turned it up loud.

Lauren made the arrangements and put the phone back in her purse.

Ruiz looked every inch the high-class hooker when Lauren finished with her. Her arms were heavily powdered where the whip had torn her flesh and Peter hadn't left any marks on her face. Everything else was covered by the tight-fitting burgundy evening dress. Underneath, Lauren had chosen a tight corset, matching burgundy thong, and a no-cup, push-up bra.

Lauren had let her shower and eat, she'd slept the entire time they were gone. Ruiz had learned that -- catch sleep at any and every opportunity. Peter was completely ruthless about sleep deprivation -- he wanted her when he wanted her, day or night, and as long as he wanted her. She ate a little, all high-protein to help her recovery, then had a shot of scotch to steady herself for what she knew was coming.

When Lauren told Ruiz she'd called Sam, Ruiz was visibly excited. It meant a deserted warehouse in the middle of nowhere and industrial-strength abuse. Her head was swimming with the possibilities. Lauren shook her head and Ruiz just said, "I know. It's just the way I am." She reached across the table and took Lauren's hand. "I'm so glad you found me." Lauren nodded. She didn't understand but she didn't need to. It was working.

"Where's Peter?" Lauren asked as one of Sam's men slid the big door shut and locked it.

"Peter is out," Sam said. Lauren stared at him. She disliked him intensely, he was slimy and completely self-involved. Peter could be helping Ruiz get her Ph.D. or selling her to the Arabs and Sam wouldn't care. He just did what Peter told him to do and took his cut of the action.

"Ruiz?" Sam asked, stepping toward her. She nodded. Sam motioned and one of the men grabbed Ruiz's hair and pulled her head backward. Sam slapped her back and forth hard, over and over until her lip split and a trickle of blood ran down her chin. He leaned forward and licked it, then spit it out, spraying it across her face. Ruiz stood perfectly still through it all.

"Yeah. He said you would take it," Sam said. "Let her go," he told the other man. He walked away and stood in a group with the others.

Ruiz stood there for another ten minutes, the men sipping beer and whiskey and staring at her.

"You want to fuck her ass while I fuck her cunt?" "Why don't we both fuck her ass? You in front and me behind?" "Fuck that, I want to see her on the pole again." "Yeah, the pole." "He's gonna pull her nipples off this time." "He almost did last time." "She can take it. Look at that body. She's built for pain." It went on and on, Lauren feeling sick, Ruiz feeling her cunt swell and nipples stiffen.

Peter pulled up and parked his car against the far wall. He was carrying a bag from the local sporting goods store. He handed it to one of Sam's guys and went directly to Ruiz. "You want pain? You fucking bitch pig, you want pain?" He grabbed her hair and twisted her backward. She lost her balance and pitched sideways, legs sliding underneath her. Peter dragged her across the floor, pushed her face first against the brick wall. It was rough and unfinished with a surface like a bad driveway. He unzipped the dress and ripped it off her, pushing her face and chest hard against the cold stone.

"Arms out, bitch," he growled. She walked her hands up the wall until she was pressed in an X shape against the bricks. He dropped his pants and started fucking her hard. She didn't even know which hole he was in until he slid from her cunt into her ass and she screamed. She felt her stiff nipples scraping the stone, her belly and cheek doing the same. He was grinding her into it, she felt her skin bring ripped and shredded. When he came, she collapsed backward, barely keeping herself from falling.

"Come on," Peter said to the crowd. "Against the wall, cunt."

They took turns fucking her, turning her and pressing hard. By the time the last man finished with her, every inch of her skin was scraped raw. Her nipples and chin were bleeding and the rest of her body was bright, bright red. Peter lost no time, he dragged her by the hair again to a spot with a set of chains hanging from the ceiling. He quickly wrapped two around each of her ankles and the men pulled her upside down into the air. When her face was waist-high, the tied off the chains and started fucking her again, deep up her throat this time.

Peter produced four mittens each with the palm side covered with rough sandpaper. He handed them out to four of the men and they went to work, scraping hard against her already-raw flesh. Ruiz screamed and squirmed, though her screams were cut off by the constant stream of cockmeat pushed up into her throat. Her arms weren't tied and they flailed in the air, her body unable to control itself.

Peter opened her with his fingers and spit down into her holes. He motioned to Lauren and she went into the office, came back with a small case. Peter opened it and took two metal dildoes out. They were silvery and long, a full two inches in diameter and ten inches long. He pushed them into Ruiz, shoving them deeper until the one in her ass almost disappeared inside her. He pressed buttons on the base of each and Ruiz's body jerked as the dildoes delivered electric shocks to her insides. He stepped back and lifted his arm, held his hand just in front of her clit, flicked his finger hard, landing dead center on the stiff little bundle of nerves. She screamed around the cock in her throat then thrashed as she came hard. When the man in her mouth started the cum, she grabbed the backs of his legs and pushed him deep into her, swallowing as much as she could between orgasms. when he pulled out, she gasped for breath, she hadn't even realized she'd been holding it all that time.

When the dozen were finished with her throat, Peter took out the shockers and let her hand, swinging slowly back and forth while they talked about her. Peter wanted to whip her again but one of the men had other ideas. John convinced Peter to let him take over for a while.

John attached a rod between Ruiz's ankles, holding them three feet apart. Then, he chained her wrists to support rings in the floor. The chain was slack and she was puzzled but compliant. He walked behind her and she felt something metallic against her cunt lips, just at the back near her ass. He did some adjusting and she realized it was a clamp. It bit hard into her flesh and she thought the teeth must be metal. And sharp. He attached another than another, until there was a series of six along each lip. Then, three across each nipple, one centered then one on each side. They hurt but she could take it.

John wasn't finished.

He had some of the men pull the chains upward again, pulling her legs toward the ceiling, slow click by slow click. She felt herself stretched now, the chains between her wrists and the floor no longer slack but tight and getting tighter. Still they didn't stop. She felt her knees, her hips, her shoulders and her elbows stretched until she thought the joints would pop. Then it stopped. She hung there in pain, her body quivering and sweating. She felt John's hand again touching one of the clamps between her legs. He was hooking a wire to it. She heard a whirring sound and felt a pull. She let out a defeated moan, she knew what he was doing and it was going to hurt like hell. For one of the very few times in her life, she started muttering, "no, please stop...please stop..."

John crouched and looked into her face. It was covered with cum, her makeup was running in both directions from her crying and she was blowing snot bubbles from her nose. He slapped her again, back and forth, then harder until they were small punches. She felt her lips open, swollen and bleeding, and her nose made a small cracking noise. Blood replaced the snot, running up into her eyes and hair.

"Ask me to continue," he sneered. Ruiz was silent and John reached forward, pinches her bloody lips hard between his fingers, twisted them in a full circle. She shook but her body couldn't move and she cried again. "Beg me to go on."

Ruiz started begging then, all sense of reality lost. "Please, please hurt me, please use me, please do whatever you want, just please, please, use me..."

John went back to work in earnest then, attaching each of the clamps to a different wire, pulling them as tight as they could. She was a spiderweb of pain, a total of twenty clamps and wires ripping her body in different directions. She had to stay completely immobile not to rip off a nipple or part of her pussy.

"I'm just getting started," John said. Peter's eyes got wide and he nodded, excited and anxious. "Now, we fuck her."

The men lined up again and pushed their cocks deep into her throat, holding her face still because her body was spasming now from the pain, twitching and jerking from side to side. The third man to fuck her face pinched her nose tight and kept his cock buried in her throat until she passed out. John let her sway there for two or three minutes, then picked up a 1/4 inch bamboo cane. He laid it lightly across her bottom and turned to the crowd. There were more "no" than "yes" votes, so he brought it around and laid it across her titties. Again, the "no"s had it. He made several more suggestions until
one of them stuck -- he would bring the cane down directly between her legs, hitting the exposed pink patch between her wide-stretched cunt lips.

Lauren sprang to her feet and begged them not to, it would be too much even for Ruiz. Peter told the group it was up to them that Lauren might be right. They pretended to consider it but it was a foregone conclusion.

John raised the cane and swished it in the air a few times. Then, he walked around behind Ruiz and brought it down hard exactly down the middle of her open cunt. She screamed, jerked in her bonds and screamed again as the wires pulled and ripped at her. John ran the cane up and down the insides of both thighs, then stopped to let her rest. When her trembling and crying slowed down, he came back at her again, even harder this time, the blows landing over and over between her splayed pussy lips. Her body jerked and the clamps on her nipples started ripping off one by one. A few drops of blood flew into the air as the left center clamp flew into the air but she was free now, her titties swaying from side to side as John flogged her open snatch.

When she passed out this time, they lowered her to the floor. John thanked Peter and undid the clamps still hanging along her cunt lips.

Tony was standing over her when she finally came to. He was holding two syringes, metal cylinders with four inch needles and a round-ring plunger. She'd seen them in movies but never up close.

Tony didn't waste any time. As soon as he saw her eyes open, he told her to put out her hands. She did.

"Take these." Trembling from both fear and exhaustion, she accepted the syringes. "Bee venom. Very hot once it's underneath the skin. Very very painful." She nodded, terrified but excited. The others gathered around, curious if not turned on.

"Straight into your nipples." Ruiz froze, she'd never done anything like this before. Tony nodded and two men came forward, each grabbed one of her hands and quickly turned them, showing the tip and an inch or so of the needles straight into each nipple. She gave a sick grunt and then shuddered and cried.

"Push them the rest of the way or they will," Tony said. Ruiz pushed the needles straight into her tits, her eyes closed tight.

"Now the plungers." She pushed the plungers down quickly, getting it over with. In just a few seconds, the burning started. It was horrible, her tits were on fire from the inside. The bee venom spread quickly and everything from the nipple to the base was burning, hot coals inside her own body.

"She'll be like that for a while," Tony said. "I'm finished."

"Fuck you pansies," Peter grunted. "I"m sick of all of you."

He got up and grabbed Ruiz hair again, dragging her back to the wall. He threw her against it.

"Don't you fucking move."

Peter watched her squirm as the fire in her titties burned, her body well past the point of exhaustion. She'd been beaten, fucked, and abused almost steadily for six hours before her nap and another three after. He didn't understand how she was still standing.

"Arms out." She did her best. He wasn't satisfied and jerked each wrist up another two feet while she screamed.

"Don't move."

He opened a box of surgical needles, stainless steel needles just over an inch long, the kind used for syringes. They were sterile and sharp but would hurt like hell. Especially after he got ten or twenty into her. He started by scraping the tip of one across her nipple. She trembled and pressed her body tighter to the wall. Then, he pushed it in. She'd been pinned before but this time the venom made it unbearable. She screamed and it echoed through the empty warehouse. her screams died down after about eight and by the time he had twenty in her, she was silent and grinding her hips. He got a length of two by four and propped it up between her legs at an angle from the floor. The wood was rough and splintered but she started h umping it, moaning and panting like an animal. She came and kept humping, grinding harder as he pushed another needle into her. Her cunt was bring scraped raw by the edges of the wood, trickles of blood running down along the lips but she kept grinding. When he had twenty in each titty, he stopped. She tried to get herself to a calm place, establish some kind of equilibrium but he was watching. As soon as her breathing slowed down and he knew she was adjusting, he raised both hands then brought them down hard on top of her titties. The needles exploded in pain and she passed out.

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