I let two weeks pass after I’d raped Jade and I’d found out that Stacy was alone every Thursday. I had to plan this one more carefully as she was my adopted daughter and I might get questioned. I hoped that wouldn’t happen. When the police took swabs from her they wouldn’t find any DNA link so they would have no direct evidence. I’d have to disguise my voice but I’d talk as little as possible and, behind the wood of the mask I’d wear, it would be difficult to recognize.

I worked out my plans and, on the chosen Thursday, drove to a multiplex on the other side of town. I bought a ticket for a movie I’d already seen, so I could describe it if asked. I made sure to pay by credit card. I went in and bought some candy and paid, again, by credit card. I hung around until one of the other films let out and I mingled with the crowd to leave the cinema without being noticed.

I got in the car and drove to a pizza place and bought myself a pizza, this time paying cash. Then I found a secluded spot where I changed into the same clothes that I’d worn for Jade and put some more of the strips of cloth in my pocket. As before, a knife and mask went in the pizza box. The knife was a new one, just in case Stacy would recognize the one I’d used with Jade.

As I’d guessed, Stacy eagerly opened the door to get a free pizza; I slammed the door shut before she screamed. Her hands went to her mouth as she saw the knife and she nodded obediently when I hissed at her not to make a noise. Next I grabbed her shoulder and pushed her towards the living room. Once there I bent her over the arm of the sofa and she didn’t resist. I took her wrists and tied them behind her back. Now I could relax.

I stood back and looked at her. She was wearing her tight jeans and they perfectly outlined her backside, hips and thighs. I knew I’d made the right choice. This girl was ripe for fucking. She twisted her face to one side and asked me what I was going to do to her. I told her to shut up and slapped her ass a few times hard. Next I rubbed her backside and thighs before slipping my fingers up against her crotch. She gasped and squealed but I thought I could sense excitement as well as fright in her voice. I kept rubbing her between the legs for a while and I could hear her starting to breath heavily as her body responded.

I stopped suddenly and pulled her upright. I slid my hands around her to squeeze her breasts as I pulled her against me. I could feel her ass against my stiff penis. Stacy could feel it too and she moved herself forward a bit but, as I held her, it meant her head arched back towards me to touch my shoulder. She’d washed her hair not long before and the silky smooth brunette strands were loose around her shoulders. They smelled of lavender.

I turned her around and admired the rise of her breasts under the tight, white material of her sweater. She was fuller figured than Jade. The sweater was sleeveless and revealed her pale shoulders and arms. She stood still as I examined her; her eyes were wide with excitement and her lips slightly parted. I put my hands on her waist and pulled her towards me. My penis could now rub her groin and belly and I moved my hips so she could feel its hardness. She gasped but didn’t say anything.

I slipped my hands under her sweater and she trembled as I touched her bare skin. Her skin was smooth and warm. I grabbed the hem of the sweater and pulled it up and over her head. There was real fear in her eyes as I took my knife and Stacy started to say something until I slapped her face. She fell silent and I slit her bra between her breasts so the cloth fell away revealing the smooth, pale mounds of her breasts with brown nipples erect. Two more cuts with the knife on the shoulder straps and the bra fell way completely.

Now she was naked from the waist up and my hands explored. She had a beautiful body and the fact that she was the girl I’d raised for fourteen years made this even more exciting. I could feel her nipple swell and harden at the touch. I wanted to lick the mounds of her breasts and nibble her soft, white skin. I pulled a strip of cloth out of my pocket and tied it tightly around her eyes so she couldn’t see anything and I took of my mask and dropped it on the sofa.

I took my time exploring her with my hands and my mouth; the feel of her soft, smooth skin under my fingers drove me wild. I kissed her lips and the hollow at the base of her neck. I sucked on her nipples and saw the blood flush her breasts. She was moaning and gasping as she felt me explore her naked body.

After a while I found my groin too hard to ignore and I slid my hands down the curves of her body to the waist of her jeans. Quickly I unzipped them and pushed them over the swell of her hips, down her thighs to her knees; her panties outlined her groin and I put my hand between her legs and rubbed. Tracy sucked her breath in as she felt my hand. I could feel her pubic hair through the soft material and I touched her clitoris making her gasp again. Her pants were damp; this girl was getting off on being raped.

With a sudden push I toppled Tracy over the arm of the sofa. She cried out in surprise and alarm. I grabbed her panties and pulled them down; then, lifting her legs, I slid jeans and panties down her legs and off over her bare feet. With one hand I held her feet up while I slid my other hand down the length of her legs. I hadn’t realized before what an incredible body Stacy had and now that she was naked I could see it all: the swell of her breasts, the curve of her hips, her flat belly and her long, slim legs with the pale, curls at the groin. As my fingers reached the top of her legs, I pushed them between her thighs and into her slit. She was moist and began to moan and twist her body from side to side as I pushed further in and spread my fingers apart. Feeling that I wasn’t too far from spilling my load I pulled my fingers out as she moaned again at the sensation.

Still holding her feet with one hand I unzipped my pants and I heard Stacy gasp as she heard the noise. It was clear that she knew what it meant. I let her legs go so they fell back over the arm of the sofa. Stacy lay there, her wrists tied behind her, unable to do anything to stop me; though, I was beginning to suspect, that she didn’t want to.

I spread her legs and then slid my hands under her bottom to lift her cunt up so I could slide my fully erect penis into her. I pulled her ass cheeks apart gently and the lips of her vagina opened leaving a clear, damp path for my penetration. I pulled her towards me and slid easily inside her as she gave moans of excitement. Unlike Jade there was no hymen to break. This wasn’t Stacy’s first sexual experience.

I quickly got into a rhythm, sliding in and out her well-lubricated hole. Her moans grew deeper and longer with each thrust and then started speeding up and changed to “ooh” and “aah” and I realized that she was going to climax even before I did. But the twisting and jerking of her hips brought my climax right on the heels of hers. The rush was incredible but I didn’t stop and felt my penis stiffen again as I got ready to shoot another load into her in record time. It was clear Stacy was feeling much the same as she continued to jerk her hips, thrusting her groin against me as I pushed against her. This time her climax came at exactly the same time as mine.

After I withdrew from her I picked her up. Her body was limp and relaxed as I bent down and laid her on the carpet. I undressed and lay down with my body touching hers and began, again, to explore her whole body touching each part of her with my hands and my mouth; sometimes softly, sometimes roughly. She had the most wonderful body I’d ever enjoyed and I took my time. Finally I spread her legs and brought my lips and tongue to work on her clitoris and cunt. She was soon crying out and moaning and it wasn’t long before I brought her to another climax.

After that I climbed on top of her and took her again as she moaned and lay there defenseless. That was how I left her, still blindfolded and with her hands tied, her legs apart and a trickle of juices staining the carpet between her thighs.

When I got home I was exhausted but feeling more alive than I had for years. I had not realized, before these two rapes, how much pleasure there would be in having a beautiful girl totally in my power. I was lightheaded with exhilaration. I wondered how I’d be able to react when the phone call came saying Stacy had been raped and how I’d be able to act concerned when I rushed over to the house like a caring father should. I went to bed so that I could play the role as naturally as possible and had a hard time falling to sleep waiting for the phone to ring. But it didn’t; not that night. My mind raced wondering what it meant. Had Stacy guessed it was me? Were the police getting ready to arrest me?

I got up at the regular time, washed up and had my coffee. It wasn’t until I was in the car on my way to work that the phone rang. I pulled to the side and answered. It was my ex-wife, she was crying. She told me that Stacy had been raped the night before. Near panic she kept talking over my exclamations of shock. She said that, when she’d got home, she’d found Stacy lying, tied up, on the floor. I asked what the police had done and she said that Stacy had made her promise not to call the police. Stacy had said she’d seen how people had treated Jade at school; pointing, whispering and asking questions and if her mother called the police she wouldn’t go back to school and would hate her forever.

My ex-wife said Stacy had gone to school that morning, almost as if nothing had happened, and she didn’t know what to do. I said that our first thought should be for our daughter and not worry about the police. If Stacy felt better not telling the police it was her emotional wellbeing that we should think of first. I said that I thought that we honor Stacy’s wishes in this. I told her she should focus on supporting Tracy and helping her get over the trauma. She sounded relieved when I said this, as it allowed her to feel better about not calling the police.

As Tracy was supposed to be coming to me on Saturday morning I asked if that was still happening. My ex-wife sounded resigned and said that Tracy had already told her that she intended coming to spend the weekend with me. After a little more conversation we ended our phone-call. I was definitely relieved that the police wouldn’t be involved but still wondered how I’d deal with Tracy when she arrived.

By the time Stacy came to my house I’d decided to play it cool and act as I usually did. When her mother dropped Stacy off she was wearing a short denim skirt and a red top. The sight of her made me excited. I could remember the pressure of the firm mound of her breast on the palm of my hand and the taste of her clitoris was still on my tongue. I could feel an erection starting. How would I be able to restrain myself for the whole weekend when I’d sucked her juices so recently? The very thought made my mouth dry. I gave her the usual affectionate peck on the forehead and waved goodbye to her mother.

“Hi” was the only greeting I got from Stacy as she wandered into the house and dumped her bag in her room. Not sure what to do, I called out to her that I was in the kitchen preparing dinner and went back to peeling potatoes.

It wasn’t too much later that Stacy came into the kitchen and stood looking at me. “What’s for dinner?” After a pause, she asked, “Is it pizza?” I looked at her, unable to say anything. “It was you.” she continued and, from behind her back, pulled out the devil mask that I’d worn. “I looked around and found this in the spare wheel well in your car trunk. I thought you might have kept it.” She paused and I just looked at her. “ I could tell it was someone disguising his voice at the time and I wasn’t sure who it was” she said “but after you’d left and I was lying there I got pretty convinced it was you.”

I looked at her and saw excitement in her eyes. Rather to my surprise I wasn’t filled with panic, as I looked at her I knew I was going to have her again, today. I walked slowly towards her; instinctively she backed away until the kitchen table stopped her retreat. Her eyes were fixed on my face. They had a strange expression – half excitement, half fright. I took the mask from her unresisting fingers and dropped it on the floor. Then I put my hands on her breasts, rubbing them through the soft material of her sweater. I realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She must have been hoping this would happen. As my hands moved she opened her mouth and licked her lips. In no time I had her sweater off and my hands were under that short, denim skirt feeling the warmth of her groin as she started to move her hips in anticipation.

I still wanted Stacy to realize that I was in control and would stay there. Roughly, I turned her round and bent her over the table, holding her two wrists behind her back with one hand as I pulled her skirt up to her waist and slid her panties down to her knees. This time I’d take her from behind. As I hoped she started to panic and struggled until she felt my prick slip into her when she relaxed and started to moan with pleasure at my penetration.

After I’d finished I pulled her off the table and pushed her down onto her knees. I took a dish towel and tied her wrists together behind her and then, bending her backwards tied her ankles with the same towel. I looked down at her and could see from her eyes, and the flush of her skin, that Stacy was excited by her helplessness. My penis, half erect, was inches from her face and she opened her mouth in invitation. I moved forward and felt her tongue and lips envelope the tip of my prick. She knew what she was doing and roused me very quickly, swallowing my semen with obvious pleasure.

I decided that she needed to be rewarded. I left her there kneeling on the kitchen floor and went into her bedroom. She had a four-poster bed that was just right for tying her spread-eagled. I took the bedclothes off so that the mattress was bare. Then I tore one of the sheets into strips and tied a strip to each of the corner posts of the bed before going back to the kitchen for Stacy.

I untied her ankles and pulled her to her feet. I slid panties and skirt down her legs and dropped them beside her sweater on the kitchen floor. I pushed Stacy to her room; she gasped when she saw what I’d prepared. I dropped her onto the bed, untied her wrists and turned her over. She struggled some but I soon had her firmly tied, face up, by wrists and ankles to the corners of her bed. She was totally at my mercy and I was going to take complete advantage of that fact.

My clothes were soon off and I took my time to rediscover every inch of her naked body. I used my fingers, with soft, stroking touches that had her moaning with delight; firm strokes with the palms of my hands had her gasping, not to mention what I did with my tongue. It seemed as if she climaxed every five minutes. After an hour I stopped to get myself a beer and as I sipped it and looked at her. As she laid there Stacy said that until Thursday night she’d no idea how she could feel with a man. She said that the teenage boys had been so clumsy or embarrassed that she’d not enjoyed it much. Now she knew what it was like to be taken by a real man and would I please hurry up and finish my beer!

After that Stacy always wanted to spend her weekends with me and even asked to come on Friday evening rather than waiting until Saturday. Her mother was delighted to have another evening free and congratulated me on how well I was getting on with her daughter.

It was about three months later that Stacy told me that she’d be excited to see me rape another girl and had an idea how we could do it. It wasn’t a bad idea and it worked….but that’s another story.

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