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We have gotten officially maried
We are now Married

I finally Brought her home in
Our home in her nice looking red

I quickly slipped her dress off and took off her panties.

she quickly launched and said "lets do this right"

I quickly get undressed as she undresses herself and we both fall onto my king sized bed
and continue with our first time after being married.

She started to lower herself down to my cock. She put it in her mouth and started going faster as she
went deeper. I fell back onto the bed as she kept going more and more down my shaft.

She looked back up at me and saw how much I was enjoying it and stopped as she slapped
my dick around. she then lifted herself up and kissed me again as she lowered her ass opening on my cock.

I had never had anal before and quickly said "Are you sure about this." as my heart raced more and more
she nodded and made me go in her.

I've never had anal before but it feels great!!! she screamed in sync with mine. she started to lower herself.
i quickly whispered "I'm inside of you" as she seemed to go faster in and out of her ass. it was not to long before i came outside of her onto her and my chests.

We both breathed for awhile while until she re positioned my cock into her dripping wet vag.
I stopped her and said "now its time for me to please you" and flipped her around and started to lick her.

I always though that it would taste weird down there but it was a pretty satisfying taste. she nearly scared me
to death when she said loudly "My Mom Said If Anyone Licked Me Down There I Would Go Blind!!"

"Than your mother was lieing" I said as I put my tongue deeper into her as she started to rub me off and suck
me. Which only made me go faster, she twitched a little and finally had a orgasm.

It tasted like the best drink in the world. Her juices spray all across my face and chest while i came in her

I felt drained until she flipped around and put her vag back onto my dick and put me in her.
She is a monster, I say in my head as she move her hips around and started grinding me.

I quickly grabbed her ass and rubbed her more and more until she started to bounce on me
herself. She put her hands up by her boobs to keep them from bouncing so
I grabbed her hands to move them away "No Its To Embarrassing"

I grabbed her boobs while she still was riding me and moved them around. She started to blush
a little and gasped as I slammed me into her until we broke into a big sweat.

Her pinkish-red hair glistened with sweat and dropped in front of her face she and i both came yet again and with that we fell into an incurably slumber.

Today i woke from the sleep, picked up the computer and started

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2011-10-28 04:44:10
I like to party, not look atrliecs up online. You made it happen.

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2011-08-20 17:40:57

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2011-08-20 10:04:06
This story sucked, no build up, no deions of the people involved, no background, come on put a little thought into your story if you want to entertain people, this is not the way to do it, try juggling on a uni cycle

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2011-08-20 00:51:28
Terrible spelling and grammar, how the fuck, i dont think this is true

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