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Taboo Fantasies

….My girlfriend and I were comparing the things we were told when we were young.
.. Not to: Think about sex with your sister, brother, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, 1st cousins or any family member. Don’t think about sex with someone to young, old, or different country’s with foreigners. Shade of skin, hair or certain looks or religions. The list went on and on. Now on to the secret hidden sexual urges we had growing up.

…. First on her ’Taboo’ list was her male cousin. Nope, couldn’t even think about him exciting her in the woods one day. He stood with her and rubbed her back and told her she was looking good, and had a cute body and sweet tits. She of course liked the compliment and started rubbing his back a little. He ask if he could feel her titties. She looked all around and said ok. She got a little sexual buzz out of this.

... He asked if he could see them. She lifted her little top so her could see. He got his face real close to look and kissed them. She got shivers as he continued on kissing them. He ask: “Does that feel good?” she said yes! He ask if she had any hair ’down there’ yet. She said she didn’t think so. He said let’s check. Down went her shorts for him to look. “Oh...I see some!” he said. She felt and sure enough she felt a few hairs. He took her finger and rubbed her clit with it. “Does that feel good?”

...She said yes! He said: “Mine feels good to, but mine sticks out. Here… feel it.” He undid his buttons and showed her. She felt it. They both felt each others ’private parts’. They were both nervous and quit. He said that this was their secret and not to ever tell anyone. She agreed.

…She said that was her first contact with a boy. They both couldn’t hardly wait to do it again.

I told of a neighbor girl and I waiting in the back seat of the car while our mom were looking at stuff at a yard sale. We got to tickling each other and I ended up holding her face to face to me. As she giggled and I tickled her ribs, I moved up and felt her tits. She said: “Your not suppose to be doing that. It tickles…different there“…she took my fingers and showed me where not to tickle. I took my fingers and played dumb and said: “Where?…here….here?”

... She giggled and moved my finger over her tits over and over…just to show me, of course. She checked for any lookers and scooted closer to me. She whispered: (“Here, let me show you again, silly.”). Now she guided my fingers slowly around her tits and put her face against mine. I just…kissed her and she kissed back, out of breath. We kept checking for lookers and continued kissing as I felt her tits. She whispered: “I’m not gonna tell if you won’t. ….ok?”). We felt us many times and kissed at our neighborhood when we could sneak a chance.

…That was my first contact with girl kissing and feeling tits. My girlfriend snuggle up to me on the couch and asked: “Did you get a little hardon then?” I said I sure did, all 3 inches of it. She giggled.

….I asked you’ve got an older brother and 3 older sisters, did your brother ever try and feel your tits? She blinked, got pink in the face and said she was ’not’ going to talk about her brother. I said ’ok’ so I’ll just have to assume he did and you don’t want to talk about it. We all have our personal secrets. She smiled and ask me if her brother ever said anything about that with me. I pull a trick on her….I said quietly: “…oh you mean coming up behind you and feeling your tits?…oh no he said nothing.” Her mouth flew open and she scowled it me. “He better have not said anything about….”…then she began to smile…”If I find out he…”

….I said: “I had a sister and I use to come up behind her and cop a feel when no one was around, no big deal.” She said: “I was told by my sisters that if he did that to me, to go tell dad and he would get a beat’ in.” “Did you tell dad?”…”No!...but I threatened him, but I couldn’t let him get a beat’ in.” “Did he do it a lot?” “He…a…well yes. I…a…let him do it when it was safe to get it out of his system and stop.” “Did that work?” “ Hell no…I…it felt damn good and then he went for my pussy. I let him do that and then I kinda…slapped his hands.” I said: “Yeah, my sister did that too, until..”

... I stopped talking. She got in my face and asked: “Until what?” I smiled and said: “Until you came along.” “You liar! That wasn’t until years later…tell me what happen between you and your sister.” I said: “Well ok…but...first you tell me about you and your brother playing ’feel up’. She smiled a strained smile and thought. “Ok, but not a lot happened…at first. He felt me up and I let him when it was safe and that was about it. He persisted and I felt sorry for him when a girl dumped him and I…let him feel my tits with no bra on…for a while. He got me hot and things…well…just kept going and we ended up on my bed. His hand went down my pajama bottoms and he felt my pussy and got me hotter. I got a little carried away and felt his hardon…just a little.

...He kept it up and fingered my clit. I can’t take that!…. I jerked his hardon, he fingered me faster and I jerked him faster. He kissed me…ewwww….kissed by your own brother but by then I liked it and kept it up. Ok…I ended up jacking him off but he fingered me and made me have and orgasm first…..
….then she got quiet…now I know what she was thinking then….

Her thoughts….

…if he thinks I’m telling him any more that that he’s crazy. I’m not getting into what we do today. No way…I’m not going there and besides it no ones business what we do, were adults now and no way am I going to tell him that my brother can still make me so hot I orgasm fast with him…not going there at all…nope,…nope no way does anyone need to know we still fuck when we can…and I give him blow jobs in his car…only I can make him cum that fast, he told me that himself…no one ever knows what we do and we’ll just keep it that way…that’s right we can fuck if we want to….fuck my sisters and their lectures about not letting him touch me…they were just jealous, that’s all…fuck’em.

….She was out of breath after telling me that story…but smiled like a naughty little girl. I assured her the story would go further than me..
She said: “OK, now tell me about you and your sister! I smiled and said: “She slapped my hands and that was the end of it.”

…I felt the push of her arms taking me back on the couch. “You fucking liar…now come on and tell me, did you have sex with her?…how many times?…did you get caught?…do you still fuck her when you can?”

… It was hard to stop chuckling as she drove her thumbs in my ribs. “Ok ..ok“…mmm her warm pussy felt real good on my held down hardon. I finally said: “All of the above.”

….Here was her scowl again as she said quietly: “…your still fucking your sister????” I said: “Oh…I meant: “None of the above.” She now grinned and lay on top of me. I said: “There is the story of what really happened, but we’re talking taboo fantasies, so here is what I use to fantasize about my older sister.”

…. I was at a disadvantage with her laying on my hardon. If I told her my fantasy and got a big..hardon, she would think I still had the hots for my sister…but yet she got all hot talking about her brother. I gave her an explanation.

….“I use to fantasize about my sister, and so I still get a hardon from thinking about those days.

…. I would think about her big tits and adult body with all the curves and her sexy legs…and how she would sneak in my room and talk to me about always trying to feel her up and the trouble I could get into…..she would say… ‘here, feel me all you want and I’m just like any other girl. Now feel my pussy too…see I have one like all girls. Are you happy now, or do I have to fuck you too….ok…scoot over I can see now I have to satisfy you more. You’re a little pain in the ass.

...Let me put it in and….oh…yes you can do it to me once…but…mmmm…that’s it move with me …here.. rub my clit while we fuck this one time only….yes …does that feel good?…you’ve grown from that little dingie you had when you were little….It will feel nice in a girlfriend you’ll get later….that’s the way, a little faster…oh yes..I….I feel it good now …deeper baby…deeper…feel my tits and nipples babe….yes…Yes…Keep going with me..YES…shhhhh don’t wake anyone. Oh damn…mmmm..oh god, oh god, oooooooooo…..

….I would fantasize she would fuck me all night
and I would wake up and fuck her some more….

…My girlfriend now is squirming on top of me and she mumbles….I bet you wish you could still fuck her today….

….I didn’t answer. If she thinks I’m going to tell her everything that goes on today..she’s crazy. I’m never telling her how we fucked in the shower, her room, my room and our parents room when they were gone. In the car, at night in a parking lot. She never wore panties for me, I didn’t wear underwear for a quick exit of my hardon. We fucked in the mall lady restroom, on our back porch, the garage floor. I would lick her pussy while she was on the phone. She would make me cum while I drove…no way am I telling all that and it still goes on. She has her own apt. and told me…come by anytime for some 69.

...No way is anybody going to know about what we do….no, no. Our parents think they raised to kids that follow the rules they set, so let them think it. I’ve eaten sis’s pussy in dad’s and mom chair both. She’s given me a blow job on the kitchen table…and that will never be told to anyone….so…sorry girlfriend…that’s all you get of my taboo fantasies.

Fast forward 1 year later.

…My same girlfriend and I live together. Our two story’s were told to each other as: This girl I ‘heard about’ fucks her brother…ewwwwww, and this guy I ‘heard about’ fucks his sister…ewwwwww.

…I say: “Disgusting!, she says: “Sick!, as we get into bed naked. We tell the latest happenings we ’heard’ about these two brother and sister couples. Fucking in wild places, sneaking around fucking in cars, boats, and in back yards.

…. That night my cell rang. As we talked. I started laughing and turned it to ’speaker phone’ so my girlfriend could hear.
It was my sister. She was with my girlfriends brother…..

….The girlfriend heard her brother talking and recognized my sisters voice. We smiled big as I left the phone on, and set it down. We heard moans on the phone….as I lifted my girlfriends legs up on my back. My girlfriend moaned as I squeezed her tits and began to lick her pussy. Our moans drowned out their moans as we got ourselves so turned on we were thrashing on the bed. The girlfriend began to shake uncontrollably as I slipped my hardon in her. Loud slapping noises came from our bodies as we had to fuck faster and deeper.

…. The fact that my sister and her brother were listening to us made us go to the brink of euphoria and our minds drifted away as our bodies kept fucking and fucking. I shot a huge cum in her and her juices went everywhere as our bodies kept slapping together….and together….

…When I woke up, I was still on top of my girlfriend...I reached over and picked up my cell phone and said: “…Hello?…”

….All we heard was my sisters and her brothers bodies, slapping together.

… A 4some by phone, was now established.
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