I'm a truck driver by trade and there are numerous stories about fucking on the road and such. I can't vouch for any of them, but this one is true.....

I was picking up a truckload of freight one day in a Chicago suburb. I pulled into the facility at about 11:45 a.m. and went inside to the shipping dept. to check in. There was one other driver there in the office, a female at the check-in window. She looked pretty good from behind. She was about 5' 6" and had a nice round ass and trim legs poured into some tight jeans. Her long reddish hair was in a ponytail. She finished at the window and turned around and I saw her from the front. She was about 45, but still looked pretty good. She had green eyes and nice full lips. Her chest was pushed up into her tight t-shirt, straining the fabric. She gave me a nice smile as she passed me on her way out to her truck.

I checked in at the window and the shipping clerk told me they were going on lunch for an hour at noon and would load me after they came back. I called my boss and told him the deal. He said to wait for the load and call him when I was loaded. I figured I'd go take a nice nap for an hour and headed outside. The redhead was waiting for me.

"They tell you to wait until after lunch too?" she asked. I said they did and my boss wanted me to wait for the load.

"Look, I'm gonna be honest because I don't want to waste any time. I've been on the road for almost three weeks and haven't been laid in months. I need to get fucked and soon. We have an hour, so let's go into my cab (she had a sleeper cab with a bed in it) and fuck.", she came out with. I was stunned for a second and looked at her. She was a nice-looking lady anyway, but for a truck driving babe, she was a 10. I quickly made my decision....

"Let's go." She opened the door, got into the cab and I followed her, shutting the door behind me. We scooted between the seats and went into the sleeper. It was a nice little area she had set up. Mini-fridge, TV with satellite, some shelves and a few drawers made up the contents. Those and the bed, which she pushed me onto. Then she jumped on top of me, rubbing her shaking body all over mine. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and started to pull her top off. She managed to get it off and I quickly unhooked her bra, letting her tits spill out onto my face. They were quite ample, 38C or so, with big brown nipples and aereola. I rolled her onto her back and got on top of her. Quickly, I stripped off every stitch I had on, while she unbuttoned her jeans. I grabbed them and tore them off along with her panties. She lay there spread-eagled, her trimmed pubes framing a pair of swollen meat curtains that glistened with cunt juice. She reached down between her legs and rubbed her pussy hard, sliding a finger inside her.

"I want to to lick my pussy. Oh God, I want you to." she whimpered.

I dove between her legs and attacked her pussy with my tongue and lips. I knew she was ready to come after about a minute....I guess she wasn't lying about being horny as hell. She moaned and moaned and grabbed the back of my head to shove my face further into her cunt. As she started to tremble, I could see the stress in her face as she tried to stave off her orgasm. It was coming like a train, no doubt, and I decided to help her enjoy it to the max. I slid my finger into her tight asshole and started to wiggle it hard. That was all she needed to push her over the edge.

Her first wave hit her grinding hips like a hammer, causing her to buck wildly. Two more hard pulses ripped thru her cunt and my finger was forcibly ejected from her ass by the contractions. She let herself go then, screaming as she came all over her own bed, gushing cunt juice on the bedding and me. I licked as fast as I could, feeling her let loose with everything she had. Gasping, she pulled me on top of her.

"FUCK ME NOW!! FUCK ME HARD UNTIL YOU COME!!" she commanded. I rammed my fully-erect cock deep into her steaming cunt and began to pound away. I threw her legs over my shoulders and tilted her pussy up towards my cock so I could pound down onto her and really go deep. Her cunt was grabbing and squeezing me and pushing me out with every squeeze of her cuntmuscles. I'd then ram back into her, ripping into those muscles with such force that she was in noticeable pain.

"Do you want me to stop? Am I hurting you?" I asked.

She shook her head and gasped, "", so I kept ramming away on her. With each thrust, I brought us closer to our own orgasm. I was hoping she'd get off again before I shot my own load, but I was racing towards the finish line. I knew I needed to try another position before I came too quickly, so I pulled out and turned her over onto her hands and knees. She reached underneath herself and spread her pussy open for me. Pressing my cock head to her purple pussy lips, I pushed back into her and began to pump away from behind. She rammed back onto me with every thrust into her, which made me fuck her harder, which made her ram back harder. Before long, I was slamming her so hard her head was banging into the wall. That was enough for her....her second orgasm started to explode out of her hot pussy, causng another squirt or two of pussy juice to come bolting forth. As her coming cunt clenched and spasmed around my cock, I hit the brink.

I pulled out of her and rolled her back onto her back. I straddled her chest and pointed my cock at her face and tits, furiously stroking myself. She smiled and opened her mouth and waited for her reward....

The first three ropes blasted her right across the face. They hit her with such force they splashed off and landed in her hair, on her pillow, on her forehead. I felt like this was going to be a large load and lowered my aim and jizzed all over her flopping tits. The cum just kept oozing out of my cock, each stroke and squeeze bringing more gloppy cum which ended up all over this bitch. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked me dry.

"I want more. Can you keep going?" she begged, I told her I could try. She pulled her legs back behind her head and said, "Fuck my asshole. I want some cock up my fucking ass." I moved into position and mounted her, pushing my glazed cock up against her sphincter. She was tight, but relaxed enough to let me enter. I went balls-deep right away and kept the strokes slow at first. She quickly got into it and let me pound her butthole with fury and lust. Sliding two fingers in and out of her sopping pussy, she quickly came to another climax. I buried my cock deep into her while her asshole spasmed around my cock with her orgasm.

She looked me in the eyes and I knew she was spent. Her body went limp, but she managed to wrap her arms around my neck and kiss me hard. I didn't need words to let her know I was ready to cum inside her butthole. My strokes got short and my body tensed and she wrapped her legs around me and I released inside her bowels. With each squirt into her, she'd whimper with the delight of feeling the hot squirt spalsh against her rectum. It was a total turn-on to know she was so fully getting off with each and every squirt. As I finished, I collapsed onto her in a sweaty pile. We lay together in our own sweat and bodily fluids for a while, just enjoying the moment.

We finally pulled apart, got dressed and chatted until lunch was over. I got loaded first and left, waving my goodbye at her. She couldn't have had a bigger smile on her face.

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+2347082747601... Nice story it made cum 4 time. Any shemale, female fro grab

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