This was crisis time indeed. Just a few days before Max’s 12th birthday, the discreet DNA test carried out by a clinic confirmed that Brenda, his stepmother, was pregnant with his child.

Brenda immediately told Marc who was aghast.

“We have to get rid of it.”

Brenda looked at him.

“I knew you’d say that. But I don’t want to lose the baby and if Max ever finds out he will be devastated. I could have lied to you and said it was yours and you’d never have known better.”

Marc accepted this but still tried to get Brenda to change her mind saying Max was far too young to be a father.

“Biology doesn’t agree with you Marc. It could have been you but it’s been Max who’s impregnated me. You know him. He’s astonishingly potent. He can do the three of us all night if he has a chance, so why should it be different with his sperm? Max could open a sperm bank on his own if he wanted to!”

Grudgingly and reluctantly Marc gave way but what came next left him even more goggle-eyed and worried.

“Marc, we’re in this together so I must ask you, only if they want and understand mind, that you get Marie and Louise pregnant.”


“We’re a family, we’re in this together. They will be very upset if they find out what’s happened, when they find out because I won’t lie to them, if they’re not given the same chance as Max. Of parenthood.”

A sombre and sober family conference ensued. Brenda and Marc put their ideas before the three youngsters. They did not attempt to influence them but the girls were totally for it. In the words of Louise,

“If Max is going to be a daddy, I want to be a mummy too!”

Marie and Louise decided they wanted to be together when it happened and they didn’t want Brenda to look after them so on the night Marc normally had the two girls to themselves in the middle of their menstrual cycle they earmarked for the impregnations, both of them having stopped the pill as soon as the decision was taken. This effectively meant if Marc succeeded at the first attempt both of them would give birth about six weeks after their mother.

He had saved himself carefully on too much sex for a few days and was prepared to inject both young girls with colossal amounts of sperm.

Having said their goodnights to Brenda and Max, who could hardly keep his hands off his step-mum whose little belly was beginning to show, in anticipation of a heavy night of fucking the girls and Marc went to bed.

Marc had decided to have sex with both girls at the same time and attempt to give them both a share of his first, strongest, ejaculation.

“Ok my little ladies, off with your nighties if you’re ready.”

The silk nighties swished over their hair, the air crackled with static electricity and excited lust as the girls lay back expectantly and trustingly on either side of Marc. He kissed and stroked them in turn, at first affectionately but his hands gradually straying to play with their breasts and quickly-erected nipples and eventually between their legs, both sets of lips opening to the attention of his fingers and he noted with satisfaction as they lubricated

“Right, I need a bit of help here? Make me as hard as possible!”

The girls needed no second invitation almost bumping heads in their eagerness to start sucking Marc’s engorged pole of flesh.

His comment about making him hard had been tongue in cheek. He was already rock-hard, almost he felt as hard as Max seemed to get, totally rigid. Who could fail to be, with these two beautiful little darlings almost fighting to be the objects of his lust.

“Ok…ok!” Marc stopped their contented sucking of his prick. “Lie down and let me get at you two now!”

Side by side they lay as Marc gave them both a fantastic tonguing. Little Louise yelped as he gave her a quick orgasm then he gave loving attention to an increasingly excited Marie until she too came with a little groan. Their pussies were sodden with a mixture of his saliva and their own juices so Marc decided to delay it no longer.

First he penetrated Marie, who received him with open arms and open cunt. He was soon fucking her to a good rhythm, watching Louise bring herself off, unable to resist masturbating at the sight of Marc’s big one impaling her elder sister. He withdrew and moved into Louise, taking care to be extra gentle but she was so wet and demanding, thrusting her young hips at him and pleading with him to fuck her deeper, that soon a good seven or eight inches of cock were inside her and he could see this might be the night when he would finally penetrate her completely.

He moved back and forth, making both girls moan with ecstasy but holding himself back with complete control, taking the odd breather, to kiss and caress the girls, who loved his non-sexual attention as well, all the time building up the amount of ejaculate in his testicles till they felt as if they would burst. From Max’s room at the end of the corridor he heard Brenda cry out as her young lover made her come yet again.

Knowing the moment was coming he used Marie’s deeper cunt to start banging her furiously, giving her another orgasm. Knowing he now had little room for movement. He quickly moved to Louise, and for the first time allowed himself to thrust the entire length of his thick ten-inch cock into her, She snarled and yelled with pain and pleasure and her eyes widened in orgasmic ecstasy as he cried out too, his control finally lost as he felt his first thick jet of sperm shoot up the little girl’s pussy and straight to her womb. Grabbing the root of his cock and withdrawing desperately he launched himself at Marie and felt his second spurt enter her even as his huge knob was still travelling up her passage. Filling her to the hilt, he allowed himself four more spasms inside her before he returned to Louise to finish his orgasm inside her.

They lay side by side exhausted and quite overcome by the fierceness and passion of the lovemaking and the importance of the moment.

Two weeks later Brenda tested both girls urine samples in the presence of the whole expectant family. First Marie, then Louise. Positive. Positive. They both started to weep with joy, Brenda couldn’t help it and hugged them as she too cried and Max was soon streaming too whilst Marc held them all and if truth be told shed a tear or two as well.

A few weeks on from this Marc was away on business and Max had the three pregnant females to himself. His libido had if anything increased in his excitement at the pregnancies and he had become given to mounting them at all times of the day throughout the house, like a chimpanzee on heat. Brenda would enter the house and see Max fucking Louise furiously in the living-room or shagging Marie desperately in the shower. She herself was not exempted from his lust and would often arrive from work to find him naked and erect in the hallway waiting to tear off her clothes and have her in the hall itself. That night Brenda told the young stud to lie on his back as he was going to try something new. With the two naked girls on either side Brenda began to lubricate her hands with a liquid lubricant.

“I’m warming my hands because I’m going to give Max a prostate massage.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s a gland inside your body and massaging it gives you a good feeling. The only thing access is through your tight little butthole so we need to make sure it doesn’t hurt. You did wash well In your bath tonight?”

He nodded intrigued but somewhat shy. The two girls giggled.

“Ok Max, raise your legs a little just so I can get inside”

He exposed his little brown ring to her and she started to enter it with her index finger, making sure she moved slowly so as not to hurt him. Max’s body stiffened (his penis was already obviously rigid) when she entered him, and his anus involuntarily tightened around the invading finger, but he relaxed as Brenda’s well-lubricated finger penetrated him easily, found his prostate and started massaging it his legs now on the bed.

“Feels good?”

He nodded, his eyes closed and a little smile on his face. He continued to nod occasionally in approval as she worked on him, his breath gradually getting shorter and shorter. Suddenly he frowned, then his eyes opened wide. What was this? He felt like he was about to cum! He looked at his penis and the girls laughed in delight as without anyone touching it his penis started twitching and spurting semen which flowed over his flat tummy. Brenda smiled in triumph too.

“Teach me mummy!” I want to do it to Marc cried Louise.

“I’LL do it to Marc first!” said Marie jealously “I know how to do it!

With a month to go before Brenda’s due date the family found themselves on a naturist beach. Brenda’s distended belly, her milky breasts and dark pointy brown nipples with the mass of black pubic hair turned many a head that day. She looked the picture of fertility. The young girls also caused a stir, particularly Louise. Although she suddenly looked very grown up and her belly looked even bigger than her mother’s. But the day belonged to Max. Girls stared at him, older teenagers and young women gawped and matrons felt nervousness and a tingling between their legs. It was ridiculous! How could a little boy possess such a huge cock??? What would it be like to see him erect? Or see him in action? Or even HAVE him penetrating their mature and eager pussies! Many a matron masturbated herself that night thinking of the boy and his wondrous cock.

People found it hard to understand the relationships here but then it was difficult for someone who didn’t know.
The night before Brenda’s confinement they had their final pregnant sex session. Father and son repeatedly fucked the supine and barely-mobile Brenda to exhaustion and the two heavily-pregnant young girls were not neglected either. Marie had been recently initiated into anal sex and the two males double-penetrated her for the first time whilst Brenda and Louise, who was eager to try anal sex herself, watched in wonder.

Two days later Brenda gave birth to Max’s son. Brenda was exhausted but proudly showed it off to Marc.

“It’s a boy Marc, you have a grandson, and look…” even in her exhaustion she found time to grin mischievously. It was to be expected. The tiny thing, only minutes old, had a long and sturdy penis over double the size of the average new-born.

The nurse remarked on it, Brenda said it ran in the family and they laughed knowingly.

And finally the great day arrived, both Marie and Louise went into labour within an hour of each other. Marie straightforwardly gave birth to a girl. Louise had a longer and more difficult labour but at the end of it there were the two tiny twins – a boy and a girl – to explain her huge belly. The family had grown indeed.

And that very night as Marc and Brenda shared a quiet night chat as Max slept she looked at him piercingly and said:

“And now I’m going to want YOUR baby Marc, before I’m too old to give birth.”

“But you’re going to be a granny!” He joked.


“Don’t say it…” he said with unfeigned horror, ”…please don’t say Max should have babies with Marie and Louise.

Brenda raised her eyebrows and shrugged.

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