A boy and his cousin

(This story contains same-sex relations. If that don't fly with you, find something else to complain about. This story is a complete work of fiction. Any similarities to persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.)

This is my first story of this type, so please bear with me. If you like it, I might write another story. Possibly a part 2. Constructive criticism comments only, please.

The Story:

Michael had always looked up to his older cousin Brian. Because they were both only children, they were very close despite the difference in their age. Brian was 16 years old, and Michael had just turned 10. The parents of both children were still together and still very much in love.

It was a normal Saturday afternoon. Probably around 5 or 6pm from the way the sun was shining through the window. Brian was again on his Xbox 360 playing Halo: Reach online with his buddy Dave. They had even gone to a few public matches, and even won a two-on-six match during a competition. As good as the achievements were getting, it was nearly 6:30, and today was when Michael was supposed to come for a visit.

“Yo, Dave. I gotta be getting' offline in a bit. My little cousin is coming over. We'll hang out some other time that isn't in cyberspace, alright?” Brian said to his friend.
“No problem, bro. Let me know how your weekend goes.” Dave said in response.
“Will do,” replied Brian as he signed off.
“Hmm... what to do, what to do.” Brian said to himself as he got up from his gaming chair.

The teenager decided to go downstairs to see when his cousin, Michael would arrive. That way, he'd know if he had any time to jerk off to relieve some tension before the kid arrive. “Yo, mom. When is Mike supposed to get here?” “Oh, he should be here in another hour,” replied the teen's mom. “Cool,” Brian said as he walked back upstairs to get some stress relieving done.

Brian did not consider himself an athlete, but he kept in shape. Being half-Mexican and half-Puerto Rican gave him a nice skin tone. He had a lean athletic build, stood about 5'10” and weighed about 148 pounds, had black hair, and brown eyes, and dick that was about 6 inches with a width of 1 ½ inches. His exes never complained about it, so it must have done the job many times.

As Brian got back to his room he took off his shirt and pants and got some shorts from his drawer. He close the door till he heard it click, but forgot to lock it. The teen proceeded to his computer desk and turned the hard drive on and sat in the chair. Brian had bookmarked a site that had some really nice looking bondage sex scenes. Some of which had only guys. (Brian was bi, and had told his buddy Dave, whose only reply was “Whatever floats your boat, bro.”) There was a link to a video where a really muscular guy was pounding the ass of someone much smaller than him.

Brian pulled down his shorts and boxer briefs, clicked on the link and the video loaded quickly and began playing. It started where the muscle-man was already fucking his skinny bitch. “Who's my bitch?” the muscle-man asked asked as he pounded his victim's ass with his thick cock. “I... am... Master.” the skinny guy said through breaths. Brian timed the strokes he gave his cock with the motion of the muscle-man's pace. Whenever he'd pull back out, Brian's hand would pull up on his own cock, and whenever the muscle-man's cock went back into the tight asshole he was fucking, Brian's hand would pull back the skin on his cock. This continued for a few more minutes as Brian got closer to cumming. “Fuck yeah,” the teen said to himself as he felt his orgasm closer and closer. With one more stroke, Brian began shooting a load of cum onto his chest, and as he kept shooting his cum so intensely, Michael walked into the room and said “Hey, cousin. What are you up...” and stopped as he saw what Brian was in the middle of...

In a panic, Brian jumped to shut off his monitor, and tripped over the shirt he forgot to pick up, grazing his head against the desk on his way to the floor. “Fuck!” Brian yelled in pain. As Brian got up from the floor, he picked the shirt up from the floor, covered his chest and abs, and said “Out now!” Scared of Bry's tone of voice, Michael slammed the door and ran downstairs. The little boy felt really sad now, having been yelled at. But, he knew it was rude not to knock before entering a room when the door was shut all the way. Michael was still curious, though, as to what his older cousin was doing with his touching his “thingy” and was wondering what the “white stuff” that came out of it was. The little boy wanted to ask his older cousin about it, since he looked up to him, and thought he might tell Michael things that his parents normally wouldn't.

Having finally cleaned himself up, Brian left the bathroom and walked downstairs in the same shorts he had on earlier. There wasn't anyone he was going to see, and he doubted his cousin cared how he was dressed. As he came down the stairs, Brian saw his cousin sitting on the couch, hunched over and staring sadly at the TV that was not yet on.
Seeing how sad Michael was, Brian went to sit next to him, and said, “I'm sorry for yelling like that. But, you gotta remember to knock before entering someone else's room, alright?”
“I'm sorry, Bry. I didn't mean to... interrupt.” Michael said in a nervous tone. “Are you mad at me?”
“Don't worry about it, little man.” Brian said in a cheerful tone. “What's wrong?” he asked, noticing the look of curiosity on his cousin'
“Umm... what were you doing in the room? "Oh, that..." Brian trailed off.

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The next part of the story will have more detail and be VERY graphic.

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