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Part 3

Monday morning Joseph wakes next to June and the smell of coffee drifting through the house. The rest of the girls and Isabelle can be heard in the kitchen getting breakfast ready. As Joseph tries to slide out of June’s embrace she clings tighter. “Where are you going?” June asks. “To the restroom and shower. Did you want to join?” “Oh yes I do.” “Get the water temp to what you like.” With that June gives Joseph a kiss on the cheek and grabs his hand pulling him out of bed and to the shower. Once at the shower Joseph grabs the stool that mysteriously made it into his bathroom along with all of Isabelle’s bathroom belongings.

He sets the stool in the middle of the shower just out of reach of the water. Once June was all wet he had her sit on the stool then proceeded to stand behind her and gently started massaging her head as he worked the shampoo into her hair. June swivels around on the stool and takes Joseph’s flaccid cock into her mouth. “Don’t do that honey. I have to pee bad.” “I don’t care, pee in my mouth and on my face. I always wanted to try water sports just haven’t had the nerve to say so till now.” “OK June, hope you like it.” With that Joseph pulls his dick from her mouth and aims it at her face and open mouth releasing a light golden stream all over June’s face. As the stream starts to wane June shoves her mouth over his cock to drink the last bit, then proceeds to suck the last few drops from his cock. “That wasn’t so bad, tasted kind of salty.” “Well I am glad you liked it. If you find you have to go hold it because I want to try yours. Now turn around I want to save all my energy for the hard work ahead today.” With that he finishes June’s hair. Joseph pulls her to her feet and begins to wash her body paying extra attention to her breasts, ass, and pussy. “Since we aren’t doing anything stop teasing me.” June says then proceeds to rinse off. “Perhaps you didn’t learn your lesson yesterday. I might have to make you work in the bedroom again soon.”

Day 1 of work:

That day Joseph made a trip with Isabelle down to Home Depot where they purchased a hydraulic log splitter, plywood, and 4*4 lumber. Then to WALMART and got a bunch of heavy felt from the cloth department. Joseph worked hard splitting 2 cords of logs to add to the 6 already there, 3 cords a day needed for a week to make sure they had enough for next winter as well. After the long hours of splitting and stacking the wood he made his way to the back deck to see the condition of the underside of the deck and found that that part was still sound. So he spent the early part of the evening striping the rails and back deck of about ¼ of the boards. Now calling it a night he made his way to the garage and spent 30 putting some tools away and then set up the sawhorses with the piece of plywood they bought that day.

Isabelle finely joined him in the garage when she realized he wasn’t coming in quite yet brining him dinner and setting it on the tailgate of his truck. “So what was the lumber we bought today for, won’t you tell me yet?” “Nope. Still a surprise. I am going to get the base done tonight and that should take a couple of hours.” “Well I definitely chose the rite person to work her and be a sex partner, but you only got the second part because of what I found out about you, your friend said, and I thought you were cute.” “So I am not cute any more?” Joseph says with mock hurt as he eats a tacos. “Yep not cute anymore, down right hot to me now.” Joseph is glad to here that since he knows in the looks department he is average and still needs to work off about 30lbs he put on since the mill closed from lack of work.

As Joseph starts working on cutting the base, Isabelle takes his plate back inside and tells the girls to get ready for bed since it is a school night. She puts on a nice black teddy with opened crotch panties and a braw that matches, witch shows a good amount of the tips of her breasts, then slides on a robe so she doesn’t catch a chill as she heads to the garage. Standing way back she watches as Joseph cuts squared, and rectangled groves into the plywood that is now in the shape of an elongated oval of 8’ by 4’ at the widest points. Finally after about 30 minutes of watching him cut (with her fingers over her ears) he grabs a belt sander and gives it a rough once over. He then uses an air compressor to blow all the wood dust and shavings off the board and out of the garage. Then proceeds to clean the surface, spread a glue, and felt what must be the top, sides, and bottom of the board, then stapling the bottom to keep in nice and tite as far as Isabelle can tell. “Well go get showered and you can have some of this tonight” she tells him as she flashes him the teddy outfit.

Day two of work:

He gets up extra early and gets the 4*4 boards for the stand cut first, then proceeds to give them a good sanding, and dark finish, then mounts them in place. Finishing there for now since it’s almost 10am and Isabelle is getting ready to leave for work. He doesn’t want to give his surprise away yet. The girls come out and watch as he spend the next 3 hours just splitting logs, June breaks away, and gets them all sandwiches at 1, then comes back just as he kills the log splitter so they can eat. Then he proceeded to stack all the logs and then spent the 2 hours working on the back deck removing the rest of it. Finished with that by 6 o’clock he heads in to just eat with his new family and then back to the garage to work on the last 2 4*4 boards. Joseph is glad Isabelle decided to stay inside tonight so that he could finish it. By 11 o’clock he finally climbs in bed and gives her a passionate kiss goodnight and cuddles up to sleep.

Day three of work:

All Isabelle sees when she goes to her car is that he has it covered and stopped his other work and stood next to it watching her. “All done. Let me see.” she says with a sly smile. “Nope, that’s why I came over to make sure you don’t try to peek and give you a good bye kiss. This is your last day of work this week rite?” “Yes!!!” “Good we need to go to Home Depot tomorrow and get the lumber we need for the back deck. The good stuff I hope, that’s if you want it to last” “Sure honey we can do that.” He knows she is disappointed that she didn’t get to see it and find out what it was. Joseph enlist June, Summer, and Britt’s help to help guide it through the house and to his room. They slide his bed against the far wall opening up a good section of the large bedroom, and they set it in its place still covered so they don’t get to see it either. Sending them back to there homework he locks the door to his room then heads outside. Another 3 cords of work and then stacks all the lumber from the back porch into his trailer for the dump. Finishing for the first night by 5 o’clock just as Isabelle returns home with dinner. That night the 2 them sleep in her old room as he thinks of it now since her stuff just keeps making it to his room and she has just the barest of things in her old room.

Day four of work:

They all go to the dump in the morning then to Home Depot where he talks her into getting the good and expensive fake wood that will far outlast a nice cedar deck, also glad he won’t ever have to stain it. They also get prebuilt railing so all he has to do is bolt them down. Once back he splits and stacks another 3 cords of wood and stacks it and finishes just in time for homemade lasagna dinner. Then proceeds to spend the next 4 hours working on stacking lumber and starting the back deck, keeping an eye on his bedroom window to make sure no one tries to sneak in and see his surprise. By the time he finishes working on the deck it is 10pm. So he heads in proud of his 4 days of work, and the fact that all the hard work helped him loose about 7lbs and made him look just a bit toner already. That night he made love to Isabelle then cuddled and slept.

Day five of work:

Up before dawn he starts again on the back deck while it is still dark out and finishes by 9am. Then spends the next 4 hours splitting and stacking logs, and 1 hour cleaning his mess from the week of splitting logs, then gets all the garbage loaded in the back of his trailer. “Both your would sheds are filled and have you looked at the back deck yet Isabelle?” “No you got that done too. I thought that wouldn’t be done till at least late Monday. I have been working the girls a bit extra since they got out of there studies for half the day yesterday.” “Well come on. Get some good left-overs from the fridge and I will join you on the back deck for an early dinner out there once I am out of the shower.” She smiles gives him a kiss and he meets them there once he is out.


“So what do you think of the deck?” Joseph asks as he steps out onto the porch. “It’s looks just wonderful, so much nicer than the previous one and I am glad you talked me into the iron rails they look fabulous.!!!” “I am glad you like it. It’s nice having someone so good to work for.” “So what are we eating?” “Pizza and lasagna, your choice.” “Pizza. Why are the girls so quit?” “They well we want to know what is in our room? So can you tell us now?” “After dinner.” They finish the dinner quietly enjoying the peace and quiet outside that has been rare this week with Joseph’s working making lots of noise, then head in to the house and cleaning up the dish’s first.

“HAHAHAHA!!! You look like a bunch of kids waiting on a Christmas present.” Joseph says as he watches them from down the hall as they all stand at his and Isabelle’s room. All of them at the same time say “Stop making us wait and open the dam door and show us the surprise.” “Ok, Ok.” With that he slowly walks down the hall hoping that this won’t be to much for any of them. He opens the door and they all walk over to it waiting for him to uncover it. With a good yank he pulls the painters tarp from it and watches as they all stare at it confused. Britt the youngest finally speaks up “What is it?” “Well it’s a two person medieval stock with my modern designed (built to last), the felt on it is designed to help protect your neck and wrists, and padding to stand on. It’s my design and I wanted it to look nice.” “OK, but what will it be used for?” Summer says. “Your spankings and torture sometimes if you let me.” “Sweat you can use it on mom an me, we both like spankings. We just thought that might be a bit much at first then forgot to mention it because you have been so busy.” Britt said. “Well good because I was hoping that I didn’t go to far with this and I am going to make another item next week that hangs from the sealing, and no hints or sneaking peaks.” “OK” all 4 reply with sly little smirks excited by the idea of knew toys. “June its our night so lets go to your room. You girls have fun just no using the stock tonight, because I want to brake it in with you tomorrow.”

With that he pulls the tentative June to her room and closes the door behind them. Gently he starts to kiss her and cores her body through her cloths. “Tonight is all about you June so let me just please you ok sweaty.” “Ok Joseph.” With that as he kisses her he slowly unbuttons her shirt and eases it down her arms then releases her braw and drops it to the floor. Kissing her neck and breasts, teasing her tenderly with his tongue while listening to her moan with pleasure. Taking her left nipple then her right nipple into his mouth lovingly kissing them, sucking, stretching, and biting them. Joseph unbuttons the fly of her short jean shorts and hooks his hand through the tops pulling them and her thong down at the same time. He pulls back a bit to looks up at her “You are so beautiful and look so much like your mother.” “Thank you daddy.” she says with a giggle. “Do all you girls have a daddy complex or is it just that you want a daddy that much that you are giving yourselves to me? You don’t have to if you just want me to love you.” “I know, but it is kind of both.”

She moves back up close to him and leans down and kisses him again. So he forces her back upright and pulls both her breast just close enough to get both her nipples at the same time, making her scream and cum just from the bit of for-play on her overly sensitive nipples. As she started to writhe about against him he slipped a hand down and cupped her entire pussy in one hand gently working her protruding clit with the heal of his hand, and his middle finger sliding in and out of her tender hole. To extend out her orgasm till she can no longer stand on her own. Catching her he caries her to her bed and holds her as he waits for her to be ok enough for oral stimulation. “God that was amazing none of my sisters and mother have ever made me cum like that before. It was almost as intense as last weekend when mom and you tortured me for fun.” “Good I am glad you enjoyed it so much.” With her being able to speak coherently again Joseph slid down between her legs and spread her thighs wide apart. Kissing from her right foot up to and just barely missing her tender lips blowing on her pussy with his hot breath, then repeating the kissing starting at her left foot. Once Joseph reaches her pussy this time she grabs his head and jams his face into her pussy. “God dam it stop teasing me already and eat my fucking pussy daddy. Laughing against her pussy at Junes reaction he dives his tongue deep into pussy hole and rubs her little clit making her scream after a while later. When she starts to orgasm I jam 3 fingers into her swollen cunt, and nips, and pulls at her clit with my mouth making her ride the orgasm much longer.

“Oh daddy you ate my cunt so good I didn’t think you would let me come back.” “I hope you are ready for my cock.” “Oh yes give me that 10” cock daddy come in my pussy and finish making me your whore just like mommy.” “Oh yes you are my little whore and here comes your filling for your cunt bitch.” “YES, YES, YES. I feel you at my cervix. Dam that feels so good hitting there. Does that mean your all the way in?” “Oh no that’s only 7” just like your mom. You have a shallow cunt and I hope your sisters are the same. Your mom took me all the way into her cervix. Can you honey?” “YES please try.” she says as I rocks faster in and out of her. “Are you sure, if I go in and hurt you to much I will be in such a state that I won’t be able to stop with even the safe word, because it will feel so good to me. Are you still sure?” “Yes I am so close, I don’t care if anything I’ll do it for you.” With that I slammed to the hilt in this delicate little flower and listen to her scream and even start zoning that out as I pound Junes tight depths. Ramming her so deep I can barely contain myself and after 20 agonizing strokes of trying to make it last I finally erupted deep inside her.

“Are you alright baby?” I notice her eyes rolled back into her head and gently start to shake her and wake her. From the door Isabelle says “Give her a sec. She was screaming like a mad women then just passed out.” “Shit I didn’t hurt her did I? She told me to fuck her in her cervix like I did you, and she is as shallow as you are.” “You hurt her at first, and that’s what alerted me to come and stop you. I think then she lost it after a few strokes, and then she was screaming and moaning in pleaser. That was so hot to watch.” “No doubt, I lost it though and just started ramming her once I was in there. I warned her I would probably lose to my own lust then.” June finally starts stirring and says “Stop talking about me. God I loved that but it hurt so much at first. Hold me tonight please, you to mom. With that Isabelle climbs into bed with them and they all cuddle up and hold her falling asleep in each others arms.

There will only be one more chapter to finish this story up. I write this for my enjoyment and hope you like the story as well.

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You are an idiot if the spelling and grammer were all that you are worried about. This is not school so quit trying to be a teacher. You dick. It was a good story. Hope to read more.

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This story had almost no sex, except for a bit at the end. The next and final story will be almost all sex.

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