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Dean comes home and enjoys the single life...
As promised, part 2 of Making the best…

It wasn’t a long drive to the town where Dean lived. Only an hour once he got on the interstate, but it gave him a chance to think a lot about everything that had happened. He’d caught his girlfriend in bed with his roommate, but that freed him to have some incredible sex with his gorgeous dealer. Then, when his girlfriend sprung herself on him, he’d gotten some of their roughest and most enjoyable sex ever before tossing her naked into the hallway of his dorm with cum dripping out of her ass and made it very clear that they were over. The sight still made him laugh, even if he did feel slightly guilty. All in all, Dean thought he’d definitely made the best out of a bad situation.

Now, the only thing troubling Dean was all the questions his Mom would have about why he was showing up a day early. He didn’t really want to explain that Amanda was a cheating whore. Especially because his mom had always had something against blondes and had told Dean from the start that Amanda would end up being no good.

Well, nothing I can do about that now Dean thought as he pulled into his driveway. He grabbed his first bag of stuff and started walking towards the front door. He called out as he walked into the house and stood by the front door awaiting the onslaught of questions, but no one appeared to badger him. Apparently his Mom and little sister were out. Probably celebrating their last night without him, he joked to himself, knowing how badly they’d been at each others throats all year without him in the house to mediate. Dean’s Dad had passed away a few years before of some weird heart condition. Fortunately for the family his life insurance policy plus his Mom’s job were more than enough to pay the bills and send everyone to college.

Dean sent out the text that he was back in town, obviously excluding John, and managed to unpack his car pretty quickly. Remembering that nothing is actually official until it’s “facebook official” he pulled out his laptop and changed his relationship status to “single.” Oh, the stupid things you have to do just because you’re part of the youth generation.

Getting texts from a couple of buddies about some party at Michelle’s, he decided that partying and getting drunk would be a good way to kick off his summer. Dean wrote a short note for his Mom, letting her know he was home from school a day early and went out with some high school friends, but not to wait up. Satisfied, he headed out the door and hopped in his car.

Realizing that he’d have to get something in his stomach if he didn’t want to pass out an hour into the party, Dean decided to hit up a small diner on his way out of town toward Michelle’s. It wasn’t busy for a Saturday night, but Dean had never seen this place very busy. He grabbed a menu on his way in and sat down at a booth. A cute girl named Maggie, who was a year younger than Dean and he knew from high school sports, walked up to his table, apparently his waitress. “Dean! Oh my God! I haven’t seen you since you graduated! How’ve you been?” she blurted out amazingly fast.

Wow, she was a lot peppier than Dean remembered or maybe he’d just mellowed out from a year at college. “Good, good. College is great. How’s high school? You graduate in a week, right?”

“Yes! It’s so exciting! I’m so ready to be done and finally start college. Actually, we’ll be going to school together again! I got a track scholarship! You should definitely come to graduation next week! It’ll be awesome!”

Holy crap, this girl is excited about everything! “Oh, cool. Congrats., of course I’ll be at graduation, my sister is a senior as well haha.”

“Oh! Duh!” Maggie said, slapping herself on the forehead in an over exaggerated manner. “Well, I guess I should do my job before I get fired. What can I get ya?”

After several more minutes of dealing with her overly bubbly personality and a few more when she brought my food, I finally got to enjoy what was a pretty good dinner. Half way through I looked up to a rather surprising sight. My beautiful little sister, Christi, dressed like a complete slut…or…well, like 95% of girls her age. Her cut off jean shorts could barely cover her big, round ass and the spaghetti strap top she was wearing didn’t come close to covering her navel. Before she even spots me, I already feel awful for thinking so harshly of her appearance. I guess it’s just a bad habit I picked up after Dad passed away.

I put a grin on my face and wave at her. For my effort I get the best gift possible for a big brother, as a huge smile takes up most her face and she immediately rushes towards me to throw her arms around me in a huge hug. I can’t even see anything as my face is engulfed by her luscious jet black hair. Impulsively I take a whiff of her hair, which smells incredible. Disentangling from me she finally sits down next to me in the booth. “Big brother! Mom said you weren’t coming home until tomorrow?”

“Geez, and I thought you’d be happy to see me,” I blurt teasingly before I can think, and immediately feel bad when I see the hurt look on her face, until I realize she’s just teasing me back. Realizing honesty is the best policy, and that maybe she’ll tell Mom so I don’t have to, I tell her everything that happened. Well not everything, just catching Amanda with John and then throwing her out of my room later that day. Christi looks pretty happy about this whole situation and it kind of pisses me off that she must’ve thought Amanda was such bad news too.

Quickly I wipe this thought from my mind, just happy to be with my little sister again. She stayed with me and talked for a while until I was almost done with dinner and her friends had apparently become a little impatient with her. Giving me a big kiss on the cheek she took off and I finished eating. Maggie brought me my check and I could see she hadn’t even charged me for my drink. Also, I found her number at the bottom of the receipt. Well, she was a nice girl and pretty attractive, even if she was a little bubbly, plus I’m single now, so why not enjoy it. I left her a good tip and a napkin with my own number on it.

By the time I got to Michelle’s it was pretty obvious the party was raging. There were cars sprawled all over her driveway and the field next to her house (Michelle lived on a farm). Now, Michelle was actually my first girlfriend in high school. In fact, we’d lost our virginity to each other and unlike most ex’s, we had remained pretty good friends after breaking up. So I didn’t feel weird about being at her house. Plus that was 5 years ago already.

I walked past a pretty large bonfire with a ton of people and straight into the barn where I figured the keg would be. Sure enough, it was in the far corner with Michelle babysitting the keg and passing out cups. I walked up to her and gave her a big hug, listening to her shreek with glee. I gave her 5 bucks and downed a few cups while making some small talk with her for a few minutes.

The next hour I spent catching up with friends and making frequent trips back to the keg and Michelle. After finishing another cup while talking to some buddies who were going to the local community college, I made another trip to the keg. This time, though, when I reached Michelle a fire was lit in me. I tossed my cup and began to speak. “Chelle,” was all that left my mouth before she handed the bag of cups to someone else at the keg, grabbed my hand, and led me out of the barn. She took me straight to the house and locked the door behind us.

I grabbed her soft ass and pulled her up towards me. She quickly wrapped her legs around my waist and her dark brown hair flew wildly as I pushed her back into the door. Our lips met each other in a frenzy, kissing and pulling at each other in a slobbering mess. We stopped for a moment to catch our breaths and her dazzling dark brown eyes pierced me. With renewed vigor our lips attacked each other again. I quickly yanked her top off her body and ripped open her bra from the front. A loud moan escaped her lips. This was primal. Nothing but pure desire, and she loved it.

I began to manhandle her large C cup breasts, rolling her nipples through my fingers. She had to break away from the kiss just to allow her moaning some release. I’d forgotten how sensitive her nipples were. As my kneading continued, her body was already beginning to tremble. Roughly I began to rub my crotch against hers, my penis already fully rigid. Instantly the friction set her off and she began screaming at the top of her lungs, a huge orgasm rippling through her body. I’d be shocked if everyone outside didn’t already know what was going on in here, but I didn’t give a damn.

As she finally began to come down I lifted my arms up so she could take my shirt off, but she had other plans. Grabbing my shirt around the neck she yanked with all the force her little body had and ripped it to about halfway down, finishing it off with a few more small rips. Turned on beyond belief, we both knew there’d be no more foreplay. I dropped her to her feet as we both quickly stripped out of the rest of our clothes.

Michelle stopped as she caught sight of my fully hard, 7.5” cock, licked her lips, and softly spoke, “It’s bigger than I remember. Maturity has been VERY kind to you.” Then she bent over, put her hands against the wall, looked back at me and said in an irresistible voice, “Fuck me. Hard, and I mean hard!”

Well, never one to let someone down, I grabbed her hips and thrust in as hard as I could. Immediately the skin-to-skin contact set Michelle off on another orgasm and I could feel her pussy clamping down as my cock made it all the way in. God this girl is sensitive! But if her pussy keeps me in a glove this tight I’ll be in heaven.

I reached around and pinched both of her nipples, ensuring that she’d remain in perpetual orgasm. I kept thrusting as deep and hard as I could as wave after wave of bliss rode through her for several long minutes. “Enough,” she screamed as her body collapsed to the floor, “I can’t handle any more…for the moment.” Then a glorious, sly smile crept across her face as she got up on her knees.

Michelle grabbed my hips and threw me into the wall with surprising strength. I moaned loudly as I felt her wet mouth give shelter to my oversensitive knob. Her tongue worked with increasing rapidity, swirling around my cock as she bobbed up and down. She dug her fingernails deep into my ass cheeks, trying to pulling my prick deeper into her mouth. She was only getting about the first 6 inches in, so I figured I’d better help her out.

Reluctantly pulling lips off my dick, I picked her up, carried her into the living room, and dropped her onto the couch with her head hanging over the edge. “Oh yes, fuck my throat. You better fuck it good and hard.”

“Or else what?” I retorted as I grabbed her head and stuffed my dick deep down in her throat. Rapidly, I began bucking in and out of her throat. The sound of her gagging only spurred me on further, determined to overcome the frustration I felt for not being able to fit the last inch in. On my next thrust in, when I reached the limit, I continued pushing as hard as I could. Finally, something gave way and I felt that last bit slide in and her nose resting between my balls. In perfect bliss I closed my eyes and held her head completely still, enjoying every second of her throat trying to swallow my prick.

Finally, when her gagging became uncontrollable I released her head. “Hard enough for you?” I asked deviously.

“Perfect,” she spat back, “but now I need that huge piece of meat between my other lips again.” As she said this, she began rubbing her pussy and fingering herself, and I realized I hadn’t gotten a chance to try that delicious pussy.

“First, I think I need a little snack,” and with that I spun her body around on the couch and dug right in. Her sweet juices were bountiful and I began trying to lick them all up, but immediately realized it would be impossible and settled for the large portions pouring into my mouth. Lapping at her lips, then biting down on her clit while simultaneously twisting both nipples, she let out a colossal scream and I felt an enormous spray hitting my chin. Pulling away from her beautiful pussy I look up at Michelle and say, “I don’t remember you being a squirter. Apparently I’m not the only one who’s changed.”

She only smiled at me as I plunged my tongue deep into her pussy. Licking her nether lips, I painfully moved my hands away from her beautiful globes. My right thumb quickly found her clit, rubbing it furiously. Her moaning was continuous when she wrapped her legs tightly around my head, cutting me off from all sound. Somehow I managed to slip two of my fingers from my left hand into her slippery pussy. Thrusting them in and out I got them thoroughly covered, then pierced her tight asshole with both.

Her legs clamped so tight I thought she was going to break my neck, but I was relentless in my assault. Sliding them back and forth I now began nibbling on her extremely hard clit before clamping down on it. Now her screams were so loud I could clearly her them through my earmuffs that were her thighs.

Pealing her legs apart from my head I climbed up her body and was glad to see she wasn’t exhausted, but seemed rather invigorated. She drew my lips to hers and then lapped at her juices that were covering my face.

Firmly grabbing my rigid member I began slowly feeding it into soaked pussy. She enveloped my tool centimeter by centimeter, than inch by inch until she could no longer take the teasing slowness. “Fuck my brains out already!” she screamed into my face. Without further hesitation I buried myself to the hilt and was rewarded with a lovely moan from Michelle’s beautiful lips. My hips became a jackhammer as I thrust harder than I’d ever imagined was possible. Her slender body flew into the back of the couch every time I struck home and her perpetual orgasms began again.

This time, though, the boiling in my balls demanded release. “I’m cummmmmming!” I screamed as my white lava shot into her pussy again and again. The tightness of her clamped down pussy combined with my built up orgasm were overwhelming. I collapsed on top of Michelle, hanging onto consciousness by a thread. Michelle, though, seemed to be in a deep sleep, extremely content with a huge smile on her face.

Somehow I managed to find the strength to lift myself off of the couch. Slowly getting dressed, I prayed to God that I wasn’t too drunk to be able to remember every second of this tomorrow. Finally, with all my clothes back on (except my ripped shirt) I covered Michelle with a blanket, kissed her forehead lightly, and wandered back out to the party.


It was already 1, but this party didn’t look like it was going to die down any time soon. I got another cup, figuring that if I ended up passing out here Michelle wouldn’t mind me joining her on the couch. It was great seeing everyone from high school. I spent the next hour playing tippy cup and pounding drink after drink.

By the time the game started breaking up my head was swimming. I must’ve drank a bit too much, because I thought one of the girls by the keg was Christi. Wait! That is Christi! Stumbling up to the keg I began to question her, my words slurring occasionally and my eyes closing so I could concentrate. “Lil’ sissy, what are ya doing hurrs?”

“Oh, Dean. You’re pretty hammered. The break-up must be pretty hard on you,” she replies with nothing but love and care in her voice. “We need to get you home.”

I had no idea what she was talking about. In the past 24 hours I’d hooked up with two very sexy girls and gotten rid of a cheating girlfriend. This had been a pretty damn good day. “I’m fines. I feel incr…incre…stupendous!” Well maybe, I was a little too drunk if I’m slurring this much.

I’m sure you think you do, but you need some sleep. I’ll drive you home. I haven’t been drinking,” she said, her voice still full of care. “Where are your keys?”

I just patted my right side pocket and looked at her. Christi rolled her eyes, but with a smile on her face she worked her petite hand into my pocket. It seemed like she was taking her time grabbing the keys and then…did she really just do that? I swear I could feel her hand close around my now inflating cock. My sister was making me hard, but was it the fact that a hand was wrapped around my dick or that it was my beautiful little sister’s hand?

Then her hand was out of my pocket and dangling the keys in front of my face. I slowly turned to look at her and she had a wicked little grin on her face and gave me a wink. I led her to my car, thoughts running wild in my mind.

Jesus! Was I going crazy? There’s no way my angel of a sister was just feeling me up. I must’ve completely imagined that wink. I can’t believe I’m so drunk that I would actually think Christi would be putting moves on me. I need to get these sick thoughts out of my head…but Christi really is a beautiful and sexy girl. Only a real idiot wouldn’t be able to see that.

How could anyone honestly admit that with a body like hers, they hadn’t had a few dirty thoughts about her? Her full, 36 D cup breasts that always stood at attention and practically begged to be played with. That big, round, juicy ass of hers that demanded heads to turn when she walked by. Those extremely long, slender legs that her 5’9” frame allowed her to have. Then her soft face, with perfect complexion and incredible emerald green eyes, with all of it framed by her long, jet black hair. She’s practically the poster child for perfection.

Determined to push these thoughts out of my mind I opened up the passenger door and hopped in. Christi was already behind the wheel and she leaned over me to grab my seatbelt, going out of her way to brush a hand against my crotch before snapping the seatbelt in.

I must’ve passed out on the way home, because the next thing I know Christi is opening my door and shoving my shoulder to wake me up. With a little help from Christi I manage to get in the house and climb the stairs to my room. She opens the door for me and follows me in, closing and locking the door behind her.

“Well big brother, I’m going to make you feel all better,” she says in a soft yet sexy tone. “In a few minutes, you won’t even be able to remember that whore girlfriend’s name.”

Before I even have a chance to react, Christi has pushed me backwards into the edge of my bed, forcing me onto my back. She jumps on top of me and starts grinding against my crotch. Somehow, after 3 amazing orgasms today and consuming a lot of beer, my sister manages to get my pole rigid in seconds, just from the dry humping.

Christi leans over me, bringing her lips to within inches of mine, her hot breathing pouring out over my face. I try to move my lips up to meet hers, but before I can she slides down my body and latches her teeth around one of my nipples while pinching the other one in between her thumb and forefinger. No girl has ever played with my nipples like this and before I can control myself, a LOUD groan escapes my lips. I’m never this loud and I kind of shock myself, but Christi is noticeably worried. “Shut the FUCK up,” she sternly whispers, “I want to get your cock in my mouth WITHOUT Mom catching us.”

I immediately agree, unimaginably turned on by hearing my sister curse and talk dirty. My dick’s so hard now that it’s starting to hurt trapped under the fabric of my shorts and boxers. My sister graciously returns to grinding on top of my cock and brings her face back up to mine. This time, though, I want to make sure she doesn’t get away without me getting to feel those luscious lips. I entwine my fingers into the hair on the back of her head and pull her lips to mine.

Our kiss was so intense I swear I could hear fireworks going off somewhere. Never before had I shared a kiss that was so full of passion, yet translated nothing but our love for each other. All too soon her face pulled away from mine. I was disappointed that our kiss was over, but extremely pleased by the happy look on her face.

Slowly, Christi slid down my body and off the bed, her fingernails lightly scraping my chest as she went, giving me goosebumps. She quickly yanked my shorts and boxers off, but then stopped. Christi was staring at my fully rigid dick, lost in a look of bewilderment. “I…I…didn’t know any of them were actually this big. All my boyfriends always had small pricks, so I thought that they must all be that small,” she whispered in a barely audible tone.

After another second of silence a huge grin split Christi’s face. She leaned right over the top of my dick and let a vast amount of saliva run out of her mouth, onto my head, and then down the shaft. Slowly at first, she began working it all into my pole with both hands wrapped around the shaft. Then, without further warning her head plummets towards my dick, taking the head into her hot, wet mouth.

Her tongue swirls round and round the knob as her left hand begins to play with my balls and I nearly go crazy from pleasure. Low moans start escaping my mouth and my hips start to unconsciously buck, forcing more of my meat into her beautiful mouth. This is exactly what heaven must be like, except for the whole going to hell thing because of incest. This blowjob, this moment felt so good, though, I couldn’t have cared less.

Christi’s head was now bobbing up and down on my shaft, increasing pace with each trip down. She was taking about four and a half inches and each time she tried to do more her gagging became nearly uncontrollable. Her boyfriends must have been pretty small. Whatever, I didn’t give a rat’s ass. She was putting so much effort into her work that every little thing she did was executed perfectly and felt incredible.

Her mouth pulled off of my shaft and the combination of the rush of cold air and the lack of her hot mouth was painful, but I immediately felt better as she started trying to gobble down my balls. Christi would work one over with her mouth for a minute, sucking and lightly biting, then switch to the other. Back and forth she went between the two while stroking my dick with both of her hands.

Reluctantly she stopped playing with my balls and sensually drug her bottom teeth from the base of my dick to the sensitive underside of my head and swallowed as much of my dick as she could. This was it! It was a miracle (or all the beer) that I’d lasted this long. Without giving Christi any warning, I held her head down with one hand and fired rope after rope straight down her throat, only letting her pull back so I could fire the last few into her mouth. Breathing hard, the last thing I heard was, “Wow big brother! You taste really good.”

Thanks for reading part 2! I hope to have part 3 up by tomorrow, but no later than Tuesday. All suggestions and critics are welcome and appreciated. I’m planning on working an older sister in at some point, but outside of that ideas are needed. Hope you enjoyed part 2 and thanks again!

College Bum.

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