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10 inches to Ruin

At about 13 it became obvious I was not normal. Between my legs my cock had grown to major size. Flaccid it was 6 inches long and thick. When fully hard it stood straight out, perpendicular from my body and a full 10 inches long from pubic bone to the tip of the head. I had no idea where the monster would lead me but I willingly followed along.

My monster became my best friend and worst enemy. He made me friends and lost me nearly as many. At the tender of age of 14 and 15 girls were terrified of the Monster. After a year of embarrassment I was ready to cut it off. I was an oddity. Girls avoided me, although they never made fun of me. It's difficult to make fun of a kid with a 10 inch dick. It's like the girls knew secretly that someday I would be seen not as a freak but as a desired property, and that would describe my dilemma - I was a life support system for a big assed cock.

Of course at that age I was a raging hormone. If it wasn't hard it was swollen at the least and it was pretty obvious, as the style of dress were tight jeans mostly, so the bulge was always present despite my trying to downplay that reality. I was a virgin because while many girls had felt it, jerked it and a few had licked it some, no one wanted it in them - no one my own age anyway. Older women were different however. Finally one summer afternoon after I turned 15 my virginity was history.

I was staying with my uncle and cousins for about a month. My aunt Marty walked around the house in a two piece bathing suit all summer and it was having the obvious and I later found out - fully intended - effect. Seems Marty had spied the Monster and being the nasty slut she was, she was going to play with the big fella.

One night we were sitting up watching the Democratic National Convention on TV. Everyone else in the house was asleep and Marty and I were alone in the living room. She sat in a chair, I on the floor across from her. She was wearing a shorty, babydoll nightie, a rather plain beige as I recall. Somehow the conversation was steered toward sex. Marty was mentioning this and that - cunnilingus most notably and how my uncle didn't do that. She asked if I knew what it was.

I did indeed know what it was, but instead of her leading me directly to the furry taco she told me to open the little draw on the side table beside the couch. Inside was the book "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid Ask." I remember around then this book was shocking and all the rage. Marty had me turn to a specific page - she'd memorized and in fact dog eared the page - I should have known at the time the implications of that. Marty had planned this all along I would later learn.

She had me read the definition of cunnilingus and when I'd finished she asked if I had ever done "that?" I had and answered yes, all my girlfriends would only let me do that. She then asked if they "returned the favor," as she put it, to which I said not really, they just played with me some. She looked sad with a fake put on expression. She asked my why and I told her I thought they were scared. She proceeded to tell me young girls are sometimes not ready for real sex and I might need to turn to older girls for sex. I replied that a few of them were not virgins but they still would not let me have sex with them. Marty pretended to not know why.

It was at this point that Marty made sure her meaning was clear. She sat with her left leg folded under her in the chair, but her right foot was sitting in the chair, her right knee in the air. I could see her golden triangle and as that was her goal, I enjoyed the view, but I was still scared to let her see me looking. I was sitting on the floor, facing her a mere 3 feet from her as she sat in the chair with one leg cocked up in the air. She caught me looking at her patch and asked me if I liked the view. I nodded yes silently. She smiled and said that was a good thing. She asked me directly if I ever wanted to be "with a real woman instead of these scared little girls?" Of course I was interested, and just again nodded my agreement.

Suddenly she said "Well, it's getting late. We'd better get to sleep." She then looked me in the eyes and leaned forward. "Ya know Andy, we can't discuss this with anyone, even your cousin Robby," her son. I replied I knew better then to ever blab my mouth to anyone. She smiled, patted my cheek gently and kissed me on the forehead. "Get off to bed now. We'll 'talk' more tomorrow."

I slept fitfully at best and was up in the early dawn as my uncle was showering for work. It would be a hot Summer day and the heat of the morning woke me with fits, but excited ones. I laid in the bottom bunk in Robby's room until after I heard my uncle leave for work. I watched as he drove his truck out of the driveway and waited a minute or two and got out of bed. As I slowly opened the door I was shocked to see Marty standing outside the door.

"Morning sleepy head" she smiled. She claimed she was just walking through the hall, but as her room was on the other end of the house, as was the laundry room and her master bath, I knew the deal in my mind. I was going to lose my virginity today - and she was as eager to take it as I was to give it up. She spent the morning teasing me with little looks at her full breasts as she wore an old white button down shirt that was tied at her mid drift. The shirt was unbuttoned all the way to the knot that tied it, so there was all the cleavage I could stand as well as clearly seeing her nipples as they hardened and stood erect under the thin layer of white cotton.

We didn't discuss the night before, but she'd made mention of how Robby had a double header ball game this afternoon, and she thought it too hot to sit in the Sun and watch, so she had asked another Mom to pick him up and take him to the game. How clever of her to strategically arrange a nice 3 or 4 hour period in the early afternoon to be "out of that hot Sun." as she intimated. After about an hour of flaunting and taunting me with her tits and ample ass, I was walking around with a permanent semi. She once looked right at it and asked "having a "hard" time Andy?" I was embarrassed, still not sure what the fuck was going on, but by now I hardly cared.

Robby could be heard rustling around as he got up and Marty looked at me and whispered "Ah . . . I better go change . . . be right back." She left the living room and disappeared into her master on the other side of the kitchen just as cousin Robby emerged, rubbing his eyes and his usual chipper morning self. Marty came back out of her room in her usual attire for a hot Summer day - a two piece bathing suit.

The morning drug on until finally Mrs. Adams pulled up about 12:30 with her two boys to pick up Robby and take him to the games. Debbie Adams was a real piece. Medium height, thin and lithesome, but nice tits on a thin woman. She wasn't skinny or even lean, but she had wide hips, full breasts, an awesome ass and a smile that would kill ya. I had jerked off nearly every night thinking about Debbie Adams. She hung out for a few as Robby finished gathering up his stuff and I noticed aunt Marty and Debbie talking quietly, occasionally looking at me and giggling like 15 year old girls. I didn't really pay all that much attention at the time but later it would be clear as to why.

Finally Robby had his shit together and Debbie got up to leave. As she walked out she smiled and said, "Okay, I'll do the Mom thing today and next time it's your turn Marty." Then she looked at me and poked me in the chest as she passed 'Behave yourself Andy!" she admonished as she turned back to Marty, laughed a bit and walked out.

As the door closed Marty moved to the business at hand. "I'm gonna go lay out on the deck Andy. Wanna join me and get some Sun before it gets way too hot?" "Naw aunt Marty. Do you mind if I just sit here and watch TV for a few minutes? It's really hot!" "Suit yourself young man," she smiled and walked out onto the deck. Of course the blinds were open and I could clearly see her laying on the chaise not more than 15 feet from me.

I sat and rubbed my growing cock. Finally I dispensed with the silly confusion and opened my jeans shorts and let my cock free. I rubbed it and slapped it against my leg. Marty turned over on her stomach and as I started to get scared again, she looked at me and could easily see me and the Monster in my hand. She got up, grabbed her towel and walked in. I was dumbstruck with fear and anticipation.

"Looks like you have your hands full Andy. Can aunt Marty help ya with that?" "I was hoping you would want to," I replied and she was on her knees in two seconds. ""Jesus fucking Christ" she exclaimed as she ran her fingertip first up and then down the underside of the Monster. I shuddered with goose bumps. "No wonder girls are afraid of you, or it!" I was getting dizzy with lust and I leered at her "Are you scared?" She rather nonchalantly replied "a little, but I can handle it." Then with a very sincere look she said "Ya know Andy, this is wrong and if anyone ever found out I would go to jail and worse."

"I know Marty . . . " she raised her finger to my lip and whispered in a horse voice, "Call me Aunt Marty Sweetie. I like the sound of it, especially considering what we're doing." I was thrilled with that turn. She was a little cunt now wasn't she. "Show me ya ain't scared AUNT Marty. Put it in your mouth if ya can." She could and she did.

She licked and sucked the bitch until I was over the edge. She looked up and said, "If I suck it until ya cum, can ya do it again?" I shot her my most confident and pardon the pun, cocky smile and replied "I cum 4 or 5 times a day everyday." She smiled and shot back "Surprised your right arm isn't twice as big as your left arm working with this barbell." "No problem aunt Marty - I'm ambidextrous - sometimes!"

"Fuck," I moaned. She kept sucking and in about ten seconds I burst a load in her mouth. She opened her mouth and stroked me while still licking and sucking. It was the biggest cum ever - at least it looked and felt like the biggest ever. It was all over her face, her hair, her chin and my lap and belly. She licked me clean and then slipped out of her bikini top and then bottoms. She stood up and I was in ecstasy. Her tits were great, her ass fat and her body built for pleasure and I was gonna have me some too.

"Stay in the chair" she said. "I wanna keep an eye out the window so no one surprises us, okay?" I was all for that and I sat back in the chair she sat in last night. She stepped up into the chair, her feet on the outsides of my legs and lowered herself onto me. Her tits slapped me in the face. I wanted to suck em but was still confused I would break some rule - what I don't know. I mean when a 15 year old is fucking his 31 year old aunt, damn sure there are few rules. "Can I kiss you, " I asked as she rubbed my half hardon on her cunt lips. "Absolutely Sweetie. I want ya to. Suck my nipples Sugar." I did. She lowered herself onto me and grunted as my cock slid into her. She was very wet and I could smell her cunt juices as if it were in my face.

Then she rose up and down on me as we kissed. I sucked her tits and we kissed even more. She rubbed my nipples and she started cumming. What a slut I thought to myself. This was the most awesome thing since NFL football I thought to myself - yeah, a silly thought, considering. This was much better than football. We grunted and groaned for about ten minutes. She came repeatedly, sometimes screaming at me to fuck her harder.

I blasted another load, this time in her hot cunt and kept rocking her back and forth. "Let's switch" she said. She got off of me and I got up. She got into the chair and slid down and hung her knees over the arms of the chair. My cock was hard as Hell as I began to get on my knees. "Now Sweetie. Squat down and fuck me hard. I want to feel you fucking me like the whore I am." And I did. I perched my hands on the arms of the chair, she locked her hands behind my head and growled "Fuck me Andy. Fuck me hard. Do you like fucking your mom's sister? Like it? Huh Baby? Like fucking my wet pussy?" I did and I told her so.

"You are so fucking hot aunt Marty. I have fantasized about you since I was about 12 years old." She liked hearing that. "So, ya wanted to fuck aunt Marty even then?" "Oh yeah!" I replied. "Oh shit she squalled. Her grip on the back of my neck tightened and she sort of lifted herself off the chair and hung from my neck. I slid my arms under her ass and stood up with her suspended from my neck and impaled on the Monster. She pressed her flesh against my chest and shoved her tongue down my throat. I waddled over to the front door beside us and pushed her against it so I could gain purchase to drive the bitch home. I fucked her like she'd never been fucked in her life.

The whole event lasted only a few minutes. I dumped my third load of the afternoon into her as she kissed me and moaned into my mouth. I got a little weak and wobbly and waddled back to the chair and sat her in it. My cock popped out and hit her in the face. Cum and her cunt juice splashed on her face and my legs and belly. She licked it for all she was worth.

"Oh my fucking God!" was all she said. "Jesus Andy, you sure I was the first woman you ever had real sex with?" "Yep," I replied. "Did you like it," she asked, a little fearful now that the deed was done and the lust a little dissipated? "Hell ya, I loved it. Can we do it again sometime?"

She smiled very sweetly at me and said "Andy, as long as this is our little secret, we can do it whenever ya like." She was motherly to me as she said it and that turned me on all over again. "Lord Andy!" she exclaimed as my cock started to harden again. "Lemme help ya with that Sweetie." She sucked it again, we had a quick fuck on the floor, and I came in her again, in the missionary position. It was incredible!

"Okay Honey, let's get cleaned up and get our shit together. They'll be home soon." I looked at the clock in the kitchen. It was 3:30 - we had been fucking for three hours. We parted - she to her shower and I to the hall bath to get fixed up. I showered and dressed as I was before the fun. I came back to the living room a tad sheepish for all that had gone on, but Marty, the trooper, took care of that.

"Ya know Andy, I have thought about you too - a lot. You're so good looking and strong. And with that cock, you are going to break a million hearts my dear." I blushed a little and replied "I am not sure about that." She came to me and said, "Now listen, we must be completely discreet and normal around other people okay?" "Sure aunt Marty. I know the deal. I will never repeat this to anyone." I replied.

About that time thunder began and I looked out to see a good storm blowing in. Just as I started to say "look at the clouds" to show her how dark and full they looked Mrs. Adam's pulled back into the driveway and beeped the horn. She and Robby and her boys got out of the car and as they did the clouds burst open and solid sheets of rain fell on them. By the time they got into the house they were all soaked.

Marty collected them and sent the boys off to the bathroom to get into dry clothes and out of their little league uniforms. Mrs. Adams had a big gym bag full of stuff including a change of clothes for her two sons. Turns out the ball field was closer to the storm than we were and the second game of the double header was called for lightning. As the boys left to go change Marty grabbed Debbie by the hand and whispered to her. "Will you excuse us for a minute Sweetie?" Marty asked. I got ready to get up and go to another room and she said "No Honey, keep your seat. Debbie and I are going into the kitchen for a minute. Be right back. Just watch TV for a minute, okay?"

I heard hushed voices and a gasp from Mrs. Adams. Then they disappeared into Marty's bedroom off the kitchen for about 5 minutes or so. I heard the door open and they came out of the bedroom, all smiles. Mrs. Adams walked over to me and rubbed me under my chin. She leaned in close to me and whispered, "Can I tell you a secret Andy?" "Yes Ma'am, " I replied. She then pulled my left ear to her mouth and whispered, "You taste very good and I hope you don't mind, but could I have a chance to find out, first hand, I mean? How's that sound?"

I looked at her and then at aunt Marty. Marty was grinning from ear to ear. She sauntered over and put her arm around Debbie Adam's and then it looked like she rubbed her gorgeous ass. "Would you like that Andy? How about if Mrs. Adams and I both taste you again, very soon . . . at the same time? Does that sound like something you'd enjoy?"

"Fuckin' A, " I shot back. I looked at both of them and then Mrs. Adams, I guess just to fuck with me and show me what was in store, turned to Marty and they open mouth kissed in front of me. "Fuck!" I blurted out.

Mrs. Adam's looked at me and said, "See Marty, I knew he'd like that!" Marty smiled and asked "So Andy, ya think a couple more weeks staying here with your old aunt Marty and friends will be okay for ya?" I nodded so hard I almost gave myself whiplash. They both smiled an evil, wanton smile and Marty said "Okay, lemme call my sister and tell her I would love for you to stay and "hang out" with "Robby" for another week or two. Is that okay Andy?"

"Yes Ma'am, that sounds like a great idea." Debbie Adams quipped, "Wow, a cock like a horse and polite too! How nice!' It was going to be a fun two weeks for sure.

Part 2

The last two weeks with Aunt Marty were awesome. I fucked her two or three times everyday almost. And Debbie Adams and Marty introduced me to lesbian sex. It was awesome for sure to be in bed with these two 30’ish MILF’s fucking them and watching them fuck each other. Couldn’t have been a better summer, but as August waned I returned home and readied myself for a return to school. If there was one thing I learned from these two awesome women, it was that a great many prim and proper appearing women are wanton sluts just waiting to be given a chance to demonstrate that side of them.

I entered the school that first day as my own self-inflated and much imagined “cock of the walk†as it were. My newfound liberation was obvious to many. Lots of kids and some teachers even remarked how much I seemed to have grown over the summer break – if only they’d known, I chuckled to myself.

There was a perk to school that I’d completely overlooked – gym class. Tenth grade they made us shower after PE. I could not have known on that September morning how a simple shower would contribute to my sexual wanderings. I was always a little shy for the obvious reasons. I mean being hung like a donkey was cool and all, but as a kid no one wants to be teased and ridiculed by their peers. The most important thing in the uncertain social structure of high school is to fit in somewhere you are comfortable. Six or more inches of flaccid Johnson hanging between one’s legs does not necessarily engender one to all the other students, but it does lead to one becoming a fascination, and if properly handled, that too can be pretty great.

One of my first lessons that year was that everyone who sees my main man Johnson stares at the big guy – oh, they pretend not to, but they do. Some guys were pretty cool, screaming “Jesus Andy! What the fuck is that?†I decided I could go with the flow or be freaked out by it, but I was all for flow going, so I did. Of course there were the ‘sly glancers.’ And the ‘I will not look, I will not look’ types too. But the best part was when Coach Rimes walked in the locker room and in a booming voice hollered “Nice cock Andrew!†I thought I would die but everyone sorta cracked up laughing and the tension was broken. As Coach Rimes left the locker room he hollered “Watch out young men. If Andy turns too quick he could put an eye out!†which again drew guffaws. I at least felt less freaked by my oddity.

Bu the most interesting part was that people talk and gossip - a whole lot, that’s for sure. Soon I began to detect little whispers and hushed conversations. I could feel people looking at me but it was one of those imperceptible things really. Ya can’t prove it but ya know it when it happens. By late September a tall black girl named Denise Hays started hanging around me. She was a senior to my sophomore, but as we were mild acquaintances, I thought nothing of it at first. She was the star of the girls basketball team. She was 6’1 and a bit muscular but still feminine. Denise had always been a girl who didn’t seem to care for the black & white clicks – she was pretty non aligned, if you will.

We hung out in a group a few times and got high together. After one such event I left to go home and said I was going to stop at the 7-11 on the way to get a drink – cotton mouth and all that. Denise jumped up and offered “Yeah, I’m dying of thirst. I’ll walk as far as the 7-11 with ya Andy.†By the time we’d reached the 7-11 it was decided we would proceed directly to my house and fuck before mom got home from work. Denise gasped at my cock. She was clear that she’d heard it was special – all the girls in the school knew about it and me apparently, but her eyes still widened when she saw it.

Denise and I were naked in about 1 minute flat. Our fucking was not romantic at all, but friendly and fun. No foreplay at all – she hefted Johnson some, rubbed and pulled on the big guy, but she was rather clear when she grinned at me I'll never get that in my mouth. We both laughed a bit, I tickled her quim to moisten her a bit and we did the deed on the stairs from my basement bedroom to the kitchen. I don’t think she got off, but I sure did. It was kinda hot making it with such a big woman. She was three inches taller than me, outweighed me or at least weighed the same I did, but she wasn’t fat at all. She was just a big boned gal and she was a decent roll in the hay. We remained friends for the rest of the year but never repeated our tryst. The hottest part was kissing her very full lips. She could kiss ya until ya damn near died and I love to kiss, so I really dug our hooking up. She was a nice girl.

There were another two dozen or so sex encounters with girls who had grown curious, but no girlfriends still. Having a Johnson so big he had his own zip code was a boon and a curse. I got a lot of attention, but girls I was romantically interested in had heard of me and Johnson and the curious girls so I was sort of a circus act – fun for a laugh or curiosity, but not a steady diet. By the time summer break rolled around again things were looking up for me and Johnson. The slutty girls – ya know, the low rent “I have a cunt and I‘m not afraid to use it to get what I want†types grew older and bolder. My year book was signed by all kinds of girls making lewd and suggestive references. A dozen or so even put their phone numbers with their little comments with “call me†and drew little hearts around their name or numbers. It was thrilling time.

It really got good the last week of school. We were allowed to wear whatever we wanted to school as there were no dress codes in the 1970’s, so lots of skin began showing up. Some girls even wore their shirts tied open at the bottom showing mid-drift as was common in the day. Even a few of the teachers “let their hair down†a bit that last week. Mrs. Bentely was one of them.

Eloise Bentely was rather aloof and considering she taught math, who could blame her. Hell, I hated math, but at least sitting in her class was fun. No one had bothered to tell good old Eloise that her charges might be distracted by her “letting her hair down†a bit. See Eloise Bentely was the secret fantasy of many young male students. She was pretty, tall, well built, 40’ish and very, very sexy. She always dolled herself up and looked like a woman wished to appear. She dressed well and carried herself equally as well. She was married with two grown kids in college.

And she had an ass to die for. It was full and round and the male students would roll their eyes when she turned to write on the board. She pressed pretty hard with that chalk and it made her ass really jiggle when she wrote on the board. No one minded her writing plenty of demonstration problems on the black board. In fact the more she wrote the happier we became. That last week Mrs. Bentely wore jeans to school. What an ass! She could really pack it in that there denim. Her blouses were always kind of tight, but now in those tight jeans it seemed to accentuate the effect.

I grew bold watching her in the jeans and tight blouses. I purposely sat in the front of the class, my legs open wide, slouching in my desk. When she would turn to write on the board I would give Mr. Johnson a little “adjustment†and he too seemed enthralled at Eloise Bentely’s back side. And as I’d hoped, she noticed. I took to staring at her eyes when she’d turn and instruct us, and she noticed that new bold approach too. By Tuesday at the end of class – my last class of the day before dismissal – Mrs. Bentely asked for me to stay for a moment after class was dismissed. I figured it had to be sucky news – either I was going to get less than a “C†and mom would go apeshit, or I was in trouble for my Johnson having a mind of his own. Either way this was not a good turn of events. As the bell rang and some of my guy friends left the class with a chorus of “Andy’s gonna fail, Andy’s gonna fail†being mumbled by them. They laughed as they walked out of the room and turned to make faces and lewd signals to me to crack me up and get me in more trouble. If only they’d known.

Mrs. Bentely asked me to remain seated. I did, and assumed the “hey, look at Johnson†posture. She rather sternly informed me I would have a “hard†time getting better than a “D†unless I earned a “big†grade on my final – at least a “B-“ according to her. She really stressed the words big and hard. And she was rather blatant in checking out the big fella squirming in my Levi’s. Her look was intent and clearly not all that scholarly. She asked if I would like some ‘personal tutoring’ to help me get that much needed “C.†I of course replied I would love her help and how kind it was of her to be so concerned with me.

She and I agreed to meet at her house at 3:30 – less than 1 hour from now. I ran home, dropped off all but my math book and notebook, left a note for mom, and headed the 10 or so blocks to Mrs. Bentely’s house. I arrived promptly – 15 minutes early, due to eagerness, an abundance of youthful energy and a clear desire to my Johnson skinned as it were – oh, and of course my desire to learn – what was it again? Math is it? Yeah, math.
I rang the bell and Mrs. Bentely answered the door. She had arrived home clearly in time to change into something “more comfortable†and somehow her makeup was freshly applied and perfect. She wore a pair of rather tight and short shorts that really showed off her awesome thick thighs. Her ass was busting out of the little blue cotton shorts. And she was wearing an old shirt of her husband’s it looked like, and it was tied at the mid drift like some of the girls had done in school this week. She was barefoot.

I was ushered into her kitchen breakfast nook. She had her book laid out, a note pad and sundry other items, all for tutoring me. The nook had a bench seat that was a half moon in the bay window and that’s where she sat. She smiled and patted the seat to her right and said “Sit down Andy and we’ll see what we can accomplish.†Her smile was not an innocent one and she cast a quick but deliberate glance at my crotch as she smiled so invitingly. I slid in the booth like seat. She imperceptibly scooted a bit closer to me in the seat. We were separated by an inch or two.

More than once her leg brushed mine as she talked. I decided this was either my passing or failing, but either was I would see what, if anything else she had on her mind. I turned on my best charm, little though there was. I smiled, played dumb and innocent, and made sure she knew I was looking at her like a lion looks at a gazelle. She picked up on that for sure. After no more than 15 minutes or so she was becoming a bit flustered, but she was also becoming more forward and friendly too.

Our legs would accidentally touch some, in fact so much after a few minutes she left her right leg against my left leg. The electricity was there for sure. She looked at me and muttered “Is it hot in here or is it just me?†Her smile was both warm and predatory. I was for sure getting warm, but my issue wasn’t the temperature but the fact that the top three buttons of her husband’s white shirt knotted at the waist revealed a very nice cleavage. If she did that for me to notice it, she had succeeded. I was so distracted I could hardly pay attention to anything she said. Her sing-song voice was wandering as well. She seemed equally distracted. I decided to help and see if her kindness was mathematical or otherwise. I asked if I could use her rest room and she got up and proceeded to usher me in the proper direction to the powder room under the stairs. I went in and relieved Mr. Johnson of his urine burden. The sound of the piss hitting the water was as loud as a garden hose hitting the siding on a house. I purposefully did not piss on the porcelain to be discreet.

I flushed, washed my paws and emerged. She was sitting back where she had been, but she was leaning back against the back of the bench seat. And damned if there wasn’t now four buttons undone from the collar of her husband’s shirt. I am sure it was only 3 before – I counted them. Now I could see enough cleavage to park a car in as well as the top sides of the white low cut bra she wore. And her tits were pushed out a bit in that leaning back position. And she was rather openly looking at my crotch and then into my eyes, smiling and glancing back and forth between them. I slid back in next to her making sure we were right against each other. She smiled and said “Better now, Andy?â€

“Hopefully,†I offered. By now we’d both had enough of this. She showed me an easy to remember trick for a business math formula, and when I got it and completed three problems with it flawlessly, she was pleased. “Nice job Andy,†she smiled and patted my left leg. Her hand rested mid way between my knees and my crotch and she left it there. Then she looked at me and that was it. I gently slid her hand up to my crotch. She never looked at me, but her hand was warm and shaking as I did so. She then very gently squeezed Mr. Johnson oh so lovingly and chimed in “Well, no wonder you’re so distracted Andy!†She paused for effect and added “Can I help you with that?â€

“Please†was all I could mutter in reply. She leaned in and kissed me, her tongue strong and searching. Her lips covered mine as she probed my mouth as her right hand slid up and down Mr. Johnson’s side. She took my right hand and slid it under her blouse and under her bra. Her tits were big and hot and her nipples were hard as a rock. I could feel all the Goosebumps all over the aureole. She began to moan some as we kissed. I was kissing her back of all I was worth.

She cut to the chase. “C’mon Andy. Let’s take a break, shall we?†I nodded my approval. She rose and said “follow me.†I watched as she shook her ass back and forth as she led my through the hall and to the stairs. She looked back and offered her hand to me. She let her hand trail behind her back and pulled me almost against her as she as seductively as she could shook her ass from side to side leading me up the stairs. I reached out and slid my left hand over the cheeks of that most incredible muscled backside. She quipped “That’s nice!†and then added “C’mon!†and we climbed the remainder of the stairs. We turned a corner, down a hall and into her bedroom.

By the time she turned around I was on her like a wolf. We were stripping and kissing. Our faces were covered in each other’s saliva as we recklessly tore at each other. We were now smashing our naked bodies against each other. She gently pulled away and said “Lemme see him!†I took one step back and played it up. I put my fists on my hips like Mighty Mouse and launched into a refrain of “Here I come to save the day.†She laughed and blurted out “Oh my fucking God Andy!†I took that to be a good thing. I began to sway my hips a bit and my cock, swelling and lengthening, slapped from thigh to thigh. I was taking her nakedness in for all it was worth. She was so fucking hot! She had a little cellulite, but I thought that was kind of sexy. She had a little paunch, but her tits were big and perfect; her waist was smaller and well defined, and of course she was hippy with an incredible ass. She turned and shook it for me and then she backed up against me and ground her fat ass on Mr. Johnson. “Seems he likes the view†she quipped.

She turned to me and pulled me onto her. We kissed and she whispered “ I have got to taste that,†as she pushed me back. “Get on your knees Andy,†she instructed. I did. She lay on her tummy and took my cock into her mouth. She began to make eating noises like when one is eating something really tasty and they make approving moaning noises. And from this angle her ass was the most incredible piece of flesh I’d ever seen in my young life. Within about 2 minutes my cock filled her mouth to capacity. She even once looked up at me and winked at me with a mouthful of Johnson. Fuck, that almost made me bust right there.

The rest happened way too quick to recall properly. It was a rush of hands, tongues and genitals. I was all the way in her cunt in about 1 minute flat and she was sweating, grunting and groaning, and so was I. I pumped her for about three or four minutes and screamed “Fuck! I’m cumming!†She grabbed my ass and pulled me all the way in as I did. I dumped about ten gallons of cum in her cunt and kept pumping. She began cumming then too. I came twice more before time slipped by and we had to get our shit together.

She asked me if I would like to come by Friday afternoon. She had a proposal for me she wanted to discuss. I figured if it was anything like our current “discussion,†I would be there with bells on. She liked that. I dressed, kissed her and ran downstairs. She slid her clothes back on – no underwear or bra – and followed me. “So, when do I come back for tutoring?†I asked. She laughed, walked to me, took her warm and soft hands and rubbed me beneath my chin and whispered to me, “You’ve got a “C†already, but I think Friday we’ll see if we can improve on that.†“Nice†was all I could reply. She smiled and retorted “I thought you’d like that.†I did!
We parted and of course agreed that in school the next day wed play it off as if wed never met for even tutoring unless quizzed by my folks. Other than that she feared kids would chatter and I agreed for the sake of her reputation we’d say nothing. I ran out and headed home to jerk off.

The last three days of school passed normally with her and I casting a few hungry glances at each other but other than that not a hint of anything amiss. As I hung around at the end of class and took my time leaving, she looked at me and mouthed “Be at my house by 4PM, okay? I nodded and ran home to shower and prepare.

Incase you missed it at the top this is just a story that I liked and thought I would share with you all. Orig auther is up top and link just below this sentence.

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