“Dad, I Have a Question.”

This is the story of a man and his curious teenage daughter, and his efforts to answer her questions about human sexual arousal and response. Although he attempts to explain things to her, she prefers a “hands-on” approach to learning.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Dad?” my daughter asked, as she handed my car keys back to me.

“What, sweetie?”

“Can I ask you a question?”


“It's kind of embarrassing,” she said.

“Jamie, you know you can ask me anything. What do you want to know?”

“I asked my friends Melody and Kiersten, and they just laughed at me. I don't know who else to ask,” she replied.

“Then ask me. If I know the answer, I'll tell you. If I don't, we'll do some research to find out,” I said.

“Promise you won't laugh at me?”

“Why would I laugh? If you don't know something, one of the best ways to find out is to ask. What's your question?”

She took a big breath, as though she were gathering her courage. “Well, why do I get a tingly feeling sometimes in my,... my,... um,... my vagina? Why does it sometimes get wet and slippery?”

Oh shit. Now what? This is where my ex would have been useful. I've tried to help my daughter understand as much about her body as I can. I was okay with the basic birds-and-bees talk. Years ago, I had explained to her about menstruation and the physical changes her body was going through as she changed from a girl to a woman. I thought I had pretty much covered everything. She was fully prepared when she got her first period. She knew how babies are made, how a male's sperm gets to a female's egg, how a baby grows in the uterus, and how it is born. I had taken her shopping for bras and panties, coached her on how to keep herself clean and how to deal with her cycle, and all the rest.

It had always been just my little girl and me, since her bitch of a mother walked out of our lives when Jamie was still an infant. That's why my daughter and I are so close. I was the one who fed her, changed her diapers, bathed her, rocked her to sleep, helped her learn to ride a bike, treated her scrapes and bruises, and taught her how to drive a stick shift. We've always enjoyed our time together, and she's the kind of kid who's eager to learn new things.

Being a single parent has always been hard, and friends had told me that dealing with a teenage girl would be a chore. Jamie's a good kid. She seems to have a lot of friends, and she's been allowed to go on dates for a whike, but for some reason, she doesn't seem to get asked much. As a result, I assumed she was pretty innocent sexually. I realized we had discussed nothing about the signals her body would give her about her sexual desires. Now she's asking me why her pussy gets wet and tingly. Oh, this could get awkward!

“When does this happen to you, honey?” I asked.

“I don't know. I guess when I see a cute guy, or when I watch people kissing and stuff on TV. It was pretty bad last week at the pool when Brian and Paul were hanging out with me. My vagina tingled so much I didn't know what to do. I sorta wanted to rub it, but I kinda figured I shouldn't do that in front of people.”

“That was good thinking, honey. It's just like when you get a wedgie. You find some private place to fix your underwear so you don't have that feeling.”

“Is it wrong to want to rub myself?” Jamie asked.

“No, not at all. But it's something you should do in private,” I replied.

“But why does it get all wet and slippery?” she asked.

“Well, honey, your vagina produces a kind of moisture that acts as a lubricant.”

“You mean like oil or grease?”

“Yes, exactly.”


Damn. I guess I should have known this day would come. What do I say?

“The tissues inside your vagina are very delicate. They would get chafed if you didn't have that lubricant.”

“Oh,” Jamie said.

I prayed the conversation would be over when she went silent. My prayer was not answered.

“What would chafe them? Doesn't chafing happen when something rubs against you?” she asked.


“So what would rub the inside of my vagina? Oh, wait, I know. A penis.”

“Yes, a penis, or anything else that might go in there.” As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I knew that comment would bring more questions.

“What else can go in there, Dad?”

“Um, well,.... Honey, did you ever hear the word 'masturbation'?”

“Isn't that what a guy does when he plays with his penis?”


“Why do they do that?”

“Because it feels good.”

“Do you do it?” she asked.

I knew having such an honest relationship with my daughter would backfire sooner or later. “Yes, honey, I do sometimes.”

“How do you play with play it?”

“I sort of stroke it and rub it with my hand.”

“Does it feel good?” she asked.

“Well, yeah. Otherwise I wouldn't do it.”

“Do you get an erection? I've seen drawings of that in class.”

“Um, yes,... yes I do.”

“Do you ejaculate?” my daughter asked.


“Will you show me how you do it?”

“Jamie! Honey! No, I can't do that!” I nearly shouted.

“Why not?”

“Because it's a very private thing!”

“Going to the bathroom is private, and we've done that in front of each other.”

“That's different. Sometimes you're in the tub and I need to use the toilet, or I'm shaving and you need to pee. We only have one bathroom, and we're family, so we just do it.”

“Yes, and so you've seen my vagina and I've seen your penis . So why won't you show me how you play with it?”

“Because it's sexual, and that would be bad.”

“But Dad, you told me sex was a beautiful thing.”

“Yes, but it's for people who love each other.”

“WE love each other. I love you, and you love me, so that should make it beautiful, right?”

“Sex is wrong when it involves family, honey. That's called incest, and it's wrong and it's against the law.”

“You're not making any sense. When you and Mom got married, that made you into a family, didn't it? You had sex with Mom. That's how I got here. That's how all kids get here. Having kids isn't illegal.”

“No honey, it isn't. It's a wonderful thing. But having babies and having sex is for adults, for men and women.”

“You tell me I'm a young woman.”

“You are, honey, but you're also my daughter. Fathers can't do sexual things with their daughters. Now let's not talk about this any more.”

She sat there with a pout on her face, but said nothing. The silence was uncomfortable, but I must have projected enough of my own guilt onto her that she dropped the subject. Her good-night kiss to me was a little cooler than normal. This was the first time I felt I had let my daughter down.

The next morning, Jamie came to breakfast still wearing my old t-shirt that she likes to sleep in. I guess she's grown a lot since she first appropriated it. It used to hang flat on her body and to come down to just above her knees. It wasn't that way now.

“Good morning, honey,” I said cheerfully.

“Morning,” she mumbled as she began to munch on a piece of toast.

Normally, Jamie was full of sunshine and energy in the mornings, talking like mad. Today, she was quiet and withdrawn.

“Are you okay this morning, honey?” I asked. “You're awfully quiet.”

She didn't answer for a moment. Then she put her toast down and said, “Girls do it too, right?”

“Do what?” I asked.


Oh, fuck, here we go again. “Yes, they do, honey.”


“To make themselves feel good.”

“What do they do?

“Um, well, they rub themselves, you know, down there.”


I could feel myself sweating a little. This was something I simply never considered having to talk about with my daughter. It didn't help that I could see the shape of her nipples under that well-worn old shirt. “Well, they use their fingers and rub around the vaginal opening,” I answered.

“I tried that last night when I went to bed,” she said. “It felt good, but it wasn't great or anything. I texted Melody and Kiersten and they made fun of me. They said I mustn't have done it right and didn't have an orgasm. They said I'd know it if I had. How am I supposed to know what that feels like? And what did you mean last night about other things going in there?”

She was obviously upset, which made me feel guilty as hell. Why didn't I think about explaining this to her earlier, so she would have been prepared? Thank God it was a Saturday. I could spend as much time as necessary with her today. We needed to have a serious talk. Part of me wanted to get out of my chair to give her one of the cure-all hugs that worked so well when she was younger, but my guardian angel reminded me that I was suddenly halfway hard.

I stayed seated at the table. “Honey, look at me,” I said. “I want to help you through this. Let me think for a minute about how to explain it all.”

“I just have so many questions, so much I don't understand,” she said quietly, looking down at her plate. “Sometimes I think I know so little that I don't even know what to ask.”

“All right. Do you have anything you have to do today? Going to the mall or a game with the girls, or something?” I asked.


“Well, neither do I. We're going to spend the whole day together, my best girl and me, and we're going to figure out those questions and answer them. Okay?”

Jamie smiled at me, the first smile I had seen on her normally bright face today. “Okay.”

We chatted about mindless things as we ate, and then Jamie and I washed the dishes together. She managed to splash a fair amount of water on her shirt. For some reason, I hadn't registered how well-shaped her breasts had become. Sure, I had caught glimpses of her in the tub or getting dressed over the years, but I had never really LOOKED at her. This time, I was.

The task at hand, discussing who knows what questions about human sexual response with my beautiful, shapely young daughter, suddenly seemed like it could be hard. Very hard. Holding-a-throw-pillow-in-my-lap hard.

“Snap out of it, asshole!” my conscience yelled at me, as it delivered an imaginary swift kick to my ass. “That's your daughter! Pull yourself together and deal with it like the good father you are.”

Sound advice. Yes, I can do this. I've potty-trained this kid. I've explained love and loss, happiness and sadness, success and failure. I've done everything all the parenting books tell you to do when it comes to teaching an adolescent, and I think I've done it better than the public school system could ever hope to. Now she wants to know more. Well, better to discuss it with her old man than with a couple of possibly ignorant teenage girls.

I said, “Go take your shower. Let me know when you're out of the bathroom so I can clean up, too. We'll meet in the living room in half an hour for question and answer time. If I don't know something, we'll research it together. I don't want you to be uncomfortable because you don't know about things. Deal?”

“Deal. Thanks, Dad,” Jamie said. “You're the best.” Then she kissed me on the cheek and bounced out of the room.

The feel of her breast against me when she kissed me made me realize again how difficult it might be to get through this part of parenting while still maintaining my composure. When Jamie was done in the bathroom and I got my shower, I shot a huge load into the tub drain. I lied to myself about the identity of the girl I fantasized I was fucking.

I dressed in elastic bicycle shorts (to try to keep things under control), loose sweat pants, and a t-shirt. I went to the living room, and a moment later Jamie appeared, wearing a short skirt and a loose tank top. It looked like she wasn't wearing a bra. She flopped down on the sofa next to me and snuggled up against me. Yeah, this was going to be a challenge.

“Okay, honey, what do you want to know?” I asked.

“Everything, I guess. I mean, I know how people make babies and the process of sexual intercourse and all that, but I don't understand anything about how my body is supposed to react. Like, what am I supposed to feel?” she asked.

“Well, um, it's supposed to feel good. But you should think very long and hard before you have sex with anyone. See, guys have a problem, especially young guys. They tend to want sex all the time, and sometimes they don't make wise choices about it. Sex should be between two people who care about each other, who love each other. After all, there are all the diseases out there, and there's the chance that the girl can get pregnant, so it's a big responsibility. Even if everyone is healthy, a baby should have both a mother and a father there to raise them,” I said.

“I didn't have a mother to raise me, and I think I'm growing up okay,” Jamie said.

“You're growing up fine, honey, but it's been tough for me, sometimes, to do the things for you that a mother is better suited to do.”

“I can't imagine what Mom could have done better than you,” she said.

“She could have taught you things about your body and the changes it's gone through.”

“You mean about my period, and my breasts growing, and getting hair down there and stuff?”


“But you explained that to me. I was all prepared when my first period started. Heck, I was the one who had to tell Melody what was going on when she got hers. She thought she was dying or something, 'cuz her mother didn't tell her anything. I was the one who had to take her to the school nurse to get supplies her first time. So I think you've done a really good job,” Jamie said as she hugged my arm.

Damn, I could feel her breasts against me again.

“So, can you tell me what it is you want to know?” I asked.

“I don't know. I guess I just want to know more about why my body feels the way it does sometimes,” Jamie said.

“Can you give me an example?”

“Well, like, why do my nipples get hard?”

Shit. Do I really have to do this?

“I guess there can be a number of reasons. One, which I'm sure you've noticed, is when you're cold. Most people get hard nipples when they're cold. It's sort of like really big goosebumps,” I answered.

“But sometimes they get hard when I'm not cold,” Jamie said. “Why is that?”

“Your nipples can get hard when you're, um, excited, too.”

“You mean like when I'm happy about something? I haven't noticed that.”

“Well, no, I mean when you feel good.”

“I don't understand,” Jamie said, fixing me with her bright blue eyes and playing with a lock of her wavy blond hair.

“Do your nipples get hard when you kiss a boy?” I asked.

“I've only kissed a few boys. I'm not sure I like it,” she said.

“Really? Why not?”

“I don't know. Just nervous, I guess. I'm afraid I'll do something wrong. I mean, I've seen the way they kiss in the movies and stuff, but I'm just not sure what to do. Like, am I supposed to use my tongue?”

“Tongue kissing can be very nice. It's more intimate and sexual than kissing with the lips closed, so it's not something you should really do in public or with someone you don't like a lot,” I replied.

“Tongue kissing is the same thing as French kissing, right?” Jamie asked.


“I don't know how to do that. Will you show me how to French kiss?”

“Oh honey, I don't know ....”

“Dad, come on! I really want to know, and you said you would help me,” she whined.

I sat there looking at my lovely blond daughter, so much more a woman than a child now, so pretty, so desirable, her full, soft lips looking moist and ready, her big blue eyes looking worried, and her breast pressing against my arm. I really did want to kiss her, and not like a father should. “You realize, honey, that this is something fathers and daughters don't normally do.”


“This must remain strictly between us. You can't tell Melody or Kiersten or anyone about this,” I said.

“I won't. Now please, Dad, teach me how to kiss.”

I was sweating. A big part of me wanted to run from the room, but a part of me that was getting bigger wanted me to stay right there.

“Not a word,” I said as I stroked my fingertips along Jamie's jaw.

“I swear,” she said, her gaze flicking back and forth between my eyes.

“Okay, follow my lead,” I said, lowering my lips to hers.

The first kiss wasn't much more than our usual pecks on the lips that we exchanged from time to time. I held it longer than usual, but I was doing all I could to exercise some restraint. When I pulled back, she said, “That was nice.”

“It was,” I agreed, leaning in to kiss her again.

This time, my hand went to her shoulder to pull her in a little closer. Still with our lips closed, we kissed a few times. Her hand strayed up to caress my hair. Oh dear lord, what am I getting myself into?

“Relax your lips,” I breathed, as I allowed just the tip of my tongue to touch them. I could feel a slight shiver run through her body as my tongue first tasted hers.

I pulled back to look at her again. “How was that?” I asked.

“I want to do it some more,” she murmured, placing her lush lips against my mouth. This time, it was her tongue that darted tentatively against mine.

When we broke apart, I saw that the worried look in her beautiful eyes had been replaced by one of pleasure. We pulled each other together, and I sucked her lower lip between mine. I felt her breath quicken with my gentle suction, and when I released her, she let out a sigh.

As we kissed again, her tongue parted my lips, and reflexively, I gently sucked on the tip of it, pulling it into my mouth. When I did that, I heard a soft moan come from her, and both her hands gently held my head in place. We enjoyed this kiss for a while, our tongues dancing softly against each other.

I looked carefully at my daughter. Her face was a little flushed, her eyes were wide and sparkling, and her pouty lips stayed slightly parted. My cock was like a steel rod.

“Now my nipples are hard,” she breathed. “Look.”

I did. She pulled her top tight against herself, answering my question about a bra, and allowing me to see the pebbles under her shirt. They looked wonderful

“Why did they get like that?” she asked.

“Remember, I told you that can happen when you're excited?” I reminded her.

“Oh, yeah,” she said, running her fingers gently across them. “It feels good when I touch them.”

“Guys like to touch them too,” I said. What the hell made me say that?

“Do you want to touch them, Dad?”

The rational part of my brain was screaming “NO!” but other parts of me were yelling, “Hell, yeah!”

I struggled to get the words out, “I don't thinkt I should.”

“Why not? If guys like to touch them, and you're a guy, why don't you want to touch them?”

“I'm your father, baby.”

“Yes, and I feel safe with you. I love you.”

“But it wouldn't be right.”


“Because you're my daughter.”

“Are you saying this is another thing fathers and daughters don't normally do?”

“Yes,” I said.

“I don't care. I want you to touch them. Please, Dad, I swear I won't tell.”

The excited little voice in my head that was controlled by my crotch was saying, “Play with her tits, man! What's wrong with you? She asked you to!”

Jamie pulled away from me for a moment, long enough to pull her tank top off. Her beautiful breasts were exposed to me. I had seen them often enough before, but not after having shared some passionate kisses with her, and not with my cock straining in my pants. Seemingly of its own will, my hand moved up to surround her one breast. When my fingertips passed over her erect nipple, Jamie gasped and kissed me hard.

“Oh, Dad,” she sighed as I caressed and fondled her firm, young tit. “That's making my vagina tingle. I'm getting wet.”

“Do you like that, honey?” I asked, still massaging her nipple.

“Yes, I do,” Jamie sighed. “Play with the other one, too.”

I started fondling both her breasts, kissing her from time to time. My God, I was holding my topless teenage daughter, making out with her, and fondling her nipples. I was going to need some quality time with my right hand when we were done.

Jamie moaned into my mouth when I began to roll her one nipple gently between my thumb and forefinger.

“Dad,” she breathed, “I want to touch myself.”

“Go right ahead, honey. If you're turned on, now is the perfect time to do it. I'll just go and ….”

“No, stay here and kiss me some more. I don't care if you see me do it.”

She stood up and pulled off her skirt, and then sat down next to me again, her heels on the edge of the seat cushion and her legs apart, and began to stroke herself over her damp yellow bikini panties. I had no idea my cock could get this hard.

Between kisses, I watched her play with her little pussy through the fabric. She started out slowly, rubbing her fingertips over her lips, and gradually speeding up, pressing her middle finger into the cloth and forcing it a little way into her opening.

“Play with my boobs again,” she said.

I was happy to. It kept my hands occupied, hands that wanted to play with both her and myself.

Jamie was sighing by now, her slender hips rocking slightly in rhythm with her fingers playing with her sex. The crotch of her panties was damp, and I could smell her arousal. Damn! All I wanted to do was pull those panties down and off her long legs so I could plunge something inside of her, like my fingers, my tongue, or my throbbing cock.

“Oooh, that feels so good,” she said into my mouth. “But it feels like something more should happen.”

“Try rubbing a little higher, at the top of your slit. That's where your clitoris is,” I said. “Most people call it the clit.”


“Right here,” I said, taking her hand in mine and moving her middle finger around where I knew her most sensitive spot must be.

“Maybe I should take my panties off.”

I was about to say something about how I should leave the room again, but she had already sprung to her feet and pulled her soaked panties off. She looked at me and smiled, and then climbed onto the sofa straddling my legs. Her cute little ass rested on my thighs.

“Now show me again,” she said.

“Here,” I said, placing her finger on top of her button. “Rub all around here. Not too hard, or you'll get sore.”

I removed my shaking hand from hers, and started playing with the trimmed soft blond curls that decorated her mound. She went back to work sawing on her little clit.

“This feels so good, Dad,” she breathed, latching onto my mouth for the hottest kiss yet.

I watched her for a while. I could see that she just wasn't doing it quite right, and her poor clit was getting red. “Honey,” I said, “move your finger down over the entrance of your pussy to make it wet. That way you can glide it smoothly over your clit. Then use you other hand and try sliding a finger inside you. Not too far, just a little bit.”

She slid her finger down and played in the wetness that was there. Her slippery finger slid back up onto her swollen button as she teased her opening with her other hand.

“How does that feel, sweetie?” I asked.

“Oh, God, that feels so good! I just keep getting wetter and wetter!” she whimpered.

Unbelievable. I'm sitting on the couch with my naked teenage daughter straddling me, kissing her, playing with her tits with one hand and her pubes with the other, while she fingers herself. I could feel an actual trickle of pre-cum moistening my shorts.

“What's happening to me?” she gasped.

“You're getting ready to have an orgasm, baby. You're going to have kind of a rush of really good feeling, better than anything you've ever felt. You're going to cum,” I explained, still rolling her little nipples between my fingers.

“It feels like something big is going to happen,” she said, clenching her teeth.

“Relax, baby, let yourself go,” I said, kissing her yet again.

“I can't take it anymore!” she whined. “Help me, Dad!”

I didn't even think about it at the time. My one hand went down to squeeze her perfect little ass as my other hand slid over her drooling pussy. I worked my middle finger inside her until it touched her hymen, and then began stroking her clit with my wet thumb.

“OH! Oh God! Oh fuck!” she wailed, arching her back. Her tight little hole was pulsating around my finger as she began hyperventilating. Then she collapsed against me and thrust her tongue into my mouth.

As she relaxed, our kisses became more tender. My hands were stroking and cuddling the soft, smooth skin of my lovely daughter's ass and back. Finally, she pulled back to look at me. A few strands of her wavy blond hair were stuck to her cheek by the sweat of her exertion.

“Do they always feel like that?” she asked. “Are all orgasms that good?”

“I don't know, honey. That looked like a pretty big one,” I said.

“That was amazing. I'm going to want to do that again. Is that what it feels like when you masturbate?”

“Well, of course, we're not built the same, but I think it probably still feels just as good.”

“Can I see it? Can I watch you play with it?”

“Jamie, sweetheart, we shouldn't. It just wouldn't be right.”

“That's not fair,” she said. “You got to see me and touch me. You helped me have my first orgasm. How am I going to learn about guys if you won't let me see you?” She leaned into me for a kiss. “Please, Dad?”

I know I should have pretended to be reluctant, but when her hands grabbed the hem of my shirt, I simply smiled and raised my arms so she could pull it over my head. “You really want to see how a man masturbates?” I asked.

“Uh huh.”

She stayed straddling my thighs, so I just wriggled my sweatpants down a little, enough that the large, wet bulge in my shorts was revealed. She stared at it for a second, and then moved off to the side, grabbed the waistband of my shorts, and yanked everything off me. I was naked in front of my equally naked daughter, my cock twitching and dripping on my stomach.

“Wow! It looks so different from the way it did when I've seen it before. It's so big and beautiful! Show me how you make the sperm come out.”

Just the idea of my beautiful daughter, kneeling naked beside me, her cum drying on my fingers, was so phenomenally arousing that I was sure I wouldn't last long at all. I closed my hand around my shaft, and began to stroke it.

“Is one part more sensitive that the others?” Jamie asked.

“It's all pretty sensitive, but the head is the best. That and the little triangular patch right below the opening where my urine comes out.”

“Here?” Jamie asked, running a finger lightly across that special little spot.

“Oh God, yes, right there,” I moaned as another drop of pre-cum came out to lubricate her finger.

“Oooh, Dad, is that your sperm?”

“No honey, although there's probably some sperm in it. That's what guys call 'pre-cum'. It's a lot like the lubricant your pussy produces.”

“To help prevent any chafing when your penis rubs inside my vagina,” she said, spreading the slick, sticky liquid all over the head of my cock.

“Yes,... I mean, no! I mean, yeah, it's lubricant, but MY penis can't rub inside YOUR vagina.”

“Why not?”

“Jamie, honey, we just can't. That's incest,” I said. “You shouldn't even be playing with my cock.”

“You played with my pussy. How am I supposed to learn anything if you won't let me do this?”

She pushed my hand away, replacing it around my shaft with her one delicate hand and using the other to fondle just the head of my needy cock. She stroked me gently, the moisture I made allowing her hand to slide the entire length. Her rhythm was slow, hypnotic, exquisite.

“Honey, if you keep that up, my sperm will come out. My semen. I'll have an orgasm.”

“Good. I want to see that,” she said, continuing her slow, gentle strokes.

I tore my eyes away from her hands stroking my cock and looked at her face. Her expression was a combination of determination and pleasure. Seeing the concentration and care my daughter was putting into jerking me off didn't slow me down much. Neither did the rhythmic motion of her firm young tits or the bouncing of her sweet wet pussy as she stroked me.

“Oh, baby, I'm gonna cum,... I'm gonna cum,... there's gonna be a lot of it, oh God!” I moaned.

The first rope managed to escape her fingers and shot high into the air, splattering onto her teenage breasts. She covered the head of my cock with her hand, so that the second, third, fourth, and fifth blasts spewed onto her fingers and down onto my belly. My conscience? Funny, I didn't hear anything thing from it.

“Wow! That was so cool! It got even bigger just before it spurted! That was so awesome!” Jamie exclaimed. She was still stroking me, coaxing the last bit of cum out of my softening shaft.

“Well, now you know about masturbation,” I sighed.

“Yeah, thanks Dad,” Jamie said. “I didn't know it would be that much fun. It's kind of messy, though. I guess I should go clean up. We're all sweaty, and you shot your stuff onto my boobs and my hands, and you have sperm all over your belly. I know! Let's take a shower together!”

“Oh honey, that's not a good idea.”

“Why not? We've seen each other in the shower before. We're naked now. We just masturbated each other. What could happen?”

Hmmm. Let's see. What might happen if I got in the shower with my nubile teenage daughter and helped her wash her lovely young body? What could possibly happen when a mature man and a beautiful young woman are scrubbing cum off each other? My re-hardening cock had some ideas. “I don't know, honey. These are things fathers and daughters just don't do.”

“Please, Dad? I promise I won't tell anyone. I think since we made each other messy, we should help each other clean up,” she said, running her cum-slick fingers over my dick again.

“All right, sweetheart,” I said, giving her a quick peck on the lips. “Let's go get a shower.”

Jamie wiped my cum onto her belly and thighs, and then scrambled off the sofa. “Last one in the shower is a rotten egg!” she teased as she ran from the room.

God, what am I doing?

Our shower was going along very well. My cock was at half-mast, you know, when it has most of its length and girth (so it looks good), but is more or less hanging down. I was almost able to convince myself that this was okay. After all, I'm sure Jamie had seen my cock in this state before when I came into the bathroom in the mornings with half a piss-hard-on. We had seen each other in the shower enough times. It was all good. We were going to be okay.

That was when my daughter grabbed my cock in her soapy little hands and washed it, more thoroughly than she really needed to. I knew what would happen if I didn't distract her. “Turn around, honey. Let me wash your back,” I said, grabbing her gauze bath sponge and her vanilla shower gel as she turned her back to me.

Her wet blond hair lay on her shoulders. I scooped it away and draped it over her chest, over her firm, beautiful breasts. Squeezing a generous dollop of the creamy white gel (oh God!) onto the sponge, I began to wash her shoulders. With the sponge, I caressed the perfect curves of the smooth skin of her back. Just as I reached her shapely little ass, she spoke.

“What's oral sex?”

I wasn't at half-mast any more. “Where did you hear about that?” I asked.

“Kiersten says her sister does it with her boyfriend. When I asked her what it was, she laughed at me. I mean, I know that 'oral' means mouth, but I don't understand how you can have sex with your mouth.”

“It's, um,.... well,... it's, um,... contact between the mouth of one partner and the genitals of the other,” I stammered.


It was time for me to get out of that shower. I turned my back to my daughter while I tried to concentrate on drying off. Hopefully, I had another clean pair of bike shorts in my drawer. Maybe two or three pairs.

“Would you hand me a towel?” Jamie asked.

I should have just handed it to her behind my back. But no, I had to turn around. My gorgeous blond daughter stood there, squeezing water out of her hair, the nipples on her beautiful breasts erect in the cool air, droplets of water dripping from her soft blond curls onto her puffy lips, and trickling down her long, slender legs. My towel tented even more.

“So does that mean you put your mouth on my vagina and I put my mouth on your penis?” she asked.

“Well, yeah, I would lick your pussy, and stick my tongue inside and suck on your clit, and …. I mean, a guy would do that … to a woman. That's oral sex. The proper term is cunnilingus. Some people call it eating pussy.” I was starting to sweat again.

“And what would I do with my mouth on your penis?”

“It's called fellatio, or more commonly, a blowjob. You would … I mean, a woman would lick my … I mean, a guy's penis, and suck on it.”

“Can people have an orgasm like that?”

“Oh yes.”

“What happens to your sperm?” she asked.

Oh dear lord, what am I supposed to say?

“What happens when you cum, Dad?” she asked again.

“Well, sometimes the guy pulls out of the girl's mouth and cums on her breasts or her face.”

“I'd need another shower,” Jamie muttered.

“Sometimes, if the girls wants him to, he cums in her mouth.”

“If you came in my mouth, what would I do then? Swallow it?”

“You could, or you could spit it out. Wait a minute! Honey, you keep saying 'me' and 'you.' We can't do this!”

“Why not? Because it's another thing fathers and daughters don't do?” she asked.


“Well, I want to try it,” Jamie stated.

“NO! We can't!”

“Daaaaadd!” she whined. “You said you would teach me all this stuff!”

“I said I would explain it. I said I would answer your questions.”

“I want to learn. I want to understand how it's done. You can explain all you like, but I'll never really understand until I do it and it's done to me.”

“I know, honey, but, ....”

“Do you want me to look dumb in front of my friends?”

“No,” I said, “but I can't … we can't ....”

“Should I ask some guy I know to teach me? Maybe Brian or Paul?”

“NO!” I almost shouted.

“Well, then?”

“Jamie, honey, look, we just can't do that with each other. Now, please, go put some clothes on.”

“Dad, I want you to teach me. I want you to lick my pussy and I want to learn how to give you a blowjob,” she said in her no-nonsense voice.

Fuck me dead. Obviously, this was something we simply should NOT do, but who was I kidding? I wanted it so much I could barely stand it.

“Jamie, we can only do this once, understand? And you can never tell anybody. Not anybody!”

“I promise. I know sex is private.”

“Sex is private. This is incest. I could go to jail if anyone found out, and we wouldn't be able to see each other,” I said.

“I love you, Dad. I would never let that happen. I'll never tell anyone, I swear,” she said.

“Let's go to my room,” I said huskily.

Jamie wrapped her wet hair in a towel turban and practically skipped out of the bathroom. Her ass was a work of art.

She was lying on her back in the middle of my bed, practicing her new-found masturbation skills, when I caught up to her. “Lick me,” she said.

Somehow, I kept my composure long enough to say, “There's more to it than that, honey.”

“What do you mean?”

As I lay down next to her and pulled her into my arms, I said, “I'll show you.”

I kissed her, gently, much warmer than a father's kiss should be (especially since we were naked), but not the hot passionate kiss that you share with a woman just before, or during, actual intercourse.

“Sex is supposed to be a sharing of pleasure,” I said.. “Everything I've done to you today was because of how much I love you. I've tried to give you pleasant sensations, and you've certainly given pleasure to me. Now I hope you enjoy this. I want you to understand that I'm doing this because I love you.”

“I know,” she said, “I love you too.” Placing her hand possessively on my penis, she said, “And I love what you've been teaching me.”

“Sweetheart, you know we can never talk about this to anyone. We probably shouldn't even talk about it to each other after this. This is one lesson and done, all right?”

“I'm not sure one lesson will be enough,” she said, lightly stroking my hard cock and leaning in for another kiss. “I think I'll need some practice.”

“We'll talk about that later,” I said, brushing her hand away. “Right now, I'm going to teach you about oral sex.”

“Okay,” she said.

“Oral sex can be the ending of a session of love-making, or it can be just one step along the way to full-on intercourse. For us, it's going to be the end of our love-making session. That's what I'm going to do with you now, honey, make love.”

“How are you going to do that?” she whispered after another sweet, hot kiss.

“We're going to use what you've learned so far today, and we're going to build on it. Now hush. Just enjoy this,” I said, as I sat up and pulled her to face me.

I removed her turban, and combed out her damp wavy hair with my fingers, just as I had when she was little. She had been a child then. Things were different now. I had never seen her as a woman before today. I found myself holding her face in my hands. Her blue eyes were open wide, darting back and forth between mine.

Her lips formed into the needful pout she had perfected over the years, and she said, “Make love to me, Dad.”

“All right.”

I kissed her more passionately, our tongues dancing and sparring with each other. I lowered her to the bed, and then lay down next to her, allowing my one hand to begin to trace random patterns slowly and gently on the delicate skin of her throat and upper chest. When my fingertips first touched her aroused nipple, she gasped in pleasure, “Oh, Dad!”

“I love you, Jamie,” I whispered as I kissed her yet again.

With the softest touch I could manage, I traced all around her aroused bud, feeling the tiny puckered bumps of her little areola around her pencil-eraser nipple. I began kissing my way down from her mouth, and over her soft, young throat.

Her heart was beating rapidly as my kisses rained all over her chest. By this time, she knew I was going to kiss her breasts, and the anticipation was making her squirm. I wanted to lick those nipples, to suck on them, to hold them between my teeth while my tongue played. She had never felt this before, so I needed to make it everything I could for her.

The first contact was the tip of my tongue on her right nipple. She let out a quiet moan. With small, soft strokes, I licked a few circles around her areola, enjoying the way she shuddered and whimpered. Grasping her nipple between my lips, I flicked my tongue over it, slowly, methodically, waiting for her reaction.

“Dad?” Jamie whispered.

“What, baby?”

“I thought you were going to lick my pussy.”

“I'm getting to that. Don't you like this?

“Yes!” she whimpered. “But I'm not sure I can wait. I need to touch myself.”

“No, Jamie, don't. I'll take good care of you,” I said, switching to her left breast.

“I wanna cum again, Dad. I wanna cum.”

“You will.”

Still enjoying her firm young tit, I began to comb my fingers through the short curls on her mound. She parted her legs, inviting my hand to play with the tender skin of her upper thighs. As my fingertips tickled the wet flesh of her outer lips, I wondered if I would be able to resist the urge to fuck her. No! I can't do that. I must not go there. But I am going to make her cum on my tongue.

My fingertips were wet with her moisture. I had to taste them. Mmmm. Delicious. Sweet, hot, fragrant -- dear God, I wanted to eat her so much! Reluctantly leaving her breasts behind, I trailed a line of kisses down her taut belly. My conscience tried to remind me that I used to kiss this belly when we roughhoused, when I would hold my little girl and tickle her and give her raspberries on her child's abdomen. Had that really been so long ago?

Her aroma helped me to ignore reason and morals. It was time to do this, and do it right.

I moved down in the bed, between my daughter's smooth, shapely legs. When had they become this beautiful? They spread on their own accord. I stared at her sex, swollen now with her need. God, she was wet! My cock was screaming at me that it needed to be buried inside her, and I almost gave in. No, dammit! This is supposed to be about her! I'm supposed to be teaching her what it feels like to have a tongue in her cunt.

She gasped when I first kissed her knee, and her legs opened even further. I licked a path from her knee, up the inside of her thigh, almost to her pussy, and then repeated the action on her other leg. Then I licked and kissed along her tan line, from just above where her beautiful curls started, over to her hip bone where the pale skin dwindled to almost nothing, and then down the valley between her thigh and her pussy lip.

“Oh, God, Dad!” she whispered.

I did the same thing on the other side, and then pulled back to look at her. She was holding her head up off the pillow and biting her lower lip. Her luscious breasts were rising and falling on her chest with her breathing. As her eyes met mine, she shuddered. I looked down to see a droplet of her moisture ooze slowly from her opening, and start to move toward her little pink star. Quickly, I bent down to lick it up. Nectar from the gods.

“That feels so good,” she murmured.

Slowly, I licked her outer labia, teasing her, making her want more. At the bottom of every stroke, I could taste her juice, and at the top, her little clit had abandoned the shelter of its hood. Her breathing was turning into a series of small, sensuous moans.

It was time to get serious about this. With my fingertips, I gently pulled her puffy outer lips apart to allow me to taste her center. Starting just ahead of her pretty little pucker, my tongue traveled the length of her slit, veering slightly off-center at the top, to lick around her clit. Every time I did it, I moved my tongue a little deeper, a little faster. She was moving with me now, her hips undulating in time with my mouth's work. When she got louder and more forceful with her movements, I grabbed her clit between my lips and pushed a finger partway inside her until I felt her barrier, and then stroked her little hole as I flicked my tongue rapidly over her pleasure nub.

There was a sharp intake of breath, and then she wailed, “Daddyyyyy!” just before going rigid. Her tight pussy clamped down on my finger as her juices seeped out around it. She began bucking wildly, throwing her head back and forth on my pillow. I had made my little girl cum again.

The part of me that saw Jamie as a beautiful sexual woman wanted to stay between her legs to lick her again and again, just so I could make her cum some more. The part of me that loved my child as the most precious life in the world urged me to hold her, to comfort her, to kiss her, and to celebrate with her the pleasure her young body had just experienced. I moved back up in the bed and held my trembling daughter close. She rested her head on my chest, waiting for her breathing to calm.

After a few minutes, she moved back so she could look at me.

“That was the most awesome thing ever. I mean, I thought it was good when you played with my pussy before, but this! Is it always that great, or are you just really good at it?” she giggled.

For the first time since she had walked in the door the night before and asked me the question that, somehow, led us here, I felt proud of myself.

“I've done this before, honey. I really like giving oral sex, especially to a beautiful girl like you. I've never had any complaints.”

“Well, you're not gonna hear any from me either! You can do that to me again any time you like!”

It damn near killed me to say it. “Jamie, I told you this was a once and done thing. We can't do this any more.”

“Nooooo!” Jamie whined. “I'm gonna want you to do that to me again. Pleeeease?”

“Jamie,...” I began. She interrupted me with a kiss.

“Is that what I taste like?” my daughter asked.

“Yes. I think it tastes good.”

“It's okay, I guess. What does a penis taste like?”

“I don't know, sweetie. I've never tasted one.”

“But you've kissed a girl after she's sucked it, haven't you?”

“Well, yes.”

“So, does it taste okay?”

“Um,.. I guess so.”

“Well, I'm going to find out. Teach me how to give you a blowjob, Dad.”

“Jamie, I can't. You're my daughter. You're my little girl.”

“Yes, and I just had an orgasm with your finger in my pussy and your tongue on my clit. You said you'd explain about oral sex, so explain to me how to make you cum in my mouth,” she said.


“Don't 'honey' me, Dad. I want it. Your penis tells me you want it. I'm going to do it to someone sooner or later, but I want you to be the first, 'cuz you'll tell me how to do it right.” She turned in the bed so her face was inches from my straining cock.

It wasn't that hard to beat my conscience into submission.

“Okay, baby. There's really no right way or wrong way to do this, as long as you're careful with your teeth. The skin on a penis is very sensitive. It's pretty easy to hurt it if your teeth scrape across it.”

“All right.” She stroked my cock with her fingertips. “What should I do with it?” Jamie asked.

Damn. We were really going to do this.

“Hold it in your hand and point it toward your mouth. You can start by licking the head, or up and down the shaft. Then open your mouth and work it in. Lick while you do it if you can. Then move your mouth up and down and suck.”

“Okay. I hope I do this right.” Her small hand stroked me lightly. “Will you hold my hair back? I want you to be able to see what I'm doing so you can tell me how to make you feel good.”

The very first touch of her tongue to the head of my cock was answered by an ooze of pre-cum. She grinned at me and licked it off. It sounded like she said something about it tasting good, but it was hard to hear her over the pounding of my own pulse. She did it a few more times, flicking her tongue across the tip, then swirling it around. She paused to smile at me.

“Is that okay, Dad?”

It took me a second to even realize she had spoken. “It's wonderful,” I gasped.

She ran her tongue around the rim of my helmet, then down the underside of my shaft to the base. When she came back up, she pursed her lips into a kiss, allowing a fraction of an inch of the head between them as her tongue teased it, much as she had done to my own tongue an hour, or a lifetime, ago. Then she tilted my cock a little to the side, and ran her tongue up and down the length, doing her best to wrap it around my girth.

“Put it in your mouth now, honey,” I said.


She opened wide, extended her tongue, and moved onto me. When she had taken a few inches, she closed her lips tight, trapping me against her tongue. Slowly, she eased back until I popped out from between her lips.

“Am I doing it right?”

“Oh, fuck, yes!” I gasped.

She took me in her mouth again, holding me by the base, so that my entire cock was sheathed in her tissues. This time, she bobbed up and down on me, using her hand as a guard to keep her from taking too much. Every time she pulled back, she would stop, resting the tip of my cock on her lower lip and licking as much of it as she could. After a dozen or so slow strokes, she came up for air. “Does that feel good, Dad?”

“Honey,” I panted, “that feels great.”

She giggled. “You have that cute look on your face again.”

“What do you mean?”

“I saw it in the living room earlier when I was stroking you. That look you got about a minute before you exploded all over the place,” she giggled.

“I'm getting there.”

“Good. I'm going to swallow it,” she said, lowering her lips to envelop me again.

This was going to be the third time I'd cum today, all because of my daughter. My daughter! The evil part of me wondered how many more times I'd wind up trying to cum today.

“Jamie?” I wheezed.

“Mmmmm?” she said, bobbing up and down on my shaft.

“I'm going to cum real soon.”

Her blue eyes sparkled at me with her smile. She had really learned how to use her tongue as she sucked me.

The first pulse of my semen surprised her, I think, but she managed to swallow it. There was more. I could feel it rushing out of my cock and onto her quivering tongue, finally leaking out of the corners of her mouth. When I was done, she pulled back carefully and smiled, keeping her lips closed as her throat worked to swallow. My God.

“Wow! That was a lot!” she exclaimed.

She licked her lips, and then scooped up a drip from her chin. She held it on her finger and studied it, and then sucked it into her mouth. “I kinda like the taste,” she said.

My exhausted cock managed to expel one more drip. Jamie licked it off, and then used her fingers to clean and eat the few drops that had dribbled to her breasts.

“Okay, Jamie, honey, now you know about oral sex. Please, baby, you can't tell a soul about this,”

“I know, Dad. I promise. I would never do anything to break us apart.”

“Good. Now please put some clothes on.”

“Can I relax here for a while? I kinda want a Daddy cuddle like when I was little.”

Maybe we would be okay. She lay against me, her head on my shoulder and her arm across my chest, just like she used to do as a child on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The big difference was that we were naked now, traces of each other's cum on our chins.

I woke up a few hours later. Jamie hadn't moved much. Her head was still cradled against my shoulder, but her hand was now resting on my flaccid cock. I turned my head to look at her, and realized she was awake.

She said, “Are you hungry? It's the middle of the afternoon.”

“Yeah, I guess I am.”

“Let's get dressed and make something to eat. Then I'd like you to run an errand for me.”

“What's that?” I asked.

My daughter said, “I've heard about the 'morning-after pill'. Can you get me one? I have another question.”


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Loved this story, can't wait to read the next part.


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Wow, dude! You know how to write a blowjob and ejaculation just right and hot. Amazing sex and erotica (these two things are different to me, which I'll explain in my book on sex story writing when I do decide to write it - just kidding). Great setup and beginning for this amazing story; it goes right to the heart of the matter: she wants to know about sex and daddy will answer.


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Aaah...the things a father must do.

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