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The adventure of Harry Potter and friends starts off after Snape has Killed Dumbledor and Harry, Hermione and Ron must find the rest of the original seven horcruxes to have a chance of killing Voldemort.

Harry, Hermione and Ron are in Ron's room in the Burrow. They have been discussing where to look for the remaining horcruxes. " Bloody hell mate where are we going to find where five horcruxes are we don't even know what they look like apart from the fake one Dumbledor found " said Ron as he sits on his bed looking gloom. " Hermione you havn't been having any look with the name so far have you" said Harry as he looks over as his friend who is wearing very tight pyjamas. " no Harry I have narrowed it down to about fifty people but need time to look at them individually" said Hermione. Hermione sees Harry staring at her breast and starts to blush. During the summer Harry went to stay at Hermione's house for a week while they were there they hit it off and haven't been able to keep there hands off each other since. They both new that while they were on the hunt for horcruxes the could take there minds off it by being intimate with each other the only problem was that they had to find a partner for Ron who they could trust to bring with them, not run off and wanted to be with Ron so Harry and Hermione could have there own time together.

"ok" said Hermione "I'm tired I think we should get a good nights sleep and start this back up again in the morning" "yeah I exsausted and I wasn't even listing " yawned Ron. "Harry can I speak to you ouside for a second please" as Hermione and Harry walk outside Ron's bedroom closing the door behind them, they jump on each other both lo ked into a deep kiss, there toungs down each orthers throats. Harry's hands pulling Hermione's buttons apart allowing him to grab at her lovely firm breasts, they weren't big but Harry stilled loved them he started to kiss then began to suck on her breast. Hermione was having so much pleasure from this she had her hand down Harry's trousers rubbing her soft hand against his nearly eight inch penis. Harry had pulled down Hermione's pyjama bottoms and was reading to lick her shaved pussy to orgasm but Hermione stopped and said " we can't Harry, Ron could walk out any minute" or any of the weasley family they were going at each other in plain sight. " have you thought of anybody to bring along that could help us with the Ron situation" said Harry still looking at Hermione's exposed breasts. " yes I have actually I think she just might be what we need for Ron. " who" said Harry happily because as soon as Ron gets a girl he and Hermione can go at it like bunnies. "Luna" Hermione said as she buttons her top back up. "She is smart, loyal, would do anything for her friends and she is kinky" "Luna kinky well I supposed I shouldn't be surprised she is well Luna you know she did offer me a blowjob when Sirus died, yeah let's go over to her house and talk to her tomorrow explain to her what were going to do" said Harry as he kisses Hermione goodnight and walks back into Ron's room.

As Harry prepared for bed taking off his clothes to sleep in the nude because it was so hot in Ron's room during the night he began to think back to all the fun he and Hermione had at the granger house. How in such a short time a kiss turned into a handjob nd fingering. Although they hadn't had sex they still loved to play with each other bodies. Harry was thinking back to one memory in particular. Hermione wanted to taste Harry so she was giving him a handjob and had the tip of his penis towards the end of her mouth, when Hermione's mum was calling them they could hear her coming up the stairs but Harry was so close. With Hermione's few last strokes he came shooting his cum up into her mouth they only had a second before Hermione's mam came in Harry pulled up his trousers quickly, while Hermione swallowed the load in one go. They said that they were listing to music so they didn't hear her mother call. But the excitement made the whole expeince for Harry and Hermione more heart raising whi h they enjoyed very much.

Harry was awoken by a familiar voice "oh Harry dear your so grown up" said Mrs Weasley. Harry didn't have any clue what she was talking about, but then Harry realised that he threw the blanket he had off during the night. So there he was fully nude semi hard on in front of Mrs Weasley who was cleaning up Ron's room. Harry grabbed the blanket and covered himself. Mrs Weasley just turned put her hand on Harry inner thigh and said " Harry don't be embarrassed I've seen my fair share and yours is a great sizes for the ladies if you know what I mean" Harry had now a full hard on mrs weasley just smiled a walked out of the room. Harry wanted for his hard on to go down they went to have a shower. The door was locked so he waited outside there was a little hole in the door that allowed him to see who was in the bathroom but when someone was having a shower the steam made it harder to see who was in there. Harry could see someone in the shower quite small blonde hair great breasts it was fleur. Harry's member started to expande in his boxers he was seeing fleur naked. He thought he saw some other movement and he did it was Ginny she was sitting on the toliet just in her bra and panties Harry had never seen Ginny's boobs he had felt them through her bra but never seen them fully exposed. Harry's cock was at full tilt he was ready to explode when he see his secret girlfriend brushing her teeth topless those firm breast out in plain sight Ginny is looking at them Hermione's are bigger than Ginny's and she can't help but look. But while Ginny is looking at Hermione fleur get out of the shower asks for a towel her dripping wet naked body is there for all eyes to see. Hermione looks at fleur's breast as Ginny looks at hers. Her pussy is shaved into a design Harry can remember seeing it some where. " the tri wizard tournament" fleur had that symbol on her top while competing now it was on her pussy. Harry needed to releave himself now it was out there for anyone to see. As Harry is trying to hide his raging remember from breaking loose, mrs weasley comes out of Hermione's and Ginny's room knocks on the door " girls come on breakfeast is nearly ready and the guys have to use the bathroom" as soon as she said tha the door opens fleur walk out in just a towel Hermione in a towel but he knows she is wearing panties and Ginny in her bra and knickers. " be quick Harry breakfast is nearly ready" said mrs weasley. Harry takes a quick enough shower releaves his load in the shower and head s down for beakfast. Hermione and Harry are going to make an excuse to go see luna and leave Ron behind so they can have there chat.

After Harry and Hermione have stuffed themselves with mrs weasley's cooking. They say they are going for a walk to look at the different types of plants for herbology. Ron quicky passes and goes up stairs to have a shower as Harry and Hermione leave the burrow heading for luna's house Harry said in a curious voice" so what did you get up to last night"

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Ii want to see more
of Harry potter having sex with hermione gramger

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i wish this was much longer so i could get more of a story in and read of some serious SEX

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jesus christ people cant you spell right not some weird stuff like 'pashion' it is passion and the story was great i loved it you must make more

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Hey don't listen to any of these other clowns I loved the story except the bad grammar but oh well not everybody knows how to spell as good as I do.

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