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An offhand remark landed me in more than I could handle
This happened during my sophomore year at a college in Wisconsin. I studying for my accounting degree and started dating a guy named Neil who was studying for engineering. We had a few dates and, on the third date, had sex. Pretty generic, he had a pretty small cock and came too soon. At a party the following Friday night, my best friend Kara was asking me how the dates were going. I made a pretty snotty comment about Neil’s penis size and she used the old comment “its not the meat, it’s the motion”. I replied that he did not have enough meat or motion for me. Right as I said it, Kara got a funny look on her face and said “hi Neil”. I was hoping he did not overhear our conversation- the party was pretty loud and I thought he had just come into the room. He acted fine- we partied til about 1am, then he took me home. He just kissed me at my door and said he was looking forward to our movie date on Wednesday.
Neil called me Wednesday to confirm going to the movie and asked if I wanted to grab dinner before -hand. I was feeling a bit guilty about my comments to Kara, so I said- sure, let’s meet 1 hour before movie time for a quick bite to eat. We had a fairly nice dinner and I decided to use the bathroom before we headed out to the movie. When we got into the car to drive to the theatre, I could not keep my eyes open. I told Neil I must have been studying too hard and was just going to rest my eyes on the way to the theatre. Little did I know, Neil had already put into motion his plans for the evening as I drifted off to an unnatural sleep.
I awoke some time later, disoriented. I realized I was at Neil’s house, strapped over his engineering drafting table- hands and legs bound to the legs of the table. My clothes were nowhere to be found. Even worse, I could feel cum drizzling out from between my legs. Neil was then standing in front of me, smirking. He told me he had given me a drug to knock me out so he could give me both the “meat and the motion”. I knew then he had heard my comment at the party and was going to make me pay. I said “you obviously have fucked me- now just let me go”. He sneered and said he had most definitely fucked me good while I was sleeping and I must have liked it pretty well because I came while unconscious. I realized my nipples were rock hard and my own juices were mixing in with his cum. I said, “ok, you made your point- let me go”. To that, he just laughed and said my night was just beginning- he really did not want to fuck me, but wanted to get my juices flowing for the next act. As he said that, I noticed he had a jar of peanut butter- I wanted to know what it was for and he said he had to be sure the next act went on without a hitch. He moved behind me and began to smear a little bit of peanut butter on the inside of each thigh and along my slit. I could not figure out what he was doing until he went over to his bedroom and let out his dog Sam. I then realized what was in store for me and started to get really frightened. Sam immediately smelled sex in the air and ran over to where I was strapped. He began licking my thighs and up closer and closer to my cunt. His tongue slid into me and all over my clit. I began to feel more juices starting to slide down my legs- embarrassed, I was trying not to get turned on but felt myself trying to grind my cunt into Sam’s frantic tongue. Neil was laughing and telling Sam to take his bitch. That’s when I felt Sam starting to jump on to me. Neil was giving encouragement to his damn dog- “that’s right Sam, give her the meat she needs”. I was begging him to not do this when all of the sudden, Sam’s cock slid home into my cunt. Sam was a fairly large dog- a mix of lab and greyhound- not real hairy but sinewy! After he slid in, I yelped and he must have been scared because he jumped off me. He ran over to Neil, who was standing by my head and I saw his dog cock extended at least 9 inches! It was dripping a little bit from pre cum and the cum already in my pussy. Neil led him back to behind me and helped him mount me. As Sam began to furiously thrust at me, Neil guided his cock into my now dripping cunt. Neil laughed and said what a bitch I was as Sam thrust furiously into my cunt. I could not believe how fast that cock rammed into me- I still get wet thinking about it. I felt the growing start of a ferocious orgasm and rocked back against Sam when I felt something stretching my cunt. Neil whistled and told Sam “yeah, that’s right- knot your bitch”. I had no idea what was going in- now I know it was Sam’s knot. The knot was so painful yet somehow I came again on the dog cock now rammed into my cunt. After about 10 minutes, Sam pulled back with a pop and all his dog cum gushed out of my pussy and onto the floor. That is when I realized Neil had videotaped the entire session and now was filming Sam licking me up- I came in another huge orgasm on Sam’s snout. I must have fallen asleep for a little bit because I woke up a bit later with Sam fucking me again. This time, Neil had managed to open my mouth while I was sleeping and had his cock in my mouth, holding my head and fucking my mouth. As I said, he did not have a large cock, so I was easily taking him all in. I wanted to bite him, but another orgasm hit me just as he shot his load into my mouth. I soon had cum dripping out of my mouth and well used pussy. I told Neil I hated him and he had certainly gotten more revenge than necessary. He just laughed and said his plan had just begun. But, he let me go- so I thought it was just talk- boy, was I wrong… but that is the story from Senior year….

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2011-08-28 09:34:13
Nice. I enjoy an author who puts more to their story than just bang bang sploosh.

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Revenge is not my thing but beastie is so plus for story and not a bad read

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