Let’s start off by me introducing myself. My name is Darren Miller and well as you may have guessed that’s a lie, that’s my alias. I am actually 21 and live in the UK. I have short black hair, brown eyes and stand around 5ft10. I am also slim with a toned body and well not to sound too big headed I would say I am good looking. This is my first story on here and what a great way to pop my sex story writing cherry than to start with the time I lost my virginity. Enjoy and if this goes well more stories I will write about my other sexual occurrences.

Hannah - Losing my virginity

I was sixteen when I first lost my virginity. So let me take you back. Well I was in school having my ICT lesson. I was sat next to a girl called Hannah which wasn’t a usual thing. Hannah was a slim curvy girl, brunette and had nice green eyes. She also wore glasses but she looked more office chick than geek. What really attracted me to Hannah was her big 32DD’s and at that age it was what I spent most of my days looking at. Me and her were once a couple but we were still good friends. She wasn’t exactly hot stuff but she was what you could call fuckable. Everything was going normal as usual, she waffled on and I had finished my work and now just sat there playing games. She thought I would be funny to start putting stuff down my shirt. It had become tiresome rather quickly and I had to take my shirt off to get the paper she put down. I just flung it off and most of the girls in the class were looking now and I just had to giggle to myself. See when I was younger I wasn’t slim or muscular and in fact I was a big lad. It was only over the past few years when I started growing taller I had lost my weight and over the past few months I had started to work out to tone up. I got the paper out and put my shirt back on. “OMG I never knew you had a great body?” she asked “had what?” I played stupid. “You know what I’m talking about” she said pushing me lightly. I had dated Hannah when I was 14 so she hadn’t seen under the clothes of the new and improved me. To be honest she hadn’t seen under the clothes of the old me either. Well she was looking at me differently now, more sexually. “What are you up to tonight?” she asked me “Ermm nothing” I replied “Well do you want to come round mine tonight and you can help me with all this crap” she said pointing to the work. I knew she didn’t want help with the work but still I said yeah. Later that night I went round to hers. I was right she didn’t need help but I like the way this was going. We sat on the couch and then she turned and kissed me, I kissed back then stopped. “Wait I don’t want to go back out with you” I said “Neither do I” she said kissing me again. I didn’t stop kissing her now and after a few minutes of making out she got up. “Come on” she said taking my hand and leading me up stairs to her bedroom. Soon as we got into her bedroom we kissed again then she took my top off. She started feeling up my chest and rubbing my abs. I then lifter her top off and unzipped her skirt so it just fell off. She started working on my pants now and after a few seconds of struggling she took them off. I wasn’t hard yet even though I knew what was coming. I pushed her down onto the bed and kissed up her body. When I got to her double D’s I unclipped her bra and through it were our clothes lay. I kissed each of her tits and flicked my tongue over each nipple. She moaned as I moved my hand to her pussy and started rubbing it through her thong. She moved her hands to my arse as I was doing this and pulled my boxers down from the back. I was now hard and she could feel it rubbing her pussy as well as my hand. She then moved her hands where mine were and pulled her thong down. She wanted this more than I did and I wanted this a lot. “Stop using your hands and use your dick instead” she begged me. I moved my hands up her body and played with her tits again while my dick was rubbing against her pussy lips. I felt it was time so I used one hand to guide my dick into her pussy. The head went in and she moaned like she had never been touched down there before, she might have not. I thrust more of my dick into her tight pussy and she continued to moan. “Tell me if it hurts” I asked her “It doesn’t hurt, just fuck my virgin pussy” she moaned. Well after I pushed a little more of my cock in I felt her the cherry. I always wondered why there call it the cherry when it was a thin piece of skin. Well enough of the talk I took one stride and passed through it. Hannah wrapped her legs around me and moaned loudly digging her nails into my back. Well I had taken her virginity and she had taken mine so it was a fair swap. I started taking long strides in and out of her sweet tight pussy. I could feel the back of her pussy and it felt so deep. This was the best sensation ever and it felt great fucking her pussy. Even though this was my first time I knew what to do. I had seen enough porn in my teen years to educate me. I began to pound her pussy quicker and harder. Her tight teen hole felt a lot looser now and I was ramming my cock in and out with ease. She was all over the place and I didn’t know how long she was going to last or myself at that matter. I looked down to see my cock entering her pussy then appearing with her juices on it. This was arousing me so much I didn’t think I could last as long to wait for her to cum first. Well I just kept fucking her pussy like she wanted me too, we kissed and she continued to moan in my mouth. She bit my lip and told me she was going to cum. I picked up my pace and fucked her as quickly as I could. She moaned loudly and pulled me close to her while she let go. She came letting go of her cum, her sweet juices poured out of her pussy and was covering my cock. This set me off and I felt my balls tense, I came in her pussy as she was cumming. I exploded my load and her pussy began milking my cock of every drop I was giving her. It felt like a vice gripping my cock wanking me. This was sheer ecstasy and there was no other feeling in the world that came close to it. I kept fucking her but not as quick, I slowed down my pace as I was getting the best sensation. She stopped cumming a few seconds before I did. I was out of it and took my cock out with a slurping noise like someone was sucking my cock and lay beside her. She rolled over onto me and we kissed again, she didn’t let me go and she held me for ages kissing me. An hour had passed since we stopped and yet we were still kissing “Sorry babe you better go before my parents come back” she said kissing me. I put my clothes back on and she put a robe around her. She couldn’t take her hands off me and couldn’t stop kissing her either. We had one final kiss before I left.

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I love the story. Keep it cumming.

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Bullshit that she's a virgin, but that one factor killed a great story

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Thanks for the advice

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