Rachel was my neighbour a married 32 years old female staying with her husband and looks like she had screwed up big time, although working with a decent pay, she loved to gamble and looks like she had used part of the company money which she lost in the Casino.
The time when I entered the Lift with her inside, I could see the tension all over her face and asked if everything was ok. Being an arrogant woman she did not reply, but still I told her if she need any help, to just come over to my Flat.
I am a business man working on my own and making decent money staying alone, although getting a few of my women friends around for a one night stand sometimes.
I had the hots for Rachel and though maybe I had hit paydirt, so time to wait and watch.
After an hour the bell rang and when I opened it was her, I knew she will come, she came in and I offered her a drink, a vodka she said.
After a couple of drinks she mentioned about losing her company money nearly $ 5,000/- USD and was not sure how she could replace them and was afraid of telling her husband as she knew he could not do anything about it.
I told her that I could easily borrow her the money but how was she going to pay me?
She started thinking and mentioned about weekly or monthly instalments and stuff.
Who needs all that I told her "I have a proposition for you. I'll give you the money but you are going to be my and all my friends own Slut for a year”
"Okay?" she said, she was so desperate for it.
The next afternoon I called her to my house Rachel was dressed in tight black pants and wore a tight pink tank top without a bra. The top hugged her large 38C breasts and accentuated her nipples. The black pants not only nicely showed off her nice round ass, they were tight enough in the front to snuggle up against her pussy. With a pair of “fuck me” pumps on her feet and a black beret on her short blonde hair, she just looked like a French hooker.
I could see that Rachel’s nipples were hard. She was clearly ready for action but was still clearly nervous; this was going to be her film debut as I had put up a cam to shoot the whole thing.
I told her Rachel my Slut she was going to be fucked hard and fast not only by me but my friend Matt, she came removing her clothes and showing me her clean shaven pussy my hard cock started aching for some action and began to thrust into her, and manipulate her clit with my finger, as she moved up and down, faster and faster, harder and harder on his hard shaft. Just as she was getting into a rhythm she felt Matt who was watching her jut grabbing her hair and pulling her head back to look at him. He was now fully naked, and hard as a rock.

Matt leaned into her and aggressively kissed her, then worked his fingertips down her spine, to her ass cheeks. He dipped his fingers down to her wet pussy, which was still thrusting on my cock. Matt used our juices as a lube, swirling his finger around her asshole, than forced one finger inside her tight asshole, moving in and out of her.
This new sensation quickly got her worked up into frenzy. She knew then that she wanted them both to fuck her at the same time.

“Fuck my ass baby!” she moaned as she looked back at Matt.
He grabbed the tub of lube from the toy drawer, and stood and watched me and her few minutes, before he knelt behind her again. He popped opened the tub and dribbled it onto hers back, just at the top of her ass. shel gasped, and held still, my cock still deep inside her. The lube started to run down, he poured a little more into his hand, using one hand to rub the lube onto his cock, while the other spread the lube from her back down around her tight asshole. Matt worked the lube inside her with a couple of fingers, stretching her opening, and getting her good and relaxed. Matt pressed his cock against her tight asshole, going ever so slowly so he didn’t hurt her. She pushed back a little, enjoying the feeling of being stretched as he entered her. Matt sighed with pleasure as he entered herl, feeling her tight ass engulf his cock. I began to move first, thrusting gently, and Matt followed suit. Soon we found a rhythm, and shel remained almost motionless as the men used her body for their pleasure.
"Faster...please!" she cried, and we were more than willing to do as she asked. This was no longer gentle lovemaking. Matt smacked her ass as he fucked it, leaving a hand print on her cheek. One than the other slammed into her and the three of us moved like a well-oiled machine. The deviance of the act we performed brought out the beast in all three of them, and the room was full of our moans and the bed creaking beneath them. She first came with a howl, and her clutching holes drove us crazy as we both now filled her holes with our juices.

Matt released her butt hole first and laid on the bed, then she climbed off me with juices leaking from both her holes. She lay in between us as we all tried to catch our breath now. Matt wiped up the mess from her, and pulled her into him, kissing her forehead. I pressed my body up against her backside and they napped briefly, and then she was awakened by a mouth on both of her breasts. The sensation was incredible; we circled her nipples then sucked until they were hard. Then one mouth moved down her body, and sealed myself between her legs. She opened her eyes, and found me below. I continued to kiss and lick her cunt. Her pussy began to juice up as I ate her out. I found her clit with my tongue and pulled at it with my lips, and sucked on it.
She let out a cry as she orgasm once again..
We had more fun but would post them as time permits.. hope my readers will like my post and waiting for your replies and comments..

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