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Having just finished my second bottle of wine, I was just awaiting the arrival home of my Eva my new girlfriend Rachel introduced me back from her girly night out. This week it was one of those Anne summers sex party she was at, Eva had now moved in with me since the time I first fucked her and there was a lot of action with her since then.

At 12.30 she arrived home more than the worse for wear, having had a good drink by the state she was in. Although she was in a pleasant mood she could not wait to tell a little secret she had learnt that evening.
I enquired “how was the night”? she giggled and replied “brilliant, we had a real good laugh” “Did you buy anything”? I asked.

“There wasn’t any think there that I like or that I haven’t already got” was her answer.
Eva giggled again and said “anyway you will never guess what happened”? I asked her to tell me and Eva then went into how the night had panned out.
“Well” she started “remember Stella that hot and sexy young lady down the road that you stare at always”? “ ” Of course, I laughed why was she there as well?” “you bet, anyway as the night was getting going, Stella was drinking more and more red wine.” “Apparently her and Dave (her Husband) haven’t been getting on well lately and she more than let everyone know about it” “it was quite embarrassing really but that isn’t the best bit.

When some of the fuddy duddies left we really started to have a good giggle about the toys dressing up and fucking etc.”

“ we finished of with a game of spin the bottle truth or dare, well when I lost mine was truth, so they asked me about any one night stands etc. I told them about the time I fucked that Spanish Waiter in Benidorm, they could not believe what a tart I was just to get fucked by a kid”

I was slightly pissed that Eva had let the cat out the bag about her fucking on a girly holiday!

She continued “ well Stella got dare on the next spin and we dared her to make her come using one of the big Dildos, she was more than up for it, I swear she just dropped her skirt laid back on the chair pulled her thong aside and large white dildo, spat on it and then just basically raped her cunt with it”.
She was very wet so I guess the night had gotten to her, the dirty married slut.

“Carry on then Eva, tell me what was Stella’s pussy like, did you have a good look at her cunt?” as I was asking I kept rubbing her pussy. Eva breathing was getting harder and harder. “Trimmed, her cunt was trimmed, just like mine” was her breathless reply.

She was so drunk but she still knew what she was doing”.

She still holding court then took every body by surprise when she said “ Eva after I listened to you being fucked by Mick I would make pretend my husband he was me and I would fuck him using your guy’s name, I fucked my husband many a time making the wimp be your husband. Can I use him now please babe” she requested.

And as she was pushing the Dildo heard she screamed “Fuck (my name) come you bastard, Come in me (my name) you bastard” and as her shocking words filled the room Eva organised.
Sheb told me the room was silent for a couple of seconds then the room burst out laughing.
A couple of the remaining girls seemed to be sneakily stroking their pussies watching Stella Wank her self to conclusion.

With my fingers inside Eva Knickers I stroked her trimmed cunt until I slipped two fingers into her married dripping wet pussy. As I thrust harder into her, Eva eyes shot open she looked me in the eye and said “ that’s it babe finger that cunt, ye finger that cunt, she’s had your cock tonight do you want her cunt babe, do you want her cunt ?”

Why not I thought, “ go on then Eva lets do It” you mean Stella don’t you? Was Eva reply.
With that I roughly pulled her to the edge of the settee, spun her around pulled up her skirt, the knickers were then ripped down her arse. With out ceremony and no manners I rammed my cock hard into her wet pussy. I know how much she liked it hard but I was determined to make he rthe same. I pounded my hard cock right into that wet cunt of her’s.

“Fuck (my name), that’s it fuck me, fuck my dirty cunt babe, give me all your cum inside of me was her word.
After a quick ten minutes fucking, I pulled out of her cunt spun her over climbed her body , now Eva isn’t that keen on me coming on her face, but as it was Stella’s face I thought why not?

Looking into her face I wanked hard on my cock shooting a massive amount of my sperms all over her face / eyes /mouth and nose.

“Perhaps I should fuck Stella for real instead of pretending you as her” I said that just to piss her off” as I joked.

“Why not?” she laughed and surprised “just wait and I will myself bring her down for and awesome threesome or foursome ... it is time we also include Rachel

We slept up holding each other till morning when I got up the breakfast was ready with my tea and she now had a surprise giving me Stella mobile number and called her over when she came she showed me a picture of my hard 8 inch cock on her mobile surprised (But sure it was Eva or maybe Rachel’s work) and

I look away then she asks "is that really yours?" and i reply with "yes why?" then she puts her hand on my cheek and kisses me with tung. Then says "lets go upstairs". So we go upstairs to the bedroom and lock the door and she starts to kiss me and take my belt off and then slides my jeans off. She flops my semi hard cock out of my boxers and then starts to take off her pants and bends over the bed and then says "stick it in me" so i slowly push in to her still tight pussy my cock pulsing. As i slowly move in she lets out a few squeals and as i speed up she screams and they probably heard her downstairs. I move faster and faster and the bed shakes then i finally get ready to cum and my load blasts on her ass.

I grab her a towel and after she gets dressed again she says "we have to do that again u were amazing" then kisses my cheek. later after people arrive i get a few looks from girls that read "i want what was in the text". I help serve beers for a bit and then a very cute emo girl about 5-3 also slim black and dark pink hair D-cups grabs my arm and pulls me to the dance floor.

She starts grinding and rubbing against me and then a slow song comes on. She turns and puts her arms around my neck and i put mine on her hips. As we dance she says something like " is that u in the text?" and i say yes. After the slow song when it gets crazy again she turns and starts to grind again. We leave the dance floor and go to a wall where she leans against it and i kiss her.
We make out for a bit then she pulls me upstairs. We go to a different rooms then my last time and lock the door. As we walk over to the bed she throws her shirt off to reveal her bra. I walk up and slowly cores her body and tits as i kiss her again. Then she pushes me on the bed and slowly slides her pants down then her bra and last her panties.

Then i take mine off and before i am done she is on her knees waiting. I walk over and she takes my hard cock in her hand and rubs it. She looks up at me an says "Have you ever fucked a emo slut?" she was in to dirty talk. I reply "no" she starts to lick the tip of my cock then says "well you are about to" then she goes deeper a tiny bit on it.

For a couple of minutes she slowly sucks but then she starts to get faster and faster her eye shadow smears a bit then she stops and says "u ready to fuck my whore pussy" i nod and she lies down tits up on the bed. I pull her to the end of it and then standing slide it in to her tight-ish pussy and start to fuck her really fast squeezing her tits she moans and screams as i get faster and faster. then she says "tell me what i am" and i reply "your a fucking cock whore thats what you are slut" and she screams "YES YES I AM" then she tells me to stop so i do and she gets into the pile driver position and tells me to fuck her whore ass. I slowly slide my big fat cock in to her tight ass hole and she screams " OH YE OHHHHH YESSS" i pound her as hard as i can stretching her ass.

After a bit before i cum she gets back on her knees and sucks and rubs and then lets me cum in her mouth and then a bit on her face then she swallows.

That was an amazing day for me.. with more happening over the time.

We had more fun but would post them as time permits.. Hope my readers will like my post and waiting for your replies and comments..
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