After my first experience with Hannah my confidence grew and so did my sexual experiences. I even ended up sleeping with another one of my ex-girlfriends. It had been a month or two since my last sexual experience and I had been waiting for the chance to sleep with somebody else.

There was this girl called Catherine. Catherine was a total slut and by the looks of it always will. She was 5ft5, blonde, a little chubby but she was quite pretty. Catherine was a friend of mine and still I wanted a piece of her, even if it ruined our friendship. I wanted to fuck her like no other lad had or from what I’ve heard girls too. She was a year younger but still more experienced than me and probably a lot of people in school. She said she had lost count with the number of guys she had slept with and had a few experiences with girls too.

Story of My Life – House Party Fun with Catherine

Me, Catherine and my other friends Kiah and Scott were just chilling at Cats. We had consumed a bottle of vodka between us. We weren’t really pissed but a little tipsy. Catherine went in the kitchen and asked me to come with her to get a few more drinks. Once in the kitchen she opened the fridge and got a few bottles of WKD out.
She bent over to grip the drinks and I got a view of her nice round arse. I whistled and laughed meaning it as a joke. She got up and smiled too then started walking towards me. I wasn’t sure what she was up to but I was going to find out.
I was sat on the counter in the corner and she got in between my legs which were dangling off the counter. My legs were at either side of her now and it looked really erotic. She leaned forward and kissed me. We kissed for a few seconds, just a normal kiss. Then tongues started coming into play. My hands pulled her closer to me then her hands moved all over my body. We continued to kiss for a few more seconds then she pulled off.
I wasn’t sure what this was leading to, but I hope it was to the bedroom. She paced herself back and I was about to get off the counter when she stopped me. She wanted it now, in the kitchen. She pulled my top off over my head and her top came off after that. Her big tits were shackled in her bra and my erected cock was cramped in my pants.
Then my pants came off leaving me only in my boxers with my cock making a tent with them. I didn’t know what was on her mind but I hoped it was full on sex. She pulled my boxers down to my ankles. My erection was set free and it certainly put a smile on her face. I was expecting her to get naked now but she didn’t. She slowly stroked my cock, her hand gliding up and down my cock. She smiled once again before she kissed my cock with her soft lips.
She began to suck the head of my cock. Her tongue licking the end teasing me, I just wanted my cock deep down her throat. Her head began to bob up and down a few inches. Catherine took half of my cock in her wet warm mouth. This felt so good and I totally forgot about Kiah and Scott in the living room and by the sounds of it they forgot about us too. I could hear moans coming from the front room and it wasn’t a girl either.
Catherine didn’t stop for a second and she continued to stuff her mouth with all of my hard cock. She began to use her teeth while gliding my cock forcefully in and out of her mouth. This felt so much better than what she was doing with her tongue. Already after a minute of this great blowjob I was on the edge of cumming. “OH GOD DON’T STOP I’M GONNA CUM” I told her. She got quicker now, forcing my cock in her dirty mouth. I felt my balls tighten and my dick began to swell. I exploded in Catherine’s mouth but still she sucked my cock ferociously. Stream after stream of cum emptied in her mouth but she didn’t budge. She kept sucking and swallowing my load. I had stopped cumming now after a few seconds.
She took her mouth off my cock and said “You taste so good in my mouth”. This time I got off the table and pulled my boxers back up. We walked back into the living room where Scott was also receiving a blow job. Kiah was naked and she looked so fine. Catherine led me to her room and closed the door behind me.
She sat on the bed so without thought I pulled her pants off. Now she was only sat there in the bra and thong. This was such a turn on and I couldn’t wait till I was buried deep inside of her. She gripped my boxers with both hands and pulled them off this time. She told me to lie down on the bed which I did. She got up and unclipped her bra and let her big sexy tits out. Wow they were so great. Next came her thong, she slowly pulled them off showing me her pussy which only had a little neatly shaven patch of stubble.
She got on the bed with me and got on top of me. She placed her legs at either side of me and leaned forward and kissed me. We kissed for a few seconds then she pulled back off. My cock was harder than before so I took hold of it and held it up ready for her to drop onto it. She slowly dropped down letting the tip of my penis in her pussy. She was already wet and this made it a lot easier and less painful for the both of us. She continued to lower herself until I was all the way in her. I just wanted to stay here in her warm wet pussy. She started fucking me slowly, she wanted to get use to my cock in her at first.
After a minute she started fucking me quicker. She was bouncing up and down my cock riding my length. She was like a cow girl giving it her all. The force she was coming down on my cock hurt slightly but it was the pleasure which took the pain away. Her big tits bounced up and down with every move she made. She moaned loudly as she continued to ride my cock. I looked at my cock disappearing into her pussy then appearing again. She looked like she was going to cum and we had only been at it for three minutes. She moaned loudly once again then she came. Her cum poured down my cock and onto the bed. She was like she just turned a tap on. Her juices were streaming down my cock and soaked the sheets beneath us.
She stopped riding me altogether and couldn’t move as she came. This is where I started to shine. I flipped her over and started pounding her pussy. She stopped cumming but didn’t stop moaning. With every thrust I made she moaned. I looked at her tits bouncing up and down like before when she was riding me. The bed began to move slightly with the force I was using. I fucked her like she had never got fucked before and she could only close her eyes and let out her moans.
There was no rhythm to my thrusts I was just making her have the time of her life. Her pussy juices were making a sloshing noise with every time my cock entered. She wrapped her legs round me pulling me closer to her so my dick could reach further. Even though she had only come a few minutes ago she was on the verge again. Her pussy gripped my cock like a vice and it seemed she wasn’t going to be the only one cumming.
Her pussy pulsed around my cock and I knew it was time. My balls tensed up and my cock started to throb. Within seconds I came deep into her pussy setting her off as she felt my cum hit the walls of her pussy. Her pussy grabbed my cock and with one more explosive moan she came nothing like before. She shook a little and the tap was turned on to max. Her cum was flowing out of her pussy and onto the bed yet again. Her pussy continued to milk my cock of every last drop. I just wanted to do one more thing and that was fuck her arse.
She wanted it too and bent over sticking her nice big arse up in the air. I got behind her and grabbed her hips. My cock was hard and ready so without hesitation I pushed my cock in her arse hole. I could push all the way in with ease; she had defiantly been fucked up here before. I took my time at first sliding my cock in and out erotically but then I didn’t see the point. I just wanted to fill another hole with my cum so I picked up the pace and fucked her arse like other men had probably done.
It seemed she wanted to cum once more too and started fingering herself while I was fucking her. Her moans and the feel of her arse on my cock were pushing me to the edge for one last time. So I just let go and came in her sweet arse. She came again when I did and it was such a pleasure for both of us. I might have not cum a lot this time but it sure felt better. I couldn’t cum any more or even stay hard this time and it seemed like she had gone enough rounds.
“That was the best sex ever” she said breathlessly laying down. She held me close and we kissed passionately, our tongues played with each other. I crashed at the side of her and we continued to make out for which seemed like hours.

I hope you enjoyed this and there will be another story coming up soon.

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