with four 12 yr old daughters running around and teasing you what is one to do ?
4 Mom's and 4 Daughters.

This is a spin off from my "it happened on vacation (and continued at home) series. Here is a summary for those that may not have read the series or even if you have then this will put it into some perspective:

Many years ago my Mom, Dad, Sis and I went on vacation. Mom and Dad stayed in one camping cabin while Sis and I stayed in the other, her and I were 14 and 16 years old respectively at that time.
My sister and I had sex and figured it was a vacation thing but it grew to more than that. We fell in love and continued our relationship at home and in secret.
My sisters friend (she turned out to be family unbeknown to us at that time) caught us in the act. I had sex with her friend on occasions as well as with my regular girlfriend.
I saw Dad getting a blowjob from my sisters friend (she turned out to not only be family but is my Dad's daughter from getting his own mother pregnant when Mom was pregnant with my sister) then not long after that Mom and Dad separated.
I ended up having sex with Mom and I got her pregnant, then my Sis was supposed to be on birth control but she quit taking it and I got her pregnant. The little hook ups I had with my sisters friend/our half sister ended up getting her pregnant then to top it off I got my girlfriend pregnant.
I tried to keep things quiet and not let Mom and Sis know I was fucking each of them plus I didn't tell my girlfriend about Mom and Sis or my half sister, and vice versa.
It turned out that my girlfriend and half sister knew each other because their brothers (which each fucked their brothers) new each other and they hit it off then devised a plan to have a three way with me.
In the meantime Mom and Sis talked. It turned out mom knew all along I was fucking Sis so those two got together and planned to have a three way with me and we were doing just that when my girlfriend and my half sister caught Mom, Sis and I having sex.
I had four woman pregnant at the same time. Mom was 33 yrs old, my Sis and half sister were 14 yrs old and my girlfriend was 16.

Not to long after all the pregnancies were revealed plans were made as to what to do, where and how we would live. The situation with my half sister wasn't much of a problem and she instantly moved in with Mom, Sis and I.
The typical hell broke loose concerning my girlfriends family though. They tried to isolate and turn her against me and we didn't have much contact with each other for about a year.
Before they were all due to give birth the three of us moved to the southwest. My girlfriend came to live with us after she got fed up with her parents control, this was all around 13 years ago.
After a few years of living with us my girlfriend moved out, she still lives in the area with our daughter but moved because "it just wasn't working", to many females in one house I guess. My half sister was fine like things were but she moved in with her because she needed a roommate to split expenses.

So here we are in the present day. I have four 12 yr old daughters from 4 different woman, that's four budding 12 yr old hotties running around me. They constantly remind a man that his dick is used for more than pissing out of.
Maybe it's in the air, the food, the water or whatever but I think we all know that 12 yr old's now are the new 14 or 15 yr old's of the past. I mean girls seem to mature faster than "back in the day".
They have filled out very well already so within another yr and beyond.........I can't imagine anything but WOW WOW WOW and their WOW right now. The girls names are:
Megan, Becky, Amber and Brooke

I now work as an industrial electrician, Mom transferred to another division with the company she has been with, Sis is a nurse at a nearby hospital, my half sister works for a large retail store chain and my girlfriend manages a childrens daycare facility.
The changes over the years have been incredible concerning sex and various combination's amongst the 5 of us. All of them are bi and have really come out in many ways over the years.
Nudity in the house was not uncommon among the woman but for all these years it was suggested I not freely walk around naked and the girls, well they began to be shy about going naked about 2 yrs ago.
It's not like the girls haven't seen me naked over the years by accident (yeah right, accident) by popping into the bathroom or bedroom at "inopportune" times.
Just this morning I was in bed sleeping a little late. It is Saturday and I was alone the last time I opened my eyes before I dozed off again. I was slowly returning to consciousness and not fully aware but knew I was snuggled up and that my dick was hard.
As my senses were coming to me and the fog of sleep slowly lifted I figured I was going to get my late morning wood taken care of so I pulled up a little closer and nuzzled my face into the neck that was there while my dick was poking at a plump soft butt.
The feeling was so nice, I laid there not wanting to open my eyes to the harsh light so I pulled my arm back to my rested my hand on her stomach.
"Morning Daddy", said Becky. The veil of sleep suddenly vanished and my eyes opened. I pulled my head back to focus and facing me was her long dark brown hair. She was the child between my sister and I and she had her mom's features from the hair to her young curved body, she was toned yet squishy and soft in all the right places.
"Oh, hey sweetheart, what are you doing here", I asked. I didn't move I mean it felt to dam good and I don't know how long we've been like this so it seemed senseless to suddenly pull back.
"I wanted to be with you and it's warm under here", she said.

I had a dilemma, here I am sporting a HUGE hard on and I needed relief bad but it's my scrumptious 12 yr old daughter with her hot little body against mine, if I would have continued to focus on the scenario I had running through my head I would have shot off all over her sweet plump young butt.
"Daddy", she said as she reached behind her. She placed her hand on my raging boner and it was like a flash of electricity shot through my entire body, I swear my feet tingled and the hair stood up on my head, I closed my eyes and swallowed.
I desperately wanted to run my hands all over her fabulous young body, finger her little snatch then lick it to the proper wetness and mount her and push my dick into her and...............I thought I was about to blow my load when I heard a voice.
"Hey you two", said Sis as she entered the room. Becky slowly eased her hand from my cock as I picked my head up to look at Sis.
"Where is Megan", asked Sis looking right at Becky. Megan is the daughter between Mom and I.
"I don't know I couldn't find her", said Becky.
"Well go look outside, I need to talk to your Dad", said Sis.

She reluctantly got up and left the room. I watched her as she left and thought no wonder she was cold, it is the end of August (this is Labor Day Weekend) but I do like to keep the A/C set low to keep me comfortable but females are always to cold. She was wearing just a short tight nightshirt and showing every inch of her slender well tanned legs and I could see her fine butt twitch as she walked away.
I laid my head back and rolled onto my back then let out a frustrating breath. Sis closed the door and came over to the bed, looked down and smiled at me.
"Whats the matter", she asked in a mocking fashion.
I pulled down the blanket and my cock sprang upright, she looked at my boner then back to me.
"I'm in a bad way baby, help me out here", I said.

She crawled up on the bed on her knees then bent down, grabbed the base of my shaft and sucked my head in.
I closed my eyes leaned my head back and my entire body clenched up at her initial contact. After several seconds I eased the tension in my muscles then she suddenly took me in deeper, "OHH....OHH...OHHH", I stuttered out as she worked my shaft and I tensed up again.
What she was giving me was like heaven but after a minute I knew it wasn't going to do it. After fantasizing about Becky when she was next to me I knew I needed something more to finish this job.
"BABY, I need some pussy", I said.
She stopped then slowly pulled off of me and scooted back off the bed, stood up and pulled off her long pajama pants.
"How do you want it", she asked.
"I want you from behind", I said.

I got up on my knees as she crawled back onto the bed then turned around and assumed the position. I reached out and ran my hand over her pussy as I worked my way up behind her, she was wet.
Not needing to play I placed my cock at her hole and pushed in, "OHHHHHH, BABYYYYY", I groaned out. I instantly starting fucking into her without a care in the world for anything other than unloading inside her.
"Get it baby, take what you need", she said in a calm voice. I had my hand on her hips then she raised up on all fours and I ran my hands up to her waist and held on as I pounded into her.
I was going faster and faster, "UHH, UHH, UHH", I moaned as I built to a climax.
DO IT HONEY, DO IT, she said. I was slamming hard against her butt now, driving my dick deep into her pussy.
I arched my back as I shoved in, "OHHH", I loudly moaned out as one long stream of sweet relief shot from my dick and melted inside of her. I held deep in her, "OH MY GOD", I moaned as I squeezed to wring out what I could.
I held myself in as I rubbed the small of her back as she bent back down and placed her head on the bed.
"Thank You Baby, I needed that", I said. I continued to rub her back as I pulled my now deflated cock put of her cunt.
After I sat back breathing she got off the bed and put her pajama pants back on.
"Come on and get up, lets eat. The other girls will be here in a little bit", she said.

It was Saturday and it was summer meaning it's swimming time all the time. The girls loved to get together and swim in our pool. My half sister had to work today so our daughter Amber stayed here most weekends and my girlfriend wanted a break for the weekend so our daughter Brooke would be here for this long weekend as well.
I got some clothes on and walked out of the room towards the kitchen. As I left the bedroom I didn't even hear the bi-fold louvered closet doors roll open.
In the kitchen I ran into Becky, "Did you find Megan", I asked.
"No, she's around here somewhere", she said.
Becky went off and I drank some coffee and looked at the paper while Mom and Sis prepared breakfast. After about 20 minutes I had to go to the bathroom so I went towards the bedroom and passing by the girls room I saw the two of them sitting on the bed with their heads together, talking in hushed voices and giggling. I passed on by thinking "girls will be girls" and didn't intend on asking Megan where she has been.

With breakfast done and late morning turned to noon the other two girls showed up at the house then Mom and Sis took off to go shopping. I was content in the living room watching TV and relaxing while all the girls were in Megan and Becky's room talking and squealing like girls do.
After a bit they came out of the room and through the kitchen on the way to the pool. Each with there bikini's on each just as scrumptious as you can imagine.
It was a parade of 4 hot young bodies as they filed through the kitchen, each separately saying "hey daddy" while holding up a hand with a static wave as they and went through the door and out to the pool. I got up and walked to the window looking out over the pool and watched them as they walked across the patio.
"MMM, MMM, MM..........DAMN", I said as I shook my head. I focused on Becky primarily since my thought went back to us laying in bed this morning but I certainly couldn't ignore the others. Each of them were the image of their mothers, two blonds, two brunettes.
Becky and Megan are the brunettes, just like Mom and Sis and Amber and Brooke are the blonds just like my girlfriend and half sister.
I continued to look through the window as they stood at the edge of the pool then like they sensed I was looking they all turned around and looked right at the window. I felt like I was caught or something, they giggled, smiled and threw a hand up and I waved back then they jumped in.
I turned my attention back to the TV to find something to get my mind off of those sweet bodies and calm my hard cock. Things eased off and about 30 minutes later Brooke walked into the kitchen. Her smooth tanned body glistening with moisture and her long straight blond hair bonded tight from being wet. She was the tallest of the four and an absolute vision of hot young loveliness.
"Daddy, you gonna come swim with us", she asked in a low voice. Brooke was the shy one, always has been and the other girls took that as a weakness so on occasions they would relentlessly pick on her.
Soft spoken she never says much rather she watches and observes. If you could crack her open I bet she would be a wealth of information.
"Yes baby, I will be out shortly, OK", I said. She turned and went back out the door and I heard her yell, "HE'S COMING".
My cock had swollen again, I thought "dam, it's going to be torture out there".

The show I was watching was only a couple minutes before it was done then I went to the room, hard on and all, to change into my bathing suit. I was in the bathroom and thought about pounding one off before going out there. My cock was aching as I slowly stroked on my shaft then I thought NAH I can calm down.
I walked out into the bedroom and pulled my bathing suit from the drawer. I stood there with my cock stuck straight out while orienting my bathing suit then just before bending down to put them on,
Daddy, are you"......, said Amber as she stopped in mid-sentence. I was standing in profile to her and as I looked in her direction her eyes went from my cock to my eyes. I pulled my bathing suit to me to cover up then sat on the bed turning my back to her.
"I'm sorry Daddy, we were wondering if you were coming", she said.
It's alright sweetie, I'll be right there", I said.
She didn't sound sorry, I thought to myself, she didn't have sorry in her eyes or her voice just a straight look like it was nothing, sorry was just something she felt she had to say in this situation, her objective had been achieved.
This didn't surprise me a bit as Amber is adventurous and precocious, just exactly like her mother in every way. She is very slender, not an ounce of fat anywhere just slight curves and a nice toned body with pretty face and a precocious manner that I know drives the boys wild.
Now I wasn't sure what to do, should I go ahead and relieve my aching dick before going out there or just get over it.
I just pulled on my bathing suit, which tented out thanks to my boner and headed to the kitchen. I tried to calm down, cracked a beer open and chugged it down and after a minute the strain on my cock eased enough where I could tuck it down a bit better. I opened another beer and took it outside with me and sat at the table and calmly drank that one down.
"Come on in Daddy PLEASE !" they girls said in chorus.

After a minute I was subdued enough to jump in and we all swam, dived and played volleyball and everything was fine. I enjoyed watching the girls splash around, float (the floating caused me some frustration, as you can imagine) and when they would swim then bend and dive under, which caused their cute butts to stick up just before going under, this added to some frustration not to mention when they would pulled themselves up and out of the pool they would have to stand and pull there suits out of their butt crack before running to the diving board. I wanted to just ravage their young bodies and have my way until my desires were sated.

I was at the shallow end of the pool leaned against the edge and watching these little goddesses as the played and just when I thought I couldn't take anymore all 4 of them swam over and surrounded me and began hugging and kissing me constantly saying, "Thank You Daddy, Thank You Daddy". I hugged them while running a hand up and down there backs as they pressed against me. I grew hard and my suit was tented as they each continued to hug and kiss and brush past my hardened cock.
Little teases, they knew what they were doing and as they continued I playfully pushed each of them away or under the water then they would come back at it again and this went on until they finished and went on.
I stayed in the water until they were on the other side of the pool then I turned and hopped out and headed to the table to get a towel and dry off, of course I kept my back to them.
After drying I walked toward the door and in chorus they kept saying "DADDY, DADDY, DADDY", trying to get me to turn around. I just threw my hand up and kept walking and went inside then turned to look through the glass and all 4 had there heads together giggling.

I had finished drying and changed into some shorts and a t-shirt and had another beer cracked open while relaxing on the couch and watching TV. I heard loud laughing outside then suddenly the door burst open and in came Brooke crying and saying, "Daddy, Daddy, Daaadddyyyy". I jumped up and ran to the kitchen and she clung to me. She was still dripping wet, holding on to me and sobbing.
"Whats a matter honey", I asked.

She sobbed as she explained she was on the diving board then slipped and hit her leg on the edge as she fell into the water while pointing towards the door expressing how they all just laughed at her.
I looked down and saw the red spot just below her hip but that was it so that plus hurt feelings from her sisters teasing sent her running inside. I told her she was fine and needed to dry off so she stood there as I got a towel for her.
When I returned with the towel she explained that her leg hurt and asked me to help dry her off.
"SHIT", I thought, this just gets more frustrating for me.
I dried her long blond hair then ran the towel down her back, over her butt, that dam nice butt, then dried each leg, being careful where her sore was, then as I reached the top of each leg she parted them slightly so I could get in between and this was painful, FOR ME !.
Then I patted the towel at her stomach and titties.
When that was done and she quit sobbing she we went to the couch and she laid on her side while I applied some cream on her sore. It was excruciating as I rubbed the cream onto her luscious leg and couldn't help spying her entire body, which was PERFECT !.
I wanted to rub every square inch of her nubile young body, squeeze her nice little titties and run a finger into her sweet tight pussy, I shook the thought from my head.
After I was done I took my spot on the couch. We have a large sectional couch and one end has a chaise lounger that is MY spot where I can lean against the back and stretch out and I did just that.
Brooke said she was done swimming and was tired then she crawled up on the couch and laid down and snugged her back up to me. I put and arm around her and she wrapped her arms around my arm and settled in. She is such a sweet lovely girl, I was in heaven and hell at this moment. We watched TV while I held her with one arm and stroked her long blond hair with the other.
"Daddy, why are they mean to me", she asked.
"Because your prettier than they are", I said.
"DADDYYYYYY", she moaned out, I couldn't see but I sensed her rolling her eyes.

She was serious and she talked to me how they tease her and prod her to do things and that the only ones that pay her real attention and treat her nice are boys. I explained to her there is a reason for that and began to explain in chosen words about boys and girls and puberty etc. She told me I didn't need to talk so delicately about the subject because she knows and understands what I'm talking about.
She admits to being very intrigued by the attention boys pay her and it makes her feel good that she can attract that kind of attention yet she knows the attention is for the wrong reasons.
I told her it's a natural thing for boys to be like that, girls to. As I continued to talk I unconsciously went from stroking her long hair to rubbing her neck and shoulder, and would have descended down from there I imagine.
"Dad, do you really think I'm pretty", she asked.
"Oh honey your an absolutely gorgeous young woman, just like your mother.
She wiggled her back against me. I didn't realize until then how hard my cock had grown and was poking at her back.
I cleared my throat, "I'm sorry about that sweetie", I said.
"It's fine" she said as she wiggled her back again and asked, "You love me, don't you Daddy" ?.
"Yes I do, very much", I said.
She wiggled her back against me some more then settled in.
I closed my eyes and let out a slow breath as if to express "give me strength.

It was later in the evening and we all had dinner all the usual evening activities, then as it got later in the night Mom went to bed and we all stayed up late watching movies and eating popcorn. I was in my spot on the couch and had Becky and Amber on each side of me while Sis had Brooke and Megan on each side of her, those three usually stayed up later than the rest of us and sacked out on the couch after watching movies.
It was late enough for me so I headed to bed leaving everyone on the couch.
I hit the bed and was amazed I didn't go right in and stroke my dick given the days events, I thought about it as I laid there and even had my hand on it to start pumping then I drifted of to a light sleep.
I woke when the covers were lifted and felt someone slip into bed and scoot over next to me. It was dark so I wasn't sure who it was.
"What' ups" ?, I asked in a sleepy voice.
"Everyone's asleep on the couch, is this OK"?, said Becky.
I was sleepy and didn't say anything I just gave her shoulder a reassuring pat and left my hand there and I settled back in to drift back to sleep. After several minutes went by with both of us being still I was on the edge of sleep.
I felt Becky move as she snuggled up a little closer.
I was drawn back from the edge and realized that my cock was now against her body, I sleep nude. I figured her nightshirt rode up some and as I thought about that my cock slowly hardened.
I lifted my hand from her shoulder and reached over her and planted my hand on the bed in front of her to lift myself up slightly and I eased back a little. With my movement Becky grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand to her bare lower stomach with my hand just above her hot little snatch, she didn't have any panties on !.
"Becky I don't" ......I began to protest in a hushed voice and she cut me off.
"it's ok daddy, it's ok", she whispered as she held my had in place.
Oh My God, I must be dreaming, I thought in my head. I wanted to feel her so badly, hell I wanted to do more than that after being prodded and teased all day. I moved my hand down to and rubbed over her mound. My hand tingled and as I touched her pussy I took in a breath and swallowed. This was as electrifying for me now as it was when she had her hand on my cock this morning.

I worked a finger between her legs then she rolled onto her back and parted her legs slightly. As I lightly worked her little twat she breathed nice and steady, this was as good for her as it was for me but it wasn't good enough, for her.
"Would you lick me Daddy" she whispered.
I was instantly transported back in time to the night I was with her mother (my sister) around 13 yrs ago when we were in that camping cabin on our family vacation, after Sis and I explored she asked me if I would eat her.
"Yes baby", I whispered to her. I slid down the bed while pulling the cover back as I went.

She splayed her legs open and I hooked my arms under and around her legs placing my hands on her inner thighs to pull them apart.
Oh the smell of a young fresh pussy was exhilarating, that's right there is not much smell because it hasn't been used except it might still smell a little like pee.
This would be my first ever taste of virgin pussy, never had it my whole life until this moment and with my own daughter non the less.
I lowered my head down and stuck my tongue out, I was practically drooling as I placed my mouth over her mound and licked, her whole body shuddered like she had a chill.
The feel and the texture of her firm little cunt lips were amazing, her taste being so pure and the absolute naughtiness of it all was driving me out of my mind. I licked her pussy very slowly and lightly for a minute then I started going deeper. I worked the tip of my tongue between her cunt lips, feeling and tasting the fresh slightly moist pink meat in her valley.
She continued to breath evenly as I worked her perfect little slit up and down yet staying away from her clit, for now.
I was savoring this moment and was in no hurry, the only indication I had from her that she was in heaven and that her desires were stirred was when she put a hand on the top of my head and began to caress.

After several minutes of me working she began to grasp my hair and I couldn't help but increase my deep licking of her cunt while alternately flicking my tongue lightly as I teased her cunt lips. I knew she was building to what I can imagine was her first ever climax, her breathing did pick up but not heavily rather she was taking in and letting out longer and slower breaths. Except the sound of me lapping at her sweet little snatch this whole event was very quiet.
I licked her and imagined the feelings she may be experiencing from her building climax, the tingling not just on the surface but deeper inside her cunt, maybe a little heat building inside her lower stomach or somewhere deep inside as her jizz worked it's way down as I coaxed it to greet my waiting mouth.
Time was up I had to taste her juice and she needed to cum, she needed the relief and experience, maybe she shouldn't be getting it from me but she was going to get it, and so was I.
I went after her clit now and attacked it like I was crazy, she heaved her stomach and arched her back off the bed. The grasp she had on my hair was released and she planted her hands on the bed on each side of her, the initial jolt caused her entire body to tense but within seconds her tension slowly eased and her back made contact with the bed.

Still breathing quiet but panting now she spoke through her panting,
"Daddy I feel like I have to pee", she breathed.
With my thumb I rubbed her clit and picked my head up,
"It's not pee honey, just let it go", I whispered then went back to tonguing her her.
I could tell she was very near as her once slightly relaxed body began to slowly tense up again, She was holding it, either not sure about what I told her or she was delaying it for full enjoyment but her panting increased and I felt her back arch up again then suddenly her breathing stopped and after holding it for maybe 2 seconds she breathed out.
I stopped flicking her clit and placed my mouth over her mound as her jizz worked it's was through her wonderful little pussy and into my mouth.
I was the first one ever to taste this nectar. Her light, watery, tart tasting cream was a delight to me as I sucked and licked her mound.
Her body was relaxed again now, she was limp and her breathing was so light as to be undetectable. I imagine her head was swimming with thoughts like "what just happened" and of course the feeling of utter bliss as all the tension that had built up in her body flowed out through her pussy.

I pulled my head away from her and rubbed my hand up and down her stomach,
"You ok baby", I whispered.
"Uh huh, I feel dizzy", she responded in a dreamy tone.
"That's normal baby", I replied.
"Is this what people do before it" ?, she hesitatingly asked.
"Sometimes", I replied.
"Are we going to do it", she asked.
"Oh honey I don't............", I began to say but was cut off.
"Please daddy, please", she begged with a whisper. How could I refuse ?, easy this is the ultimate wrong that's how but at the same time it's the thing that makes it so appealing.
It wasn't like I didn't want to, I mean my cock was so dam hard from this event, that and my thoughts from the past plus the fact that these tempting little nymphs had me teased all day. I was out of my mind with desire, with lust and I wanted her precious young body.
I wanted to get inside her, show her what it's all about, become one with her, let her feel me in her and me feel what she is like inside.
I was aching but my dick is huge and her pussy has never been entered and that was another thing, I wanted some virgin pussy so bad. I have now tasted it and felt the texture with my tongue now but what is it like to penetrate it, to be the first one through, to have your cock squeezed as you break it open for the first time. I didn't know but I was going to find out, RIGHT NOW !.

"Honey you sure you want to do this, it's going to hurt ?", I asked.
"I know but I want to, with you", she said.

I was still laying down and had my face at her pussy when she sat up and pulled her shirt off then got on her knees and spread her shirt approximately where we would be at, she knew there would be some blood.

"Should I lay down or get on my knee's", she asked.

She had no experience but she knew what the act entailed and the ramifications but I found that question a little interesting. I wasn't sure exactly what all she knows or thinks she knows but both of us were about to experience something new.
This didn't seem the time for her to be in a submissive position, after this time though will be another matter and I relished the chance to get her from behind and that thought just added to the overpowering lust I was already trying hard to restrain.

"On your back honey", I said.

She laid back and positioned herself on the shirt she laid out as I got on my knees in front of her, She was still wet from me licking her but I still spit in the palm of my had and worked that over my dick head. She opened her legs and I leaned down and hovered over her supporting myself with one arm while guiding my hard aching dick toward her virgin pussy.
I closed my eyes, it was dark anyway, but I closed them to help concentrate and keep my animal lust in check. As my cock made contact with her pussy I felt a rush, keeping a firm grip on my shaft I pushed into her slit.
The feel of her firm lips on my head as they parted was incredible, as I pushed harder I felt the tip of my squishy head being squeezed into a hole that felt like you couldn't fit your thumb into.
I increased the pressure as my head slowly worked into her tight hole. I couldn't see in the dark but I imagined her face being twisted with anxiety and pain along with her biting her lower lip as I continued my intrusion.
The flare of my pliable head passed through and the squeeze of her hole around the tip of my shaft was like a vise but I WAS IN HER.
I thought I would never get my hard thick shaft inside of her.
"You ok baby", I asked.
"Uh...huh", she said in a tensed tone.
"Relax Becky, just relax", I said.
"Ok daddy...(pant...pant...pant)...go ahead", she said as I felt her ring muscle ease up.

I pushed in and as I advanced her hole squeezed again and she put her arms around my neck and pulled as I heard her inhale through clenched teeth, I was at her barrier so I stopped and she breathed out.
This was going to be tough and I didn't want to hurt my sweet little girl but there is nothing that can be done. There are two ways to do this and like dealing with a band aid you either tear it off in one motion or or draw it out.
"Do it it", she said as she tightened her arms around my neck and breathed out.
I moved my hands under her shoulders and wrapped my fingers around to hold her firm, pulled back a little, squeezed my muscles to make my dick as hard as possible and I pushed in hard forever ripping away her virginity, it was done.
She took in a huge stuttered breath and quietly whimpered as I felt increased wetness. I had about a quarter of my dick inside her as she continued to quietly whimper.
I eased back just a little, "I'm sorry baby, I'm sorry", I said.
"It's alright, don't stop daddy", she said.
I started to gently pump in and out and she kept a tight hold around my neck. The wrongness of it all, her tight pussy, my desire and new experience had me excited and caused me to increase my strokes, each time I worked just a little more into her she breathed through clenched teeth.

I continued to fuck into her even faster now as I felt myself quickly building to and explosion, I had about half of my dick in her and I knew I couldn't hold out long enough to properly stretch her hole and work it all in. I was going at a fast but even pace and I felt her relax a little and her breathing evened out,
"Ohhhh this feels soooo good", she whispered.
I wanted to go animal on her but knew I couldn't, she was now finding out what it was all about,
"Don't stop daddy, please don't stop", she said as her voice drifted away.
This just added fuel to my fire, as much as I like to fuck a pussy and shoot off in it I don't only think about myself, a woman's enjoyment is just as important to me and knowing they are being pleasured just adds to my excitement.

My breathing picked up as I strained to hold back the impossible and I instinctively hammered into her as much of my dick as I could.
I was tingling all over, like I was positively charged, and just like touching a finger to a metal surface on a dry winter day I was going to discharge everything that was built up in me through a single point.
I was being as quiet as possible and couldn't help but squeak out,
"Uh, Uh, Uh, I'm going to squirt inside of you baby", I said through a whispered but labored voice.
"Squirt in me daddy, squirt in meeeeeee", she said.
I continued to squeeze tighter and tighter wanting to hold off as I fucked my daughter but it was no good, "Ohhhhh....Ohhhhh......Ohhhhhh", I moaned out as cum violently burst through and into her hot little cunt, "Ohhhhh, Ohhhhh Becky", as my cock convulsed and I pumped three huge streams of hot creamy cum into my daughters cunt,
"I'm squirting baby, I'm squirting in youuuuuu", I moaned.
"I feel it daddy, I feel you squirtinggggggg", she moaned in a whisper.
With only half of my dick inside her and no longer able to squeeze out the remainder that I still felt I had I reached down with my hand, grabbed the base of my shaft and,
"Ahhhhhhhhhh", as I milked any remaining cum inside of her as she breathed out an,
After I finished milking my shaft I pulled out of my daughters sweet cunt, minutes ago she was an innocent young girl and now she's a woman filed with her fathers incestuous sperm.

She squeezed my neck pulling my closer to her, with my head beside hers she whispered into my ear,
"Thank you daddy, thank you". She let go and I laid on my back beside her as she stretched her legs out.
"Oh honey, that felt so good", I said.
"I knew you needed to.....squirt.... really bad", she said.
"I did baby, I really needed to", I said.
"Did I help you out daddy", she said.
"Oh yes, you sure did", I said.
"Next time you will be able to get all the way in me", she said anxiously.

Well this experience certainly didn't dissuade her that's for sure heck, I may have lit a huge fire. When your a boy and get it for the first time it's all you think about afterwords, I imagine there are similar yet different thoughts for girls. I mean females have a power that they only sense and suspect before giving it up. When they do finally give it up they instantly become aware of the power they yield once the act is done.
Like the saying goes: Woman have half the money and ALL the pussy.
I got up and went into the bathroom and closed the door, when I turned on the light I was taken aback at the blood coating my dick. I washed up and went to the bed then Becky got up to clean herself up then came back, she got under the covers and moved her back to me then grabbed my arm and pulled it over her.
I snuggled up to her and found my comfortable spot. I could smell her hair and drifted to sleep as I thought about what we had just done, nothing like shooting a huge load of cum to drain the tension and frustration from your body and induce that peaceful sleep.

I was aware of a few of my movements through the night like me turning onto on one side or the other and pulling the covers, etc, as sleep wore off and consciousness slowly returned to me.
I opened my eyes and found myself staring at blond hair, I blinked a few times to make sure I was seeing correctly, yep blond hair I thought to myself.
I pulled my hand from her belly to her waist and slid down to her hip then patted her butt,
"Amber ?", I said.
"Hey Daddy", she said as she flipped over and started hugging me.
"Hi sweetie", I said and like a water hose being filled my cock sprang and started to rise. I gently rocked my hips back to put some distance between us.
"I get to help you out this morning", she said as she grabbed my cock with her hand and dived her head under the covers.
"Sweetie you shouldn't......UHHHHHHH", I groaned. My words were cut off as she put her mouth over the head of my dick.
I pushed the covers down and as I looked it was all she could do to get just to the head in as she stretched her mouth over it.
I was powerless and my head hit the pillow as I let this little angel work. I swear I think she had done this before, she wasn't just mouthing me she had a suction as she bobbed on my head.

She would pull off and then with her lips closed they would part and, "OHHHHHHHHHH", I moaned as her lips followed the contour of my head as she took me back in then, "UHHHHHHH", I would moan as her lips closed around the flair of my head.
With my usual morning condition plus the fact that this is my sweet little daughter between my girlfriend and I, it didn't take very long at all before the hotness of this would send me over the edge.
"OHHH SWEETIE, I HAVE TO DO IT", I said as I reached down and nudged her head. It felt like she had experience but I didn't know how much and I didn't want her to be surprised. She kept me in and sucked hard.
"BABY I CAN'T HOLD IT, OH, OH, "OHHHH THAT'S MY BABY GIRL", I moaned as a torrent of salty liquid blasted into her mouth, the intensity of the next stream came immediately after, "OHHHHHHHHHH THAT FEELS GOOD", I groaned. She sucked as I squeezed the last of it out.
I didn't have much due to the huge load I pumped into Becky last night but what I did have felt dam good as I squirted into her mouth.

I was once again time warped to a point in the past and I remembered the scene I once viewed as I spied Amber's mother giving my father a blow job about 13 years ago and him groaning "Oh Baby Girl" as he shot into her mouth. I couldn't believe the parallels from past to present as Amber finished swallowing my cum. She pulled off and licked my sensitive head then licked her lips with and,
"MMMMM daddy, you taste strong", she said.
I picked my head up to look at her and speak but with the power drained form my body I couldn't say a word, I just dropped my head back down and closed my eyes.
"You gonna swim with us again today daddy", she asked.
"Yeah", I said as I expelled a breath.

She jumped up and ran out the room saying,
"He's gonna swim us, he's gonna swim us", I heard her voice trail off as she went down the hall through the kitchen and out the door.
I laid there thinking to myself that it was no secret to me and my four woman I was a pervert and my thoughts about my daughters let me know I was a bigger one than I would have admitted.
Now that I have physically crossed the line twice I am an even bigger pervert than what I thought I would actually ever be.
Pervert is a kind word since I fucked one daughter and let another one suck my far.
I just didn't have the power to get up just yet so I laid there and after about 15 minutes I heard footsteps in the hall and Sis came in the room,
"Get your butt up", she said playfully as she walked to the bathroom.
I laid there and after a couple minutes she came out and looked at me with raised eye brows,
"No wonder your so tired", she said raising her arm and holding up a blood smeared cum stained shirt.

She walked out of the room, she wasn't mad probably a little concerned. I figured I better get dressed and go out there so I jumped up and grabbed my shorts and t-shirt and put them on and walked out, again not hearing our closet doors open after leaving the room and I heard Sis yelling outside to the others,
"HAVE ANY OF YOU SEEN MEGAN ?....................................

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