Ben's mum and me having it
Ok now yes i know my stories arnt brilliant when it comes to the grammer so i apologise i am working on it :)

This is the story of when i had sex with Ben's (who you'll know from a previous stories), mum called Sarah.

It was a thursday and last lesson every thursday was P.E. doing Rugby outside and on this day it was typical english weather; absolutely chucking it down, anyway during the lesson I'd got someones boot in my thigh and the stud had cut my leg, so i just sat out for the last few minutes of the game. After the lesson noone bothers getting changed or washed because it was chucking it down so everyone got there stuff and left, it was my normal day I met my friend at the gate and walked home with him. I do usually also walk home with Ben but on a thursday he goes to his dads house for the night. I'd got home and was at the back door, i put my hand in my pocket on the shorts for my keys but they weren't there so I rummaged through everything in my bag but still no keys i then realised that i was one bag short my uniform and my keys were still back at school and i couldnt be bothered walking back to try find a teacher to open the changing rooms as it would take like an hour and a half to do that and get back. my parents werent going to be home for hours and i was freezing stood outside, so i went round to Ben's house as i knew his mum would be in. *knock knock* Sarah came to the door i explained to her that i was locked out and she kindly let me in. I was still filthy and rather cold and she told me that i could use her shower, i was showed how to use it etc and she said shed wash my dirty kit for me. She left the room took my clothes off and put them on the floor outside.I got my shower and got rid of all the mud of my body and cleaned my wound on my thigh which still really stinged.

Once id finished my shower i got out and dried off with the towel however i had no clothes to wear, i wrapped the towel around me and went downstairs

"feeling warmer now?" sarah said to me as i stood there with my young body in nothing but a towel

"alot better thank you, but i havnt got anything to wear" i replied to her

"well i know youll think this is a bit weird but just go into Ben's room and get pair of boxers out of his draw, i dont know which draw they're in though just look around"

I went back up the stairs went into Ben's room and dropped my towel and began searchign through his draws. Next to his bed were a small set of drawers and in the top draw i found some boxers and put them on for some reason it felt a little erotic, in the draw though i also found sachets of lube, candle and a bottle, i knew what he'd been using these for. Once i had his boxers on I went back downstairs and sat down on the sofa.

"ouch that looks nasty" as she stroked my cut on my leg

"yh its feeling a bit better though now"

"il put some cream on it, it will heal faster that way and wont feel as painful"

"erm ok then" i said with a strangely excited voice

she came back and began rubbing the cream into my cut, it was a tad painful but also erotice and i actually began so get a boner it kept getting harder and harder and then she noticed

" oh erm its ok Tom" she said

"Sorry you know what its like im a teenage boy it happens rather easy"

"doesnt it just"

at this moment i had this wild thought that i could perhaps have a chance of getting something out of this, she was about 45ish not bad for a mum and was single and had been single for at least 10years probably more she must be wanting something other than a vibrator or her fingers (i just presumed she had vibrator as she cant have had sex in a while). so i played my cards rights and went for it.

"could you put a bit more of that cream on it please its still a little sore"

"hmm ok then" she began to rub and massage more of the cream on however this time she was moving on a bigger motion rubbing more of my leg so i went for it and went to kiss her

my lips locked onto hers and she kissed me back we kept kissing and then i began to kiss her neck and moved down i took her bra off releasing her mature breasts which where big but not saggy, at this point she stopped stood up and took hold of my hand, we went upstairs into her bedroom and she threw me on the bed and jumped on top we began kissing again, i removed her top so that her breasts were properly out. My penis was now rock hard and throbbing to have her warm moist vagina round it. Sarah stood up on top of the bed and dropped her jeans and nickers. she came back down and and removed the boxers i was wearing my penis exposed she licked down my body and put it into her mouth making almost all of it go in, her wet mouth filled with saliva felt amazing on my sensitive bell end as her tongue wrapped round the shaft of it and licked the tip making the feeling build up inside me making me cum within 5 minutes, she swallowed it all back and then simply said

"my turn now" as she winked at me.

She layed back on the bed and spread her legs her vagina was already really wet she had a runway strip which i found rather sexy her flaps covered in her juices. I moved down and placed two fingers inside of her and raised them to the top inside her finding her G-spot i began to pull them in and out gradually getting faster, she began to moan so i move my mouth down to it and started licking her clit with my tongue wiggling it about from side to side, up and down in all sorts of ways making her moan and grab my hair on my head as she got more and more excited i then moved back up and said
"its hard, im horny, your horny got a jonny?"

"top draw"

I looked inside and next to two rampant rabbit vibrators was a pack of durex condoms. I put one on and got into position Sarah grabbed my penis and put it in i began to thrust in and out gaining speed making her moan more and more after 5 minutes she threw me off and put me on my back she got on top and began riding me letting her breasts bounce with each time she went up and down it also gave me a great view of watching her vagina and her runway strip after 15 minutes she said

"any other positions you want to try?"

"DOGGY!" i said rather excitedly

she got on all 4's on the bed and i put it into her and began pumping again in this positions she felt tighter i pumped for 15 minutes and then in one fantastic orgasm i cummed the cum shooting out and getting stopped by the condom i pulled my penis out took the condom off and threw it on the floor, put the boxers back on

"well thanks for that you not a bad shag" she said to me

"haha thanks look my mum will be back now id best head home"

The rest it boring stuff i just put on some of Bens clothes went home but yh thats it thought you'd like to hear it comment, message me like whatever :) thanks for reading i hoped you enjoyed it n if you didn't oh well

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2011-09-28 13:41:41
I would rather read a true story than a modified one. please keep the stories coming.

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2011-08-27 02:15:37
Damn... Not bad... It would be awesome if you had vid or pictures of you and her.

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2011-08-27 01:32:11
Good try.Some time its really hard to understand.But its what seems like a true story,try to make it in a little modified form:)such that at last he should have cumed inside her and make her pregnant after some days.Anyway story is fine.

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