The next day I had work first thing in the morning at 6 o'clock. I work part time as a landscaper for my father's friend, Tom. Tom is a 35 year old guy who has been a laborer his whole life, which keeps him in great shape, but also frustrates the living hell out of him at times. On a break to grab water on the hot summer day, I checked my phone for the time and it was 9:45; I also had a text message from Arif that he had sent hours earlier. The text said to be at his house a lot earlier today- 10:00. Fearing Arif far more than Tom I quickly gave a bullshit excuse to my boss even though I still had 2 hours left and got in my truck before even hearing his response. I could practically hear him screaming all the way to Arif"s which thankfully was close enough where I made it just in time.

Getting out of my car I was surprised to see a crying Christina leaving the house, she wouldn't even acknowledge me as she departed. When I got to the door I was greeted by Leah, looking as sexy as ever her tanned legs visible in revealing denim shorts. She led my to the living room where I had been fucked for the first time two days ago, and she sat down next to Arif on the love seat. As I sat down across from them I asked what the hell was going on with Tina. Arif explained how Leah was going too lead us to the guest house where she was going to dress us up nice, in time so she could introduce us to a customer he had set up that would fuck Christina and I. Christina had broken down and refused to be whored out, and Arif said she had 3 days to change her mind and come back to him or he would release all the pictures and videos. He said I didn't have the luxury of time to decide because he had money on the line and couldn't have both of us walk out. I also had a lot on the line if I chose to walk away he'd immediately show everyone and my life would be ruined. I was ashamed as I told him "Okay- I'll do it."

"I figured," Arif said "Now Leah take him and get him cleaned up and dressed, he's filthy and the customer will be here in a couple of hours or so." Arif was right I had been out working in yards in the sun and was dirty and sweaty. Leah led me to the guest house and pointed to the shower, as I went to close the door on her she pushed her foot in.

"Sorry but I have a lot of work to do, your a mess and the customer will want his slut to be perfection," I was shocked to hear how this outwardly innocent girl was talking to me like Arif and Dave had and deduced maybe she's more like Dave than Christina, an 'assistant' not another slave. I was even more shocked that as I got undress for the shower, she did too. I stared as she got undressed exposing her small but perky breasts and ass, and the landing strip on her pussy, her body was perfection. I was woken up by a hard slap across the face. "Your the whore hear, not me, your the one who's getting fucked stupid and its my job to make your sissy ass look as good as possible so I'm hopping in the shower with you to make sure its done right." I turned around to get in and she also delivered a hard spank. I stood with my back to the water and Leah told me to keep my eyes up as she pressed up against me and washed my body for me. As she soaped my body I couldn't help but look down on occasion to get a glimpse of her figure and every time got a light slap to the face; also noticed the razor and douche on the side of the tub. I hadn't shaved in a few days and I knew she'd use them on me.

Leah shaved my whole upper body and as she worked her way down with the razor I had to fight an erection, she shaved the ass and the back of my legs first but when she got down on her knees and turned me around to shave the front of my legs and pubes her face was at cock level and I couldn't take it anymore. My cock sprung up erect and flicked her nose on the way up. Leah was pissed, she quickly finished shaving me and we got out of the shower, and she instructed me to get on all four, leaning over the side of the tub. The douche was quickly shoved up my ass and as she started to clean my whole with it she also began too spank me. She slapped hard, alternating cheeks, and turned my cheeks good and red. "Your lucky that little incident happened before a client otherwise your ass would be raw for a week." Once my ass was sufficiently slapped and cleaned Leah got me dressed. The outfit started with a white, practically see through, lace thong. She also put a white padded corset which didn't cover any of my upper back, which was necessary because next came a white party dress that barely covered my ass and left my bare back exposed, the dress was also a deep cut and went down to my sternum.

Next came makeup: mascara and lip gloss as well as a french manicure and pedicure and Leah did my hair to look like Emma Watson's pixie cut. We looked in the mirror and I swear I didn't even recognize myself, I was pretty damn hot for a chick. My fake bust and naturally perky ass made my figure look great. Leah congratulated herself saying the only thing between me and being a woman is a Y chromosome. We left the bathroom and waited only a few minutes to at about 12 when Leah was called by Arif to escort the guy over. When they returned I was seated nervously on a chair legs crossed, barefoot as Leah had instructed and I nearly fainted when I saw Tom, still in his work outfit. Leah saw the look on our faces and said "Well I take it you to must know each other from the looks of it, so Tom here is the key to the bedroom." Leah left us alone and Tom finally spoke.

"I'm still paying for the price of two, but know that I found out the sissy I'd be fucking is you its certainly worth it," He walked towards me and grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of the chair and to the locked door I had noticed yesterday. He unlocked the door and we stepped inside, I suppose you could call it a bedroom after all, there was a bed, but it was more of a dungeon- all sorts of straps and sex swings and toys. Tom pushed me up against the wall and kissed me on the mouth, something Arif nor Dave had ever done. Then he grabbed my neck with one hand as he ripped the dress clean off of me with the other. He told me to untie the corset as he got undressed. Tom, still glistening with sweat took off his shirt and had a muscular build and a happy trail going down from his navel, he also took off his jeans. The first station Tom put me in was bench that i laid down on my back, straps above the table were there to secure my feet over my ass. Tom went and grabbed a thin stick, and returned to the bench and he bent over and ripped off my panties with his teeth and sniffed my ass, as he stood up my feet were at face level for him and he licked my left sole and sucked on my big toe. "First off your going to get punished for ditching work," with that he began the caning, whipping my ass 10 times hard with the rod, then my feet five more times. I yelped with pain every time he delivered a blow

He then left me momentarily and returned with a rather large dildo and o-ring for my mouth, Tom without hesitation slid the rubber cock into me, back and forth a couple times before leaving it completely inside "Your going to need to be stretched out for me," Tom attached the o-ring to my mouth, which also had an attached leash. He dragged me to a low stockade, I sat on my ass, legs in front of me and he put my hands and neck into the device. Finally as he stood in front of me Tom took off his boxers and began his assault to my body, I say assault because his 8 inch cock, really could have killed me. With the o-ring securing my mouth open, Tom jabbed his dick and humped my head so hard i thought it would come out of the back of my skull. The sweaty dick and balls were an offensive odor but I couldn't help but be impressed by its size. Tom was edging so he pulled out to give himself a break. Tom rested his member as he took me out the stockade, and put me back in, only this time on all fours. He took off the o-ring because he said he wants me to talk while he fuck me. As he pulled the dildo out of my ass, the relief was only temporary, he tried forcing the head of his cock in but it was far to big. After spitting on his hand and rubbing it in he tried again and was this time successful, he rode me rough and grabbed the hair on the back of my head. I went to start talking out of fear of what would happen if I didn't, I was surprised that my sighs of "No, no, no" turned into into moans of "Yes, yes, yes" and eventually "Oh yes fuck my sissy hole".

Thats it for part 3, now next part will continue with Tom finishing up, and then Arif getting seconds but I have questions on how you want the story to go. Should i continue with the bondage? introduce watersports/scat? have some more Leah? what do you guys want?

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