Gina comes home after curfew and therefore must be punished.
I knew that I was late coming home; I didn’t want to leave the party just yet. My friend, Mary, had originally intended only to have a few people over her house, but eventually the place just turned into a giant party. There was booze, music, and even a game of naked chicken going on in the pool. Just as I was about to finally get the chance to hook up with Bret Johnson, the hottest guy on the football team, I managed to look at my cell phone to see what time it was.

Even though I was eighteen and could legally do what I wanted, my daddy wanted me home before midnight. I’m not sure why he came up with that rule, but whatever he says goes. Bret was begging me not to go since he probably wanted his dick sucked. But, I had to! It was already half past midnight and it’d take ten minutes to get back to my house.

It wasn’t the smartest choice, but I took the chance driving while being a little buzzed. I only had two drinks, but with my small figure, it was easy to feel the effects early. I wasn’t so much short as I was thin. My metabolism runs on high since I manage to eat crap and still never gain a pound. I must have got that from my dad. He was tall but had a toned and young body for such an older man. My dad was in his late thirties since he and my mother decided to pop out my brother while they were in high school (I came two years later).

The car roared to a stop in the driveway at 12:45. My brother’s car was parked behind my father’s, which was weird since he usually spent him time up at college. I made sure to shut the car door as quietly as I could, already working on my tiptoeing skills to the front door. I was surprised when the door was already unlocked; either my brother or father could have done that…

My heart raced as I slowly shut the door behind me, trying to not make a peep. I didn’t want my dad to know I had just walked in the door. I could pull off walking around the house, but I couldn’t save my ass if he saw me walk through the door.

Just as I turned the lock on the door, I heard someone cough behind me. I yelped, turning around to see my dad standing in his pajama shorts, his arms crossed firmly around his chest. “Do you know what time it is?” he asked, his voice not even trying to stay soft and quiet.

“Late?” I offered. I was caught. There was no getting out of this one. I meekly tried to lower my belly shirt, trying to look less like I was dressed for a rave. Dad crossed over to me in a couple of large steps, smacking my hands away from my top.

“What the hell kind of outfit is this?” he asked, snapping the fabric of my skirt. “I thought you went to Mary’s.” His voice was demanding, scaring me half to death. I’ve seen my dad mad before, but never like this.

“I did,” I reassured.

“You’re dressed like a slut,” he spat. Now, that is one thing I am not. Sure, I’ve sucked a couple of dicks behind the school and even let one boy fuck me—but that is not slut material. I could count on my right hand how many guys I’ve been with! “I didn’t think my little girl was a whore,” Dad continued, such accusation in his tone.

I shook my head, “I’m not a whore, daddy!” How could he think this of me? “I was at a party, okay?” Better to give him the truth now, before he finds out later. This did not make him any happier, however. Dad furrowed his eyebrows, as if he were staring laser beams into my eyes. “I’m sorry…next time, I will tell you and keep track of time better!” I tried to string this sentence into one as I started to move away from the door. Dad let me go around him, but still followed me with his eyes.

“You’re still going to be punished,” he called out to me as I hit the stairs. My heart dropped. I’ve never been punished before. I’ve always been daddy’s little girl—it’s my brother who gets in trouble all of the time! Even as a kid I can’t recall ever having my bottom slapped from doing something bad. What is all of this talk on punishment? What could he mean? If I were grounded, that’d definitely ruin my plans to go out with Bret tomorrow.

“If I’m going to be grounded, can it wait until two days from now?” I asked sweetly, batting my eyelashes. This has worked to get me what I wanted before, so why not now? Dad just laughed, shaking his head at me.

“Just go get ready for bed. I’ll be up in a minute.” I was confused by this request, but I had wanted to get out of this skirt for a long time. Some stupid guy spilt his beer all over me, the beer dampening my skirt for the rest of the night. As I crossed the upstairs, I saw the light in my brother, Tim’s, room on from under the door. Tim was two years older than me, marking him at twenty. He was already in college but was now home for the weekend. I headed into my room, shutting the door tightly behind me. The first thing I shed was the little skirt, shimmying it down my legs to a heap on the floor. I didn’t even bother to put it in a hamper. I just tossed off my shirt and then headed for my dresser to find my pajamas.

As I bent over to reach the last drawer, I heard someone at my door. Embarrassed to only be standing in my hot pink bra and matching thong, I jumped around to cover myself. Dad stood in the doorway, his hand stroking himself. How long has he been standing there? I stood up, crossing my arms over my chest, hiding my bare ass. “Daddy…what are you doing?” I questioned, watching as his hand slid back and forth over his erected cock. My vision was a little obscured from where I was standing, but I could still see that he had one of the longest cocks I’ve ever seen.

Maybe that’s why my mother started to have sex with him so early on. Dad stepped forward, kicking out of his shorts on the way inside my room. I backed myself up, not quite sure what he was doing. The back of my knees hit my bed, signaling that I had nowhere else to run. “Daddy?” I asked again, the concern growing in my voice.

“I said you had to be punished,” he spoke evenly, stopping his walk when he stood just in front of me. My heart began to pound—I was uncomfortable standing in my bedroom half naked with my father completely naked. I started to look anywhere but my dad’s rock, hard cock that was now sticking straight up in the air. “Gina, you’re going to have to be a good girl for this to work,” Dad said in an almost taunt-like tone. He reached forward, his hand aiming for my right boob.

Not prepared for this, I turned myself away and sat on the bed, out of his reach. This, of course, was a much worse position for me. “Daddy! What are you doing?” I repeated once more, not liking the look he was giving me. He stared at me like I was a piece of meat, something I’m not used to coming from my father. When he knelt down in front of me, our faces close together, I could smell the booze seeping out from his mouth: he had been drinking.

“Do you know what it’s like to not know where your little girl is after her curfew?” he spat, grasping his hands on my thighs. His grip was tight, not letting me go. “You’re not going anywhere, Gina, not until I teach you a lesson!” Before I could even protest, Dad had shot his hands further up my thighs, gripping the sides of my panties in his fingers.

“Stop! Wait!” I cried out, frantically trying to back myself up. This only made it easier for Dad to rip my panties completely off of my body, showing off my shaved pussy. I clenched my legs together, but he was much stronger. Dad grabbed my legs, spreading them apart.

“Gina, are you a virgin?” he grinned to himself, delicately placing a finger along my slit. “Please tell me the truth…” I weighed my options; I could either choke out the truth or lie and say that I was. I was so humiliated at that point, my cheeks crimson red that I muttered out the truth that I wasn’t. This seemed to infuriate him even more. “See? I told you, you were a slut!” he raged, not hesitating to shove a finger inside my entrance. I gasped, trying to wiggle away from this position on the bed. “So, you’ve fucked other boys before? Well, now that changes everything!” Dad lifted himself up to shove my body down, his opposite hand holding my hip in place. “Do you know what happens to little sluts in this house?” he roared, shoving another two fingers inside of me.

I whimpered, shaking my head in fear. Dad looked up at me, retracting his fingers from my body. He crawled over my body; I could feel his hard cock against my thigh. I tried to move myself away, but there was nowhere I could move to. He had me trapped under his strong frame. Dad placed his wet fingers, dripping with my own cunt juices, at my mouth. I turned my head away, but Dad was quick to latch onto my hair and have me face him again.

“Well, do you?” he repeated, dancing a finger along my soft lips. I shook my head, still not giving in to open up my mouth. Unfortunately, Dad was strong enough to break through my lips. “They get fucked.” Dad’s tone was harsh as he probed the fingers saturated in my own wetness through my mouth. I’ve never tasted myself, and it was a strange sensation to see how sweet I tasted. Dad plucked his fingers from my mouth, wiping off my saliva right on my stomach. My breathing was uneven as I tried to figure out what he meant by that last statement.

He couldn’t possibly mean what I think he said, right? I’m his only daughter! That’s…that’s not right! I sat up, shakily, watching Dad as he stood up over me. My eyes wandered down his chest to where his hand was wrapped around his cock. “Spread your legs,” he growled down at me when I had secured my legs together once again. The fear rose back up inside of me as I shook my head no. “Don’t make me do it!”

The threat didn’t faze me as I tried to pull my legs back. Dad bent over latching his arms under my legs, flipping me over onto my stomach with ease. He pulled me back so that I was bent over the bed, my feet hitting the carpeted floor. “Dad…please, stop!” I tried to say as I began to feel his cock rub along my wet folds. “I’m your daughter!” I cried out. “Please! I’ll do anything else!” My voice was shaky as I tried to buckle my legs or do anything to get me out of my current position.

“You’re not going anywhere.” Dad lined his cock up at my entrance, pushing his tip in slowly. Already I could feel my pussy stretching out to compensate such a large cock. “My…for a little slut, you sure are tight!” he chuckled to himself, pulling completely out of me. I relaxed for a bit, thinking maybe he had reconsidered.

Instead, I felt intense pain as he shoved his cock straight inside of me without another warning. I screamed out loud, reaching my hands back to try and fight even though the effort was useless. He had his hands clenching my ass, holding himself steady as he slid his cock out and slammed back inside. “Daddy…please…” I whimpered, the tears forming in my eyes. He didn’t listen. Now, his pace quickened.

I was so humiliated. Dad slipped a hand up my back, tangling his fingers in my hair. He tugged hard, lifting my head back to make me face him. “See, Gina, let this be a lesson to you,” he grunted over the sound of his balls slapping against my skin. I winced as he slapped my ass a few times. “You are to never disobey your father. Do you understand?”

I let out a small cry, nodding my head. Dad pulled my hair tighter, demanding a verbal answer. “Yes. I understand,” I whispered. Dad chuckled to himself before slipping his cock completely out from me. My pussy throbbed and I very badly just wanted this to be over with. However, Dad was not through with me. I felt his hands spread open my ass cheeks, lowering himself down to that level. I shifted my weight, becoming very uneasy as one of his fingers slipped to my puckered virgin asshole.

“Now, has my little slut daughter ever been fucked in the ass?” I gasped, lifting my upper body to stand up right away. “Get back down!” Dad cried out, pushing me almost directly back onto my stomach. I twirled my head around to see the glimmer in his eyes, staring at my pink asshole. His finger circled around it teasingly. I shook my head negatively; suddenly very fearful of what’s to come next. “Okay, now you may get up!” Dad backed away from me, allowing me to stand up. “It’s time for the second part of your punishment.”

“Second?” I whispered, my heart thumping away inside of my chest. “What do you mean? Daddy…I’ve learned my lesson!” I tried to reassure. He just shook his head and smiled. Dad stepped forward, cupping my cheek with his left hand. I shied my eyes away, not even able to look him in the eyes anymore. His hand slid from my cheek to my chest, groping my right boob. I wiggled my upper body away, but Dad held my left shoulder in place. Eventually, his hand slipped behind my back, unclasping the only fabric left on my body.

Dad grinned, staring at my perky tits. He tweaked my nipples a few times before slapping at my right boob. I grimaced, watching the red mark form. “You have your mother’s breasts,” Dad smirked, continuing on to slap the other nipple. “Are you ready to be a good girl for daddy again?” I looked to the ground when I nodded my head again, completely under his command. “Good. Now go to Tim’s room.”

“Tim?!” I exclaimed, my eyes shooting back up to Dad’s face. “W-what? Why?”

“You’re going to let him fuck your virgin ass.” Dad spoke this with such enthusiasm, which startled me. How could I ever let Tim see me like this? “Gina. You’re not moving.”

“I…” I was speechless. First my father and now my brother? What had tonight turned into? “I can’t!” I shook my head. “Daddy, please don’t make me do this!”

“Listen you little whore—this is part of your punishment! You should have thought about that before you came home late from a party you weren’t supposed to be at!” Dad hissed at me, his mouth close to my ear. “Tim’s room. Now.” He gave me a little tug towards the door. Dad walked behind my slow steps to my brother’s door, slapping my ass with each step I took. I’m fairly certain my ass has a few handprints left on it.

I looked to Dad as we stood outside Tim’s door. “Well, go on…go in!” Dad pressed, nodding his head to the door. My hand hesitated over the door handle; still not sure I could walk into his room completely naked. I suppose my timing was too slow because the next thing I knew, Dad had thrown me over his shoulder and barged into Tim’s room.

“Put me down! Daddy! No!” I cried out, thrashing about in the air. When I felt Dad’s hands pick me up again, I was thrown down onto Tim’s bed. He was sitting at his desk with a porn site up on his computer, jacking off to some scene. His brown eyes widened as he looked over every inch of my exposed body.

“Don’t even think about covering yourself, young lady!” Dad barked over to me as I made an effort to shield my breasts from sight. “Tim…what do you think of this little slut of the family?” Tim was still staring at my boobs, not even bothering to stop stroking his cock. I couldn’t help but take a peek at the size of my brother’s dick; it was just like dad’s…long and thick. What’s with this family?!

“What’s going on?” Tim finally wondered, spinning the chair to face me fully. The only article of clothing he had on was a white t-shirt, nothing else. Dad crossed back over to the bed, shoving my legs open with a push of his hand. Now, Tim had the perfect view to my swollen pussy (it still ached from Dad’s painful thrusts). “Damn, Gina, that’s a pretty sweet puss you got there,” Tim grinned, leaning forward to take a better look.

“Give it a taste, son,” Dad beamed, nodding his head down at me. It didn’t take Tim much time to debate this action. He sprang forward, off of the chair, to kneel in front of me. I involuntarily moaned once I felt his tongue slide between my folds, lapping up my natural wetness from before. “That’s it,” Dad coached, climbing onto the bed beside me. As Tim continued to eat me out, Dad stuck his cock towards me, demanding to suck him off.

Again, I was a little more hesitant to open my mouth, so Dad had to dance his cock around my lips. When my mouth parted, he shoved his cock inside of my mouth, face fucking me almost instantaneously. I tried to hold my hands up to block his hips from thrusting forward, but it was a lost cause. Dad’s cock slid in and out of my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. I lifted my head, gagging slightly from his aggressive pace. I was treated with a slap across the face for that motion. “Come on, slut, open wide for daddy.”

Tim had begun to suck on my clit, diving his fingers inside my pussy. Dad held my head to the side, using my mouth just as he had with my pussy earlier. “That’s it…take it all…” Dad grunted to himself, reaching to pinch my left nipple. I arched my back, from both the pain and pleasure from Tim’s lips around my clit. “Tim, get her asshole all warmed up—you’ll be fucking her there soon enough,” Dad instructed. My eyes went wide, realizing he was serious before.

My legs were then lifted up, giving Tim the best access to my virgin ass. I wiggled my hips around, trying to offset his aim with his slender fingers. As Tim’s pointer finger gently pushed through my tight hole, I let out a sharp cry. Dad had popped his cock out of my mouth, wiping the excess saliva across my face. “Tim…stop!” I demanded, clenching my ass as his finger prodded a little bit further. “Please!”

“You’re so tight!” he breathed with a stupid grin on his face. “Damn, I thought you were giving it up every single night here!” How could Tim think of me as such a whore? I’ve only had sex with one other guy! Sure, we would fuck each other a few nights a week…but never in the ass! “Gina…it’s going to hurt if you don’t relax.” Even though Tim’s voice was calm and soothing, I was anything but. I still tried to kick my legs away, to try and break free from this room.

Dad managed to hold on top my arms, lowering his face to my chest to suck on my right tit. His tongue swirled around my hard nipple before biting down on it. I squeezed my eyes shut, now trying to focus on pushing my father away from abusing my chest. My fears enveloped around me as I felt Tim’s cock pushing where his finger had previously been. Dad’s fingers began to dig into my left boob, leaving bruises. “Tim…no! I’m your sister!” I pleaded with a painful cry. Tim had tried to push the head of his cock into my unwilling asshole. I bucked my hips, jerking myself away from the impending pain.

“Hold still, Gina,” Tim growled, adjusting himself to push further into me. I screamed. I kicked. I tried to free myself from my father’s grasp. Nothing worked. Instead, I felt my asshole rip open; Tim’s cock seeming to tear at my insides. “So…fucking…tight!” he breathed once he was halfway in. The tears had begun to stream down my cheeks, trying so hard to disregard the pain. Tim pulled his cock back out, leaving the tip still inside, before trying to plunge back in.

With each and every movement, I felt my ass stretch open. My screams of pain increased as Tim’s speed quickened, pushing further and further inside with each thrust of his hips. Dad balled up a portion of Tim’s sheet before stuffing it into my open mouth. The fabric instantaneously muffled my screams and gave me something to bite onto.

“Did you learn your lesson yet?” Dad teased me, slipping his fingers between my legs, finding my swollen clit. “Well?” His finger rubber furiously over my bud as I nodded my head as fast as I could. “Tim, turn her over. It’s my turn.” A pit grew in my stomach as my father spoke those words. I didn’t want his cock to rip open my raw asshole. I couldn’t take that anymore! I cried out, my muffled protests going unmentioned as Tim pulled his cock out of me and flipped me over onto my stomach. “All fours, slut,” Dad hissed at me, slapping a hand at my leg.

I obeyed, steadying myself on the bed on my hands and knees. Tim, without any instruction, kneeled in front of my gagged mouth, his dick moist with the juices from my ass. He ripped out the pseudo gag and held my head in front of his hard cock. “Want to taste your own ass?” he smiled down at me, shoving my head closer to his erection. I was disgusted to open my mouth as taste myself as I accepted Tim’s cock inside of my mouth. He didn’t fuck my face right away, he expected me to properly lick and suck.

As I cleaned his cock off, Dad rubbed his cock from my pussy all the way to my asshole. Even the light pressure from the head of his cock coming in contact with ass sent shivers down my spine; it had been abused enough tonight. I jumped at the feeling of Dad’s hand slamming down my right ass cheek, the slap echoing around the room. “You’re going to make daddy cum, baby girl,” he breathed, probing my entrance to my pussy with his still hard cock.

I was actually relieved he chose to slam his cock into my pussy instead of my ass—at least this gave my ass some time to heal. As dad’s cock pounded into my pussy, Tim began to rock his hips faster, sending his cock deeper into my mouth. I pressed my tongue along the underside of his shaft as he pushed further in. Tim wrapped his hand in my hair behind my head, holding me still and in place. “Fuck, Gina, you’re so good at this!” he breathed. “You must have had a lot of practice!”

“Aren’t you glad to see your sister’s a little whore?” Tim muttered ‘yes’ to himself before letting a low moan escape through his lips. “Why aren’t you fucking me back?” Dad demanded to me, slapping my ass. That stung, so I began to rock my hips backwards, my ass clapping against Dad’s body as he continued to fuck me. “Faster, Gina!” he growled, slapping me once again.

It didn’t take long for Dad’s animal instincts to kick in, gripping my hips tightly to slam me backwards himself. I cried out, Tim’s cock slipping out of my mouth as I began to moan uncontrollably. “See, the little slut likes it!” Dad breathed heavily, not breaking his pace. I was then flipped back onto my back; my legs spread wide and in the air as Dad frantically fucked my aching pussy. Tim shoved his cock back into my mouth until Dad’s pace slowed and he pulled straight out of me.

He quickly crawled to the other side of my head, yanking my face over to his cock. “You better swallow it all!” Dad requested as soon as my lips wrapped around the head of his cock. In no time did I notice his body stiffen, his hands that were placed behind my head now held me in place. His cock was stuffed inside my mouth, almost suffocating me; I almost didn’t notice Tim slam his cock into my pussy.

Dad’s warm cum shot down my throat so quickly that I tried to back my head up. Dad had loosened his grip on my head, allowing his cock to almost slip out of my mouth entirely. I reached up, knowing that if I didn’t get every last drop of cum I’d be punished for a third time. Some of the warm liquid dripped from my chin, spilling down onto my chest. “Swallow it,” Dad exhaled, picking up some of the excess cum onto his finger. I swallowed all of the liquid inside of my mouth, even accepting the excess cum from daddy’s finger.

Tim had been fucking me like a wild animal, slamming into me much faster than my father had. “Oh, Gina, you’re so tight!” he panted, losing himself in his own ecstasy. Tim pulled out abruptly, spilling his warm cum all over my stomach. Some of it even shot up to my breasts, covering my pink nipple in warm jizz.

Tim breathed heavily before falling onto the bed, exhausted. “Thanks dad, I haven’t had a fuck like that for a long time.” Dad gave a hearty laugh before slapping my breast once more.

“It’s a good thing I found out about the family cum slut, then,” he smirked. “Now, Gina, are you going to be a good girl and keep this between the three of us?”

What choice did I have? My father and brother have just singlehandedly abused my poor little pussy and asshole. If I didn’t, I could get myself into even more trouble than tonight. So, I shook my head positively. Dad smiled, giving my cheek a few friendly pats with his hand. “Now, what should I tell your mother when she gets back from her business trip?”

My mother! I had forgotten all about her! “Please don’t tell her!” I shook my head. This was humiliating enough—what would my mother think?

“You leave that to me.” The way my dad smiled worried me. What could he possibly do or say that could make this seem all right in my mother’s eyes. Surely she wouldn’t have condoned this, right? Or, did I completely miss the fact that it was all right to sleep with your family? “Tim—I hope you’ll be coming home on the weekends from now on?”

“If we get to fuck Gina like that, sure!” Tim smiled, watching his cum start to dry on my stomach.

Apparently, this wasn’t going to be a one-time ordeal.

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