This is my first attempt at writing about the nasty things I think about! I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think! Please email your nasty thoughts!


When I was young, my daddy was my hero. He made a good living, went to work every day in a suit, and when he was home he loved to play with me and my two older brothers (in a wholesome good way). Around when I was 11 he lost his job (I’m not sure why) and that’s when everything changed. At first it just meant that he was home all the time, and to us that was great! But then there were a few times when he acted strangely, and I know now that it was because he was drunk. I never realized he was drinking until I was about 15, when I woke up one night and had to go to the bathroom, and I saw him in the family room in his chair. There was an almost empty vodka bottle on the floor, a shot glass with a full shot of vodka on the table next to him, and his boxer shorts were down around his ankles. His penis and balls were completely exposed, and his hand was around his dick, like he had passed out while jerking off. I felt my cheeks burn red with embarrassment! I'd never seen my daddy like this!! I grabbed a blanket to cover him up, and as I was doing so I couldn’t help notice that there was something strange about the area right above his cock. There was something on it. Not knowing what I was looking at, I touched it, and felt something cold and wet and sticky! I drew my hand back, realizing it was the mess he had left after ejaculating on himself. I looked at my finger and saw a very thick glob of goo with an actual pubic hair in it!

I wiped my hand off on the blanket and tossed it over him. I was disgusted and my heart was pounding! I still had to pee, so I went to the bathroom. While I was sitting there peeing I was able to reach the sink and wash the rest of my father’s disgusting cum off my finger. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I actually saw my dad’s dick! And I had touched his cum! And when I reached down to touch it, my hand accidentally bumped his dick (which was still sort of hard) and it moved! I barely knew about these things at that point.

The next day I couldn’t look my father in the eyes, even though I could tell he had no idea what had happened. All I could think about was how he gets drunk and jerks off in the family room.

About a year later, almost the same thing happened. Only this time his underwear was only to his knees, and his cum was spattered on his new laptop. I stood there in the family room, my brothers away at college, and could only see him by the light of his computer. He was snoring, his cock and balls in full view, this time with his hand cupping his balls. I couldn’t help but notice how huge his balls were… even after he had cum they looked SO full!

I was getting older and knew that men just had to get off sometimes. I didn’t want to fault him for it, but I couldn’t help feeling a bit disgusted. That’s my dad, after all….

I looked at his computer, to see what he was looking at. I was shocked!! It was a true incest site, and he was looking at daddy daughter pictures!! I was appalled at what I saw! There were fathers and daughters doing obscene things with each other! I could tell they were really related by the resemblances, and I couldn’t believe it was real!! Dads with their fingers in their daughter’s cunts, sucking on their tits, licking their assholes! Daughters with their dad’s penis’s in their mouths, showing them their pussy, fucking them, it was completely vulgar!! There was even a picture of a young girl with her mouth open below her dad’s dick, drinking his urine! This guy was pissing in his daughter’s mouth!!

I was, of course disgusted, and went to bed that night thinking about how to get out of that house, although I felt a wetness in my panties and an urge to touch my own pussy. I was disgusted with myself!

You won’t believe what happened 3 days later….

I was doing laundry in the laudry room. It was close to bedtime, and I realized I needed to wash some clothes. I took my clothes basket into the laundry room, which is where we kept our Golden Retriever, Corky, at night. I was wearing only a tee-shirt and panties (it was summertime and we had no air conditioning). Corky always had an interest in my crotch, as dogs often do. He nuzzled his nose into my crotch and I pushed him away as usual. Then it hit me. I wondered, what would he really do if I let him get to my crotch without pushing him away? I decided to try not pushing him away if he did it again, just to see what he'd do. And he did nuzzle his nose into my crotch again, and this time I made myself NOT stop him. He started licking my panties, and as I let him I realized he wasn't getting tired of it. I felt my heart pounding, since it felt sort of nice! My panties were getting wet from his tongue. Actually it felt really great! I couldn't believe I was doing it, but I pulled my panties aside so my full pussy was exposed, and I didn't know what he would do, but I knew what I was hoping! He did exactly what I hoped for, he put his nose and tongue directly in my (very wet) vagina and licked, a LOT! It was the first tongue I'd ever had on my pussy, and I was in heaven! His tongue was so wide and so warm and wet! It was amazing!! I fell back against the wall and slowly slid down until my ass was on the ground and my feet were pressed heel to heel together, and my pussy was spread and open! Corky licked and licked it! Sometimes he nipped, but I admonished him and he resumed licking. I couldn't believe how I felt, I was completely out of my mind! I lifted up my shirt and exposed my heavy C-cup tits... it made me hotter to have them out in plain sight in such a normal place, like the laundry room. I touched my pussy and rubbed my juices on my nipples, to get Corky to lick my tits. He did that for a little bit, but then realized the real honey pot was my pussy, and went back to that.

That was when my dad opened the door. He was on his way to the bathroom which is in the laundry room, he probably had to piss from drinking. He saw me on the floor, against the wall with Corky licking my cunt, and my tits hanging out. At first he just stared.... first at my tits. He looked at them for what seemed like a long time. I couldn't even move. I just froze, while Corky continued to lap at my cunt. I felt like I should stop and cover up, but I was enjoying it so much!! I felt so ashamed but at the same time I just wanted to be dirty and the idea of my own father watching me be so dirty was like a sick drug! I just froze, and watched my father look at me. I could not move at all, and the dog was licking my pussy, and the noises were so loud! The sloppy, slick sounds were so loud it filled the room, and I had a moment of really realizing where I was. I was slouched against the laundry room wall, with my big tits and erect nipples hanging out, my wet cunt being sloppily and loudly licked by my dog, and my daddy was looking at me.

... to be continued...

****Please email me if you want me to continue the story!*****

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Well I thought it was really good write more

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2014-10-31 09:33:04
That's gross! A dog licking her pussy, no man. Write more about the dad and daughter. Dogs and humans is a total turn off.

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Well, it is subjected fiction.

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@the guy who said"sooooooooooooooo fakeeeeeeeeee" this is a fictonal story

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@the guy who said"sooooooooooooooo fakeeeeeeeeee" this is a fictonal story

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