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Watching Our Sexy Daughter

….”Watch us daddy!”…that’s how it first started. My girlfriend and I wanted my dad and mom to watch us dance. We loved to dance around and watch my mom and dads reaction to us. We had a big living room and we would spin around, do backbends, lift our legs high and do anything sexy to get my their reaction. I told my girlfriend in private, to watch my dad pants and see if he would get an erection, and watch my mom to see if she put her hand between her legs and rub her pussy.

…. It became a game with us to make them aroused. If we didn’t see a bulge forming in his pants, or my mom feel her own tit’s a little, we got bolder until they did. If that meant getting real close to them and touching them on the arms or sitting on their laps for a quick tease, we did it. We got very excited doing this, and we liked the horny feeling we got.

…. After a while my girlfriend and I would do our sleepover and finger ourselves while freshly thinking about seeing my parents get horny. We would whisper how big my dads boner looked and how my mom would squirm as she watched us. We bet we made them so horny he was probably fucking my mom right now. We did this many times but we wanted more now and we got bolder.

…. My mom would just smiled as she got turned on watched us. Mom looked like a perfect copy of me. We were the same size and my tits were growing to be as big as hers. They sat together and she would rub my dads leg and squirm as we danced for them. My girlfriend said she bet we were turning my mom on real good. Now they both would put on their robes when we practiced our dance routines. I loved turning them both on, It turned me on too.

…. It was kinda crazy. The three of us were all sexually attracted to each other, and that was the way it was.

….I acted as sexy as I could just to watch them both get aroused by me. They began to whisper during our dancing and smiled at us.

Mom and dad talked in private….

Dad….“She is so damn sexy I can’t help but get an erection. You can tell she gets excited when I do. She has started rubbing up against me in the kitchen now and I see her rubbing on you too.”

Mom…“Oh yes, she sure has. She rubs her arm against my tits and lightly feels my hips and ass. I get so wet and hot, it‘s so hard not to feel her sexy body in return.

….I fantasize about finding a way to get her in bed right between us. I notice she gets as turned on as we do, she gets wet too, I‘ve seen it. I want to play with her so bad. I’d love to finger her and make her orgasm real good. She keeps checking to see if we are getting turned on, you for an erection and me for my hand between my legs. She keeps getting bolder and bolder, soon I bet she‘ll make a move on us both. She wants some sex play. I can just tell, and I can‘t wait.

…. She’s just as horny as I was at that age. My mom and dad wouldn’t play with me, but I could make my dad get a hardon real easy. He would get red in the face and check to see where mom was. If it was clear, he’d close his eyes and let me rub his hardon for just a few minutes. I think he then went in the bathroom to jack off. I went in my bedroom, locked the door to finger my pussy.

….She’s so ready to do a strip for us, I can see it in her eyes as she wants to take her clothes off and let us look and her fine body. She’s just like me at that age and what I would have wanted to do. Maybe if we start fondling each other she‘ll just join in. All this is making me so damn horny, I just love it!”

…My mom brought home little dance outfits for me to wear. They were very sexy and short. Now that I had gotten tits, she would help me dress. She would adjust and adjust them to get them just right. It felt so good as her fingers touched my tits.

…One outfit they liked was a tiny top, actually to small, and a lot of my tits bulged out around it. It had a very tiny skirt and she got me a tiny thong to go with it. I was almost naked but I felt so free when I danced. Nothing pulling on me when I did my splits and bends. The second time I wore it, they got a big blanked and put over them. I couldn’t see daddy’s boner…but I got something better.

...They were playing with each other under the blanket. I could see their hands move under it and that turned me on a lot. I felt so good feeling that I could turn both my parents on. We all three were getting so turned on .

….I’ll always remember that night.
A lot happened and it still makes me wet thinking about it.

…My girlfriend and I were so hot we fingered ourselves to great orgasms….but…we were still horny though. We snuck out of my bedroom to go listen as my mom and dads bedroom door.

… We heard my mom moaning slightly. We both got tingles in our pussy’s. We knew they were fucking and we could now hear them. We quick went back to my bedroom. My girlfriend ask me if I was wet in my pussy. I said yes, take a look. I pushed the sheet down and raised up my night gown. I open up my legs wide for her to see. Her face went into shock. She asked if she could touch the wetness. I said to go ahead. I felt her finger rub over my wet clit.

…I had never had a girl do that to me before. A moan slipped out as my finger joined hers in feeling my pussy lips. “See how wet it is?” I said quietly. She said hers was even wetter. She slowly took off her panties and lay her hips down beside my face. We were now pussy to pussy. She lifted one leg up and showed me how wet she was and it even had dripped down her leg some.

...Now I got the shock as she fingered her own clit slowly. She and I were slowly fingering me, so I joined her finger in fingering her. Now we were fingering our selves and each other. This was a first for both of us and we were the most turned on we’d ever been. We couldn’t stop and it began to build up in us. We just kept on as we felt a bigger orgasm coming and just let it happen.

...We tried to moan quietly as it hit us. To watch close up a girl orgasm inches from my face make my orgasm the best I ever had. I watched both our fingers rub her pussy. The wetness and the clicking sound was awesome as I watched her pussy drip it’s juice. We wanted more of this and planned our next play session.

…We talked about our urge to lick us down there like the porn we had watched. We decided we would do that, next time. We were both shaking with excitement. The girls in the porn videos moaned beautiful and enjoyed it so much, we wanted to try it. It was so risky and daring, we could hardly wait.

…The next day my girlfriend called and said to meet her at a remote restroom at school. I went in and we checked to make sure no one was in there but us. We went in a stall and locked the door. She whispered that she needed a finger job and lifted up my school uniform skirt. She pulled my panties a side and found my clit. I did the same to her. We closed our eyes and thought about our hot night last night. It was so hot doing this I felt an orgasm coming on fast.

...She did too and we pulled us close together and rubbed or clits. I moaned quietly first as she joined me right away. Our legs shook a little as the great feeling shot through our pussy’s. My pussy felt good all the rest of the day…

…We met many times at that restroom. We stopped wearing panties on the day’s we met and one time she had her ’little friend’ in her pussy. It was a little dildo she hid in her pussy that day. She had one for me too. We worked them in and out of us like a guys boner and rubbed our clits at the same time…it was wonderful and exciting.

….That weekend she couldn’t come over for our ’special’ licking session, and so I did a dance for my parents alone.

… I felt extra horny and started doing a slight strip for them. They whispered to me to keep that up. I teased them and let the tops of my tits show. I loved watching them both get so turned on. I got closer to them and started taking the little dance costume off. I saw lots of movement under their usual robes and blanket. I watched mom’s eyes close and a little moan come from her. I think dad was fingering her. With mom’s eyes closed I leaned over and felt my daddy’s face.

.. He was warm and smiled at me so sexy. I saw the big tent between his legs and I started to really get wet. He took one hand and felt my face softly. I shivered and got a feeling in my pussy. I had never had one of those before. Mom still had her eyes closed and seemed like she was in a fantasy land somewhere. I saw lots of movement between her legs with the blanket moving. I took dad’s hand and move it to my tits. Now his eyes closed. I wanted under that blanket so bad to feel his tenting cock.

…Mom slowly opened her eyes and smiled big it me. She moved the blanket and sat me down between them. I was so out of breath with anticipation as to what was going to happen next. They both cover us all up with the blanket.

… We all had a long talk. They told me how wonderful my dances were and how it make their sex life so hot. My dad still was feeling my tits and now mom joined him. They pulled my tiny top down and both felt me more. Dad said he knew my boyfriend had just move away and I was getting no sex. They wanted me to have sex like them and get the thrills they were. I was getting so wet as they felt my tits and nipples.

…The said they have an idea that can give me some wonderful sex like we have. Come with us into our bedroom and we’ll show you what we mean.

….My heart was beating so fast as we all stood up and they walked me to their bedroom. They left the lights off except for a night light. They both began to undress me, kissing me and my body both. I got new chills and I felt dizzy. We all got naked. I had never seen them naked and my dads big boner was so hot looking. He let me feel it my mom’s tits too. That made me hot I was shaking in my tummy.

….We all got in the bed with me in the middle. My dad said to just relax and enjoy. My mom whispered how beautiful I looked and how sexy my tits were. I lay there just letting them play with me. I had never been this horny and excited in my life all at once. I told them my girlfriend and I fingered each other while we had no boyfriends at this time. They got all excited and want all the details.

...I told them and how exciting is was. All this time they felt my body and kissed my tits and nipples. I had major jitters as their fingers came closer and closer to my pussy. Mom took my hand and placed on dads boner.
…I almost orgasmed as I felt it. She took my other hand and placed it on her wet pussy. I loved the feeling of her wet bush as my pussy quivered inside. Mom whispered that we can do anything we want in here, so feel free to do anything you have an urge to do.

….My list of urges was getting to be a long one by now. I started with dad’s boner. It was bigger than my last boyfriends and I love feeling it. I felt it all over and stroked it. My other hand felt moms pussy and her big clit. I loved rubbing it and making her jump and moan. Both their hands were on my pussy now and they sure knew hot to make me tingle and get very wet.

…My strongest urge was with feeling dad’s hard boner. As a young girl I had gotten a crush on my dad and had wanted him to feel me up and more, but he never did. Now was my chance to satisfy that urge. I got on top of my daddy and put his boner between my wet legs. I clamped my legs together on it. Mom felt us both and she was making us all hot with her feels. Dad’s nice hands felt my back and hips. Mom felt my tits real good and kissed them real hot.

….I thought about my girlfriend and how she would love to be me right now. I thought…maybe someday I let her take my place and they can make her this hot.

…I started sliding down on my dad.

Mom thought…
…There she goes, just what I would do. I wanted to lick and suck my dad’s cock so bad when I was her age, and now I get to watch her do it. While she’s busy down there, I’m putting my pussy up to dad’s face. I’m putting my face close to hers get a close up of her sucking his cock. I want dad to lick me like I had wished my dad would have done to me, so many times. I just knew he jacked off thinking about fucking me, so I timed it so when I was sure he was. I would finger myself to a great orgasm thinking about us fucking together.

Dad was thinking….
…It’s hard to believe she’s doing this. I’ve fucked her mentally while fucking mom, many times. Mom knew I did and acted like her to give me a real hot thrill. Mom fantasized I was her dad, and I was finally fucking her. I whispered and called her by her teenage nick name to make her moan real long. Now I watched our daughter sucking my cock for our first time.

…Oh my…here comes mom’s pussy for me to lick. I must have died and gone to heaven. Mom is so wet and excited, I’ve never seen her clit so sensitive when my tongue touches it. She loves it when I make her cum by sucking and licking on her nice clit. I can’t take much more of this…my balls are so ready to cum…

Daughters thoughts…
…I’m going to give dad the best blow job and feel him cum in my mouth…mom is helping me by feeling all over us both. Dad is mine this time mom, I want it all. I can get almost all of his cock in my up and down as I feel his balls. He’s getting ready….he’s moaning…go daddy cum for me…now!

…I felt the first jerking blast fill my mouth. Mom moaned as she must have climaxed as dad licked her clit. Dad kept shooting and moms hips were face fucking dad. I fingered myself and it was a big one. I massaged my G spot as my super orgasm shook me hard. We all three jerked and moaned….oh my god…my first swallow of dads cum. I shook all over as mom took over and now she got her shots of his cum. We were all out of breath and moaning as mom and I licked dad, over and over. Dad just kept making mom jump with his licks to her clit.

….. I could have never ever guessed….. it would be as good at this……


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I wrote this with a fantasy in mind, or was it?

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