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The following is a true story, only the names have been changed to protect the innocent, everyone who appears naked or in a sexual image has given the writers consent to use their character with a different name.
We recommend reading the first 4 stories on our page first in order, then you can read in whichever order you want.
NOTE: If all you want is SEX, SEX, SEX, this story (along with the ones that follow and proceed) is not for you. Although there is lots of sex, it is also a detailed story that will not make sense if you skip paragraphs, so don’t.
If you guys are interested we will put up a website, it may be just for our true stories, Becky wants to write some fictional ones, and we may allow people to post similar stories.
Most of the story is told in “Jason’s” view, mainly because Becky hates typing… We will let you know if we switch point of view. We are both 18 in this story.
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This story is a bit interesting, it just goes over a normal week in our lives. Someone “signed our guest book” and asked us to do this, and we like the idea so went for it. In this story it is late October. We had graduated the previous spring and were now learning how to run the farm for Becky's parents, since they want to retire. Becky and I were engaged last September, but we were planning a longer engagement, like a year or a year and a half.
Thanks, Cheers, and Goodnight.
Jason and Becky
<<<<<<<Day 1 (Monday)>>>>>>>

Our alarm went off at 7:00 on the second to last Saturday in October. I woke up, and so did Becky. We both got out of bed and raced down the stairs to the shower. We were both naked, because, well, we always slept naked. We had a quick make out session in the shower, then got clean. We walked back upstairs holding hands and got dressed in work clothes. Today was an “out of office day” some days we would work on paperwork and stuff in the office, and others we would go out and work outside. It was nice to work outside, to get away from working in the offices. Within the next two days we had to accomplish a simple yet annoying task. Cut the grass. This seemingly simple goal, normally achieved by human beings in two, maybe three hours on a lazy Sunday afternoon would not be so simple in this setting. At the time, the farm had four mowers. We had two new TORO commercial mowers. Each had a 16 foot cutting span and were normally used by small municipalities to cut mass amounts of land.

We also had two 72 inch SCAG sit on zero turn commercial mowers that were much smaller and used for cutting in small areas and the grass between the rows of trees. The farm was split in to three sections to have the grass cut. The first was the area (6 acres) around Becky's parents house that were considered residential, workers almost never were here and this grass was cut every week, unlike everything else. We did this on the bigger mowers in under 20 minutes. Section three was the area in between all the rows of trees. There are almost a square mile of trees, and we had cut a small section of this before, although it was normally cut by workers. The last was the area of farm land that was not occupied or just large patches of grass.

We worked through the after noon, only stopping for a quick lunch, until about 3pm, when it began to rain. We were more than half way done, so we lifted up the blades and headed back for the barn that we kept the mowers in. we put them away and got in our mini truck to drive back to the house.

Right after we got in to the house the skies started to open up, and the rain really started to come down. We rushed in to the bathroom and stripped out of our clothes. I turned on the shower and rushed in after Becky. We could hear the extreme rain pounding on the roof of the house.

We had to get clean first, we were both covered in grass clippings and smelled like diesel fuel. After we got cleaned off I turned off the shower and walked with her to the sauna. I turned it on and we walked in. Becky poured a cup of water on the rock heater thing, and then leaned up against me. I kissed her on the forehead and I kissed her on the lips. She opened her mouth and we played with each others tongues.

“have you heard back from the car dealer yet?” Becky asked

“Yes, I got an email from him on my phone while were out on the mowers”

“What did he say?” she asked excitedly

“We can pick it up this Friday”

By “It” we were referring to a black 2008 dodge challenger SRT8, manual transmission V8. My hummer had 311,000 miles in it, it guzzled gas, and was becoming a pain to maintain, and needed to be replaced. Now that we were running the farm we had no need for another large truck, since there were more than ten on the farm already. We would still have my hummer, I just wouldn’t drive it daily. Anyway, I was excited, so was Becky. Since we did not have to go anywhere to pick up the car, It was only an hour away, we were not going on a road trip. We had to plan one for the future, while the car was still “new”.

“Lets get upstairs” Becky suggested

We walked out of the sauna, turned it off, and headed upstairs. The rain was still pounding away at the roof of our house, and we had to speak just a little louder than usual. We both went under the covers, and I pulled her close to me. I whispered in her ear.

“I love you” I whispered in her ear.

She kissed my neck and whispered In my ear “I love you too”

I kissed her on the lips and she kissed me back. I softly kissed the back of her neck and her ear lobes, then slowly lingered down her belly, kissing her belly button and even further down. I softly spread her legs, and then ever so delicately kissed her inner thighs. I knew she loved all the little soft kisses, and I continued in this fashion for quite a while longer. I slowly moved my kisses closer and closer to her pussy until I was right on top of it. I kissed and sucked all over the pubic mound, then moved down towards her sweet pussy. I began to lap at her pussy, licking out all of the sweet juices I possibly could. Then she moved a little bit and sat up kind of.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, moving up towards her so I could kiss her.

“Nothing, I just wanted to try something” she said, and got up. She walked over to a drawer and opened it. She grabbed a pair of red panties, and walked back over to the bed. I almost immediately knew what she wanted. You see, the other night we had been watching a porno together, and as foreplay the guy had stuffed the girls panties in her pussy. I had thought that was incredibly sexy, but had not thought to ask Becky if we could try it. She got back on the bed and I said:

“I think I already know what you want me to do with these”

She nodded and gave me the panties. She laid back against the headboard and spread her legs wide. I slowly inserted two fingers in to her, and just as softly pulled them out. I softly pushed the panties in. She let out a long, soft, “Ohhh” and I paused to let her get used to the feeling. I leaned in and kissed her cheek, then whispered in her ear.

“feel good?” I asked

she nodded, and I pressed on.

I inserted the panties all the way in to her, only leaving a little bit of material sticking out, so I could pull it out. I proceeded to lick all over the outsides of her pussy. Then ever so softly I bit down on the edge of the fabric that was sticking out of her pussy and slowly tugged them out, giving her time to savor the new feeling. It eventually came fully out. They were soaked with her sweet juices.

I smelled them, they smelt amazing. I threw them on the floor and leaned over to kiss her again.
“that felt amazing” she whispered

“good, that was really sexy” I replied

she moaned and then pulled me close, so I was right next to her and she could whisper in my ear.

“Fuck me silly!”

I didn’t need to be told twice, she wanted it rough, and I was happy to help her. I kissed her neck and then traveled down towards her pussy. I quickly licked her belly button and the tiny but ever so cute piercing she had their. I got to her pussy. I gave it a few licks, and then had her get in to the doggy stile position. I stroked my dick once or twice to get it really hard. I stuck my six-inch cock in her wonderfully tight pussy. She moaned in ecstasy as I slowly slid in to her, but she was screaming as I picked up the pace. I pounded her, as hard and fast as I could. She was screaming with sheer pleasure. This urged me on and I fucked her even harder. She was screaming so loud that, if her parents were not out for the week, they might of heard us. That’s ok, I love it when she is loud in bed.

“oh, fuck me harder” she yelled

I didn’t think it was possible, but I did. I rammed in and out of her as fast as I could.

“oh babe I'm so close” she yelled

I thrust in to her one more time, and she hit a massive orgasm, causing her to shake uncontrollably. I slowed down considerably, and allowed her to recover.

“Oh, babe cum in my mouth” she moaned. I slowly pulled out and then she sucked me off for a few seconds before I came in her mouth. She greedily swallowed every drop of my cum.

“Babe, I want to try something” I said, helping her stand up.

We both stood up and walked out on to the porch. It was still raining at a semi heavy rate. We walked outside, still fully naked. We stood under the rain, and softly kissed. Our tongues danced around in each other’s mouths as the rain fell on our shoulders. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and I did the same with her. Our noses occasionally softly bumped up against each other’s. Our tongues flicked across each other’s. She pulled away, kissed where my neck meets my shoulder, and then hugged me. I ran my hand through her now wet hair.

“Whats up babe?”

“I'm cold” she said

We both laughed, held hands, and walked back inside.

We got dried off and I took her back upstairs. I laid down on my back, and she laid on top of me, and we made out some more. She slowly rubbed her pussy on my semi erect cock. “I love you” I whispered in her ear as I slowly rubbed her back. “Me too” she said. I was just about to insert my cock back in her, so I could slowly fuck her, when her blackberry began to vibrate.

“Just wait for it to finish ringing” Becky said.

“No, your parents are away, it could be them, I don’t mind.” I said.

“Ok” she said, kissing my cheek and grabbing my phone off the night stand.

She looked at the caller id “Its Sarah” she said. Sarah is Becky’s brother’s wife.

“Go ahead” I said

She answered the phone

“Hi, Sarah”
(is now a bad time)
“not really, just messing around in bed with Jason a little bit, here, let me put you on speaker”

Sarah: sorry to interrupt guys
Becky and I: no problem, whats up?
Sarah: not much, I am flying over there tomorrow to take care of selling my grandmas house, since she moved in to a nursing home, and my hotel canceled on me due to a plumbing problem, I was wondering if I could crash on your couch for a night or two. It would just be me, Rick (Sarah’s wife, Becky's brother) has to stay for a meeting.
Becky: that sounds fine, what time does your flight land?
Sarah: 5:45 pm at Harrisburg.
Me: do you need to be picked up?
Sarah: If you guys can, that would be great, if not I can get a taxi.
Me: we should be able to do 5:45, see you then
Sarah: Great, thanks, Bye.
Becky and I: bye.

Becky hung up and put the phone back on the night stand.

It was 7 pm, neither of us were hungry, so we just stayed in bed.

After a little while of fooling around, Becky suggested we watch a porno. I thought it was a good idea. We walked over and picked a dvd from our porn shelf. We picked out a porno and popped it in the tv, then sat back on the bed and watched.

While we watched, we masturbated each other at the same time and made out.

<<<<<<<Day 2 (Tuesday)>>>>>>>

The porno must have put us to sleep… lol.

The next day we woke up, I was spooned up against her. We both got up, got dressed, and got up to finish the grass. We finished at around 4pm, and then headed back inside. We made a straight shot for the shower. We soaped and lathered each other off. We were so horny, we had sex right there in the shower. She leaned up against the wall and I came at her from behind. I stuck my cock in to her tight pussy, and began to thrust back and fourth. She moaned with my movements as pre-cum oozed from my dick. I fucked her nice and slowly, and played with her wet hair.

She was moaning and oohing with great pleasure. I played her clit as we pushed in and out of her. This sped up her breathing even more, and she was on the edge of orgasm.

“Babe I'm so close” she moaned.

“Me too” I said, kissing her on the back of her shoulder.

She erupted with intense pleasure, arching her back and letting out an extreme moan. I shot my load of cum deep in her pussy. I pulled her back under the water and kissed her as my cum dripped down her inner thigh, which I thought was so sexy.

We got out of the shower and got dressed to go finish the grass. We finished at around 3pm. We drove out to a sub shop and got a late lunch, then drove home to eat. We ate, got quickly cleaned off, then decided to sit in the sauna. We turned it on and walked in. I sat in the corner and she leaned up against me. I ran my fingers through her hair. We must have sat there and lightly touched each other for at least half an hour. We did not say anything, we just occasionally made eye contact and smiled at each other. I loved looking in to Becky's electric green eyes. I was playing with her hair with one hand, and with the other I was lightly running a finger over areas of her body like her belly button, tummy, and inner thighs. She seemed to just run her fingers lightly over everywhere that felt good and all tingly. One time we made eye contact I bent my neck down and kissed her on the cheek.

After half an hour I hesitantly broke the super romantic and erotic silence between us, and softly whispered in her ear.

“babe, I’ve got an idea”

She cracked a smile and her eyes lit up. We both slowly stood up, and I had her follow me upstairs, past our bedroom and up the three stairs to the porch. I pulled the cover off the hot tub and started the jets. We both slowly got in to the 102 degree water. I sat in a seat in the hot tub and she sat across from me. We intertwined our legs and played with each other’s toes. She slowly drifted closer towards me and was soon sitting on my lap, facing me. We kissed and whispered sweet things to each other. I'm not even sure if she knew she was doing it, but she was slowly grinding her pussy on my semi hard cock. I slowly rubbed her back as we continued to kiss. I gave her pussy a quick rub and she broke away from the kiss, arched her back, and let out a nice soft “Ohhh”

We continued to kiss, and at one point she pulled away. I took this opportunity to brush a small amount of hair that was in the way of her face behind her ear. She looked at the clock on the porch.

Babe its 5:07, we should get dressed to go pick up Sarah in a few minutes. She said

I acknowledged by licking one of her nipples.

We both got out of the hot tub and put the cover back over it, then went inside and got dressed. I wore tan cargo shorts and a black Mountain Hardware t-shirt. Becky put on jeans and a dark green, tight fitting t-shirt.

We got in Becky's Mustang. I let her drive, there is something hot about a girl who knows how to drive a manual sports car, and well for that matter. We turned out of our driveway, which was rather long in itself, and on to the road we lived on. There are only three houses on this road in a 9 mile section, and the road was not often traveled, so we had it to ourselves. Soon we were doing 85+ on the country road. I was not worried, I trusted her driving abilities.

We turned off that road on to one with more traffic and had to slow down considerably. We got to Harrisburg International at ten minutes to 6. Sarah’s plane had just landed, so we sat outside baggage claim and waited for her. After a few minutes we saw Sarah come out. She had a rather large wheeled bag being pulled by one hand, and a laptop bag in the other. She was wearing a northface fleece and jeans, with a tan cowgirl hat on her head. We both got out of the car. Becky ran to give her a hug, and I was not far behind. We helped her put her bag in the trunk. She then got in to the back seat, and we got in the front ones. Becky made a comment that she liked the hat, and Sarah explained that she loved Colorado so much that she brought the hat with her whenever she left. The hat did make her look very good.

Sarah is not the tallest, at 5’4” or 5’5” she stands four or five inches shorter than Becky, and she looks even shorter when she stands next to me. She has long blonde hair and light blue eyes, and has rather large breasts (double D’s according to Becky. I guess friend know those things about each other.. Ha)

“Did you have dinner on the plane?” I asked

“they served it, but the only thing I ate were the baby carrots, all the rest of the stuff did not look good” She said

“I cant blame you, plane food is nasty, what are you in the mood for?” Becky asked.

“I could kill for some El Rodeo’s right now” she said “that’s one thing Colorado does not have, good Mexican food.”

El Rodeo is a Mexican restaurant near Harrisburg that has really good hot sauce. We had a nice dinner, I paid the bill and we left. The car ride in between the restaurant was about half an hour, which gave us a good amount of time to catch up. Sarah congratulated us in person on our recent engagement. We talked about how their life in Colorado is. We said we would have to go out and visit sometime. Eventually we got back to the house, and Sarah seemed to really miss living in a mini house (her and Rick used to have one not far from our house before they moved to Colorado) we decided to watch a movie, and agreed on one. We started watching at around 8pm, but by 8:30 we were all bored out of our minds.

“Who wants to go chill in the sauna” Becky asked

“Sounds good, I'm in” said Sarah

“Sure” I said

We all got up and walked to the bathroom. Sarah was first to be totally naked, quickly followed by Becky. Although I was not expecting the nudity, I was not surprised by it either. The three of us had been naked in the presence of each other before, and Sarah knew the #1 rule of our sauna. I stripped out of my shorts and shirt and followed the girls in to the sauna. We all sat on our own bench. We just relaxed for a little while. Becky had her arms up on either side of the bench, and spread her legs some, Sarah was quick to follow suit. We just sat there, relaxed, and joked around for a good 45 minutes to an hour. I managed to keep my dick under control despite being in the presence of two very beautiful women. After we had been in there for a while Sarah asked if we still had the hot tub, and of course we did, so we walked up there and got in the hot tub. I turned on the lights and jets in the hot tub. You could not see in to the water very well.

This time Becky sat on my lap and Sarah sat across from us. I kissed the back of Becky's neck quickly. She put her head back and next to mine and I put my arms across her waist.
“so, Jim and Pam are giving you guys the farm to run?” Sarah asked

“Yea, were pretty exited, they are going to retire January first this year, and then we will totally take over” Becky said.

“are they going to stay here, or move somewhere?” Sarah asked

“As we speak they are out house hunting in northern California” Becky said

“that’s cool, I never saw them as California people though. What are you going to do when they are gone?”

“Probably turn their house in to office space and build a house on our hill.” I said

“Why not just re-model their house?” she asked

“Three reasons” I said. “One, we want to hire a manager and maybe someone to answer the phone and that house is the perfect size for four or five offices. Two, we want to keep work and home separate, that is something Jim and Pam suggested we do. And three, we want our house to be our own, and building on our hill is the perfect start.”

“What is ‘Your Hill’?” asked Sarah.

“Where he proposed to me, its on the entire other side of the property, that area does not even have trees yet.” Becky said

“We can show you after you get back from your trip tomorrow” I said.

“Cool, that sounds good.” Said Sarah.

“How are you going to get to your grandma’s house tomorrow” I asked

“I was planning on calling a cab from the hotel, but I don’t think cabs come all the way out here” she said.

“No, they don’t” Becky said. “You can take my mustang if you like, I don’t think we will be leaving the farm tomorrow, and if we need to we can take the hummer for short distance trips”

she said thank you, and then Becky continued the conversation.

“If you are planning to leave early tomorrow, you probably wont see us, my keys are on the key hook in the kitchen. Feel free to get a shower and some breakfast before you head out.”

“Thank you, I will. I think I am going to head downstairs and get ready for bed though, I am really tired.” Said Sarah

“Do you need any help un-folding the couch?” I asked

“Nope, I can figure it out, thank you though” she said as she got out of the hot tub and dried off, then headed downstairs.

Becky and I just sat there for a minute. It was 10:00, the stars and moon were out, and it was actually not that cold out of the water. Becky had been playing with my dick the whole time we had been talking with Sarah, and I was rock hard. I felt Becky move around a little, and then lower herself down on my stiff member. She spun around so she was facing me. I kissed her on the lips, and she began to flex her pussy muscles around my cock. After we had been kissing for a few minutes, she began to slowly move herself up and down my shaft. At first she only moved up and down slightly and slowly, then she began to move up and down an inch or two, and she slowly picked up her speed. Soon she was moving up and down on the full length of my member. Due to all the build up I had had while she was playing with my dick I was close, and judging by the moans she was making, so was she.

I watched her lovely breasts bounce up and down with the movements of our lovemaking. It was not often we had sex with her on top, but I'm not sure why, because we both loved it. It was a totally different feel than when I was on top. Her velvety smooth pussy felt like heaven to me and I was ready to shoot my load in her. I shot rope after rope of hot sticky cum deep in to her steamy pussy right as she hit a gigantic orgasm. She moaned and arched her back with pleasure, and I kissed her so she was moaning in my mouth. I stayed inside her, and we made out as she slowly moved up and down my shaft again.

“Oh, babe, you make me feel so good” I said

She kissed me again, and slid off of my cock. We both got out of the hot tub and I pulled the cover over it, and we walked down to the stairs in to our bedroom. We both got in bed, on top of the covers and spooned together. I slowly and softly kissed the back of Becky's neck until she fell asleep, and I was not close behind.

<<<<<<<Day 3 (Wednesday)>>>>>>>

The next morning I woke up at 9:00. I heard a car door shut and looked out the window. I saw Sarah get in to Becky’s red mustang and drive away. Becky was still asleep, so I walked downstairs to make us both some coffee. Sarah had left a note saying she would be back anywhere from 3-4 pm. After I was done I walked back up with the two mugs in my hand. She was sitting up in bed with the blanket over her body. She had her glasses on instead of the contacts she normally wore and she looked incredibly sexy.

(This next part is almost all dialogue, so we will use a different format of typing)

Becky: My god you read my mind. Thank you.
She kissed me on the cheek as I got in to the bed and under the covers with her.
Me: You are welcome. Why do you look so cold?
Becky: we left the door to the deck open last night.
Me: Oh I said. I pulled another blanket over her, kind of nice, kind of to be funny.
Becky: Talking with Sarah got me excited last night.
Me: about what?
Becky: Our house that we are going to build.
Me: cool. You know, we should meet with an architect soon to discuss our plans for our house and for your parents house.
Becky: don’t we have to come up with preliminary drawings before we meet with one?
Me: Yes, we do. Lets go work on that now.
Becky: maybe after we get some breakfast.

We ate our cereal, got dressed, and walked over to the tiny desk we both shared. Although we loved our mini house, and I'm sure when we write about it it sounds bigger than it is, sometimes it is too small. It can all be put on one 18 wheeler trailer, and not even be considered an “oversized load”. We started with a list of things we wanted in our new house. Our list was basically space for treadmills, a full kitchen, dining room for 6 living room. (small) guest room (we intended to use our mini house as a guest house), a bigger bed and bath room, and an elevated porch for our beloved hot tub.

What we ended up creating was beautiful piece of art, if you can call a house art. The house was the shape of an uppercase L, with a stubby bottom half. Our bathroom had a steam shower, Jacuzzi, and, of course a sauna, as well as a sink and toilet. We had a bigger bedroom with California King sized bed.

Becky's parents house we drew up plans for as well. We converted the master bed room in to an office that we shared. We then made some minor changes to the two existing offices to make one a managers office and one a HR/PR/Miscellaneous office. Downstairs we made the dining room a conference room and the living room a reception area, complete with receptionist desk. The kitchen stayed the same, as did the bathrooms. We left the basement empty so we could make more offices if needed.

We were excited, but we had to wait until January first to do anything further than show our drawings to Becky’s parents. For now we taped them to the wall near the desk.

By the time we were all said and done it was nearing one pm and we were faced with nothing to do until Sarah got back. Becky had the idea to go for a quad ride around the tree farm and do what Jim, Becky’s father, called a survey. I said it sounded like a good idea, so we put on some slightly warmer clothes and walked downstairs. We left Sarah a note that said we had gone out quad riding and would be back at four. We walked out to a garage that housed various vehicles, Dirt bikes, quads, our mini truck, and an old jeep that had not run in years.

The two quads were easy to get to, so we took them. We put on helmets and jumped on. First we drove to the four barns on the yard, they were all secure. We then did a parameter drive around the fence that runs the entire 578 acre (at the time) property. That was all secure and the fence was all good. When we were finished with that it was almost 3:30 and we were on the northwest outcropping. The farm is shaped kind of like the state of Oklahoma, it is like a rectangle with an outcropping on the left (or in this case northwestern side). Our house is on the south eastern corner, rear only one of two roads on the property. The north western out cropping had a 300 foot elevation above the house and is almost a mile away as the bird flies, and two and a half by trail. We were up on the outcropping looking at our house. A light reflection caught my attention near our house, and I asked for Becky’s Binoculars to see what it was. I looked through them and saw that the red mustang was back, and I saw a blonde walking towards our house.

“What do you see?” asked Becky.

“Your car, I must have seen a reflection as she pulled in, lets go say hi” I said.

I gave Becky her binoculars back, waited for her to put them away, then headed down the trail. We drove through the empty parking lot and past the main gate. Past the “green” barn, the campsite and lake, the red and blue barns, and then we arrived back at the house. When we walked in Sarah was watching some tv.

“Hey guys” she said.

“You want to go see our hill now?” Becky asked.

“sure” she said, turning off the tv.

She grabbed a hoodie, and we walked out to my hummer. Luckily it started, did not over heat and turn off, or catch on fire, so we were lucky, and the girls got in. My hummer was connected a trailer with an atv on it, just in case it broke down in the middle of nowhere. We continued north on the trail, past the well and past the yellow barn. Once we got past the yellow barn it was an uphill climb to the top of the hill on a hardly marked trail. In truth we had only been up here once since that night. The one time we had been up there we had put two plastic lawn chairs and a permanent fire pit up there, as well as a small wood pile. We got up there and I parked the hummer. We all got out and looked around, I had almost forgotten how nice the view was. Sarah must have also thought the view was nice, because she got out her phone and took a picture. I grabbed a folding chair out of the back of my car and the two girls sat in the chairs that were already there. I started the fire using the wood and supplies already there. We sat there and told Sarah about the house, which Becky had smartly grabbed the drawings for before we left. When we showed her the drawings of Becky’s parents house, particularly Rick’s old room, she blurted out, without thinking, following typical blonde fashion.

“I lost my virginity in that room!” she yelled in excitement.

We all looked at each other for a few seconds, then we laughed hysterically.

“Wow that brought memories back” said Sarah after a minute of silence, now taking on a more introspective personality.

We all sat in silence for a minute. I knew I was thinking about the time Becky and I took each other’s virginities, I was pretty sure Becky was thinking the same thing, and it had already become obvious what Sarah had on her mind.

“How old were you?” Becky asked Sarah after a minute of silence.

“It was in the early hours of my fifteenth birthday” she said “You were at a friends house sleeping over and your parents had long since been asleep, but they didn’t even know I was in the house. Almost immediately after we finished we heard someone walk past Rick’s door, it was like 4am and we were freaking out, getting dressed as quickly as humanly possible. No one ever walked in, and I snuck out a few hours later.”

Becky nodded

“that was the only time we had sex for nearly a year, we were both scared to get caught”

Now we both nodded

“well, that was my story, I figure I’ve known yours since it happened, so you might as well know mine.” She finished

We sat in silence for a minute or two, Becky moved to sit in my lap. I looked at my phone. It was 6:15.

I whispered in Becky’s ear

“Hey ask Sarah if she wants to order us some pizza”
Sarah said sure, and I gave her my phone, and told her to have them deliver to the main entrance to the farm. She walked off to order, giving Becky and I a minute of privacy.

“I love you” I whispered in her ear.

“I love you too” she whispered back.

She turned around some and kissed me. I kissed back and I guess we got carried away.

“You guys are so cute” Sarah said as she sat back down in her seat.

Becky turned back around so she was sitting on my lap again.

“They said they will be at the entrance in half an hour” Sarah said

“Thanks for the minute” Becky said.

“No problem honey” she said. “so do you guys know when your wedding is going to be?”

“no, no really, we have done almost no planning.” Becky said

“So, not for a while, eh”

“Yea, I guess” Becky said.

We sat and chatted about mindless stuff for a while, and then I left on the quad to go get the pizza. I traveled along the northern fence line to the main entrance, only to realize that the first gate was not open, so I had to drive up to it to get the pizza. I paid the guy and gave him a tip, then drove back to the hill with the pizza. We ate, then put out the fire with a gallon of water I had in the back of the hummer. We all got in and drove back to the house. It was 8pm, and we decided to go sit in the sauna for a while. We got naked and got in. This time Becky sat leaning against me, so her head was by my penis. Becky had her legs fully spread, giving both Sarah and I a good view of her pussy. Sarah did the same, I'm not sure why, but she did, anyway, she had a small strip of blond pubic hair, unlike Becky who was totally shaved. I played with Becky's brown hair, and then one of her nipples, and I was hard. They both giggled a little. I had now been rubbing Becky’s nipple for a minute or so, and all of a sudden she let out a loud moan.

I stopped immediately.

“I think I just had a mini orgasm” she giggled

“I love it when that happens. Once I was on a snowmobile riding on the back seat behind Rick and I had one. At first he thought I was kidding, and he kept going, I had like three in a row” Sarah said.

Becky sat up more so her head was on my shoulder, and I kissed her on the forehead.

“I think we are going to head on up to bed” I said after a few minutes of silence.

Becky and I walked upstairs and got in to bed. I wasted no time spreading her legs and eating her out. I licked all over, drawing lines through her soft and juicy pussy with my tongue. I then licked her clit, and then went back to pussy where she had a massive orgasm. I lapped at the delicious honey like juices that flowed out of her pussy after her orgasm. I made out with her while I gave her a minute to recover.

After she was ready, we got in to the missionary position and I penetrated her slowly. She began to moan and gasp as I picked up the speed with which I fucked her. Her moans got louder, so loud that I knew Sarah could hear, but I didn’t care, and I don’t think Becky did either. I was close to cumming, and I knew from the intense moaning that she was close as well. I shot my cum deep in her vagina as wave after wave of orgasm hit her.

After her orgasm subsided we made out on our sides as she fell asleep, I pulled a blanket over us, and quickly followed her to sleep.

<<<<<<<Day 4 (Thursday)>>>>>>>

The next morning we slept in some, and all woke around ten am. Becky was first to wake up. I felt her get out of bed, and was awake to watch her slide in to some sweatpants and a tight t-shirt, then walk downstairs, presumably go to the bathroom. I threw on a pair of gym shorts a minute later and walked down to start the coffee maker. I started it, and it started beeping to tell me there was no water in it. I shut it off, but it had beeped, and I saw Sarah, or the thick blanket she was under, move some. I went back to making the coffee.

“What time is it” I heard Sarah whisper a minute later.

“A little after ten, sorry I woke you up” I said.

She got out of bed. She was wearing a large t-shirt, and some pink panties.

“I was already awake, I was checking my email on my phone”

“Oh” I said. “You want some breakfast”

“that would be great” she said.

A couple of seconds later Becky walked out of the bathroom and joined us in the tiny kitchen.

“You want breakfast too?” I asked


I got some eggs out of the fridge, and put some toast in the toaster. I scrambled the eggs and finished the toast, and Becky and Sarah set up the table. I brought the plate with the eggs and toast on it out, then got some smaller ones to serve on to. I poured myself some coffee and joined the girls at the table. We ate our breakfast.

“what time does your flight leave tonight” Becky asked.

“6:03” Sarah said.

“what time do you need to be at the airport?” I asked

“I always like to be there a little early, incase there is a problem or a line, so like around 4:30” Sarah said. “I have to go finish some business with the relator today, I should be back around two or three”

“We are probably going to drive in to Harrisburg today.” Said Becky.

“Do you want your car back? I saw you guys still have my old truck by that barn we drove past last night, I could drive that.”

“sure, you can drive that” I said, “we will give you a ride out there after we are all showered and ready”

We cleared the table and cleaned the dishes. We let Sarah go first in the shower, then took a quick one ourselves. We were all ready to go by 11, and we got in the mini truck to take Sarah to her old truck. When she lived in Pennsylvania she had a 2002 white ford f250, and when her and Rick moved she left the truck for the farm. All we had done with it was put a sticker on it that said “Setlidge tree farm” on it and used it to schlep crap around the farm. We let her out of the truck, gave her the keys and let her get in and start it to make sure it ran. It started, and she pulled out in front of us to drive to the main road. When we got back to the house she drove off to the road, and Becky and I got in her car and drove off to Harrisburg. We passed Sarah going up a hill on the “Un-named county road” we lived on at around 90mph, and she honked at us.

We made it in to Harrisburg in good time and our first stop was at a bed, bath, and beyond. We had decided that we need new sheets and blankets, since we had been using the one we had since we were 15. We got a white sheet set and a really thick black comforter. After we did that we went and looked at their mattresses. Becky’s waterbed had started to leak about a month ago, and we just drained it and got rid of it. Since then we had been sleeping on a double thick queen air mattress that had a 0 in the comfort factor. It had really been interfering with our sleep, as well as our lovemaking.

We really liked the foam tempurpedic mattress, and they where on sale for 45% off, that was a crazy good deal. We decided to pay for the mattress and drive home with the new sheets and get a bigger truck. When we got home we took the sheets inside, then went to get on the mini truck to drive to the green barn, near the main entrance.

The green barn, although not actually green, was the newest on the property and held all the licensed vehicles. It was actually where Sarah’s truck actually should have been stored, but what ever. The first two trucks in the barn were new additions to the road fleet, two 2007 chevy Silverado 3500’s we picked one and got in. The keys were underneath the seat in a plastic cup, like every other vehicle on the farm. I got in the driver seat and started the truck as Becky climbed in. We drove back, picked up our mattress and then drove home. We dropped the mattress off at the house, then drove the truck to the barn, put it back, and drove the mini truck back to the house. Next we had to figure out how to get the bed inside of the house. We found the houses manual, and the makers of the house suggested lifting the bed through the row of detachable windows on the side of the bedroom. We cleared everything away from the windows and opened them so we could fit the mattress in.

The only problem was that we could not physically lift the mattress up there. We decided the best way to lift the mattress was to go get the gradall forklift from where it was and have that lift it in. then we had to find the lift. We got back in to the mini truck to go search for the gradall. First we drove north to the yellow barn, it was not in there. We drove back south to the house then west to the blue barn. Not there either. From the blue barn we drove north to the red barn, the second newest on the property, it had to be here. It was, and we only had to move a backhoe to get to it. We pulled the gradall out, put the backhoe back in and shut the door. I got in the gradall and Becky followed behind me in the mini truck. I lifted the forks up a little bit, then stepped on the gas and took the gigantic forklift to its top speed of 11 mph. It was a long and slow trip back to the house. Once there it took us a short amount of time to lift the bed to the window and pull it in to the room. we then put the window back and drove the lift back, put it away, and drive back to the house again.

We made the bed with our new sheets, put away anything that had been moved to get the bed in, and called it a day. We laid on our new bed and just relaxed.

We were laying next to each other, on our backs. I leaned over some and kissed her softly on the lips.
“Much better then the air mattress” she said.

“Yes it is” I said “I think I like it more than the water bed too.”

She nodded “you hardly even notice it”

“We will have to try it out more after we drop Sarah off at the airport” I said

Now she leaned over and kissed me. This one was longer and much slower. You could feel the passion and electricity in the air. Becky laid on top of me, and I put my arms around her waist and slowly rubbed the sides of my thumbs up and down her back, along her spine.

Sarah got home after we had just been laying there, making out and talking for an hour or so.

“Becky, Jason? Where are you guys?” she called

“Up stairs, come on up” I yelled

We heard her walk upstairs, and then she came in to our room. I was laying on my back and Becky was on her side up against me with her head on my shoulder.

“you guys got new sheets” she said as she walked in.

“And a new mattress” Becky added.

“really” she said, sitting on the corner of the bed.

“yea, it took us almost 2 hours to get in here” I said.

“the bed is really comfortable, what is it?” she asked

“One of those foam ones” Becky said.

“Oh cool” she said

she stood up.

“I still have to pack a few of my things, and then we have to head out” Sarah said, standing up and walking out of the room.

I kissed the top of her head, and then whispered in her ear.

“Do you want a massage when you get home?”

“Oh my god, yes please” she whispered back.

She rolled back on top of me, and I kissed her. Then, I looked deep in to her beautiful, deep, green eyes, and we rubbed noses a little.

“I love you” she said

I kissed her neck and whispered in her ear

“I love you too, baby”

“Do you want to drive? I have a headache and don’t feel like driving.” She said

“Drive where?” I asked, completely forgetting Sarah was even in the house

She kissed me on the neck “Drive Sarah to the airport”

“She is probably waiting for us downstairs” Becky said

“You don’t have to go the airport if you don’t want to” I said “You can just come down and say goodbye”

“I am going to do that I think, you go down and help her get her bags in the car, I’ll be down in a second” she said as she got off of me and stood up. I stood up and hugged her.

“Becky, Is everything ok?”

“I'm fine”

She went to go change, and I walked downstairs.

“Where is becks?” she asked

“She does not feel good, she is getting changed and coming gown to say goodbye, but she has a really bad headache and I don’t think she is coming to the airport.”

Sarah made a sad face, and then asked me to help her carry her bag to the car.

We had just put the bags in the trunk when we saw Becky walking out. She had totally changed her clothes. She was now wearing her short pajama shorts and her black and dark blye HHS (Harrisburg high school) swimming hoodie and her glasses. I have to say even though she did look sick, her pajama shorts, for the few times we actually wore pajamas, made her long tan legs look amazing. She hugged Sarah goodbye, and then walked back to the house. I got in the car, and Sarah did too.
“Whats up with Becky?” Sarah asked as I started the car and drove down the driveway.

“I have absolutely no idea” I said, shrugging my shoulders. “I was hoping you could tell me”

“Well I haven’t a clue” Sarah said “Did you say anything to her while you were up there?”

“Not really, we just talked about our bed and made out some” I said.

“Nothing else?” Sarah asked

“Well I promised to give her a massage after we dropped you off”

“Very cute, but that’s all you said?”

“That’s basically it, we kissed a lot more than we talked”

“did you offer her the massage before or after she said she did not feel good?” Sarah asked me.

“Before” I said.

Sarah thought for a minute or two.

“It might just be pms” Sarah said

“You are probably right, but normally it is not that bad” I said

“Yea, but its nature, and nature is un-predictable”

“On your way home pick up some chocolate and some massage oils if you don’t already have some. Put the chocolates somewhere she will find them on her own, then give her a massage if she wants one. But most important if she wants to sleep, just let her sleep.” Sarah said

I thanked Sarah for the help, and pulled in to the airport drop off zone. I helped Sarah get her bags out of the car and waved to her as she walked in to the airport.

On the way home I picked up some dark chocolate, which I knew she loved, and some massage oil. We already had oil, but I felt like getting a different one.

I pulled in to the driveway around five fifteen, and all the lights In the house were off. I opened the door to the house and walked in. I put the little foil wrapped chocolates in a bowl, left them on the counter, and I put some in the bathroom. Then walked upstairs, hiding the bottle of massage in the pocket of my cargo pants. As I walked past the desk I saw Becky's sweatshirt that she had been wearing on the floor. I opened the door to the bedroom and saw her asleep on the bed. I pulled the bottle of oil out of my pocket, placed it on the floor next to the bed, and gently got in bed with her. She was still in pajamas, so I just spooned up against her.

I did not fall asleep, however. After 45 minutes I felt Becky wake up.

“Baby, do you want a massage” I whispered

“I have to fucking piss, leave me alone” she yelled, and then got out of bed and ran to the bathroom.

Something else was up, she was not PMS-ing, something else was up. I knew because Becky almost never cursed, except for when we had sex of course, but for her to just say that was really strange.

I sat and thought silently about if, and if, when I was going to ask her what was wrong. I heard the toilet flush, the sink run, and I heard her walk up the stairs and through the short hallway to our bedroom. But before she opened the door I heard something else. I heard her crying, which was something else very un-usual for her to do. She walked in to the room with an arm over her face. She also now had her hoodie back on, and had her hood over her head. She laid face down on the bed and put her head in the pillow. She was still crying.

I channeled a really calm and sympathetic voice, and softly said:

“Becky, I love you, and I'm here for you if want to talk to me” I patted her back and went to the other side of the bed and laid down.

I looked at the clock, it was 6:20, and then I looked up at the celling and watched the fan spin. I did this for a little over an hour, until about seven thirty, and then I noticed Becky had stopped crying. I pulled the covers over her and assumed she was asleep, then went back to watching the celling fan. I felt really bad. This was the first time I was aware of that she had ever cried herself to sleep, and I didn’t even know what it was about. It made me feel like crap, knowing that I might have been the cause of it.

However about five minutes later I looked over at her, and saw her looking at me. I went to say something, but she turned her head back in to the pillow and started to softly cry again. I moved so I was on my stomach next to her, and slowly ran my fingers over her back. I did this and she almost immediately stopped crying, so I kept doing it. After about ten minutes I heard her say something.

“Babe?” I heard her say

“Whats up honey?” I asked.

She was silent; I continued to rub her back slowly, so maybe she would say more.

After a minute I heard her say:

“Will you hold me while I tell you what’s wrong”

“Of course”

“And will you just listen, and not say anything”


I sat up against the backboard, and she got up to sit in my lap. She rested her head next to mine on the headboard, and stretched legs out over mine.

“Whats the matter baby”

“I'm really nervous…” she stopped

I kissed her on the neck to show her I was listening

“…about running the farm, I mean what if we cant do it? Over the last month I’ve realized how much work it is, and I don’t know if I'm ready to handle it. I’ve really seen how much our live is going to change next year over the past three days, and I'm worried we wont get as much alone time together, just the two of us. I’m really stressed out and angry, which is why I yelled and cursed at you a little while ago. Then I went to the bathroom and saw that you got me chocolate, and I saw the receipt from the sex shop for the body oil, and I knew you did it for me. Then I got all sad because I yelled at you and cursed at you, and I know if I lose you I would die.” She sobbed, she was now crying again.

I softly “Shh-ed” her to stop her from crying, and when she stopped I wiped the tears from her cheek with the sheet and kissed her on the neck.

“Baby, can I say something?”

She nodded

“I know we can handle the farm together, and I know things are going really fast. If you want to we can always slow things down.”

“Thank you” she said as she rolled over and off of me.

Do you want a massage? I asked

“Yes please” She said.

I took her hoodie, then her tank top off of her, leaving her bear chested. I then went to take off her short little lime green shorts, but she asked me to leave them on, because she really could not handle sex right now and knew she might ask for it if she had the shorts off.

I had no problems with that request, and got the oil from off the floor. I put some oil on her back, and she let out a soothing “Ohhh”. This oil was supposed to be “Warming” and really relaxing, but I did not feel anything on my hands, so I hoped she sure did. I got the oil all good and rubbed in using the bottom of my palms, then I started my massage. I started at the neck, and lightly pressed down on my thumbs while I made large circles with them. Next I did her shoulders and her shoulder blades. For those I used the bottoms of my palms and my thumbs, in a standard fashion. For her lower back I gently used my elbows to sooth any tense muscles she had. I skipped her butt because I did NOT want to take advantage of her, and moved on to her legs. I needed up and down one, stopping at the ankle for a long finger massage, then did the other leg the same way.

I had her flipped over, and could see the outline of her pussy through the shorts, I could also see the rather large wet spot on her shorts, but did not say anything. I started with her legs on the front side, and did the same kneading up and down each of them. Next I got the bottle of body oil and poured some on her stomach. I rubbed it in slowly, taking my time to let the “warming” oil hopefully do its thing. I noticed whenever I did something she liked she would do a small gasp. I moved my efforts towards her chest. I used my fingers to massage everywhere around her chest. I next delicately massaged the fleshy grapefruit sized globes that were her breasts. I made sure not to touch or rub her nipples in any way. I heard her make a soft “Ahhh” I knew what that meant, she had had a small orgasm. Her breathing had increased. I leaned down and whispered in her ear.

“Babe, I'm sorry, I didn’t mean to do that”

“It’s ok, that was absolutely amazing, help me slide my shorts off though, because they are soaked.”

I helped her out, and she was right, her shorts were drenched. After they were off I threw them on the ground and laid on my back next to her. She moved next to me on one of her sides and put her head on my shoulder, and we both fell asleep.

At about three am I woke up, not unusual, some times I do that. We were both in the same position we fell asleep in. Her hair was still in a ponytail. She had on her engagement ring, and her silver necklace that her mom gave her for her 13th birthday. Her warm body was up against my arm, and it was really nice to feel. I took the elastic thing out of her hair and let her hair fall to the side. I loved her hair, it was brown, and right now it was long and kind of wavy. It was past her shoulders by a couple of inches. I ran my fingers through it as I fell back asleep. I woke up what seemed like ten minutes later only the sun was out. Something was playing with my wrist. I opened my eyes more and got adjusted to the light. Becky was trying to get the black hair band off my wrist that I took off her earlier. I pulled it away from her a little, and I noticed her old personality was back, or at least mostly. She was still fully naked, and looked absolutely beautiful with her long hair flowing over her shoulders.

I pulled my wrist with the hair band still attached next to my body. I was still in my clothes from last night, as I had not gotten a chance to change out of them after I dropped Sarah off. She straddled me, throwing one leg over my waist and leaning down so we were face to face.

“Babe, I look like shit, can I please have my hair band back”

“no, you don’t look like shit, you look so sexy with your hair down, its un bearable”

“So un bearable you just have to have me?” she asked

I nodded

”lets get a shower first” she said

I grabbed her and picked her up off the bed with me. I then stripped out of my clothes and followed her firm little butt downstairs to the bathroom. She turned on the water and ran in to the shower, making me continue my pursuit, as I ran in to the shower after her, she splashed water on me, and I splashed water back at her. I grabbed her and pulled her close to me, then kissed her. She broke away and pushed me to a wall, then kissed me again. She broke away and squatted on her knees. She took my semi hard cock in her hands, then began to stroke and suck until I got super hard. She continued until I was just about to blow, then told me to cum on her face. I stroked my cock a few times, and unleashed my hot ropes of cum all over her face.

Then she turned around, and while I was still up against the wall, inserted my penis in her wet pussy. She did the work, and was soon sliding back and fourth on my dick as fast as she pleased. Due to the fact that she was so horny she was already close to orgasm.

“Babe” she yelled with excitement “fuck me, I'm going to cum”

I had her turn around and face the wall so I could fuck her from behind

“Fuck me I'm cummming” she yelled with intense pleasure. I stopped, but only for a second to change positions. I sat on a little seat in the shower that we mainly used for putting stuff on, and so Becky can shave her legs. I still lad her in my lap, and when she was ready she began to bounce up and down on me. Almost instantly she was moaning and gasping again.

“Oh my god give it to me babe, cum in my pussy” she gasped

“I'm almost there” I gasped.

She bounced up and down even faster on my rock hard cock.

“Oh my god fuck me baby” I gasped

She was screaming with pleasure

We both hit our second orgasm of the day with intense force, and I shot my load deep in to her love hole. Her breathing was super heavy and her legs were trembling, she could not stand up. I helped her to her feet, and she leaned up against me. I felt her inner thigh she was still shaking.

“Baby are you ok?” I asked.

She nodded wildly and held up the “one minute” sign with her finger. She was still breathing really heavily.

I held her and we moved under the shower water again. She was eventually able to talk in normal intervals in between breaths.

“The second one always gets me” she said, giggeling

“you made me feel so good” I said.

She kissed me

We got cleaned off and got dressed, then ate some breakfast.

“Can you put your hair down for the car ride” I asked her.

“You really think I look sexy like that?” she asked.

“YES” I said.

She pulled the hair tie out of her hair and did a sexy head shake as it all fell out of the bunn it was in.

I clapped “there we go”

She blushed

We put our bowls in the sink, then walked out to Becky's car. I popped the gps on the windshield and got in the drivers seat. Becky got in the other side. I started the car and got on the road. It was a little over an hour and a half to the dealer in New Jersey. On the way there we chatted about random stuff, the amazing sex we had just had, the talk we had the night before, and how much she liked that massage I gave her last night.

“Did you feel the oil “Warming” like it was supposed to?” I asked, shifting in to fifth gear as we speed up after a toll.

“Is that what that supposed to be? I felt it doing something, but I'm not sure what. That’s ok though, your hands are amazing.”

“Thank you” I said, rubbing my hand on her inner thigh through her jeans.

“What do we have to do when we get there?” Becky asked

“go for a test drive, give them a down payment check, sign some paperwork, and drive home I think” I said

“Cool” she said

After about ten more minutes of driving and talking we got to a Dodge dealer, in new jersey.

We parked Becky’s ford mustang in one of the spots, and were almost immediately were looked at strangely in a dodge/mopar shirt. We ignored him and walked In to the dealer. A man walked up and greeted us, then asked us if he could help us. I told the man I was looking for phil. He introduced himself as Phil (obviously not his real name) and I introduced Becky and myself. This was the first real time I had the opportunity to introduce her as my fiancée to a complete stranger. I saw her smile at this, and that made me feel really good inside.

“Lets go for a test drive” Phil said, handing me a set of keys.

The three of us walked outside of the dealer, and turned to a parking lot. We walked through the lot and found the car. The car was a 2008 dodge hemi SRT8, black. It was a new, but being that it was then 2009 and the car had been on the lot for a while, the price had dropped considerably. I got in the drivers seat, and Phil let Becky take the front seat, getting in the back seat. I started the hemi V8 and put the car in gear and pulled out of the lot. We drove around beautiful (cough, cough***) central new jersey. We got to the midpoint of the test drive, and I asked Becky if she wanted to drive, but she said no. We drove back to the dealer. I loved the car, and there were no problems. We walked back in to the showroom, and sat at Phil’s desk.
He gave me some papers to look over and sign. As I was looking them over Becky’s phone began to vibrate. She grabbed it out of her bag and looked at the screen.

“It’s my mom” she said, walking out of the showroom

I signed the papers, and set up a financing plan. After we talked a little more we both stood up and shook hands. He gave me the keys and I walked out. Becky was outside, and was just hanging up the phone.

“Race you back home” I said, running to the dodge and getting in. She ran to her mustang and pulled up behind me as I waited to pull on to the highway from the dealer. I saw the opportunity to enter the highway and I took it. I smoked the tires a little. We pretty much waited until we were past Harrisburg and on the home stretch to really start pulling any speeds in excess of seventy five. We were on a single lane in each direction road near our house, and Becky passed me doing at least 85 in the shoulder. I had to get her back, when we were on a fairly deserted road I gunned it, I had it to 107 mph, and passed her at around 95. I knew, just from driving both that my car had a lot more power than hers, but whatever.

When we got to the road we lived on that was always empty I passed her, then gunned it. This road was flat and in one direction, and I had the car doing 114mph. Becky tried to keep up, but I'm pretty sure she did not get past 95, but that was by choice. I drove up the driveway and she followed. She parked her car and got out, then hopped in the passenger seat of my car.

“Lets go find some place quiet we can park the car and maybe have a little fun” she said.

We drove to a hill with a trail that was just some dirt, so I had no problem driving it. It was covered by trees and was technically no ones property. I parked the car, turned it off and said “race ya back there” I climbed in to the back seat. She climbed back after me. I laid on my back with my feet slightly up. She got on top of me, so we were face to face. I kissed her.

“I saw you smile earlier when I introduced as my fiancée earlier” I said.

“Yea, I'm kind of excited about that, every girl dreams about marrying Mr. Right.”

We kissed again.

She was wearing a purple polo shirt, and it had four white buttons. The first three were buttoned, since the shirt was a size smaller than she was to get a tight fit, I un-buttoned them. Her bra was black and white. With the shirt un-done and her hair let down she looked totally sexy.

“Lets get these jeans off of you” I said, rubbing her still clothed ass.

“Mmmmm” she moaned in my ear as she stuck her chest in my face. I kissed the area between and right above her breasts. She had Goosebumps, another little thing I thought was just totally sexy. She raised her chest up some, and gave me access to the button on her jeans. I un did it. She put her belly on mine, and raised her butt in the air and I helped her slide her jeans and very minimal black and white panties. She kicked them off and in to the front of the car. She slid her hands under my shirt and slid it off of me. She kissed my neck, and slowly ran her fingers sown my chest.

She un-buttoned my shorts and slid them down, then she began to stroke my dick. Once it was nice and hard she stuck it in her mouth and began to suck it. She bobbed her head up and down, sucked, and swirled her tongue around my head. It felt so good, there is no way to describe it. She moved her head up and down faster, and licked my shaft. I shut my eyes and gasped in pleasure. She began to deep throat my cock, and I just went even further in too comatose, it just felt that good. I grunted, and shot my load in to her throat. I watched her swallow my cum and smile.

“You like that, didn’t you?” I said

She nodded excitedly “are you gunna fuck me now?” she asked

“You bet babe” I said. “But first lets take care of this shirt”

She was straddling my waist with her legs. I could feel her warm pussy up against my belly button. I slid her purple polo shirt over her head and threw it in the front seat. Her bra and her jewelry were all that were left on her. I reached behind her and undid her bra. Her wonderfully perky c cups breasts hardly if at all fell with gravity. I helped her slide slowly on to my shaft. She let out a soft gasp as she got on fully. She put hand on the seat on either side of my chest. To balance herself, and she slowly began to ride my shaft like a cowgirl. This was a great position; I had a perfect view of her face and her breasts, and her beautiful hair cascading over her shoulders. She picked up the pace and her breasts were bouncing in rhythm. She varied her pace, speeding up to increase the amazing feelings, and slowing down to prolong the experience. Becky was riding me pretty hard. Her breasts bounced in rhythm with her gyrations, and she was close to orgasm. She came with massive pleasure, she collapsed on me. Her breathing increased and I could feel her body shaking. She recovered and then said:

“Lets try something” she said

“what?” I asked

She thought for a second. “what are our chances of being interrupted?”

“almost none” I said

“I’m willing to take those odds if you are”

“sure” I said

“Put your shoes on and get outside” she said, sliding her sneakers on.

I did the same and followed her outside

She bent over the hood of the car.

“will your belly ring scratch the hood?” I whispered in her ear.

“Your right” she said, flipping over on her back.

I ran my finger over her belly button, and parted her legs. I inserted my penis in her pussy. I began to fuck her. I penetrated her, and thrust in and out of her at a good pace. Becky was moaning and gasping with pleasure. She screamed in orgasm once again, and I shot my load deep inside her sweet love box. She let out a loud “gahhhh” as I did this. After she recovered for a few seconds, she got up and did a sexy strut towards the middle of the car, she leaned up against the car, facing towards it like she was looking in, put her arms up against the top of the car, stuck her firm but in the air and spread her legs to let the cum drip out of her pussy. Oh my god I almost came again so many sexy things combined in to one, her butt, her hair, the cum leaking out of her pussy, the car… there is nothing hotter than an American woman leaning, naked, on an American muscle car, you cant beat it. This image will be in my brain until I die.

I stood and admired her a little bit, then walked up to her, and leaned against the car, back to the car and looked at her.

“You know, if I were to have one naked picture of you…” I started

she cut me off “we’ll see about that” she said.

“You know how sexy you look?” I asked

“I can tell” she said, looking at my stiff penis.

Becky always has always had this weird thing against nude pictures, and I not only respected her decision, bit I have to say I cant blame her, in this world of computer hackers and whatever… so I was really surprised when she said “well see” because mainly I was only joking, but also because she was considering it. I knew I would do what ever she asked to make sure the photos were safe if we ended up taking them, I did not want to mess this up over a picture.

We got dressed again, and took the short trip home, no cops for us. We got home, and it was five thirty.

“You want to try a new restaurant?” I asked.

“I think you already know the answer to that” she said.

We both laughed some.

“How fancy do I need to dress up?” she asked


She raised her eyebrows “Really?”

I nodded

We ran through the shower together, and then got dressed.

Becky had on a black dress. The bottom was almost like a pencil skirt, and the top was a tight shiny black material. She had a matching jacket thing to go with it. She put on silver earrings with medium blue stone inlays. She did a little bit of makeup, and a little more complex necklace then the one she normally wore. She put on an anklet, and some black heels. I put on Black dress pants, and a blue dress shirt. I matched the blue dress shirt with a black tie and sport jacket. I put on dress shoes and grabbed one of my pairs of sunglasses, I believe a pair of mirrored Jubilo Druus sunglasses. Becky was in the bathroom straightening her hair. She finished and saw my sunglasses and decided to grab her pair, however unlike me, she has only one pair, a pair of Ray Ban aviator’s, they had the gold colored frame and dark brown lenses, and they made her look amazing. On the way out I grabbed my watch off the counter and we got in to the car.

The place we were going to was called Magnia Qui, and was apparently good. They served Italian and (We think) Mediterranean food as well, and were located on north street, near third street in Harrisburg. I had actually made reservations on the phone while we drove back from the dealership.

“I feel like a bond girl” Becky said.

“You look like one, you look amazing” I said.

“Thanks, you look really great too” she said, holding my hand.

“Babe, I gotta shift” I said.

“Oh, sorry” she giggled

I passed a slow moving car, shifting out of third to fourth.

We pulled on to north street, and parked outside the restaurant. We walked in

We were seated, and ordered drinks and dinner. The waitress walked away.
“what did your mom call about when we were at the dealership” I asked.
“Oh, that’s right I forgot to tell you” she said. “They have not found a house yet, so they are staying a few extra days”
“when are they coming back?”
“I have no idea, I don’t think they know either.”
“cool, that gives us some time to catch up on the stuff we were supposed to do before Sarah interrupted” I said jokingly. (lol, we know “Rick” and “Sarah” read these, shout out to you guys.)
Our dinner came out rather quickly.
“What is left that we have to do before your parents get back?” I said.
“Mainly office work, we have to go through resumes for a new team leader, we have to have a mechanic come and look at a few vehicles, and some other management stuff. The only thing we have to do is set up all the Christmas tree sale stuff.”
“why so early?”
“Its supposed to snow in a week”
“Oh, are we getting the snow equipment set up”
“Only if we have time” she said.
“We could see if employees are available” I said.
“Like salary workers? Or per hour workers?”
“Salary Workers” I said.
At the time the farm hired two types of workers: salary workers and per hour workers. Salary workers are set to work a certain amount of hours per year, and get paid if they work over time. They usually supervise the per hour workers or run things. Per hour workers can work for a week, or however long they like. The longer they stay the more they make an hour. They only usually are in town for a few weeks, then leave to find work somewhere else. A lot of them are from the Spanish community. Becky and I are 21 when we are writing these, and both of us speak decent Spanish, just from working here. The salary workers had to work 1500 hours a year, and that is not bad considering a person with a daily 9-5, with a week of sick days, holidays, and two weeks vacation works around 1000 more. We set specific days that all the salary people have to work, and then they worked to schedule the other days they would work. Because we were a tree farm, and mainly we sold Christmas trees, our year rotations started October 25th, so we could ship our mass quantities of trees to stores in the few surrounding states, including new york, ohio, west Virginia, and new jersey. People find it hard to believe that their “fresh cut tree” they buy from a big box home improvement center, were actually cut a month or two ago. It was now October 22nd, so the cycle was due to start over again soon. We all worked all day from Monday-Saturday from the start of the cycle until January 15th, then most stopped working until late march or early April. Then things were planted, and everyone was for the most part off until the start of the season.
However back to dinner…
“I bet you we can find one of the salary people to do some work for us” Becky said.
“keep in mind we only have 5 salary-men, not 6 like we normally do”
she nodded
“Did your parents say we could hire a sixth?”
“No, but I could call and ask, it is basically our farm on the 25th. My parents will just be here until January to supervise and sign the checks.”
We were both finished with our meal, we skipped dessert and paid the tab, then walked out the car.
“You want to drive?” I asked, tossing her the keys.
She caught them and got in the drivers seat. She kicked off her heels and threw them in the back seat, then started the engine. She checked her mirrors, they were clear, she shifted into first and let off the clutch and on the gas some. We pulled out, a little rapidly, but she was not used to driving it. We powered down north street and back towards home.
A while later we stopped at a stoplight.
“This thing is really powerful” she said.
“Babe, it’s a V8” I said.

“Defiantly faster than my ‘stang” she said, shifting in to first and driving across the intersection.
When we pulled up our driveway it was only 7:45. I told Becky to stop at her parent’s house, and let me run in to grab the resumes from the office upstairs that we were temporarily sharing. Becky's parents each used to have their own office, but they moved in together so we could have an office to share. I ran back down with the papers and got back in the car. We drove the 100 feet to our house and parked. We walked in to the house, and Becky walked upstairs to get changed in to something comfortable, she took the papers with her. I stayed downstairs and made us each a double shot espresso. I brought up the coffee, and put them on the nightstand, and then stripped to my undershirt and boxers, then joined Becky on the bed and grabbed the other espresso.
“let’s call daddy and see what she wants us to do with these” she said, tossing her phone on the bed. She dialed Jim and put him on speaker. He picked up and said
“hey sweetie” he said as he answered the phone
“Hi daddy, Jason is on the phone too”
“Hey Jim” I said
“Hey Jason, so what’s up?”
“Becky and I are wondering what exactly you want us to do with these resumes you left on our desk”
“Oh, um… Pick three that look the best, and put the rest away somewhere else.” He said. “Call them and schedule interviews on Monday, I will be back that morning.”
“Sounds good” I said
“We have to go, we just got to the restaurant” he said
“All right, bye” we said.
We hung up.
“How are we going to figure this out?” Becky asked.
“We will rank them from one to seven (there were seven resumes)” I said.
“Good” she said
All except one of the people trying for the job spoke Spanish. The first 6 were male, and the last one was female. One we instantly put out because he was 17, not that we had a problem with that, but he had worked in fast food for the past year. He must not have actually read his employer’s recommendation before he attached because it basically summed up to be he was always late, and always lazy. Next was a man who was in his late sixties, and had not worked in five years. He had been a welder at a railroad depo, and had retired. He did not speak Spanish. We decided he was not the best choice, but still put him ahead of fast food boy. The next guy had worked for a tree farm that we actually knew, up in New York. His sheet said he had been “released” a year ago. We were also weary of him, and put him in between old man and fast food boy. Becky pulled out her computer and shot off an email to the New York tree farm asking about him. Next up was a 30 or so year old who had just moved here from Oregon. He had worked at a cargo ship dock and had been laid off. He said he spoke some Spanish, but not much. At first he we thought he was a a good choice, but then we read the next three.
The first was a 24 year old oil roughneck from Texas, he had been working the rigs for 5 years. He said he had recommendations from both of the rigs he worked on and he got 5 stars from both. We put him at the top of the pack. Next was a 27-year-old Army Vet. He had been a mechanic in Iraq for 4 years, and received an honorable discharge. He had a high school Spanish education. Last was the woman, and I saw Becky's eyes light up. She was a 24 year old college grad. With a degree in management, spoke fluent Spanish because her mom was from Spain.
“Babe, she could be our manager” she said.
“honey that’s great, but we cant hire a manager for a few months, and she will have found a different job by then”
“We could hire her for this job for a few months, then promote her on the first of January” she said.
“that’s a great idea, I am totally impressed with her resume”
“lets do it” she said
“so who are the three we will interview” I asked
“The girl, the military guy, and the oil roughneck” she said
“I agree” I said. “You notify the people we want to talk too by email, and I will email the rejections”
We both opened our laptops and sent off emails. Almost immediately Becky got a response from military guy. He said he would be there at 1pm. While we waited to see if we got any responses we watched some tv. At quarter till ten we got a response from the girl, and she said she would be there at 4:00. At ten we called It a night, and put the computers away. I turned off the tv, Becky turned out the lights, and we got each other naked. We were on our sides facing each other. I kissed her lips a little, she kissed back exactly the same. I softly bit her lip, when I released, she did the same thing to me. I kissed her neck underneath her ears. She did the same.
“copycat” I whispered in her ear.
She made a sexy cat noise, then smiled a little. I kissed her, with tongue, and we started frenching. I don’t know how long it took, but it felt like tome slowed down. After she broke away after what must have been twenty minutes, I felt her roll over, and pull me in to the spooning position. We fell asleep like that.
We ended up hiring two of the three. We hired the woman and the military mechanic. Jim said we might as well hire the manager now, so we could train her. We hired the vetran to work in the field, and service the cars as well. The oil roughneck flat out lied to us about knowing Spanish, when Becky tried to strike up a conversation with him in Spanish he said “hola” and then made a face that said it all. His face was like “Oh, shit” he was not hired. Jim and Pam also said that we could start talking to an architect about our plans so they could happen as soon as we took control of the farm. The mechanic, who we will call “Doug” turned out to be a damned good one, and helped us winterize our fleet for winter. The manager we hired we will call “Jamie” in our stories. She moved temporarily in to the gate house near the entrance to work, until she got her own office. All in all a happy ending. Becky and I made plans to drive out to Colorado in our new car sometime after the chaos of January first, and Becky and I made our first appointment with a wedding planner, for February first.

15418 words.
35 pages.

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