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The following is a true story, only the names have been changed to protect the innocent, everyone who appears naked or in a sexual image has given the writers consent to use their character with a different name.
We recommend reading these stories in the order they were published or put on this site.
NOTE: If all you want is SEX, SEX, SEX, this story (along with the ones that follow and proceed) is not for you. Although there is lots of sex, it is also a detailed story that will not make sense if you skip paragraphs, so don’t.
Most of the story is told in Jason’s view, mainly because I have a better memory than Becky, and she likes to add detail, not type it out. We will let you know if we switch point of view. We are both 17, almost 18 in this story.
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This story is our favorite so far… Enjoy!
Jason and Becky
<<<<<<<Chapter 1>>>>>>>
It was early February, at about 7pm. A Sunday. Becky and I were sitting on the couch, watching some movie on TV. We weren’t really watching it, we were just making out, naked on the couch. It was cold, at about 5 degrees outside, so we had the heater cranked up in her mini house, but it wasn’t very good, so the house was kind of cold, so we were holding each other close. We were getting pretty serious, when the house phone rang. It was her parents, who were on vacation, celebrating their 20th anniversary. She got up, and answered the phone. I stood up and draped a blanket over her shoulders.
She talked on the phone for a few minutes and then put the phone back on the charger.
We need to check the weather she said, walking towards, then up the stairs. She sat on the chair at her desk, still fully naked, and turned on the computer. She opened the browser and checked the weather. There was a massive snowstorm headed our direction, they were saying 3 feet of snow, a truly massive amount, even for us.

what did your mom say? I asked

she told me that we needed to check the weather because there is a storm headed our way and we need to be ready.
when will the storm hit?

around 2 am she said.

and what do we need to do to be ready?

all we really need to do is move all the blankets up to the bed, make sure the generator works and has lots of gas and move the snowplow truck to the house.

lets move the blankets, then well get dressed, test the generator and go get the snowplow. I said

Sounds good she said, and we walked down to the closet to go get them. Soon the comforters were all brought up and we got dressed. Next we tested the generator, and made sure it had a full tank plus extra fuel. We walked out and jumped in my car to drive to the garage where the snow plow was. We drove out there and walked in to the barn. The plow was right there so we just had to open the door and drive it out. I got back in to my hummer, and she started up the old snowplow. We drove back the house and she parked in front of the window. I beeped the horn and she came over and got in
What? she asked

We should go out for dinner I said where do you want to eat?

we should go to Jose’s she said

Jose’s it is I said, putting the car in drive and heading down the road.

Jose’s was a little hole in the wall Mexican catina with some really good food.

We got there and sat down, a girl who was our age took our orders.

When we get home, we need to fuck she said.

Hmm, ill consider it I joked

We both laughed hystericly.
We were sitting at a booth in the corner of the almost deserted restraunt.

im just really horny she said.
She looked around, there was one other occupied table, and they could not see her, so she un-zipped her
North-face fleece, and pulled down the top of her shirt, revealing her perfect C-cup breasts

You must be horny I said.

She fixed her shirt and we both laughed.

She did this 2 more times before dinner came, and once while we were waiting on the check. We paid, and walked out of Jose’s. We walked across the street and to my car. The first snow flakes were starting to fall as we drove back to her house. I wasn’t worried about driving in the snow, my hummer was 4 wheel drive, and it had been snowing for all of five minutes. I had not worked on an EMT squad since I had moved in with Becky, and my mom had moved near us in an apartment in Harrisburg, ever since that incident with my dad, but I had managed to keep the sirens on my car, so I flicked on the sirens and hit the gas. We got home in about 20 minutes, and ran upstairs to the bedroom, throwing off layers of clothes as we went.

We got to the bed and jumped on. I was naked, she still had her panties on; they were pink, and very, very revealing, so I left them on. I had decided on the way back that this was going to be an epic love-making session, I laid her down on the bed and began to kiss her, all over the place. I got to licking her nipples, she moaned in pleasure. I surrounded one of her diamond hard nipples with my tongue, while I tweaked and played with the other. I moved my free hand down towards her pussy.

Her panties were still on, so I rubbed her through them. I took my mouth off of her nipple and kissed my way down to her pussy. I licked and rubbed, through her panties at first, then I moved them out of the way, exposing her clean shaven love hole. I inserted one finger, and licked around her clit, lapping at her juices. I finger fucked her too, first with one finger, then two. She was moaning with pleasure, shaking and twitching in the beginning of her orgasm. A warm gush of juice flowed in to my mouth as I ran my tongue over her clit. The grasp of an orgasm reached over her as she began to twitch. She screamed in pleasure as she climaxed.

I moved up towards her so my eyes were level with hers. She was still recovering, I started to play with her breasts. After a minute or so she had fully recovered, so I leaned in to kiss her. We kissed, but just briefly, because she rolled us over, so she was on top (well… ok I helped her roll us over a little ).

Just relax and enjoy, I’m on top she said

With that, she slid on to my hard shaft, the warmth of her sweet sex enveloping me. She started out hugging my body, with her tits pressed up against my chest, flexing her pussy muscles around my cock, causing a great sensation, almost like she was milking my cock. Slowly she sat up and started to glide up and down on my shaft, which was shining and gleaming with our combined juices. With her first slide down on my shaft we both let out a groan of pleasure. I relaxed and enjoyed as I watched her fuck me cowgirl style, I watched as her beautiful, perkey, teenage breasts bounced in rhythm with her movements.

Uhhh… I’m cummmming!! she yelled, losing control of her body, twitching and shaking. I moved her body to the edge of the bed and stood on the ground, so I could put her ankles on my shoulders and fuck her

Ohh… sensitive! She screamed

Should I stop? I asked

No, it feels so good, so intense she said, as I started to fuck her again. I was getting close to the edge, and I wanted to see if I could give her one more too. I began to rub her clit, driving her closer to climax
She hit her orgasm, And began to violently shake again. I wanted to do something different than just cum in her, so I decided to pull out and blow my load all over her. And that is what I did, I pulled out, and came all over her belly, chest, and breasts. I laid down next to her, and waited for her to recover, which did not take long, being her second orgasm, it was less intense.

That was awesome she said, scooping some of the cum off her left boob with her finger and licking it off.

Yea, I liked it when you just used your muscles in the beginning, that was something new and un-expected I said, standing up.

And this gives us an excuse to go take a shower she said, taking my hand to help her stand up.
And maybe a sauna too I continued as we walked downstairs to the bathroom.
We got in the shower and rinsed off, then we stood under the warm water and hugged, kissing and whispering to each other as well. We had to have been in there for at least half an hour when Becky whispered in my ear.

I think its sauna time, I need to sit.

Sure babe I said, removing my arms from around her, and turning off the water. We walked out of the shower and in to the sauna. I sat down and she sat next to me, leaning on me.

I hope school gets canceled tomorrow she said

I had completely forgotten about the snow I hope so too I said, beginning to play with her silky brown hair.
The rest of the time in the sauna was really just small talk about school drama and such. We then exited the sauna.

Its freezing out here Becky said, as we stepped in to the hallway outside of her bathroom.
I wonder what the temperature is outside I said

According to the thermometer it is 51 in here and -3 outside she said.
Lets get upstairs and under the covers. She said.
Good idea I said, following her up.
We got in the covers and fell asleep
<<<<<<<Chapter 2>>>>>>>
We woke up to the alarm, set to our normal wake up time for school, 6am. I got up to check the schools website. Un-fortunately there had only been 6 inches of snowfall, not enough to cancel school completely, just delay the opening until 10 am. The 2 feet they had expected had been delayed a night. We tried to go back to sleep, but we ended up just talking to each other. There was not even enough snow to bother plowing the driveway.
At nine thirty we got up, showered, and got dressed. Becky got a text from one of her friends, who had a Honda civic that could not get out of her driveway due to the snow, asking for a ride. We grabbed some coffee and got in Becky’s car. My hummer was better in the snow, but her Chevy Silverado 3500 had something better, a heater, so we took her car. We picked her friend up and drove to school. We had been there for an hour when the power went out. The storm had picked up and it was snowing again. The sky was dark, and the building was getting cold already, so they closed school early. We essentially had school for an hour. As soon as the announcement came out that school was closed, I was walking out the class, down the hall, and to Becky’s locker. I stood there waiting, and she got there a few minutes later.
long school day I said jokingly.
Yea she laughed.
She put on her coat and we walked outside, where we were greeted by Becky’s friend, who had come to school with us. We all got in Becky’s car and drove away. We dropped of her friend at her house and then drove home.
As we were pulling up the driveway, Becky looked at the thermometer, and noticed the temperature.
Shit, its 2 degrees outside
Damn , your right, its freezing.
We pulled up next to the house. My hummer had a nice cover of snow, maybe 8 inches. We ran inside, to get out of the snow. We took our shoes off and sat on the couch
We should probably go and get some food from the store, we’re running kind of low and I don’t want to drive anywhere if the weather gets worse she said
good idea
We should probably also take your car, if the snow gets much higher my truck wont have ground clearance
Lets get going then, the sooner we leave the better off we’ll be I said
lets get in to some warmer clothes, then we’ll go
We got dressed and headed outside we were dressed in full out foul weather gear, jackets, snow pants, hats, and ski goggles. We may have looked rediculious, but we did not care, it was really cold outside. We brushed off the snow on the windshield, then we got in the car. I started it and we drove off. We got to the food store and walked in. There was a mass of people, more than I expected to see in a food store during a snowstorm. They were all doing the same thing we were, getting food and supplies. We got in and got out as fast as possible, and when we walked out of the store, shopping bags in hand, we saw a scene of mass chaos. Cars, that were clearly not capable of handling the of snow were in the parking lot trying to leave. They were stuck, and there was a huge jam of traffic.
let’s get out of here I said, trudging through the snow. Becky followed me as I walked through the car. We got in, I started the engine, and I flicked on my sirens. We high tailed it out of there, we were able to that because my car had such a high ground clearence. We got home and carried the stuff inside. We put the food away and then cranked the heater up as high as it would go. We walked up to our room and looked at the clock on the wall, which also had a thermometer on it, it said the temperature was 48°.
It’s freezing in here Becky
Lets get under the covers and get naked I said.
We both got underneath the two comforters that we had stacked on top of each other. We crawled under the covers and undressed each other. Then we wrapped our arms and legs around each other and began to slowly began to make out. A little lip biting (not hard, of Corse) and a lot of tongue play.
We love kissing, and sometimes will do it for what seems like ages, tonight was one of those nights. A long, romantic, under-covers kissing session was in our future. Our kisses were semi-fast paced, but intimate, like what Hollywood is famous for. Slowly our position shifted from us being on our sides facing each other to Becky laying on top of me. I had my arms wrapped around her back, pulling her close to me and she was, probably unknowingly, playing with my hair. Our tongues intertwined and explored each others mouths. I slowly rubbed becky’s back with my hands. She began to moan, and because we were kissing, she was moaning in to my mouth, which I always find sexy.
This went on for what must have been a while, because eventually Becky slid off of me and laid down next to me, we were still both all the way under the covers.
Its just like when I was little, I used to hide under the covers from storms Becky said
that’s cute I said, kissing her on her cheek.
What do you want to do next? she asked
I don’t know I said, rolling over so I was on my side right up against her and slowly and softly ran my finger down her right breast and over her nipple.
She let out a soft ooh
She lifted the blankets off from over her head and looked at the clock on the nightstand.
Babe did you notice what time it was before we got in bed
Yea, it was like 2:06
babe, its almost 3:30, and its still freezing
I pulled her back under the covers and kissed her again.
Suddenly she rolled over and on top of me.
I know what we can do next she said
make out more I guessed
exactly she said
I pulled her back on to me and slowly kissed her lower lip, then her upper one. She slowly dragged her tongue across one of my lips, then our tongues came in contact with each others. She stuck her tongue in my mouth just a little sexy bit, then I did the same. Our kissing got even more intense, and it reached a climax. It then slowly concluded with me kissing her on her forehead.
You wanna take bets on what time it is? I asked
4:15 she guessed.
I looked at the clock on the nightstand, 4:14.
You were close, 4:14 I said
Babe, that’s more than two hours
I kissed her on the forehead again.
Lets go a little further she said
69 I said
She spun around so I had a view of her wonderful pussy.
I licked one of my fingers to lubricate it and slowly inserted it as I began to softly tongue her pussy. As I did this she began to suck on my dick. It felt amazing. She swirled her tongue around my cock as she began to bob her head up and down. I inserted a second finger in her wonderful pussy and focused more and more of my licking efforts on her clit. She was moaning as she was sucking my cock, which almost felt like my dick was vibrating. She hit her climax with waves of intense pleasure. I kept going, finger fucking her while licking her clit.
I loved making love to her under the blankets, we were both a little hot and sweaty, but it was really romantic. It may be snow storming outside with a temperature of negative 18, but we were warm and comfortable. I was getting close to orgasm and Becky was getting close to number two. I Hit climax, and shot my load deep in her mouth, and within seconds she was hitting her second orgasm. She screamed with pleasure. I spun her around so we were facing each other again. I kissed her softly.
She spun so she was facing me again
I love it when you eat me out and make me cum like that she whispered
I kissed her again.
You ready babe? I asked
she nodded Just don’t cum in me, its wayyy to cold to run to the bathroom
You want to swallow?
she nodded
I let her lay on her back, and we got in to missionary position. I slowly mounted her and began to fuck her, nice and soft. She was already moaning, her earlier cunnilingus experiences had her super horny and absolutely sopping wet.
She was gasping and moaning with every thrust, and she was close to orgasm. I fucked her harder, and she was close to cumming. She let out a little scream, as a massive orgasm wave hit her. I Pulled out, and moved so I could shoot my load in her mouth. She swallowed every drop.
It was now seven o’clock, and we were hungry. We got dressed in warm clothes and ate a quick dinner, then walked back upstairs and watched two 60’s james bond movies in a row, making out during some of the sex scenes. At about 12:30 we turned out the lights and tried to go sleep. We snuggled up together. I thought she was asleep, and after about an hour I was still awake. I wanted to look at the clock, but I couldn’t move much or I would wake Becky. It was freezing, and I had been letting Becky hog a lot of the covers. I slowly moved and looked at the clock. I had only made the slightest move when
Jason? she whispered
yea baby I whispered back
Have you been awake the whole time?
Yes, have you? I asked
Yep, its freezing, what time is it?
Almost two a.m.
It is too cold to sleep, turn on a light
I went to turn in another light, but nothing had happened.
We had already been on generator power because the city power was out, and now our generator had failed, but our clock was battery powered, so it was fine.
Generator is frozen I said
Are you sure it is not out of gas?
Yep, filled it right after dinner, remember?
oh, yea, err… sorry, the cold is interfering with my thought process she said
the generator normally went 12 -15 hours on a tank, so it was defiantly FUBAR. I Got out the flashlights that we kept in the nightstand. I gave one to Becky.
Can you get a pair of pajamas for both of us, as well as what ever you will need for tomorrow morning, and put it in a backpack. I am going to go downstairs and get our snow gear and bring them back here I said
were not going outside, are we? she asked.
I was planning to snowshoe over to your parents house with you, start a fire, and then lay out on that thick rug under a blanket with a pillow or two, it’s warmer than here I said
She went to grab her stuff, I ran downstairs. I grabbed our snow pants and jackets, as well as keys to her parent’s house, head lamps, and a lighter. I ran back up and we got dressed, quickly. I tossed the backpack Becky had prepared on my back and we walked downstairs. We got on our snowshoes and pushed outside. It took 20 minutes to walk 150 yards. It was -21 degrees plus the wind chill, the wind was blowing 25-30 mph. We got in to the house, out of our clothes, and in to our pj’s.
Becky crumpled newspaper while I got wood from the garage. We got a fire going and then laid out in front of it on a thick carpet under a blanket, with some pillows. We both quickly fell asleep, we were so tired from the sex, and being up so late, as well as the snowshoe trek (which takes a lot out of you)
<<<<<<<Chapter 3>>>>>>>
The next morning we woke up to the sound of Becky's phone ringing, at around 11 am. She answered, it was her mom.
hi mom she said
Your home phone line is down pam said (pam was her mom)
so is yours, our power, internet, and generator are down as well
You guys must be freezing, are you ok?
Yea, at about two am we trudged over to your house in snow shoes and full foul weather gear, got in pajamas, started a fire, and curled up together under a blanket on that big carpet in your living room
Well, I'm glad your ok, you are welcome to whatever food you can find in our house pam said, now on speaker phone
ok, mom Becky said
Rebecca her mom said, I saw the nails on the chalkboard expression in her face, I knew she hated her full name.
Yes mom! she said, now a little agitated.
No… um, you know… err…
No sex mom, I got it, thanks. She said
Rebecca, do not use that language with m… Becky hung up
She was obviously a little frustrated, but what teenager was not frustrated or embarrassed by their parents at some point. I knew I was by mine. She rolled on to her side and faced away me. I put my arm around her and hugged her, then kissed her neck. I pulled her on her back and kissed her on her lips.
Sorry, my parents are…
Still your parents, I got it.
She smiled, then climbed on top of me, straddling my waste. We were still both in our pajamas.
Ever since Becky's mom had walked in on us, well kind of. We had already finished, and were just laying in bed making out when her mom walked in to the house. It seemed that they would be reminding us about that, rather embarrassing, moment whenever they had the opperatunity.
We kissed, and then looked outside. It was still snowing, there had to be at leas two feet of it. I tossed some more wood on the fire, then joined her under the blanket.
I'm still tired, lets go back to sleep for a little while. When we wake up well see if we can fix the generator I said.
We went back to sleep and woke up at around five. We then got back in to our snow gear, and trudged out to the generator. The generator had been built with an engine from an old mini cooper, and a generator from a ship. Connecting the two together there was a chain that had come off the gear. I fixed that, and looked for any other problems. The gas line had frozen. I walked over to the garage and looked for some extra fuel line. I found one and walked back to the generator. I took the old line off, and had Becky hold it, and then I put the new one on. I turned the key to start it. It cranked for a few seconds, then it sputtered to life.
We saw the lights come on In our house. We then walked back to it. Our house had chilled to 33 degrees. We cranked the main heater, as well as a space heater we had in our room. we made dinner and slowly undressed out of our ski clothes, as the temperature of the house rose. When dinner was ready, we were in just our long underwear. Our dinner was a simple salad, and some creamy pasta.
Soon, the house had stabilized at 55 degrees, and would not go up any more. We were done with dinner, and we walked upstairs to watch some movies. We got in to our bed room, and she picked out a movie to watch. She picked a horror movie, one that we had both called The Descent . Basically four girls go spelunking, or exploring, in a cave. The cave entrance gets sealed, and they get stuck. These things called crawlers blind human/zombie like creatures that kill inhabit the cave, chaos ensues. The movie was ok, we ended up just making out most of the time.
It had been an exhausting couple of days, and we fell asleep at the end of the movie.

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