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Cindy laid awake thinkin g about what just happened sexually between Kelly and her. Like a ping pong ball her thoughts went back and forth between right and wrong. Based upon her prejudiced thinking everything tonight was wrong but the feeling within told her it was good, right and the best. She rolled towards Kelly and saw a beautiful, no, the most beautiful person she knew. Her skin was blemish free, smooth and her features were soft. She had firm tits with fantasticly long, fat nipples. Her tummy was flat and what Cindy liked best was her hairless balls, cock and pubic area, just as smooth as a babies butt. While she had sucked Kelly's cock the absence of hair was so erotic that she came twice. Kelly also had the greatest legs, she wished her legs were long and that great. Looking at Kelly she decided that it wasn't wrong, it was love, love of a person who gave without wanting.


What Cindy.

I love you Kelly! I have never loved anyone with the conviction that I have for you. I want to be yours completrly Kelly!

Thanks Cindy. I want you completely also. Are you really sure that completely i9s the right word to use?

I believe so Kelly, it feels right laying next to you and you gave me your love.

Well Cindy, you are right, I gave youb love, you took itand ti felt great but my taking has just started. I, if you want my love will take your mind, body and soul, then I will take your dignity. Finally I will take your unconditional servitude to me and for that I will allow you to give back your whole being to me. Do you understand what I just said and do you agree to what I said?

OH Yes Kelly, I understand exactly what you said and I understand what you are requiring of me. Again Kelly, I want to belong to and love you completely and unconditionaly.

Good, if that's what you want from now on there is no turning back!

From now on Cindy you ARE OWNED by me. Your name is now kitty because you remind me with your movements and your sneekiness, a little kitty cat. From this day on when we get home you will remove all clothing, and posture yourself like a cat laying on the floor except your legs will be spread under you so your pussy is open to me at all times. You will always be on all fours while inside. Obey and you will recieve rewards, disobey and you wo;; recieve harsh and immediate punishment. You may speak only when spoken to. Most importantly, you will always address me as "Mistress." Do you agree to these terms Kitty?

Yes Mistress.

Now get on the floor and assume the position. After four tries and several lashes with the crop kitty mastered the proper position.

"Good kitty'! Kelly patted kitty on the head as one would a real pet.

"Meow, Meow"

kitty, what was that for?

Mistress, you said i was like a cat and that's why you called me ikitty. Sionce you do not own a real kitten i shall be your pet.

kitty I can see now what you meant by completely. you shall really be my kitten. Mistress shall have to get you a tail and also get your hair cut. Follow me and we shall prepare for our shopping trip today.

Meow, kitty brushed Mistresses leg with her head and then followed.

You may rise kitty. First they showered, Mistress instructed kitty 9in proper water temp, which body wash and which sponge she liked. So far kitty was learning well and only made minnor mistakes. kitty dried Mistress and herself. Mistress dressed in thong panties, skin tight black leather pants and a white sild blouse and heels. kitty was taught how to dry and do Mistresses hair which was a shinny blonde. Mistress then handed kitty a micro-mini black leather skirt, white crop top, no panties or bra and over the calf heeled boots. kitty, your nipples look good enough to suck and chew on.

Thank You Mistress, this feels great and looks very sexy.

Yes indeed kitty, making men and women want you is what it is all about. One important point, they can't have you unless I say they can. Let's go shopping.

They got in the car and drove to the northern part of downtown where the chic shops were. First to Victoria's Secret where Mistress bought 3 one quarter shelf bras to life kitty's tits up and make her nipples stand out straighter. 3 sets of sheer see through bra and panties. Then they went to a formal dress ship. After looking for awhile Mistress what she wanted. It was a white spagetti strap evening dress with eight inch slits on the sides. Mistress asked a 30'ish clerk for help with filling and alterations. They went into the bacik and kitty was told to undress and put the dress on. kitty stood on the platform as the clerk listened to what Mistress wanted. I want the entire inside layer of material taken out, then I want the slits on the sides lenghtened to reach mid hip and the slit must be made wider. Any problems with that being done. Not a problem, I will have it ready in 3 days. Next the went to the leather shop and purchased skin tight black leather shorts that only covered about 6" of kitty's pubic area, a undersized black leather vest that had 3 metal buttons and very deep V which only hid about 1/2 of kitty's tits. Also Mistress got kitty some leather pants and several revealing silk blouses. Now they headed for a hair salon and Mistress exolained what and how she wanted her "little kitten" to look. An hour later they walked out with kitty looking like a sexy teen.

We are done here kitty, only one more stop. They gathered all the packages and walked to the car. Mistress drove to a store that was named D/s supply. They went inside and kitty had never seen so many things relating to sex and bondage. First Mistress went to the anal section and looked over the plugs that also sported a fine whip coming out of the plug. Look at all these tails kitty, you may speak. Aren't they great!.

Oh Yes Mistress! i like this black one.

Silly kitty. I want your ass tight, not a bottomless hole. Here's one just like it and it's only 1 1/2 " in dia. that will stay in and make your ass very sexy. Thebn they went to the section with collars and Mistress purchased a simple black collar. Mistress talked to the clear and then ordered a black titanium collar the was 1/4 " in dia. a name plate and a 1/2" dia D ring that would be ready in 2 weeks. Well kitty I think it is time to go home, carry these packages.

Yes Mistress.

When they arrived home kitty brought a;; tje [ackages in and placed them in Mistresses bedroom. Then kitty went to the entrance hall, stripped and assumed the correct position and waited. Mistress came and knelt behind kitty and placed the slightly lubed plug at her ass and slowly shoved it in. kitty purred and purred as Mistress teased her. Be a good kitty and move about for Mistress so I can see how it looks. It was so erotic to see the tail moving over kitty's ass cheeks and pussy liops, kitty was purring with excitment. Does your tail make you excited kitty?

Meow, oh yes Mistress. kitty likes being and feeling like your pussy cat.

Good, leave it in and go lay by the sofe.

Meow, kitty was so happy to be Mistresses kitty. Finally kitty felt she was where she belonged and safe, purrrr,purrrr.

To be continued, Pt 3 Modified


2005-11-26 18:25:42
i like it pitty it wasn't a tad longer but good


2004-12-28 15:45:22
good, but short and no action


2004-10-02 08:38:00
very very hot. but lets have kitty's slapped and ass used for $$.

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