New School,New Friends,Old Fears and possibly a Orgy or two for extra credit
Introduction: New School,New Friends,Old Fears and possibly a Orgy or two for

extra credit

Dale and I, Chapter VII Part A

This is a true story about friendship and coming of age. The names were changed. These events took place in the early 1970's.

This is a true story of a friendship that had evolved over 40 years. This is also a tribute and a memorial to my friend, Dale, who passed away a few months ago. I am not a professional writer. I want this story to be three dimensional and not just another suck and fuck story, it will have substance.

I do welcome constructive comments, and thank you to those that have. I would also like to say to those that are voting negatively, my mother once said,”If you cannot say anything good do not say anything at all.” In this case don't bother voting if you are just being negative to be negative.

I also thank everyone for voting and if you really like what I am writing about, tell me so and also VOTE,VOTE,VOTE, preferably positive. I am not a professional writer.

A New School and a New Start:

Dale and I were walking towards our very first day of school. Dale lectures,”Mike, this is junior high school and it is nothing like grammar school.” “Yes I know ,Dale.” ” No I do not think you do” He looked at me with great concern. “OK, fill me in!” “All I am saying is, we have to be different to each other in the presence of the other kids.” “You mean we cannot be our normal affectionate selves!?”, I say sarcastically. “Mike you damn well know what I mean.”” Yes, Dale I do, we have to hit each other in the shoulder as a way of showing our masculine affection towards each other rather than what we do in private, Right.” “Right ,Mike.”, Dale says somewhat dejected.
Karly and Carrey joined us as we walked past their house. “ Hi Mike, Hi Dale “ said Karly and Carrey. “You guys look great in your new clothes.” says Karly. “Thanks Karly, your looking mighty fine to girl,” said Dale. Karly blushed brighter than the lipstick she wore “Hey Carrey, you look great also.” I chimed in. I do not know what it is about two identical blonde twins, the both of them just looked so damned cute together, what a fucking turn on, my sex driven adolescent mind is working at light speed at this moment.
Once we reached the school, the girls hugged and kissed us both, then they turned to each other where they hugged and kissed each other and went in separate directions. They both hollered back,”See you at lunch guys.” Dale and I looked at each other and Dale said,” Mike, was that hot or what?” “ I think I will be sitting down for awhile, my dick is knocking at my zipper and it hurts.” ”Dale, if we play our cards right, those girls and us will be in an orgy in no time flat.” ”Mike what the hell is a orgy!?” asked Dale. “ Simply put Dale, we will all be having sex with each other and you know what ORGY stands for, O means Orgasm, R is for Raunchy, G is for Great and Y because we like it. Dale was laughing his ass of at this point. “Thank you Hef!” Dale said sarcastically.
Dales friends, Bob and Tom walked up to us at this point. “Hi Dale, who's your new friend?” asks Tom. “ This is Mike Snyder, he moved into the Blakes' old house this past summer. “Hi, Guys, Dale has talked a lot about you both.” “ What did he say?” “He has known you since preschool and he said you guys were at camp all summer.” “Hey Mike, aren't you kind of young for junior high?” Bob inquired. “ My buddy, Mike has a genius level IQ and placed higher than anyone in this school district for AP Testing” Dale said defensively. “ Dale, I did not mean anything by that, he is just going to have a harder time as he is smaller than the rest of the student body.” Bob said submissively. “ Well,guys, we are going to have to watch Mike's back, you do not have a problem with that, do you?” “ No Dale we don't “ said Bob and Tom. “ Good I knew I could count on you both, as we are such good friends and Mike is NOW part of our friendship circle.” said the budding Godfather Er, I mean Dale.
At this point we went our separate ways and I went to my first AP algebra class, ah math in the morning, whoopty shit. Then came history and chemistry.
Thank God for lunch, WOW, barf on a bun, beef stroken off, shit on a shingle or an abortion on a shingle, what a choice, ain't this pukealicius, sucking Dales dick would be more nutritious than eating this shit, I thought. My gag reflex was kicking in as I thought about the unpalatable food placed before me. Luckily the girls walked up and gave me a friendly back caress on both sides. “Hi, Mike, where's Dale?” said Karly.” “He should be along any moment”, “How was class for you Carrey” I asked. “ Boring as hell” “How is the boy genius doing”, Carrey asked somewhat sarcastically . “Please do not call me that, it makes me uncomfortable, besides where did you hear that from.”, I pleaded. “ Mike, it is all over the school about you and your AP test scores, your IQ testing results were in the range of 175 and how you tested three grades ahead of the norm, shit, I am fucking dating Albert Einstein junior.” Karly exclaimed. ”Karly, thank you, but I am not Albert Einstein, besides how did you get my test scores?” I asked. “ I am an IWE for the counselors office and you are the talk of the counselors at the moment, you are a hot subject at the moment Mike.”,said Carrey. “ Mike, I am not kidding, they think you are the golden child.”, said Karly. What Dale,Bob,Tom, Karly and Carrey did not know was, all of my life I always wanted to be normal, but that was not to be. I always tried to run from what I was. You see my IQ always intimidated people and pushed me away from normal relationships. It is very lonely when you can out think most people and solve problems that are considered unsolvable. Now my new friends have learned of my secret and I am afraid I will lose them also, before I get a chance to prove to them I am as normal as they are, I just think and reason differently than they do. “ I am as normal as you Karly and Carrey, I just think and reason differently than you do, but I have feelings and emotions and yes I want to be normal, not different.” I said. “ We are sorry if we made you feel out of place”, said Karly and Carrey. Dale never made it to lunch.
The warning bell rang for fifth period. I tossed my barfalicious lunch in the trash, I kissed both girls goodbye and I took off for my AP Physics class.
I got there late as I needed to stop and take a shit, which turned into a marathon diarrhea session. As I walked through the door I was greeted by Mr Ross. “Mr Snyder, I do not tolerate tardiness.”, Mr Ross said with a condescensional tone in his voice.” I am sorry sir, but nature called, and in all honesty, your food in your cafeteria gave me diarrhea.” The class burst out laughing. ”Class be quiet, Mr. Snyder are you a class clown” “ No sir I am not I just stated a fact” “ Well Mr Snyder, then you must be a smart ass” “ No sir I am not, I am just here to learn something about the physical world by way of mathematics.” “ Well then, Mr Snyder, we were talking about the atom, what do you know about it?” “Well, Mr Ross, which model do you want to discuss, the classical view or quantum mechanical view also known as the Bohr model.” Well, Mr Snyder, since you are so well versed, lets talk classical first.” “The basic's are that the atom itself is comprised of electrons,neutrons and protons. The core or nucleus of the atom is made up of protons and neutrons, the electron circle's the atom in a elliptical pattern. The atom itself is held together with meson particles, thought to be atomic glue, but those are predicted in the quantum mechanical theory laid down by Dr. Niels Bohr,if I may go off on a tangent, Mr Ross.” I presented my knowledge before the class.” Mr. Snyder, quite impressive, what are you looking to do in life?” “I was thinking maybe a Nuclear Physicist, Mr Ross.” “ How fitting,Mr Snyder, did you know your IQ was measured at 10 points higher than Albert Einstein?” “ Yes, Mr. Ross I do,but I think of myself as an average guy.”” Mr. Snyder, you are impressive and anything but average, but do not think for one minute I will let you get by with any bullshit in my class, you got me young man.” “ I would have it no other way sir and I grok you, Mr Ross” “ Thank you, Mr Snyder, for the quote from a “Stranger in a Strange Land”, it is good to know someone has literary acumen, beyond mathematical skills.” OK, class, My Snyder has laid the ground work for your first assignment, I want a paper from all of you on the comparison of the classical model verses the Bohr model of the atom and how they differ, the paper is due next Monday, class dismissed. “Mr Snyder , hold back for a moment?” Mr Ross's tone towards me changed completely at this moment. “ Mike, You have a gift, one that one day will change the world, I can feel it and I want to help you get there, you are not anything like the rest of the students, yes they are of average intelligence and yes they will do well in life, but you are different.” “ Think about what I am telling you, OK” “ I will Mr. Ross.” He wrote me a hall pass for my next class. Now onto English Lit. ( taught by a pompous twit, no less). Well I made it through metal shop, now that is visceral and actually I was interested in all the finer points of industrial arts. Luckily, Dale was also in my class.

The last class of the day was gym and Dale is in my gym class, Yippee, I get to see him naked, high light of my day ( must remember, look but no touch, at least at school). I grabbed my gym bag out of my locker. I went to the locker room to change, Dale showed up, stripping his clothes off on the way to his locker. “Dale, what's going on?” “I will tell you later, after class, OK Mike?” “Ya, OK.” As I got up to leave for the pool,I looked around and no one was left in the locker room, I reached over and gave Dale a little stroke of the dick, he returned the favor with a firm butt cheek stroke. He looked over at me and smiled. I quickly got going to the pool and Dale was right behind me. I signed up for the swim team and so did Dale. “ Ozisky and Snyder, your up next, I want you both to lap the pool and I am going to time you both.”, said Coach. The school had two Olympic sized pools side by side, the girl's swim class was at the same time as the guys swim class, they used one pool, we used the other. Karly and Carrey had also signed up for the girls swim team and as luck would have it, they were next to us in the adjacent pool. Dale and I finished in a dead heat and we did it in record time according to the Coach. We made the team. We heard the girls screams and seen the hugs, They made the girls swim team also. “ Boys, you are the quickest I have seen in years in the water, who was your teacher, I would like to meet him or her?” We looked up at him as we were still in the pool and said, ”The “Y”” with big shit eating grins on our faces. “ Your shitting me, right?”, “No sir, we swam at the “Y” all summer, we continuously lapped the pool and used the weight room to build up our bodies.”, Dale and I said in unison. “ Well, boys, I think you are going to take us to state this year. Dale and I congratulated each other, with a slap on the back and a punch on the shoulder( nothing like being hypocrites, right?). The girls came over and hugged us and congratulated us and we congratulated them as well. Dale and I kissed them both. The coaches frowned at all of us,but we did not give a shit. We got pulled into the coaches office, after practice and given a talking to about inappropriate behavior. Dale and I told both coach's, Karly and Carrey are our girlfriends and as long as they are, we are going to hug and kiss them in public, and if they did not like it, we will quit right now, the coaches saw that we were serious and we meant what we said, they backed off on us. We told them we did not care if they liked it or not. Karly and Carrey were waiting for us outside the coach's office. “ Well what happened?” asked Karly. “ The coach's did not like that we got so affectionate with you.” “ Your kidding right” asked Carrey. “No, Mike is dead serious, Carrey”, Dale interjected. “ We basically told them as long as you were our girlfriends, we are going to hug and kiss you in public and did not give a shit if the coaching staff did not like it, end of story.” I said. “ Well, Mike did not tell you everything, we both threatened to quit, if they did not back off.”” You guys would have quit for us?”,Carrey asked.”Yes we would because Dale and I, both are in love with you two” I explained. “ Holy shit, you are not kidding are you?”” No we are not kidding.” At that moment Dale and I committed to Karly and Carrey to be their official boyfriends. Karly and Carrey walked up to each of us and kissed us both, this time though it was a deep and passionate kiss, that included our tongues intermingling. (though we were in love with both of them and that was going to be that way until we finished college. I ultimately married Karly after grad school and Dale married Carrey after he completed his residency and internship at Johns -Hopkins but I am getting ahead of myself here again.) Karly asked if they could be our study partners and we enthusiastically said,”Yes”. I think in our adolescent brains we heard sex partners, as that is what we were always thinking about anyway.
I called mom at the restaurant and asked if it was OK to have Dale, Karly and Carrey over for group study. She said it was ok and she was sending food over to the house, as she was working late at the restaurant. The food arrived and we setup the spread, which smelt and looked fantastic. But Italian food is always a favorite. It was a smorgasbord of all kinds of Italian food. I called my mom and we in chorus said thank you very much to my mom. She talked about that one event for years and it always brought a smile to her face.
Ah, cute blonde's and garlic, not even a vampire could resist that.”We can study in the living room or we can study in my bedroom, the difference is my room has a long desk and a king size bed we can comfortably spread our books out on and ourselves”, I said. “ I vote for the bedroom”, said Karly,”I vote for the living room “,said Carrey. “ I vote for the bedroom “,said Dale. “ Well the bedroom wins”, I said with subdued optimism. “Come on little insolent one”, said Karly to Carrey. As we spread out across my bed I paired off with Karly and Dale paired off with Carrey. I did not need study partners, but it was a great way for us to be with the girls a lot more than we would otherwise. Karly is in my AP Physics class, she was having trouble with some of the concepts of time relating to matter in four dimensional( time being one of those dimensions) space. As I explained, how matter moved thru time, that it actually becomes liquid at the speed of light and returns to a solid as it drops below the speed of light, Karly looked deeply into my eye's and said,” Mike, how do you understand this and explain it so simply?” “I do not know I just do.”, I responded. Dale was helping Carrey understand polynomial theory and quadratic equations. Carrey gave Karly a knowing glance and Karly looked at both Dale and I and said.

“Guys, Carrey and I have something we need to tell you and show you, OK?” “Ya sure, everything is cool, we are Ok with anything you want to share.”, Dale and I said. Karly leaned over to Carrey and kissed her passionately on the lips, then stopped, looked over at both Dale and I and said,” Carrey and I have a very special relationship that goes beyond being siblings, we learned early on that we enjoy each other sexually and are each others lover.” “Now that you know our secret, does this bother either of you?” At this point Dale and I both were sporting wood and could not conceal it. “Well Karly, we sort of knew you two were very close and that has always been evident, we never thought though you two were involved in an incestuous relationship.” I said. “ With that said, do you think you both will not have jealousy issue's now that we are apart of your lives?” “Our relationship with you both is very complicated, in that both of you are our girlfriends.” “ In all honesty, it is a real turn on watching you two make out.” said Dale. “ We can see that is very self evident.” said Karly and Carrey in unison. “I guess what we are asking of you , Karly and Carrey, are you ready to share yourselves totally with Dale and I?” I sort of interrogated them. Karly answered thoughtfully,” We both want to experience you and Dale both, that way we all can decide who we want to be with in the end.”

I looked over at Dale and gave him the same knowing glance, but asked him, “Should we show and tell them now or wait?” “Show and tell us what?”, asked Karly and Carrey. ”We have a secret as well and you deserve to know what it is going forward and it will also help you make your decisions about your involvement with us, its only fair” “ Ok, guys spill it “, Karly commanded.
Dale leaned into me and passionately kissed me in front of the stunned eye's of Karly and Carrey. “ Guys if this your way of making a joke about me and Carrey it is not funny at all “, said a pissed off Karly. “ Or are you serious?”, Karly asked impishly. I then unzipped Dales zipper and extracted his swollen cock and sucked him off, to prove we were not joking and were very serious about exposing our secret to them. “Oh, Shit you are serious!?” “ Holy Shit your both gay, but you girls, us, r..right, is that possible?” stuttered and stammered Karly. I looked up at Karly with Dale's cum all over my grinning face and said,” Dale and I are Bi-Sexual, we like each other, but also like girls as well.” “ So let us get this straight, you and Dale love each other and you and Dale love us, Karly and Carrey, that makes you Bi-Sexual, Carrey and I love each other and we love you, Dale and Mike, that makes me and Carrey Bi-Sexual also, OH SHIT THIS IS COMPLICATED!!” Karly and Carrey said sounding very confused.” Its not complicated if you drop all the labels and understand we all love each other and the experiences we have and will have together will be priceless, what we have together is what no one else in the world has, infinite possibilities in a relationship with the four of us together.
“ Mike, what does Dale's cum taste like?” asked Karly. She leaned into me and said,” I have a better idea.” She licked the remaining cum from my face, like a hungry kitty laps milk. “ Mmmm, salty and somewhat sweet, very tasty.” Karly, sounding satiated.”Mike, you teach me about physics, will you teach how to give a blow job and what does that mean anyway?” “Only if you teach me how to eat pussy, deal?” “ Deal!”,said Karly enthusiastically. Karly reached down to my zipper and slid it down its full length.”Here let me make me more accessible to you.”, I kicked my shoes off, then I slid my jeans completely off along with my underwear. There I was completely naked from the waist down with my first girlfriend eyeballing my tumescent cock. “ Mike, can I touch your cock, please”, Karly begged.” OK, but be gentle as it is really sensitive right now.”, I warned her. She gently reached and wrapped her hand around my turgid pecker.” Wow, this is the first time I have ever touched a guys cock, its warm and firm yet soft.”, Karly mused. “ Mike can I feel all of you, please?” “Karly just be gentle and you can explore every inch of my cock and balls.” Karly gently ran her hands over the length of my member, stopping to press and observe the response of my cock to her exploratory touch. Karly ran her finger tips over the surface of my taught scrotum. Her hands are so soft and just her touch brings me closer to the edge of no return orgasmically. She gently ran her finger tips over the head, stopping along the ridge of the head of my cock.”AHHH SHIT Karly, that is fucking amazing.”, as I squirmed under her loving touch. Dale and Carrey are transfixed on what is happening in their presence. Her gentle touch has extended to caressing my balls.” OH SHIT KARLY, I going to cum, watch out sweetie.
Karly engulfed my cock head, just as the torrent was released. I squirted into her mouth, but she just let it roll down the sides of my cock and down my balls. I did not complain, but did complement her on her great oral technique,” Karly, you did great for your first time!” I exclaimed. At that she licked the cum off my cock and balls to my amazement. Just one question, ” Why not just swallow it when it first came out?” “ Because I liked the feeling of it hitting the back of my throat and wanted to snack on it later” she said giving a timid smile. I could tell this was the one I wanted as she was very different. “ OK, Mike, now its my turn to get licked!”, exclaimed Karly, with a big shit eating grin on her face. Karly kicked off her shoe's, unbuttoned her blouse, and tossed it along with her bra, then she jumped off the bed and shimmied out of her blue jeans and pink panties. What stood before me was a beautiful blonde, with a gorgeous figure, “A” size breasts, thighs that were just taking shape, a heart shaped ass and a very thin thatch of blonde pubic hair. Karly was my adolescent female dream come true. “What do think, Mike?”” I am going to pass out from blood flow” I said in my typical smartass tone. “ Not you, ME,SHITHEAD!!”,screamed Karly. “Your absolutely gorgeous, you are my female dream come true!!” I screamed. Karly blushed from head to toe. “Come over here and sit down next to me.” She walked over slowly and sat back down on the bed, next to me. I leaned in and kissed her lips and we made out that way for awhile, but I got impatient and started kissing her neck, then kissed between her breasts and then each of her nipples. Her breast were so soft and succulent. I gently squeezed them. “ Oh Shit Mike this is fantastic, keep doing what you are doing because it feels so good and so right.” moaned Karly as I advanced. I gently pushed her backwards onto the bed. I was kissing her stomach and exploring its soft yet firmness. I french kissed her belly button, which elicited a loud,” OH FUCK YES.” As I progressed so did her want and acceptance of my love making to her. “Keep going, Mike, you are are doing it so right!!” screamed Karly. I moved slowly to her pubic mound and kissed and licked her sparsely populated zone. I gently and loving ly parted her legs and crawled in between to gain a view of my first pussy. It was truly a work of art and engineering in my eye's. Karly looked down and asked,” Well, what do you think?” ” It is truly beautiful and a work of art, it reminds me of a rose” “Is it OK if I touch it?”, I asked.” Yes I want you to explore it and take your time!!” ,Karly exclaimed. I gently kissed her outer lips and Karly quivered at my kiss. I could not believe how soft they were to my advances. My hands were shaking as I was really nervous. I slowly parted her outer lips to gain a better view of her inner genitals. Her inner lips were bright pink and moist to the touch. Karly's ass quivered and squirmed as I touched every part of her glorious pussy. Karly pointed to her clitoris and showed me how to retract her hood. I instinctively leaned in and gently kissed my first clitoris, which elicited another loud moan of approval from Karly. I then gently licked and kissed every inch of that beautiful pussy. I even stuck my tongue into her virgin vagina. She really tasted sweet and or salty, but overall she tasted great and smelt beautiful. Karly started to instruct me where she liked being licked and gave me feedback as I progressed. I licked her from her asshole to the top of her pubic mound. “ I am coming Mike” Karly screamed. As she did she filled my mouth with her glorious sweet nectar. I lapped and licked as she came and came and came. Her whole body shook violently. I instinctively moved up to her and held in my arms. “Mike, this was your first time with a girl, wasn't it?”, Karly asked. “ Yes it was.”, I said. “Mike, you did really good, actually outstandingly good!?” Karly said with some suspicion in her voice. “Mike, how is it you were sooo good the first time??” , Karly asked again. “ I have fantasized about it a lot and dreamed about it as well, I knew always what I would do, but never found the right girl to do it with, now I have, so I let the pervert loose from inside.” I told Karly, ”shish” and I gently kissed her wonderfully soft lips.

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love it!! keep going


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Dale and I remained friends for life, and he saved my life again in our later years. I owed him a debt I could not repay. As I said Dale and I married our first girlfriends and had families. Though Dale and I were lover's occasionally as we got older, we never lived together.

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All I can say is I thought it was a great story. I am sorry for the lose of your life partner. I wish I had such a good friendship when I grew up.


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PleeeeeassssssssssE make part B!!!!!!!!


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Seeing as how the readers are losing interest in the story ( a precipatice drop in readership ), I am not writing part B or I will post it to a different site. As I have also seen, people are leaving nasty and rude comments, I do not need it or want it. I appreciate the positive feedback and even the criticisms.

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