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It was late on a Friday and I was going to go home. I decided to take a few laps in the school pool before I left, just to relax. I thought I was the only one in the pool, untill i heard a mans voice. I was shocked at first, until I realized it was just the football coach, Coach Spence.

I knew Coach Spence, his wife was the cheerleading squad leader, and Spence himself was my boyfriend, David's, Coach as well. I knew him so well he let me call him Spence, and none of his football players were allowed to, I guess I was special. I still remember the conversation we had that day.

"Hey Casey, do you mind if I join you for a swim? It's kind of hot out and I was hoping to cool off before I went home."
"No Spence, I don't mind at all. The pools big enough for two I'm sure."

So that was that, he joined me in the pool to "cool off". I got out of the pool and dove in. Once I reached the surface, my life changed. Spence was right over top of me and almost forced me back under, I had few choices of where to go, considering I was coming up by the side of the pool. He played it off as though it were an accident, so I decided not to say anything, but the atmosphire changed quickly. I felt his hands push me back against the side of the pool. I looked at him and asked him "Spence, is something wrong? Are you okay?"

He just stared at me through hungary eyes while he spoke "You know you've always turned me on. You know I control how well your boyfriend does on my football team, you wouldn't want to ruin that for him would you? You've turned me on since the day I first laid eyes on you. Everyone knows you've fucked David, so whats the harm in letting me in on it? He doesnt have to know."

By now I was in a panic. I was ready to scream, but no one would have heard me. I tried to push him away, but he pushed back harder. I was having a hard time staying above water, we were in a spot thats about six feet deep, he was around 6'5", so he could stand easily. He then spoke the words I had been afraid of hearing.

"You know I'm going to get it one way or another, and if I have to force you I will. No one will believe you. We're in a pool, and the evidence will be washed away I assure you. So is it going to be the easy way, or the hard way?"

I stared at him not believing. I tried pushing him away from me, all I could manage to say was "Spence you can't do this".

I hadn't realized how powerful he was untill he held me against the pool wall and ripped my bikini bottoms off of me. He then pushed my bikini top up and grabbed my thighs. While looking me right in the eyes he said to me "You had your chance." He then pulled his cock out of his shorts. It was the only one I'd ever seen that big. It was about 9" and about 3" around. My boyfriends not that big, but his 8" is nothing to be ashamed of, no, I hadn't slept with him, but who ever said my mouth was a virgin?

Anyway, before I could let out a scream for help, he shoved the head of his cock into my virgin pussy. I begged for him to stop, but he forced his mouth over mine, and shoved his tongue into my mouth, not allowing me to scream. I began crying from the pain of having such a massive cock inside my until-now virgin pussy. He held me against the wall hard as he slid the rest of his cock into my unwilling pussy. After he had all of his cock inside of me, he pulled it out and grabbed my shoulders, I had no idea what he was doing. He looked me in the eye and said "I've taken your virginity havent I? You dirty slut. I'm going to teach you what it is to be a real whore."

With that he turned me around and put his hand over my mouth. With his free hand he shoved me back against the wall and again parted my legs slightly. I was crying so hard now it was almost impossible for me to see. I felt him rubbing the head of his cock up and down along my ass. I started squirming, trying to change his mind, but that wasn't going to happen. I felt the tip of his cock exploring around my asshole, and I felt unbearable pain as he slid the tip of his cock into my virgin ass. I was almost to the point of passing out from the pain, until he whispered to me "You're such a good whore, a few minutes in your ass and I'm going to cum."

I was afraid of how much pain he would cause by doing this, so I started screaming through his hand. This encouraged him more, because after the first two screams I felt him force all of his thick hard cock up my ass, moving it in and out fast untill I heard him grunting and moaning with pleasure. I realized he was really going to cum in my ass. After all of his cock was lodged up my ass I felt the first shot of hot cum in my tight ass, it hurt to have all of his cock up my ass, but I couldn't describe what it felt like to have him shooting his cum up my ass. It was a mix between pain and pleasure. Pain because something huge was in my until-recent virgin ass, and pleasure because I knew he was finished.


2017-03-13 04:23:05
super good, would have liked more detail dealing with the water, but over all great scene


2012-09-14 03:12:52
Oh I loved this, made my panties all wet. Going to go read the rest of your stories now.

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2011-09-18 15:25:04
Filnlay! This is just what I was looking for.


2011-09-04 21:08:28
Loved your story, so hot


2011-09-04 21:08:14
Loved your story, so hot

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