My ex girlfriend and I's adventures with each other..
It started when I was in cadets. I love cadets for the few years I was in it, even if it was geeky, but I love flying and being on the range team. I was still very shy during those years, so for the most part I had no friends. But when I was in level 3, I made friends with a girl in my class, and for a few months, we sat together. The room we used wasn’t very big, and there were only about 6 or 7 level threes, so everyone knew everyone easily. I sat beside Celia for a few months, and for some reason, I was getting feelings towards her like I never had. We were texting each other the one night, and talking about random things, when I realized what I had subconsciously been denying.

We talked and I told her I had something to say, but that I was really nervous about it, that I didn’t know what she’d say. I told her I liked her, and that I had never liked a girl before. She replied telling me she was bi, and that she had started to take an interest in me, but didn’t want to say anything because I seemed so innocent at the time. For the most part, I was innocent then. I had already lost my virginity, but to someone I regretted, and it wasn’t fun at all. But the problem with all this was... Well I had a boyfriend when I admitted this to her.

I decided I wanted to be with her more, that it might be an experience. That night she had to go somewhere, so she had to stop texting me. I thought about what to do about Dane, about how I could break it off with him. I decided I’d just go talk to him, so I went downstairs. That was the good thing about living in the same apartment building as him, I could go down anytime, and his mom adored me. When I got downstairs, he wasn’t home so I asked Brenda for a piece of paper and pen. She didn’t care, but she had no idea what was going on.

I wrote the note telling Dane that I was really sorry, but I discovered I liked a girl, and that I really wanted to try things out with her. Then I left it in his room, and walked back to my place. I didn’t see him for a few days after that because I was busy, and I was glad in a way. I didn’t want to face him. But enough about that, the exciting part is what happened a few months later when I had moved into my current place.

A few months later, November.

Celia was over for the night, and we were sleeping on the pull out couch in the basement. It was late, and my guardian had already gone to bed. We were lying in bed talking, and then eventually making out. I moved to lie on top of her, and I had my hands above her head. What she didn’t know was that I was tying a ribbon to the metal there. When I grabbed her wrist, she didn’t think anything of it and continued kissing me. Soon after, her wrists were tied; she gasped and pulled at the ribbons. I backed up and admired my work with a small grin on my face. Her eyes widened and she began panicking. “I’ve never done anything. What are you doing?! I’m still a virgin!” She said to me.

My grinned just widened and I leaned down to fondle her breasts. I wrapped my hands around her DD’s and squeezed gently, then lowered my head to lick her nipples. She sucked her breath in really quickly at the feeling, no one had ever done this to her before. I licked and sucked on her nipples until they were hard and sticking up at me begging for more attention. I smiled again at my work and traced my hands along her inner thighs. My eyes drifted down and my hands began to tug at the waist of her pants. Her face was half panicked half lust when I looked back at her.

Oh boy was I having fun with this girl. I slowly slid her pants down taking my time, then again with her panties. I wanted to make her wait for this, to want it so bad my one touch could send her over the edge instantly. By the time I got there, it nearly did. I traced lines along her inner thighs again, making her shiver with anticipation. She surprised herself with how load her moan was when the tip of my tongue touched her clit. I just smiled and stuck my tongue back out to lick her juicy clit. By the time I stuck my index finger inside her, she was soaking wet.

Once again she surprised herself with her moan. I just continued sucking her clit and fingering her wet hole. Not long after finger fucking her, she started gripping my fingers and breathing harder. I could tell she was close to cumming so I just sucked her clit even more and stroked her g-spot. Her back arched a bit as she came, and I lifted my head to watch my work. Her breathing was ragged as she settled down and her body began to shake with aftershocks. I laid down beside her, kissed her, then cuddled into her. I didn’t want anything in return, which was good because she had no idea what to do, and was too exhausted to think straight anyways. We fell asleep together, happy from the night.

Time flew by and Celia and I had been on and off for a year. She had gotten over her shyness and pleasured me in return now and sometimes it could last hours taking turns with each other, giving us time to breathe. It was nearing July again so we started making birthday plans for her. We had a few conversations about how she lost her virginity to me, a girl, first before any other person, and how funny it was. But later, she got the courage up to talk to me about getting with a guy, with my permission of course so it wasn’t cheating. I said yeah it was fine, as long as I at least had a name and some knowledge of who he was.

She agreed with all of my conditions, and soon she came back with an idea. She wanted her best friend Johnathan because she trusted him and I had already met him briefly a few times. I agreed, but I had wanted to know how this was going to work out, and I wanted to know when it was going to happen. Her response was something along the lines of: “Well actually we were thinking about my birthday... You know, having a small party just the three of us. My uncle used to live in a small cabin in our yard, just a room with a loveseat, tv and bed. We could use there and just play video games and stuff. That is...if you’d want to. It’s up to you, I don’t want to push you into anything you don’t want to do, but at least this way, you’d be there to make sure things went okay.” I was a little bit leery on the idea, so I told her I’d get back to her.

It took me a few days to think about it with a few days of her trying to convince me that nothing good could come of this. Eventually I agreed with her, and we began to plan out details of how the night would happen. I really wasn’t sure about this, but I went along with it to make her happy.

A month later

It was birthday night, hooray for me. I was super nervous about the night, and I really wasn’t sure about this. From what Celia had been saying in her text, Johnathan was there before me. It was near 7 or so by the time I got there, and as we descended the stairs she told me he was already there, in her room. I walked in the room with her nervous and shaking. I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t want to face him since he was going to be a part of it.

I stood awkwardly in the middle of the room trying to look anywhere but either of their faces. Johnathan just kind of looked at me for a minute before he spoke. “Come here,” he said, “I want to cuddle you. I don’t want this to be strictly sex, it won’t feel right.” I just looked at him with a funny expression and hesitantly walked to the bed to sit next to him. He put his arms around me and I just looked at Celia with a questioning look. She just nodded back at me, looks like I was stuck.

The night went on and we were all in the cabin drinking. I was plastered by the time we decided to play Nintendo 64. Those two decided that we were going to play “strip Mario Kart”, not listening to my protests. Turns out, this was their plan the entire time. We played a few rounds and I could barely make it past the finish line each time with my blurry vision and bad coordination from the alcohol. So it’s safe to say that I was the first naked. I was drunk and couldn’t process things as well or as fast, compared to them who were still just buzzed. A look passed between them and I just stared confused.

Celia nodded her head, and then all I knew was I was tackled to the ground from my sitting position. Johnathan had started kissing me with so much lust. My senses were heightened from the alcohol in my system, so I moaned the second his mouth wrapped around my nipple. His hand moved down to my now wet mound and I lifted my hips to meet his hand. I broke the kiss as much as I could to look at Celia. I wanted her to get something too, not all me.

She just smiled and shook her head. I wanted her to get some pleasure too, why was I getting it all right now? I told Mike to stop what he was doing, and asked Celia to move up by me. I laid her down and took her pants off in one smooth motion. She gasped as the chilly air brushed her already wet clit. I bent down and began to lick her furiously. I went at it for a few seconds before I felt Johnathan’s hands grab my hips. I shuddered as I felt him push into me, which made me suck and lick Celia more. Once he was fully in me, he began thrusting at a slow but steady pace. We were all moaning by then, wanting release so bad.

Celia was the first to reach her orgasm with me licking and sucking for all it was worth. She squealed a bit as her orgasm was slowing down, her body shaking and her breathing heavy. Johnathan was the next to reach his orgasm. I felt him stiffen up and hold my hips a little tighter as he spurted his sperm into the condom I made him wear. Once he was done and his breathing heavy also, he pulled out. I was disappointed but didn’t say anything. I didn’t need to be let down though, because not a few seconds after pulling out, he stuck his fingers in me so I could get off too. I had already been close so the second he rubbed my g-spot I began cumming. When he was done pleasuring me, Johnathan went to lie down on his side of the bed. Celia lay there beside him, STILL breathing heavy. Because I was drunk, I wasn’t done yet. He had already pulled his pants back on, and was now laying on his back with his eyes closed and hands on his chest. I crawled over and unbuttoned his pants, then I pulled the zipper down with his teeth. “What are you doing? I thought we were done for tonight” He said to me. I just giggled and pulled his pants and boxers down enough so I could get to his cock.

Celia got up and went to grab something while I worked away at sucking his dick, wanting as much of it as I could get. She came back with a game controller in her hand and smiled down at Mike. He had a confused look on his face, but it quickly disappeared as I licked the top of his head with my tiny tongue. She grabbed his shirt from beside him and used it as a blindfold. He was trying to fight it, wasn’t too impressed with it, but we told him to just go along with it, so he did. Then he started to panic when Celia began tying his hands with the controller. I just licked and sucked him more to get him to concentrate on that instead, I didn’t care what she was doing.

Once he was tied and blindfolded, we took turns sucking him off, which he seemed to like very much coming from the sounds he was making. He continued like this for awhile, until Celia decided she really wanted to get her virginity to a guy lost now. We untied him and he placed himself and her entrance. I watched mesmerized by it as he sank himself deeper into her. As he fucked her, I played with her boobs and occasionally made out with her. Not much time after I couldn’t stop myself and I began to rub my clit fast. I lay down beside Celia and fingered myself.

As Johnathan was fucking her, he reached over and began to finger me instead. I was happy with the change, because it felt better to have someone else do it for me. This time, I was the first to cum. This seemed to arouse Johnathan more, so he pumped her faster. It didn’t take long before he came again, exhausted, collapsing on the floor beside us. I finished Celia off with my fingers then leaned in and kissed her. By the time all this was over, we were all spent and tired as fuck. Johnathan Curled up in his sleeping bag beside our mattress, I curled up in Celia’s arms, and we all fell asleep quickly to the sound of our own breathing.


2012-12-05 03:12:04
dam thats awesome wish i had friends like that any girls wanna come over and play strip call of duty? ;)

anonymous readerReport

2012-05-10 11:22:19
Sounded like you are from Newfoundland. References to Level 3 in highschool, plastered, and a few other phrases had a Newfie feel to them. Great story, would liked more details like how hairy the pussies were, or were they shaved, more details about your shape, did buddy use a rubber with Cecile like he did with you or did he cum inside of her?

Other than that, this story had a certain authenticity to it that I think actually did happen. The frig up with Mike being put in there says that it actually did happen.

I'd like to read more from you.

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2011-12-12 16:12:17
this was awesome.. please tell us more..


2011-08-25 18:06:06
Sorry i tried to change the names, but i guess i forgot a few places. Thnx for pointing it out

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2011-08-25 07:50:40
the name mike was thrown in there.

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