*Part II*
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(continuation after Part I)

So there I was, on the laundry room floor, a teenager, with my pussy getting licked out by my dog and my C-cup tits completely exposed, and being watched by my father! It was like I was out of my mind, and all I wanted was to be dirty and to be watched and to cum!! I started to feel like I was getting very close to the big “O”, and my daddy’s gaze was like a heat laser, focused directly on my clit! I was seconds away from climaxing and for some reason I wanted to vocalize it! Almost to my own horror, and also to my own pleasure, I felt my dog’s tongue bring me over the edge, and I heard myself saying “I’m cumming!”, in a quiet voice, but it was also a voice that even I didn’t almost recognize! I wanted to announce it!! The orgasm ROCKED me, it was so intense!! It lasted at LEAST 20 seconds… 20 seconds I’ll never forget! It was SO strong, and I know at that point I wasn’t really in control of my own body, it had just taken over!

Finally, the orgasm subsided, and there I was, still on the laundry room floor with my dog still lapping at my totally oozing puss. I sort of “woke up”, realized I was being incredibly lewd and the word “inappropriate” kept popping into my head. I realized my dad was there! I mean, I knew he was there, but all of a sudden, it felt like I was back to “normal” and oh-my-God-my-dad-just-saw-this!!

I was afraid to look at him, but I did. He had been rubbing his crotch, and when I made eye-contact with him, he gave me this weird smile, and gave his crotch an extra hard rub, like he wanted it to be obvious. Then he turned around and walked out, apparently abandoning his need to use the bathroom.

Once he left, I sat there on the floor for a minute, trying to figure out the consequences of what I had just done! I sat there for what felt like an hour, but it was probably only a few minutes. Finally, I pushed Corky away, good and hard. This time I meant it. I stood up, on shaky legs, and Corky went straight to something on the floor, which I realized was a puddle of liquid that was comprised of my own pussy juice and his saliva. He lapped at it, and I left him so I could use the bathroom and try to clean myself up.

I ran a washcloth under warm water and wiped my pussy with it, cleaning up. I truly felt disgusted with myself, and what I had done! How could I ever look at Daddy again??! I mean, I didn’t even try to hide myself from him! It wasn’t like I was a little baby and he changed my diaper. He saw my naked body, my tits and my cunt in a very sexual way! Doing very obscene things! With a DOG no less!!

I stayed in the bathroom for a while, afraid to leave, but finally just decided to make a break for it and get to my bedroom to go to bed. On the way to my bedroom, I passed Daddy (briefly) in the family room, again in front of his computer. I didn’t look long, but I could see that he was clearly pumping his cock in front of his computer. Oh God, what have I done?!!

I got into bed, but there was no chance of sleep for me. I was in anguish over it all, and all I did was toss and turn. All I could think of was having to face my father the next day.

I was still wide awake at 3 am, and that’s when I heard/saw my bedroom door open.
I pretended I was asleep as my dad walked in. More like staggered… he was completely shit-faced drunk! When he walked in he lost his balance a little and careened into my closet door, making a huge bang! If I had truly been asleep it TOTALLY would have woken me up, but my plan was just to pretend to be asleep and hope he would go away.

But going away was not in his plans.

He walked, no stumbled over to my bed and stood next to it. I had my eyes closed (pretending to sleep), and I heard him and knew he was right next to the bed. A few minutes went by and I didn’t hear anything, and I thought maybe he had left! But I squinted my eyes open, figuring it was dark and he wouldn’t see me doing that if he was, in fact, still there. He was still there, right next to my bed, and his pants were, again, down around his ankles, and his hand was rubbing his penis, which I could tell was very hard. I closed my eyes tightly, but I couldn’t shut out his breathing, which was very hard, and I heard the words he was whispering. I’m not sure exactly what he said, it was slurred, but I heard “Tits”…”Sloppy cunt”… “Whore”… “Fuck”… I thought I even heard the word “piss”, but I wasn’t sure about that. Why would someone say “piss” when they’re jerking off??

I laid there, frozen and afraid to move. After a few minutes of vulgar talk and playing with his cock, he sat down on the side of my bed, and his weight on the mattress made my body turn and roll towards him. I didn’t want to let my body touch him, but if I had stopped it it would have been obvious that I was awake. So I forced my body to relax. If that meant that my pelvis was leaning on his hip, how could I not let that happen?

So I had been rolled onto my right side. I could smell daddy’s vodka breath permeating the room, and his breathing was so loud and every now and then he’d make a noise, like a groan, or a moan, or something. Then to my complete shock, he put his hand on my left tit! I was on my right side, so my left tit was the higher one and hung down in a very full way. He grabbed it a squeezed it through my t-shirt, and I vowed strongly to maintain that I was asleep! I wanted to give him no reaction, although he squeezed pretty hard and it kind of hurt! Then he pulled my tit out into full view, not by pulling my shirt up, but by pulling my tit out through the neck of my shirt! He yanked down the neckline of my tee and reached in and just pulled my tit out through the top! The tee stretched a bit from his yanking, but not completely, because after he did that my breast was sticking out at a weird angle, like pointing at him!

I heard him say “Oh, fuck yeah, FUCK!!” Then he adjusted his position and I felt his mouth on my nipple. Daddy was sucking on my left tit!!! He didn’t just lick, either! He sucked hard and sucked my nipple, areola and part of my actual breast flesh into his mouth. It struck me that maybe he thought if he sucked hard enough he’d get some milk out of his own daughter’s breast. He licked and sucked on it so hard, and it made more noise than when my dog was lapping at my pussy!

After that I don’t think he cared anymore if I was awake or not. I continued to pretend I was asleep, which really meant that he could do whatever he wanted with me.

He finally stopped sucking on my tit, but used his hand to cup it and lift it up and drop it. My tit fell and jiggled and bounced, and then he did it again, and again. He seemed to love watching it sway and bounce. He did that for a while, but then I guess he wanted more, so he started to slap it! He slapped my left tit, hard!! I felt it and heard the slaps, and each time I knew my tit was swaying and moving a LOT! At one point I felt my nipple brush past my own mouth. He smacked it so much I started to think he might get off just slapping it! I was sure my tit was bright red from how he was handling it. How could my own daddy do this?!!

Then he grabbed my nipple with 2 fingers and pulled it up to my own mouth. He stretched it as much as he could and rubbed it on my lips, pushing it as far as he could in my mouth. I heard him say “Suck your tit, slut”, then he spit on the tip of my nipple and rubbed it over my lips.

I really just wanted to sleep and move past all of this, but then I felt his hand in another place….

(to be continued….)

(Seriously, stay tuned; I’m just getting started…)

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2013-06-21 10:18:33
Super duper sexy!! I just can't control my self!

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2013-02-27 22:27:24
Hi Val,Thanks for visiting my site and for the kind words! I've tohguht the same thing about the apple tree and it does happen to be covered in blossom at the moment. The first bumblebees seemed to come into the box a bit before the blossom bloomed but obviously there were already buds in the tree. The Blue Tits actually enjoyed pecking at the buds and would hop around the tree trying to get something out of them not sure what! We've noticed quite a few bumblebees in the garden this year so that probably hasn't helped. It's been a few days since a bee has visited the box now not sure if they are the reason the nest was abandoned . Congratulations on having a successful nest! I've been very pleased with our HandyKam box even if the birds don't like it! I won't be giving up hope just yet and please do let me know how your nest gets on!Neil

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HOT!!!< HOT!!!>HOT!!!...Gist so fuckin hot and vile and degrading...When does her doggie get to fuck this hot little slut???...And when does daddy take her hot little ass hole???...

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Soooo horny. loving these stories.

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I am so fucking turned on.

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