Johnno gets BinLadens daughter a job in a Bondage club
He stood anxiously at the back of the corner shop nervously looking at his watch as Alan Clegthorpe my old school mate and I strolled in, he smiled "Ah, Mr Allthwaite I presume," he asked nervously as we walked towards him..

"Nah, I'm Cleggy me," Al replied, "This ugly bastard is Johnno."

"Yes, yes, Aiesha, she is ready." he said, "You will treat her well?"

"Fook that," says Al, "Party time tonight man!"

"My friend gets rather carried away Mr Binladen," I explained, "But well, like its a hard life on game."

"But superior to death," he agreed, "Such a lovely girl and such a stupid one," he said, "Seven daughters I have been cursed with and still no son."

"Right, so who stuck her up the duff?" I asked.

"Mr Shawswell her tutor at the college." he explained sadly, "They were seeing each other after lectures, my brother says she must die to restore the family honour."

"Look," I said, "We'll sort her, last lass we had she's had plastic surgery an she's doing all right, she got a nice little flat where she works and not even her own grand dad would know her."

"I hope so," he said, "My daughter a prostitute who would have thought it."

"Have you got cheque?" I asked, he produced it, "Ah there's no 'a' in Bondidge," I said, "Yorkshire bondidge solutions, B-O-N-D-I-D-G-E, I spelt it out.

"You will look after her?" he asked again.

"Course," Al assured him.

"Now you got tent and tack us sent over?" I asked.

"Burka, yes," he agreed.

"And cousin Faisal thinks we're doing honour killing?" I asked.

"Yes!" he agreed.

"Best gerroff then," I said.

"What about the bint?" Al cautioned.

"Oh yeah!" I agreed, "Where is she."

"She thinks you will kill her," he said, "Break it to her gently," and he slipped away to return with Aiesha.

"This is Aiesha," he said proudly as she stood there in what was a cross between a blue tent and a spud sack with a knitted window on front.

"She bound?" I asked.

"See for yourself," he suggested and Al lifted up her robe, she kicked out but fell and he saved her and worked her robe up to show her bare buttocks and the short knee chains that stopped her kicking out, leather straps above her knees linked by a chain barely six inches long so she could barely hobble like all the local married women wore so as to stop them getting their legs apart.

I gave him a hand but apart from hand cuffs, some old boots and her ball gag she was completely naked, saved a fortune did Burkahs, you could wear a pair of boots and a Burkah anywhere no need for a different dress for every occasion.

"Goodbye," Mr Binladen said fondly as Aiesha glared and then we were away to the old Ford Transit we had to lift her into back through side door on account of the knee chains.

"What's she called," Al asked.

"Aiesha," I said.

"Right, Asia." Al agreed and that's what we decided to call her.

She weren't first honour killing we sorted, no it were quite a good earner, two grand from family for the disappearance and three hundred finders fee and fifty quid a week from Battersby Bondidge Club, the BBC as we called it and it were a good deal all round, unless you really think being poked by a dozen blokes a day is worse than being dead.

We drove off trying to look inconspicuous which was hopeless in a bright yellow ex BT Transit van with "Yorkshire Honor Solutions," written down the side, and we headed for the moors.

Al pulled over in a gateway, "How's this?" he asked.

I climbed through to back, "I'm Johnno Allthwaite, and me and Al's going to fuck you." I said kindly like except she didn't look too thrilled, "Get your kit off."

"She can't you daft beggar," Al reminded me as he followed me, and pulled the curtain across behind him, "Get that tent off her."

I dragged it over her head, she wasn't bad, tits was a bit saggy mind and as for the clump of bloody black pubes well I seen smaller bushes with tree preservation orders on, but all in all definitely fuckable.

She stared wide eyed, she fucking needed to because I already had my tool out and me pants round my ankles.

It was my turn in front, me and Al took it in turns for double teaming and he had the cunt last time, but first we had to get the knee chains off her, Al fumbled with the buckles and quite suddenly she kicked out, It never bothered me, I just aimed my tool vaguely in the direction of her bush and thrust hard up into her.

She was fooking soaking, the bloody bitch was right turned on, two pokes and me balls was banging her crotch and then it was Al's turn.

"She can't have shit for a month," Al said despairingly as he tried again and again to spear her tight puckered ass bud,

"Pity," I said, "She's reet tight cunt wise," I explained, "Hardly fucked at all I reckon."

She glowered at me with her big eyes, oh what a mouthful she'd have give us if we hadn't made sure she was well gagged before we kicked off but as it was she was just a nice compliant silent fuck.

And then it was all happening, her eyes was like saucers as she felt me twitch and those first drops of spunk started oozing from my cock but sudden like the whole lot kicked off spurting and spunking and I reckon I shot half a pint of creamy up her and she was well fucked.

We was holding each other up afterwards, gee was I drained, I needed a pie and a pint and like a prat I decided to ask her if she fancied a pie from chip shop.

"You have defiled me!" she wailed as soon as the gag was out of her gob, "You will die for this!"

"Look do you want a pie or a piece of haddock," I asked.

"You are mad, completely mad, you rape me and offer fish and chips?" she demanded.

"Or a pie, you choose," I reassured her, "And shut it or the bloody gag goes back in."

She realised it was hopeless shrugged her shoulders, "Plaice," she said choosing the most expensive fish she could think of.

"Good girl, there's some clothes in that bag," I told her and pointed.

She looked uncertainly at the bag and opened it carefully like there might be a rattlesnake inside, but no, it was far worse, a green miniskirt and a short top that left her belly button exposed, and black shoes with three inch heels and some short white socks, and apart from an anorak that was it.

"Where is the underwear?" she asked.

"Fookin hell your going on game you daft bitch, what you need underwear for?" Al asked.

"Game? she asked in confusion, "What game?"

"Look, lots of girls do a runner, better than getting your throat cut," I explained, "It's what we do, find some pimp what'll look after you and tell the family we done away with you."

"You are not going to kill me?" she asked tentatively.

"No, no, put you the game, you know a prostitute like, see?" I suggested.

"Then I need underwear, stockings, thong or panties," she said.

"Why?" says Al.

"To excite the punter," she said, "Make him cum in his pants not in me."

"What!" I gasped.

"Well my father's shop sells top shelf magazines," she explained, "You must realise I also read them."

"By heck," Al sighed, "We got a right one here Johnno."

"I wank with the brush from the lavatory all the time," she said, "Why are you surprised?"

"Fooked if I know," Al said awkwardly.

"You were my first man, Mr Johnno." she said, "Or should I say boy."

"First time with a live cock?" I asked.

"Oh no, Shah, our German Shepherd he sometimes," she said, "When we're alone."

"Fooking hell, can we watch?" says Al.

"If you can get my dog, yes." she said.

"She's winding you up Al," I says, "Look there's some makeup and some underwear around her somewhere, pants and that, hows about we forget chip shop and go down Green Man in Toddy for a few bevvies?"

"You rape me and ask me for a date," she laughed.

"A pie and a pint not the fooking pictures and a shag after," Al explained like some half wit.

"Then I accept," she said and you could see her devious little mind working, "Do I have to fuck with Mr Alan as well?"

"No, you're all right," Al agreed, "Mouthy bitches turn me off."

"Grade A pussy man," I assured him, "You can stick the gag back in if she gets mouthy," I suggested.

"Nah, I'll have cunt end of next one," he said, "Thanks all the same."

We got a right one here, I thought, but I hadn't even dreamed how bad she would get.

She found the makeup bag and tarted herself up, gee she looked a right slapper when she finished, she found these skimpy pants that hardly covered her bush at all, and a padded bra and she leered and grinned at us like she wanted fucking again.

Al drove us down to Toddy (Toddenham) and we went in the Green Man for us supper.

I bought her the roast pork set meal, and a half pint of John Smiths, and when we was near finished she announced, "I'm keeping it," real loud like.

"What?" I asked.

"The baby," she said.

"What fooking baby?" asks Al

"Your fooking baby, or his," she answers, "Or Eric Grimshaws, I don't care but it's my baby."

"It's a wind up Al," I said, "Anyway it's bound to be Eric's."

"Who the fook is Eric Grimshaw?" Al asks and that's when I really realised Al was a half wit and Asia was sharp as a Stanley knife.

"Shall I get you a pint love?" I said and her eyes bulged, "I'll pay for little bastard don't you fret."

She glowered at me, I spoiled her little plan.

It was in the night her bravado fell away, she was sobbing, we kipped at Al's uncles place, he was away and Al knew where key was hid. It were old folks bungalow Al had the bed settee in parlour and Asia and me had bed, mainly because bed stunk of piss and couch didn't "What's up?" I asked being polite not that I give a fook you understand.

So she told me, she felt betrayed and alone and well I had to lay her on her back and shag her to shut her up didn't I?

"You'll like being on game," I assured her, "Getting fucked a dozen times and more of an evening."

"I hate you," she said, but my cock was up her and she was enjoying the warmth and feel of it.

"No you fooking don't," I told her, "This is the best shag you ever had admit it."

"The dog's better." she said so I banged her harder and she started gasping and yelling as I shot me load and we woke Al up.

"Keep it down you two or old bitch next door will call rozzers," Al cautioned and she was just wiping her bush on bedspread when Al walked in, "You don't need a razor you need hedge trimmer!" he exclaimed.

"It is against my religion!" she lied.

"So's shagging your teacher and the dog and eating pork but it never stopped you," I reminded her.

"I did not," she said, "Shag my teacher!"

"Your dad said you was up duff with teacher bloke," I reminded her.

"No way!" she said, "Oh!" she said, "Oh!"

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"They said they knew, I thought they meant the dog!" she exclaimed, "Oh no they thought I meant Mr Shawswell, Why did they think I was pregnant?"

"Right," I said, "So like tell your dad and its sorted," Al says like a prize pillock.

"I shagged her you drongo!" I explained, "Fook!"

"You the only bloke what shagged her?" Al says.

"If you don't count the loo brush and my dog yes," Asia said brightly as the pint and a half of John Smiths loosened her tongue.

"No need to use a Jonny if she like a virgo," I says, "I fookin hate rubbers."

"I'll get pregnant!" she squealed.

"Have an abbo," says Al.

Her face was a picture till she realised he didn't mean an indigenous Australian.

"Perhaps I take the morning after pill," she said wistfully.

Al joined us in bed, nor that he screwed her or nothing, cause she wouldn't give him a blow job, and we had a lie in till seven when the rain and grey of the Yorkshire night gives way to the rain and grey of a Yorkshire summers day and we slipped out before the old bitch next door got about.

We hadn't gone about three mile before the plod came screaming past, blue lights flashing siren wailing, Al pulled over straight away and they had to reverse back about two hundred yards.

PC Tony Mulholland crawled out of the drivers seat of the Astra diesel patrol car looking pretty green and Sgt "Knocker," Dores got out the passenger seat at the third attempt and waddled towards us, "Who's been a naughty boy then?" he asked.

We knew what he meant.

"So what's this a suicide bomber?" he asked as he spotted Asia in middle seat.

Asia looked scared.

"Half a kilo of semtex up her snatch?" he asked.

"Yep, you done us over like a kipper, it's a fair cop governor," I replied, "You got us banged to rights."

"Shut it Allthwaite," Knocker snapped.

"We was in Green Man," Al said.

"For fooks sake Al he never said when it happened," I cautioned.

"Last night," Knocker said, "When you was in the Green Man, yes, good alibi," and he stared at Aiesha, "Miss Binladen I presume?"

"Why do you want to know," Asia asked.

"He fancies you," Al explained, "It's obvious."

"Well are you?" Knocker asked, "Only a Mr Rupert Binladen says you two abducted the said Miss Aiesha Binladen from his dad's shop last night with homicidal intent, to whit one honour killing as evidenced by the logo on your vehicle." he said like it was an episode of "The Bill."

"Mebbe," I said, "But clocks ticking, see bint's got half a pound of TNT and a detonator up her backside," I paused, "We was going to blow her up in Trafford centre, if we gets there in time."

"Right," Knocker agreed, with a smirk, "No time to get WPC better do intimate search us selves, knickers off lass."

"No!" Asia squealed, "There are people watching!"

"Use back of van," I suggested, and quick as that they had her through in the back of the van and curtain drawn across behind seats.

Poor Asia, in the light from the translucent roof panels Knocker dragged down her knickers and Tony had a decent feel up her cunt, and Al says, "It's up her ass."

Knocker sat on the wheel arch and despite her protests they laid Asia over his knee and stared at her ass hole.

Al and me was near pissing ourselves s we tried to stifle out laughs and then like a slow motion train wreck Al starts to push his truncheon up her ass in the approved manner.

Her farts should have warned him, me and Al couldn't bear to watch, so we was out of the door when Knocker shouted "Oh for fooks sake!"

"Johnno she shit herself!" Tony bleated, "You fookin liar!"

"Bastard!" said Knocker as he climbed out with shit all down his trouser leg and over his boot,

"Some fooking semtex," Tony said wiping his shit streaked truncheon on my spare shirt, "You fooking twat Allthwaite," he said, "Fooking Knocker's doing his nut, see you down Flying Horse Saturday shall we."

"Yeah, Saturday, sure, that fooking racist bastard comedian is doing a set int he?" Al said less than diplomatically and the Police were gone.

Poor Asia was so embarrassed, "You are evil!" she said but she got stuck in and cleaned up the mess in the van as best she could, the smell was a different matter though, did she have to exist on a diet of curry?

We gave it half an hour but the rain forced us back inside the van smell or no smell so Al took one of the back windows out and we drove back to me dads place.

Mum was hoovering, "Mam, can Al's girlfriend use our bog," I asked.

"What dear?" she says.

"Ok," I said and they shot upstairs.

There was some splashing and then Asia said very sternly, "No you cannot, it is a sin!" she said and then "Ahhhhh," which showed Al had buggered her.

"Room for one in front Johnno," he called but the daft sod had put the latch on bog door and I couldn't get in, I didn't waste me time, I found mum's sewing scissors, great big things and me old mains powered lekky shaver and I bided my time.

Asia escaped Al's clutches and ran straight into mine, shabang, "Oh!" she gasped and we dragged her back into bog and made her sit on side of bath while we set about shaving her bush.

"You wants hedge trimmer," Al observed but within half an hour there was hardly a black cunt hairs to be seen, "That's a neat cunt is that," he complimented her and he set about her armpits, I reckon he's have shaved her barnet if I hadn't told him to pack it in.

"I hope you like it." she said sarcastically.

"Yes, you look all girly," I said, "All virgin like."

"Bit of fooking all right," Al added, "For a Bungla."

"They're from East Africa," I reminded him but I might just as well have saved my breath.

"And you Mr Johnno, do you like what you see? She asks and posed provocatively, holding her cunt lips apart.

"You're all right," I agreed.

"Better than all right, worth fifty quid of anybodys any time," Al says, I think it was his idea of a compliment.

"I shall charge my gentlemen two hundred and fifty pounds." she said haughtily.

"Lucky to get a punter a month," I warned, "Me beds through there."

"So?" she says.

"I got a stiffy," I tells her, "On yer back girl you pulled."

She just stared so I lifts her off her feet and carried her to my bed, and drops her in middle while I drags me trousers off.

She watched me undress, then she opened covers and slipped under blankets, I dragged me shirt off as well, and slid in beside her.

"It is like my bedroom at home," she muttered, "Be Ahhhh!" she said she was going to say gentle but I got me tool in her first and slammed right up her, "Oh you're so strong!"

"Shut the fook up," I said, "Or Mum will hear."

"Ok," she whispered, "Mmmmm."

"You're pretty laid back for a Virgin?" I queried when we been fucking for a while.

"I was left alone with the dog a lot," she explained, "I was a naughty girl."

"Right," I agreed.

"He was all warm and lovely, and he smelled better than you." she said.

"Charming!" I says.

"But you have a nicer cock," she said and giggled and with that I started cumming, not violent just the warm surge and the purple haze of release you know, real pleasant, "Oh Johno that's wonderful!" she said and for a moment I believed her.

Mum heard her and came upstairs, "Oh!" she said as she sees Asia wiping her cunt on bedspread, "New girlfriend?"

"New tart for Bondidge club," I said.

"Very strange sense of humour our John," Mum says, "I'm Muriel, are you Mr Patel's daughter only do we get family discount in corner shop now you's family."

"No, sorry." Asia says.

"Well I think I should get family discount if John and you are, well, friendly." Mum says.

"No, I am not Mr Patel's daughter," Asia tried again.

"Pity," she said, "I haven't got anything for you for tea," she added, "You look sore dear, put some ointment on where you shaved or you'll have a rash," and with that she went downstairs.

Al had been hiding in the bog, "No fooking tea?" he asked as he came into the bedroom.

"Can we have a pub meal again please?" Asia asked.

"Depends," I said, she looked at me with her big eyes, "How we gets on DP like."

"DP?" she queried, "You both?" I nodded, "Oh!" she says.

"Stood up," I says, "Climb on me prick first and then Al can."

"I understand," she says, and she stood right in front of me challenging me, she took my tool and guided it towards her cunt and as stooped so she raised herself and I speared her.

Next up I bent back lifting her of the ground and Al eased his self up her ass, I felt his cock beside mine with only her cunt wall and shitter between us and then I relaxed which shoved Al's whole length up her ass.

"Fook but she's fooking good Johnno," Al said, "So fooking tight man."

"Nice!" Asia says, "You're tearing me in half!"

It felt great, you know fucking same bird as me best mate, you know that's what being mates is about.

It only took ten minutes and Al started cumming, I could feel his cock twitch through her and that started me off as well and then she started whimpering and we all come together give or take a minute or so, and do you know the daft bitch kissed me and said thank you!

She cried after, after she cleaned herself up, "It's all right," I said, "What's up?"

"I," she said, and stopped.

"You found you like fucking and feel guilty right?" I asked. She nodded.

"You'll like it better when you get fucked all time," I said.

"You are a kind sensitive man, Mr Allthwaite." she said, "I dream of a husband like you,"
how was I to know she was being sarcastic.

"In your dreams!" I said, "I want a missus whats the fooking East Yorkshire blow job champion."

"Wash your cock and I shall practise on it," she offered.

"No you're all right," I said, "Any road we got to Battersby."

"What?" Asia demanded.

"We done a deal with Faisal see," Al explained, "We get a finders fee and a percentage of what punters fork out and all."

"Does he speak English as well as total bollocks?" Asia asked.

"No, just bollocks," I reassured her, "We got you a job as tart in Battersby Bondidge Club what used to be Hartley Main Colliery Social Club.

"Right," she said uncertainly, "And what makes you think I will be a whore?"

"Well we done twenty five so far and every single girl has chose fucking to dying," Al said reasonably.

She looked horrified, "Oh."

"You never put up much of a fight," I reminded her, "Different cocks, different folk, you'll be a natural, we'll tie you up to begin with, get you used to it like, then maybe you can become like a mistress with a whip for they upper class twats as like being beat on their bare asses.

"Money's good though," Al said, "That's the main thing."

"Is that all you care about, money, if the girls do it for money and you get a percentage why do you drive an awful old van?" she asked incredulously.

"Got to be careful," I says, "We don't exactly pay tax do we?"

"No we'd lose us benefits," Al added.

"So if you have money you can spend some on me, some jewellery, smart clothes," she said.

"Stuff that." I said.

"Then no more sex," she said.

I stood up and gripped her round the waist, "Really," I said bringing my knee up between her thighs easing them apart.

"Just once then," she said, "To show you what you'll be missing."

"I'm not missing anything darling," I said, "When you're tied up I can fuck any of your holes any time I like ok?" I warned her, "That's part of the deal with Faisal."

"I'll bite your cock off!" she warned.

"Nah, we use a ring gag love," Al said, "And you ent got teeth up your ass."

I felt her hand moving, I glanced down and saw she had her fingers up herself, gently rubbing herself. fingering her clit, "What?" she asked.

"I think you wants it more than me," I suggested.

"Then what are you waiting for?" she asked, "Or are you going to tie me up first?"

Me cock was rock hard already, I just wanted to get on with it, "No you're all right," I said and I gently lifted her and set her down on me cock, "See Dandini it fits!" I said like a piss take of "Sindereller," the porno me and Al watched a night or two back, and I set about giving Asia a reet good Yorkshire fucking.

"Mr Allthwaite," she muttered, "Do you have to hum that tune." she asked.

"Oh yes, keeps me in rhythm does that, humming Battersby Tor march," I said, "Battersby Bands theme tune," I said.

"Only one as buggers can play," says Al, "You'll like Battersby Band, they comes round Bondidge club after practise of a Thursday," he said, "Seeing as they practise nearly next door."

"Oh god," Asia says and I reckon she never believed him.

"Likes a good bang does band folk," Al added.

To be continued.

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