After our second session of sex that morning I had worked up quite an appetite and noticed that it was already a little after eleven. My wife would be coming home from work for lunch in about an hour and I didn't want to be home when she did just in case she suspected something between me and Rosie. "You wanna go get some burgers or something baby-girl?" I asked my beautiful little daughter who was laying next to me on the bed where we collapsed after our last session still reeling in the afterglow of two wonderful orgasms (well three if you count the one before I called in to work).

"Oh, yeah, that sounds great, I'm starving." She says and gets up and starts fishing around for clothes to wear.

"Aren't you going to clean up or anything?" I ask her

"No, I love the feeling of freshly being fucked by you, why would I want to wash it off?" She said coyly and slid on a pair of sheer lacy panties. They were thong style so when she turned around and bent over for a pair of jeans I got a clear view of her petite round ass.

"Ok, I just figured you wouldn't want to smell like sex or something." I said as I slid off the bed and started clothing myself as well. I had just fastened my belt and heard her mumbling something so I turned towards her and saw that she had removed the jeans that she had just wiggled into and was now fishing around for something else. "What was wrong with the jeans?"

"I thought they would be too hot, so I'm looking for a cute little skirt to wear, plus that way if you decide you want to have your way with me while we're out there will be easier access."

"Ah, how considerate of you" I swear if I hadn't just nutted twice this morning I would have been fully erect at hearing those words come from my sweet daughters lips, as it was I was already getting hard yet again from it. Well, that and seeing her still mostly nude and being able to admire her petite 13 year old body. She finally found an 'appropriate' outfit and we were ready to roll.

"So what would you like to eat?"

"You mean besides your fat cock, Daddy? I don't know, let's get Whataburger and find a nice shady tree to eat under."

"Sounds great." So off to Whataburger we went. As soon as we pulled out of the driveway she leaned over against me and tried to curl herself around my arm, which was difficult due to the center console between us. She somehow managed it and I could feel her firm little tits pressing against my bicep and could also feel her erect little nipples poking through her shirt at me. I looked over and realized that she was wearing a thin short tank top that showed a lot of skin and could tell that she wasn't wearing a bra under it. I was slightly torn between being outraged that my 13 year old little daughter would have the audacity to wear something so revealing and promiscuous and being turned on because my 13 year old daughter was looking sexy as hell and was wrapped around me and apparently running her hand over my crotch I had just realized.

She felt my cock pressing against my jeans from the erection I had for her yet again and wrapped her fingers around the bulge slowly stroking up and down the length of it. "Daddy, your all hard again, is this for me?"

"You know it is baby, now stop that before the people at the drive-thru see us." I said as we pulled into the queue line at Whataburger.

"But I love playing with it Daddy, besides, they don't know us, how are they to know that I'm your daughter?"

"It doesn't really matter if they know I'm your father or not, your still only 13 years old and that is illegal in itself."

"Fine, but as soon as we get our food I want your cock again."

I didn't know what to say and we just pulled up to the order screen so I told the speaker what I wanted and asked Rosie what she wanted. Instead of telling me she leaned over to the driver side firmly putting one hand on my cock and giving it a few firm strokes while holding herself up with the other hand on my seat between my legs. When she got done ordering she pulled herself up a little kissed me on the cheek and said "Thanks Daddy" with a final squeeze of my cock then scooted back to the passenger side as we pulled up to the window to get our food.

We got our food and had barely gotten out of the parking lot when she undid her belt and leaned over putting her head in my crotch and started fumbling at opening my pants and getting to my rock hard erection. I thought about admonishing her and telling her to get back in her seat and buckle up, but my raging hard on seemed to be in more control than my brain, so I let her pull my cock out and she immediately impaled her mouth around it and started bobbing up and down giving me sweet and slurpy road head.

I loved getting head, but I had never gotten off from just a blow-job, but at the rate my daughter was attacking my cock I thought that maybe there was a first time for everything. I knew of a couple of parks with nice shady spots near our house but I decided to go to one a little further away just to lower the odds of being seen by anyone who might recognize us, and to give my daughter a little more time to show my cock some love.

As we were driving I reached around her young body and raised her skirt up around her hips and started fondling her cute little ass and teasing her wet little pussy lips. She scooted a little closer to me giving me better access and allowing me to a couple of fingers into her tight little twat. Of course I had to move the underwear to the side, but with as little fabric there was there, it was no problem getting the string out of the way.

She had managed to work her right hand into my pants and started fondling my balls lovingly as she continued to bob her head up and down working her lips skillfully around my hard cock. She started moaning deeply and thrusting her hips down onto the two fingers I had plunged as far as I could up her little slit.

"OH, Baby, that feels so good."

"Daddy, I love you, I love your cock. Won't you come for me Daddy, Please?" She said beggingly

"Keep that up and I just might. God your pussy is so wet, are you all wet for me baby?"

"Yes Daddy, you make me so horny, I want you in every way. Cum for me Daddy, Shoot your cum all over my face and down my throat, MMMMmmm"

To my own disbelief I felt the sensation that I was about to cum. I couldn't believe that after all these years it would be my own daughter to get me off from oral.

"Keep it up baby, Oh, keep going, Your gonna make Daddy cum," I said and with that she tightened her grip on my balls ever so slightly and shoved my cock as deep into her throat as she could take it. "UUUGGGGHHH, OOhh, Baby oOOHhh" I said as I let loose a torrent of semen down her throat. I felt her body tense up and she pulled off my cock to let out a loud moan as I continued to shoot cum letting rope after rope hit her face and lips. When she finished cumming she wrapped her lips around my cock once more and sucked out the remaining few drops.

I came back to reality and realized that I had somehow managed to drive us to the park and was now in a parking lot facing a nice empty shady spot that looked like a nice place for us to have lunch. I looked back over at my daughter and saw her as sexy as I had ever seen her with my cum dripping off her face and a huge smile on her face and I could imagine a decent wet spot on the seat between her legs. "Do you need a napkin or tissue?" I asked her, thinking about anyone else seeing her in this condition.

"No, I want to let it soak it. I heard it's good for your skin, besides, I wouldn't want to leave any evidence behind." And with that she started rubbing my cum around on her face like lotion until you couldn't tell there was anything there. "Thanks for the snack Daddy, now are you ready for lunch?"

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