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Two Cherubs? At the same time? Someone get me a gin and a towel, yeah?
From the Desk of Minus Three

Here’s another bit of the ol’ mood music.
Enjoy or don’t; your choice.

Vice (3)

Get Down, Shut Up, Come On In; It’s Time To Take Your Medicine…

“Do you have any idea how bad this can get?” I asked into Sara’s mind. If she was going to call herself that then I might as well get used to it now.

“What? Why?” Her thoughts were confused. She honestly had no idea. “I’m just doing what we do, man.”

“Don’t stand there making faces at me like you’re talking out loud.” I was walking over to sit at one of the barstools at the island next to the kitchen and waving at Becca, telling her it was nice to meet her. “Do you have any idea how weird that looks to mortals when you do it?”

“What?” Sara was still watching me, using her face to express what I could already hear in her head.

It wasn’t her fault really, but it was a bother. She had no idea though. Angels matured at a slower rate than mortals, especially Cherubs. What was she? 250? 300 at most? We can only read each other’s surface thoughts, the things we’re broadcasting, not like the way we can push into a mortal’s mind and listen to everything. Still it takes practice to do right and she clearly had been on her own for far too long to be any good at this.

I made empty small talk with Becca, the younger version of the woman who had become my nemesis; Cassidy fucking Swanson. Meanwhile I kept scolding Sara. “Do you have a plan here? Do you know what you’re into? Do you know who this is?”

“Holy twenty questions, Samael!”

“It was three, yeah? Answer one of them? Even just one?”

“She’s Becca Swanson, I’m into what Cherubs get into, and the plan is to cheer her mother up.”

All the while that we had this conversation in our minds Becca was telling me about how it was her 18th birthday. She seemed reluctant to tell me how she knew Sara but it was easy enough to pick it up from the things she was thinking but not saying. I was essentially having three conversations at once, and I hadn’t really been in the mood for even one.

“By shagging her daughter?” My thoughts were incredulous, skeptical, admonishing. I doubted Sara was picking any of that up though. She still looked confused and it just made me more frustrated with her. Who had trained her? How long had she been ‘in the weeds’ as it were? “I know what’s going on here, but how did you plan to follow this back to Ms. Swanson?”

As soon as she thought about her answer to the question I saw it. Cassidy was already one of Sara’s clients and she had gotten nowhere so far. I had to give her credit for trying; besides, I had considered this plan with Becca myself only about an hour ago. Considered it then rejected it, but considered it nonetheless. A few hundred years ago I might have went for it, too. Patience; never my strong suit but a necessary evil it would seem. I suddenly felt like I babysitting.

“We need to talk alone, yeah? Were you just wrapping up here?” I asked Sara while Becca started telling me that she was nervous. I saw in her mind then why she was nervous and I raised an eyebrow and looked at Sara.

She didn’t even need to answer my question; it was all over the surface of her thoughts as well. I looked at her and shook my head, fishing a stick of gum out of my pocket and offering her the pack.

“So Samael,” Sara said cryptically. “Would you be interested in showing two young girls what they’ve been missing out on?”

She winked at me. When I winked at someone they shook at the knees and their heart stopped. Except Cassidy Swanson of course; Cassidy fucking Swanson. When Aliona winked at someone they felt like they were staring into the heart of whole galaxy and the two of them were the only ones in it. When Sara did it I felt only a flutter. With the vessel she had created for herself she wouldn’t need much of that wink with the mortals anyway. It probably worked wonders on them, but it was hard to use your resonance on another immortal at the best of times; so why was she even trying? Maybe it was just a wink. She should be more careful, though; it wasnever just a wink.

What to do about all of this though? There was Cassidy Swanson’s 18 year old daughter Becca, and I could see her falling in love with Sara. There was Sara, and now that I looked I could see her tied by dozens of little strands out into the city. Clients probably. Her essence spread far and wide by trying to do lots of little goods all at once and not really accomplishing much with any of them. And the threads that lead from her to me; I hadn’t expected to find that. There was love based on respect, love based on lust, love based on a childish infatuation. I smirked my smirk despite myself; I was flattered, there was no avoiding that. I’d come across hero worship from young Cherubs before, but it didn’t usually contain this much overt sexuality or genuine capital L Love. Becca was beautiful, Sara was beautiful, and they both wanted me.

The more I thought about it, the more it sounded like a strange dilemma to complain about. Most men live their whole lives wishing for this to be their biggest problem. An 18 year old girl on her birthday and an actual Cherub. Woe is Samael.

“You have a cute frown,” Sara thought to me. Twirling one of her red ringlets around her finger she touched just the tip of tongue to her upper lip and winked again. Damn we were a sexy caste.

“What sort of thing did you have in mind?” I asked. I caught myself using the drawl I’d perfected over the last 1200 years and gave my head a shake. My accent, bits and pieces of Europe I’d picked up along the way, worked very well at home in London and I’d found it was even more effective on this side of the pond. Women loved it, combined with my easy charm and impeccable style. They loved my lean but hard body, they loved my swagger, they loved the way my skin was darker than my blonde hair, and they loved my eyes. They always loved the eyes. Except Cassidy Swanson of course; Cassidy fucking Swanson and her hips and her lips and he tits and her power.

“Do you even have to ask?” Sara said. Her thoughts were beyond raunchy; she was creative, that was for certain. And coy too; of course I didn’t have to ask. I realized I had never really spent much time around her; just a couple of days in Germany 64 years ago. 1947; the war had been over for two years, but that place had needed a lot of love. Her methods were not mine but at the time subtlety wouldn’t have buttered that particular slice of loaf. Maybe I had her pegged wrong.

“I was telling Becca the types of things you’d show her,” she said, flashing her smile and her eyes.

Nope. I’d pegged her exactly right. She was still a teenager by our standards and the 650 or so years that separated us excited me the way a mortal’s heart races when he walks past a junior high school and he thinks about all the girls he’d been too shy to fuck and how he wished he could have one of them now. I did a quick mental inventory; nope, Sara wasn’t doing this to me. It was all me. That both pleased and dismayed me in equal measure.

Becca looked nervous, and she was. There was none of her mother’s malice in her. This was a good girl. A quiet, shy girl. A strikingly beautiful girl. The challenge her mother presented wasn’t there, though. I could run into this girl on the street and wink once and sweep her off her feet. Figuratively and literally. It had been an incredibly long time since I’d been with anyone like her. Becca looked curious too though, and she was. Sara had lit a spark under her and blew on the embers, now she wanted me to fan it to flame. There were no memories in Becca’s mind, only imagination and hope and shy nerves. If I wasn’t careful I was going to leave this girl a drooling little pile of tangled legs and expectations that no one would ever be able to live up to again.

I know, I know; Woe is Samael. It was a genuine problem for me though. This didn’t seem like proper behavior, especially considering the things I had been shocked to find I felt for her mother. Unlike Cassidy fucking Swanson though, this little thing wanted me. She wanted me bad.

Mortals; I loved them all.

“Were you then?” I asked, getting up from where I perched on the stool across the way and swaggering over to the couch facing the one they sat on. Becca’s heart raced with anticipation. I could hear her thinking “oh what now what now what now?” over and over again. “I can just imagine…”

I didn’t have to. Becca’s thoughts told me everything. There was something else their too; a sense of awakening power and sensuality. Well, that just sealed it then; I had to see this through. Woe is Samael. My shoulders relaxed and my smile spread easily across my face.

“That’s more like it!” Sara blurted in her mind as she writhed a bit where she sat. She squirmed lustily, thinking about fucking the great Samael the Sinner. This was almost too easy and I should have been ashamed of myself, but that part of me had his mouth taped shut and was watching on from the side lines.

“You should come sit over here,” I thought.

She bit one of her fingernails and shook her head, her ringlets bouncing around. There was a difference between playing with someone, and playing with someone. She was doing the first and I was a bit proud of her. She did it well. Still, there was a level of sophistication she had yet to learn, and no one but me was around to teach her. I brushed against Becca’s mind; she wanted to be next to me, regardless of where that was. Sar needed to see that you couldn’t just use it against them and maneuver them around at your whims; it went nowhere. They had to know it had been their idea or it faded and slipped away.

“This feels too far away,” I said, winking at Becca. I heard her thoughts pause and I went to stand, hesitantly. As I lowered myself back to the couch she was already on her feet. She made a shy little deciding motion, looking from me to Sara then back again. Before I could blink she’d sat next to me on the couch wondering what to do next. Most girls wanted me to move first, giving them an excuse to let go of their inhibitions and start thinking about they actually wanted. She was enough her mother’s daughter though that she already had a picture in her mind of what she wanted to happen next. All she needed was an invitation. “So tell me…what now, Becca?”

She pulled her knees up under her nervously leaned towards my face with hers. She paused with her lips a fraction of an inch from my own and pulled back and forth slightly. As I put one hand on her small waist she breathed I through her nose and put her soft lips to mine, kissing me tenderly. She wanted me to kiss her back softly, and so I did. My other hand was on her hip, the first sliding up her side. She was fit, really fit. I could feel taut muscle through the thin silk of Sara’s little robe that Becca was wearing and as my hand brushed over the side of her breast she tensed up slightly. She wasn’t scared, but she was not familiar with being touched like this. Thoughts of what her and Sara had done outside on the patio went through her mind, and then thoughts of how this was a man touching her now. She lit up with passion and lust and pressed her lips harder against mine and pushed her tongue into my mouth.

Sara giggled on the other couch, wrapped in her see-through white sarong pulled up over her breasts so that it only hung to her knees. She actually looked like a Cherub at that moment and I found that incredibly alluring. Becca had slid her hands from my chest to my shoulders and put one leg over me to straddle my lap. Her left shoulder was bare, the little robe having slipped of it before I’d even arrived, and the sun through the white sheers on the floor to ceiling windows cast thin shadows over her skin. I ran my fingertips over her shoulder and pushed the robe lower to her elbow. Her left breast was exposed now and I put my hand around it softly. It was firm, a little less than one handful. She shivered and inhaled quickly, our lips barely parting, and I squeezed very slightly. My other hand slid from her hip, across the hem of the short little robe, and back up against her skin. The right side of her ass was cupped under my left hand and I squeezed it with the same force as I was her breast. Becca wanted me to kiss her hard now, and so I did. I pushed into her with my tongue and used the tip to play along the roof of her mouth. She softly rubbed her own wet tongue on the bottom of mine and I squeezed her breast and ass harder.

She moaned into my mouth as I kissed her and thought about how she had kissed Sara. How Sara had touched her pussy and sucked on her breast. She thought about wanting Sara’s hands on her right then, and as I pulled my mouth away from hers to lick and suck on her neck I reached out with my mind.

“Sara, you should come over here,” I thought gently.

“I can hear her too, y’know,” she thought to me, “I’m not 12, man.”

I felt hands on my thighs, sliding upwards and over Becca’s ass. I moved my hand from her bottom and up her side by my other and pushed the right side of the robe off her shoulder as well. With one of Becca’s perfect little 18 year old breasts I each hand I licked up her throat to her chin one more time and then took one of them in my mouth, softly stroking across her hard little nipple with the flat of my tongue. Her mind raced as Sara’s hands caressed and stroked her ass. Sara took her hips in her hands and pulled her backwards a bit on the couch so that her pussy wasn’t pressed against my cock through my pants. She lifted at the bottom of Becca’s ass and she raised herself up on her knees, putting her fingers in my hair and pulling my mouth harder against her. She wanted me to suck on her nipple and so I did, pinching it softly between my teeth now and then. She breathed in a high sigh as Sara knelt between my legs and licked up her pussy from behind, running the tip of her wet tongue up and down Becca’s little slit.

On her knees over top of me with her hands braced on my shoulders, her arms straight, Becca arched her back and pivoted her hips in time with Sara’s tongue and went back to kissing me on the mouth. I slid my hands from her breasts to her sides under her arms and downwards, the soft silk belt of the hip length robe slipping loose and exposing the entire front of her naked body to me. I ran my hands up and down and over her, from her hips to her ass to her breasts and back. I felt hands in my lap and looked down to see Sara’s hands at my belt. She opened my pants and slid them and my underwear down my thighs and over my knees to the floor. Becca’s thoughts raced anew, looking down quickly as well then putting her lips frantically back against mine. She twisted her head this way and that at the neck and thought about Sara rubbing the big rubber sex toy against her and pushing it past her lips into her tiny opening. Sara had pushed Becca forward gently so her groin was against my stomach, then she lowered her mouth to my cock.

Her breath, hot and moist, caressed my shaft and my head as she languidly ran her tongue up and down my length. She licked from the base to the tip underneath, back down the side, and then wrapped her mouth on my shaft and stroked her mouth quickly up and down with the side of my cock between her lips. Sara giggled and moaned with my cock in her mouth and Becca wanted to see what was happening, so she did. She slid off my lap and got on her hands and knees beside me on the couch. Her eyes went wide as she watched Sara swirl her tongue around my head then close her lips around it, still spiraling her little tongue. She stroked at me with her hand at the base of my cock and bobbed her head up and down in small swiveling thrusts. Sara flashed her eyes at me then looked at Becca and winked. She slowly moved her head down my length, tilting it back and forth at her neck, until she had most of me inside her. She opened her throat and I felt her swallowing me deep into her. Her lips reached the very base of my shaft and she slowly pulled back up and off, licking her lips and angling my cock towards Becca.

The little girl beside me, the smaller and younger version of Cassidy Swanson, carefully and deliberately moved her mouth to my head while Sara licked at it with quick little flicks of her tongue. Becca’s tongue joined hers, nervously at first but confidence came fast. I would have come fast too had I not been able to control that at will. I’d only been with one other Cherub before, and she had not been able to arouse me the way Sara did. Their tongues flicked against each other and they paused in their attention to me to twirl them around each other now and then. Sara put my head past her lips and kept her mouth wide so Becca could see her cupping her tongue along the underside of my shaft as she bobbed her head at the neck. She sucked me into her mouth again and pushed my head into the side of her cheek, pulling it out past her lips with a little ‘pop’. Becca wrapped one of her tiny little hands around me over top of Sara’s own little hand and nervously put the head of my cock into her wet little mouth.

She looked at Sara and I heard her wondering if she was doing it right. I brushed her hair over her right ear so I could see her face and when she looked at me out of the corner of her eye I smiled and winked again. Relief flooded through her mind and she started to move her mouth up and down slowly. She sucked her cheeks in hard and made little sucking noises. She looked back down as Sara began licking the side of my shaft where it went in and out of Becca’s mouth. One of Sara’s hands was on the back of Becca’s head gently guiding her up and down, the other was still wrapped around the base of my cock. She started moving it up and down in time with Becca’s mouth, softly sliding it out from under the other girl’s grasping hand once she had established a rhythm. While she sucked my cock in her small wet little mouth I reached along her back and slid my hand down over her ass to press my middle finger against her pussy from behind. I felt Sara’s hand there as well and we both probed and softly stroked at Becca’s quivering pussy. Moans and sighs came from her throat and my cock vibrated in her mouth. With Sara between my legs on her knees on the carpet and Becca on her hands and knees beside me I might have been the luckiest guy in LA.

All frustrations aside, I really did love my job.

Becca’s pussy was tiny and tight. If she wasn’t so aroused and wet by her day so far Sara and I probably couldn’t have both gotten a finger in her at the same time. She was thinking about how in control she felt of what was happening to her. She wanted this to go on and on so it did. She thought about how she was ever going to fit my big hard cock inside her tiny little opening, but instead of scared she was excited by the challenge. I liked her even more then than I had when I’d first seen her sitting on the other couch with the tiny white silk robe barely covering her tight little body and it’s graceful, subtle curves. Sara had started licking my shaft again and they shared my cock back and forth between the two of them. I felt her pussy pulsing and twitching around my finger and I pressed the flat of my hand tighter against her ass so that as the tip of my finger went in and out of her its length rubbed gently against her tiny little asshole. Sara had reached under her and was toying with her clit and I could hear Becca in her mind, racing towards a climax. She took her lips from around my cock and moaned and groaned loudly, bucking her hips up and down. I slid my index and middle fingers all the way inside of her as she pumped up and down on my cock with her hand. Her whole body tensed and she pushed herself down onto our hands and fingers, groping and stroking at her pussy. Becca let out a long quiet moan and I felt her pussy clamp down on me as she came hard and fast.

She wanted me to come too. Becca lowered her mouth back to my cock and looked up into my eyes as she started quickly bobbing her little head up and down with her soft black hair caressing my legs and pelvis; her hand right against her wet little lips, sliding up and down my shaft slippery with their saliva. It was unpracticed, frantic, sloppy, noisy, and oh so fucking hot. She was less than novice, less than rookie; she was simply fresh and new and it showed. What she lacked in experience she made up for with panicked fervor. Her eyes were wide and I could hear her thoughts piling against each other. Would I come soon? Would she like it? Would she be able to swallow? Would I like it? Did I even like her? Did this make her a bad girl, and if so then why did she like it so fucking much?

“Man, she wants you to come in her mouth,” Sara thought to me pleadingly, “so come in her mouth Samael.”

Sara was young and inexperienced as well. She hadn’t yet realized that the mortals like to have doubts before they see them blasted away. They liked to revel in their new found power by wondering if it was real first. I remembered what it was like to still be stuck in that stimulus/response relationship with the Choir. There were undertones and hidden notes that you could pick up on though if you only just listened and touched it softly instead of pulling it this way and that trying to make something happen.

Becca had worked herself into a frenzy, taking a third of my shaft in and out of her mouth and sucking and slurping at me wetly. Her spit ran down her hand and over my shaft and hung from her chin, connecting it to the base of my cock in a constantly breaking and reforming dribble. I waited right until she had reached the crest of her energy and stamina, right until the point where she was about to go over the tipping point of anticipation into the despair of having failed, and then I came hard in her mouth. Her eyes went wide and then clamped shut. She gagged in her throat and opened her lips partially, still moving her head rapidly up and down. Each time a shot of cum hit the back of her throat she squinted harder and tried not to gag; her hand had stopped moving but she kept thrusting her head up and down. My cum oozed out her mouth and over her hand, splattering out the sides when she’d cough or choke. She went from surprise to desire and excitement quickly and wrapped her lips back around me and pulled back so just my head was resting on her writhing tongue. She was elated at her success. She felt like a good little girl and wanted to know she was right.

“You’re a good little girl,” I crooned to her rakishly.

She moaned and grinned around my cock. I heard her thinking how she wanted more, how she never wanted it to stop, so I kept cumming in her mouth, over and over. She opened her eyes and looked at me in surprise, still bobbing her little head up and down. Sara was giggling and licked at Becca’s hand and my cock with her whole tongue hanging out of her wide open mouth, taking what Becca couldn’t swallow. Cum came from between her lips and my cock and flowed down my length. I was filling her mouth faster than she could swallow it and she loved it.

Becca took her mouth from my head, cum still pulsing from its tip and forming a gooey mess stretching from her face to her hand. A shot hit her on her open lips and she licked around her mouth messily with her tongue. She squinted as another roped up over her nose and her left eyelid, followed by another. Sara wrapped her lips around me and sucked it from me, moaning in her own orgasm with her finger in her pussy where she knelt on the floor in front of me. Becca opened her eyes, cum hanging from her eyelashes and running down her cheek in an obscene rivulet. She was still swallowing it from her tiny mouth, opening it to breathe between each desperate spasm of her throat. She was a panting, wet, sticky mess and she loved it. I let my orgasm subside and Sara slid her mouth off my cock and up to Becca’s. Their tongues twisted around between their open lips, wet and dripping cum as they kissed.

Sara stood on her knees and pushed Becca onto her back on the long couch beside me. Kneeling beside her on the floor she kept her mouth pressed to Becca’s and slid her hand between her spread legs, two of her fingers sliding into the young mortal girl’s spasming pussy. I took advantage of the distraction to finally unbutton my shirt and toss it to the floor by our pants. Becca wanted to see what would happen next, giving up to the experience. Her surface thoughts were gone and the deeper parts of her mind watched on with a blank stare. If everyone could have their first time be with two Cherubs the world would be so much a better place.

I slid off the couch and behind Sara, pushing her gauzy wrap up over her perfect, tiny little ass and putting my cock against her. She tilted her hips up and the small of her back down and lifted her mouth from Becca’s to cry out softly as I slid into her pussy from behind. She opened it up for me, perfect bodily control as only a Cherub has, and closed it tightly around me when I was all the way inside. Becca lifted her upper body on her elbows and parted her lips in a look of surprise and lust. Sara guided her by the top of her thighs to sit as I had, her shoulders all the way down the back of the couch on its cushions and her knees far apart. Her tiny teen pussy was at the edge of the seat and Sara looked up into Becca’s eyes as she started licking gently at the young girl’s slit. She pushed with her tongue and flicked at her tiny clit; Becca’s moaning began anew as I pushed my cock in and out of Sara.

The human girl looked up and watched me gripping at Sara’s hips. She leaned her head up to watch my cock going in and out and bit her lower lip. I could hear her think for a second how big it looked and how she wanted to try and fit in her pussy next. I smiled at her and gave Sara a slap on the ass. She squealed and giggled and leaned up with her hands on the edge of the couch to either side of Becca’s little round hips. Sara licked at her breasts while I fucked her and Becca’s curiosity doubled, then tripled. I drove deeply into Sara over and over and she let out a high pitched sqeal each time I found the depths of her ability to accept me. She kept her pussy clutched tightly around me, pulsating and undulating her muscles in time with my strokes. Becca wanted to see a man cum while fucking a woman and so I flexed my hips forward and back, lifting Sara’s ass with each thrust.

Sara cried out, “OH HOLY FUCK SAM!” and then screamed long and high as I unleashed myself inside of her. I clutched tightly at her ass and pushed into her as hard as I could. I could never do this to Becca, I’d break her in half. Even Sara seemed surprised at how hard I ground into her as I came deep into her.

I slowly pulled out and Sara’s upper body collapsed forward onto Becca while she panted and groaned. There was a light and fire in Becca’s eyes now, a hungry look around her still wet and sticky mouth. I beckoned with one finger and winked and she scurried off the couch to her knees in front of me. I took her shoulders firmly in my hands and guided her to her back on the floor. Kneeling between her legs I took her knees in my hands and spread her legs apart. She looked up at me with the tip of one finger between her teeth and a worried look in her eyes. She as nervous but wanted it so bad it was almost tangible. Still recovering from what I’d done to her, Sara turned around with her legs pressed tightly together and leaned her side against the couch to watch with a grin on her impish face, framed by her cascade of now-tangled thick red ringlets. Becca wanted me to get the worst part over with so she could have what Sara had just had. I leaned forward and down, taking my cock in my right hand and pressing it against the opening of her virgin pussy.

“I want you to fuck me like that,” she panted in a tiny voice. “Fuck me hard like you fucked Sara.”

I nodded and pushed my hips forward, my cock stretching open her perfect tiny pussy lips and forcing into her little opening. I drew it in and out a couple of times and pushed harder, careful not to hurt her more than I had to. She let out a loud “UNNGGGH!” that turned into a scream of pain as I pushed through her hymen in one short hard stroke. “OHHH! AHHH!” she cried out as I slid in and out from her lips to where I’d torn past her maidenhood. “YYEEAAHH!” she yelled as I went into her three quarters of the way. There was more room, I couldn’t get all the way inside. She was tiny and mortal and frail compared to me, and she could feel the throbbing power inside of her.

“OH! NOW FUCK ME!” Becca cried out, and so I did.

I put on hand on the inside of her left thigh and held her leg in the air while my other pinned her left arm to the carpet, held out straight from her shoulder, and started moving my cock all the way out and all the way into her pussy. She lay there and took it until she got used to how it felt. Her mind was exploding with sensations and thoughts I couldn’t untangle and decipher and as she started to get used to the feeling of a cock inside of her she began moving her hips in time with mine, raising herself to accept my thrusts. She grit her teeth and clenched her eyes shut, her head thrashing back and forth and getting her shoulder length shiny black hair across her pale freckled face and in her wide open mouth. Her breasts moved up and down in time with our fucking and she bucked her hips harder up into me. When she came she arched her back and screamed, clenching her already almost-impossibly tight pussy around my cock, her body writhing beyond her control under my strong grasp. I let go of her leg and took both her wrists in my hands, stretching her arms straight up over her head. Becca put her tiny feet on the floor under her used the leverage to grind up into me as hard as she could.

Her legs were flexed, her body tense and taut, and she came again as I kept fucking her. “OHMYGODOHMYGODFUCKMEEEEEEE!” Becca cried out. I let go of her arms and put my hands on the floor; she pushed her body up on her elbows and wrapped her legs around the back of my thighs and pulled me into her over and over. She was strong for such a small girl, all coiled muscle and energy. I took her waist in my hands and lifted her into my lap and she bounced up and down wildly. I held her up so she wouldn’t hurt herself trying to force herself all the way down onto my cock. While she rode me I shifted around on my knees on the floor and sat her ass on the large white coffee table. I drove up into her and with each stroke she leaned back farther and farther until she was lying flat out on the table with her legs in the air, pushing her hands into her hair and spreading it out around her head before stretching her arms above her head.

I took Becca’s ankles in my hands and pushed her legs together so they went up my chest and her little bare feet bobbed in the air over my shoulders. Her whole body jerked and slid on the table as I fucked her tiny pussy as hard as I could without breaking her or tearing her apart. Her screams continued and I saw the image form in her mind of me coming to orgasm and filling her with my cum. A thought flitted through rapidly; “I’m glad I’m on the pill”. Not that it mattered; we couldn’t breed with mortals anyways. We couldn’t breed at all. That’s not how it worked.


At least she wasn’t one of the virgins that cries and says they love you. That was always a little embarrassing. It was perfectly fine, I loved them all, but this was the way sex should be embraced; wild and without any rules or shame. I liked her even more for it and I fucked her faster. She grabbed the sides of the table under her with her little hands and gripped white-knuckle tight to the edges; she spread her legs wide, her feet falling to the floor again. I took her hips in my hands and forced myself as far into her as I could, maybe a little farther than I should have, and shot load after thick load of cum into her little pussy just as she’d wanted. Her scream was ragged and torn sounding, savage and aggressive. She pushed up on her elbows, still gripping the table edges in her fingers, and looked into my eyes through the shiny mess of her tousled hair.

“AAAAAAAHHHH!” she screamed again high and primal. “YYEEEEAAAAHHHHHH! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE!

And so I did. My final thrusts were short and deep and drool ran from her lips, tears from her eyes tracing little lines of black makeup down her cheeks. She bit the knuckles of her left fist, fell onto her back on the table, and shuddered and shivered as I pulled out of her. Her thoughts echoed around her head. That was amazing. That was beautiful. That was perfect. That was the best thing I’ve ever done. That was so much fun. That felt so good. I’m no one’s puppet. I’ll do what I want.

I want to do that all the time.

I want to do that again right now.

She thought it was over and was surprised when she sat up to see Sara had crawled over and was licking and sucking my cum and Becca’s pussy wetness from my cock. She pounced down onto the floor on her knees, pulled her hair back over her shoulders, and wrapped her lips once more around my cock. Sara looked up at me and winked, wiping my cum from her chin.

“Glad you came over?”

“This could still get very messy,” I replied, putting my hand on the back of Becca’s head and the other on the side of Sara’s face.

“Answer the question, Samael,” Sara replied to me as she stood on her knees and tangled her tongue with mine between our parted lips.

“Do you have to ask?” I teased.

Becca was sliding her mouth slowly up and down my still hard cock, her lips barely touching it and little choking and sucking sounds coming from the top of her throat. Sara had one hand around its base and the other on Becca’s back. She leaned back from my mouth and bit her lower lip, groaning while she thought, “You’re even bigger than I’d heard. And better…”

I don’t know what she’d heard, or from where, but at that moment I didn’t care. Any harm was already done; it was too late now. There would be time to unravel this later. Becca came up for air and all three of our faces were only inches apart, panting and smiling. We looked back and forth from one’s eyes to the other’s.

“This is the best birthday ever,” Becca panted, pulling her hair from her mouth and from where it was stuck to the spit and tears and cum and sweat on her face.

“Mhm,” Sara murmured, stroking my cock in her tiny hand while moving her other over to slide a finger inside Becca.

She jumped a bit as it went in and they both giggled and pressed their mouths together and rolled to the floor in each other’s arms. Becca had lost the robe long ago and Sara squirmed free from her wrap so it lay tangled under them on the carpet. I slid in behind Sara where she lay on her side in Becca’s embrace and as I pushed my cock into her waiting pussy she lifted her leg slightly and moaned. I slid my hand free hand up her side, groped at her firm little breast, then moved it over Becca’s body and down her side to grip the young girl’s ass in my hand. I pulled her tight, pressing Sara tightly between us, and began pushing deep and hard inside Sara’s wet and quivering pussy. We writhed together like that on the floor until Becca came again with Sara’s fingers probing her insides and Sara came again with my cock deep inside of her.

“My turn,” Becca said mischievously and rolled across Sara, spreading my legs apart and taking me into her mouth. She loved the taste of Sara’s pussy and wanted to taste my cum mixed with it so I let her. The two of them licked and kissed and sucked my raging cock as it throbbed and shot rope after thick rope of fluid into their eager mouths and onto their lolling tongues.

“See what you’ve done?” I asked Sara in her mind.

“Did I do good work?” she asked shyly. She really wanted my approval, as much as Becca had but for different reasons. Sar thought about how good she’d feel if I told her she’d done a good job. Becca was thinking about my cock inside her pussy again.

“We’ll talk about that later, yeah?” I thought in reply. “For now though…”

I took Becca’s face in my hands and guided it up to mine. She climbed on top of me and Sara giggled a sly giggle as she guided my cock into Becca’s dripping pussy.

Yeah; I really fucking loved my job.

You’ll See Nothing Can Hide In Me…

“…so whatever you’re doing wrap it up,” her voice said sharply through the phone. “I’m not paying for the two extra hours that I didn’t request.”

It was already 9pm. I didn’t know when that had happened and I didn’t care. I was lying in a twisted mess of limbs with Samael and Becca on my bed. The sheets were everywhere but where they were supposed to be. I had never felt the way I felt right now. No sex, ever, had been as good as this. My hands were shaking and I felt…mortal. I felt the way my clients looked when I was done with them. I dropped the phone lazily from my weak grasp and rolled over to see Becca, spooning against Samael with his amazing cock still inside her little body. She was half asleep but was still moving her hips slowly and rhythmically back into him. He leaned up on one elbow and looked at me with his eyebrow cocked upwards. Becca stirred and opened her eyes, moaning and smiling.

“That was my mom, wasn’t it?” she asked wryly.

“Mhm,” I said, disappointed. “I guess play time is over.”

Maybe it was a good thing. I didn’t know how much longer I could go on. Even my stamina had its limits. Samael’s didn’t seem to though and I was in awe of him. I felt like I was basking in the glow of the presence of something I didn’t even understand. When one of us touches a mortal and let’s them see our thoughts it left them like this. ‘Touched by an angel’ isn’t just a terrible TV show’; the expression originated somewhere. Now I knew how it felt. I decided right at that moment that I loved him. I loved him and I would follow him to hell and back if he asked me to. I’d always had a girlish crush him, and now that I had consummated that crush it had bloomed into something I’d never felt; not in any mortal, not in myself, not in anyone.

“I’m quitting my day job.” I thought to Samael. There was a volume and finality in my mental tone that made him tilt his head and wrinkle his brow. Could he hear the rest too? Did he know what I was thinking even though I was thinking it deep inside where he shouldn’t be able to see? I wouldn’t be surprised; the rumors were right, something had happened to him in that park when Raguel had been destroyed. Something strange and powerful and unprecedented.

“My mom is such a bitch,” Becca said, moaning as she slid herself off Samael’s cock. As she rolled over I saw him finally let it go slowly soft. “Do I have to go?”

“You can do whatever you want,” I said to her sensually, crawling over and holding myself over her to smile and wink before I leaned down and kissed her with my ringlets falling around her face.

“Stop that,” Samael thought to me. “You’ve already got her wrapped around your finger, ease back and let it be now, yeah? Let it breathe.”

I would normally argue with him, play with him, tease, him; and then do what I wanted anyway. I couldn’t anymore. He as so much older than me, so much more experienced and wise. He’d fallen and climbed back up; no one goes through that and doesn’t learn a thing or two.

“Fine, whatever,” I thought playfully. He smiled and I winked at him and he shook his head and smiled back.

“No, I should probably go,” Becca said, sitting up. “I have homework I still have to do. We can do this again though, right?”

I looked at Samael and he shrugged.

“Of course,” I told her, getting up and pulling on a pair of jeans over my naked skin. “We’re friends, right? Friends do stuff together.”

“I barely have friends,” Becca said as she looked around for her clothes. Samael pointed through the door into the living room and she giggled and skipped away, still talking. “I sure didn’t think I’d make friends like you two.”

“You see? How messy?” Samael asked. I still didn’t see the problem but now I was willing to listen to him explain it.

“You should stick around, Sam. Make yourself at home until I get back.” I said as I pulled a tight t-shirt over my breasts and down over my midriff, pulling my tangled curls from under it and letting them fall across my shoulders and back. “There’s still a thing or two you can teach me after all. I guess”

I winked and he smiled. His smile filled me with a pure light and I knew I’d kill or die for him if I had to. I’d do anything for him. I could see the strands of light like smoke between us, thicker from me but thankfully returned from him. He loved me. Samael loved me. Samael loved me. My heart raced fast as I grabbed my keys and went into the living room.

“Oh, and I’m gonna miss it,” Becca said. She was only partially saddened but her thoughts were full of what ifs. What if don’t see them again? What if this never happens again? What if this was really just all part of my mom’s ‘present’?

“Don’t worry kiddo,” I said as we walked down the stairs to my car. “‘Friends’ is supposed to mean forever, right?”

She smiled at me warmly as we got into my BMW.

“So how do you know him?” Becca asked as I pulled from the lot and headed for her house in the hills.

“We met once, in Europe, a long time ago” I answered her wistfully.

“You really like him, don’t you?” she asked girlishly, combing her messy black hair with her fingers. It was so soft and shiny that it fell straight easily.

“Very much so,” I told her, smiling.

“What…what if I do too?” she asked hesitantly. Her thoughts were a jumble of hope and fear, warmth and apprehension. I would normally just wash some love back at her and let her know that everything was okay, but I found myself wondering instead ‘what would Samael do?’

“I couldn’t really blame you, could I?” I said, shrugging my shoulder.

“Is that why you’re quitting your job? Because of him?” she asked me, calm now. Reassured. Steady.

“I suppose it is, kiddo. I suppose it is.” I said thoughtfully and happily.

Hold on now. I hadn’t said that out loud earlier. That was between me and Samael.

“How did you know that, anyways? That I was planning on quitting,” I asked curiously, my hands tight on the wheel as I navigated through traffic.

“You said it in the bedroom, before we left.”

No I didn’t.

“Oh, I guess I did,” I told Becca and let it drop.

We chatted, she gushed about me and Samael and how much fun she’d had, and soon I was in front of her house. She leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before winking at me shyly and getting out of the car. I watched her walk up the walk, her ass moving sexily under her grey uniform skirt, still a bit unsteady on her feet after her afternoon and evening of being fucked by two horny Cherubs.

I didn’t know what any of this meant. Hopefully Samael would. Of course Samael would. How could he not? I had a hard time imagining anything he didn’t know or couldn’t do. I had a hard time keeping my mind off him and on the road. I had a hard time not thinking about what an amazing team we would make together. I had a hard time not thinking of how the sinuous and fine strands of love had been trailing back and forth between us as I’d left. I had a hard time; but I did it. I had other things to do…immediately.

I called my booking service and told them I’d quit. Done. Over. No more clients. Take down the website, cancel the ads, inform my clients. Refer the top ten to Kendra and cut the rest loose. I felt like I’d been set loose from chains I didn’t even know I’d had on me. I let the little tendrils and wisps of love binding me to dozens across the city fade and vanish. I’d always thought I was doing something important but seeing what Samael was capable of I knew I’d just been spinning my wheels and waiting for a miracle to snap me out of it.

It was time to finally get back to work.

Samael loved me…

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I know it was a long time ago but I'm glad the ratings picked up. I guess I'm late to the story party.

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