(part 2 of the story. More graphic as promised. Had trouble finishing the story. Read on and find out why)

'I don't that's something I should be explaining to you, buddy.' Brian said to his cousin Michael.

'Why not?' asked the young boy. 'I... I've seen mom and dad do stuff...' Michael said, looking out of the corner of his eye.

'What do you mean?' asked Brian, raising an eyebrow, curious as to what Michael would say next.

'One night when I had trouble sleeping, I went to my parents' room, and heard noises. When I peeked inside, I saw mom kneeling in front of dad while he was touching his 'thing' the way you were. Then, dad groaned and the 'white stuff' got all over mom's face.' revealed Michael.

(Holy shit). Brian thought to himself. The teen dragged his hand over his mouth in disbelief. Hearing little Michael say that he saw his mother get a face full of cum made his cock hard in seconds. The little boy's mom was fuckin' hot. 'I guess I could explain it to you...' Brian stated. He imagined his cum getting on little Michael's face, and it made his cock even harder. 'What your dad and I were doing, Michael,' Brian explained, 'is called 'jacking off.' Grown-ups call their 'thingy' a 'cock,' and the white stuff that comes out of our cocks is called 'cum.' Any other questions, little man?”

“Can you... show me how to do that stuff? Like, what the guys on your computer screen were doing, and what my parents did?”

(This is going to be a great weekend), Brian thought. “Sure I can.” he said with nervous excitement.
Michael had already noticed the excitement in 'Bry's' shorts.

“First, we have to get undressed.” Bry said as he stood and pulled down both his shorts and boxers in one motion, revealing his teenage cock to the young boy before him. The teenager noticed how intently his little cousin was staring at his cock. “Your turn, buddy.”

As Michael got up from the couch, he took off his Rolling Stones shirt. He then took off his shorts and underwear as well to reveal his thin 3-inch preteen cock.

Both boys stood in front of each other, completely nude. Michael looking in amazement at the sight of the older boy's cock, and Bry at the sight of his cute little cousin who he would soon fuck like crazy.

'What should we do first, Bry?' Michael asked nervously, but excited.

“I think we should start with a blowjob,” said Bry as he guided Michael to sit on the couch and knelt in front of him. “And since I'm showing you how to do things, I'll give you a blowjob to show you how it's done. Then you can return the favor, alright?”

Brian pulled Michael's left leg over his shoulder and wrapped his arm around to grab the boy's young cock. He then lubed up his finger with saliva, and began to lightly tickle the preteen's asshole while softly stroking his boy-cock. The older boy lowered his head and flicked his tongue over the head of his cousin's cock a few times, and began lightly sucking the tip. As he did this, Brian slowly inserted his index finger into Michael's tight ass with quite a bit of ease. The boy's ass swallowed the teen's finger whole. Michael began bucking his hips against his older cousin's face, this action causing him to ride Bry's finger up and down like crazy. Girlish moans continued to escape the preteen's lips, the sounds making the older boy's cock stiffen so much it pained him. The younger boy began to shudder, and slowed his pace.
Once Michael finally stopped moving, Brian raised his head, pulled his finger out and asked, 'How was that?'

'What was that?' the tired little Michael asked.

'It's called an orgasm, Mike.' the teen replied, getting up and stroking his cock. He dragged a finger over the head of his dripping cock, picking up some cum and put it to the younger boy's lips. 'Taste this,' Brian commanded as the young boy eagerly opened his mouth and sucked the finger before him. He saw a look of amazement come across the little boy's face, as if it was one of the best things he'd ever tasted. 'Now get on your knees, alright?'

As the young boy knelt before his teacher he said, 'That was really good.'

'Suck my cock and you can have more,' said the older boy as he put it right to Michael's lips. Michael eagerly swallowed his older cousin's cock. He had a bit of trouble getting the large cock into his mouth, but managed to get 3 inches in. Brian put his left hand on the back of the little boy's head, and held his right hip while fucking his little cousin's wet mouth. The tightness and wetness of the little boy's mouth reminded Brian about his ex-girlfriend's pussy. The way Michael flicked his tongue so quickly over the teen's cock got him so riled that he began cumming without warning.

Michael felt Brian's cock get bigger in his mouth, and felt hot liquid come pouring out. He had trouble breathing and began swallowing Bry's cum so that he wouldn't choke. Even as the preteen swallowed, he was not fast enough to take it all down at once.

The older boy looked down and noticed the trouble little Michael was having and pulled out. As Brian pulled out, he was still cumming and a few shots hit the younger boy in the face. So much got on the little one's face, that it dripped down his face, to his chin, and some to his chest.

'How you feeling,' Brian asked in-between breaths, 'Michael?' In the teen's opinion, that had to be one of the best blowjobs of his life. No girl ever made him cum that fast. It would be great to experience that again.

After swallowing the cum that was left in his mouth, the little boy coughed a little and said 'I didn't know you could make that much cum.' Michael looked up to Brian from his kneeling position. Just the image of the preteen's cum covered body cause the older boy's cock to stir once again.


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